Blue (MM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 74,003
4 Ratings (4.5)
[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Romance, M/M, HEA]
Six years ago, despite being utterly in love, Josh Taylor walked away from Blue Dumas and broke both their hearts. Now, forced to work together on tour with Blue's band, Josh has to deal with the fact that everything still feels the same between them, including their issues.
But Blue was never out and he has a child to think about now, so what chance does Josh really have at forgiveness and maybe a second chance? Especially when he has never told the truth about their breakup—even to his best friend, Nicky, who is also Blue's brother-in-law—and when he has demons of his own to face. When Blue gets the wrong idea and shuts him out, Josh falls back on a destructive habit and alienates Nicky. Desperate and alone, can Josh pull himself together and make things right with the people he cares most about in the world?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Blue (MM)
4 Ratings (4.5)

Blue (MM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 74,003
4 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
What an awsome book.




It was chaos. Josh dodged another crew member and narrowly avoided being hit by a mic stand. Taz was yelling at his techs and Tom was pulling a diva tantrum of epic proportions that he had no right to.

Usually the one who had mildly Hitleresque tendencies when it came to getting his music perfect, Blue was surprisingly calm, working alongside the roadies silently, helping set up the stage so that they would hopefully have time to sound check before the doors opened.

They’d spent two nights in Portland and on the journey to the next city, somehow everything had gone wrong. They’d been caught in traffic, got lost, and the bus had broken down. Once they’d reached the venue, they’d discovered the road crew had managed to get more lost than they had and they were all late.

He tried to stay out of the way but kept filming, this sort of thing made for great footage. Nicky and Aurora were in the van with Roman, keeping the boy out of the way and safe before the gig.

Members of Monkey Say, Monkey Do were scrambling round, helping as best they could, getting their equipment set up so they could quickly sound check after Idols of the Tribe. Finally, they were ready and Blue stood on stage, glaring at Tom who was still throwing a fit.

“Tom, are you playing?”


“Olsen, I can’t hear him.”

The sound tech adjusted the levels until Blue was happy then the band headed to the dressing room. Josh followed, still filming.

Taz and Blue both grabbed a beer while Tom went straight for his usual Jack Daniels. He offered it to Josh and he shook his head. The bassist pulled a face at him.

“I ain’t never seen you drink, man, what are you, some kinda pussy?”

Josh lowered the camera. “I don’t drink.”

“You one of those weird straight edge fuckers?”

“Straight edge isn’t weird,” Blue said quietly. “And since when don’t you drink?”

“Since none of your business,” Josh snapped defensively.

Blue stared hard at him for a moment then shrugged. “Whatever.”

Josh looked down, uncomfortable with the attention. He hadn’t realized Blue didn’t know he was tee total now considering how much else he seemed to know.

“He’s a pussy is what he is,” Tom said with a sneer.

“You keep insulting him, man,” Taz said with a snort. “You’ll see how much of a pussy he is.”

Tom made a rude noise and glared at them all. “Like he could beat me.”

“Taz, you know I don’t fight,” Josh said quietly.

“Like I said, pussy. And what’s the deal with Nick, man? He’s like totally pussywhipped.”

“Why don’t you just stop talking? It’ll give your brain a chance to catch up and maybe it’ll realize that you’re pissing me off!” Blue said, voice slowly raising to a shout.

“B-man, chill, drink some more beer and fuckin’ relax.”

“I’m supposed to relax with you running your mouth?”

“Fine I’ll shut up, jeez.”

Josh lifted the camera again, focusing on Blue. “You know, quit the beer and you’d be straight edge.”

Blue smirked. “Ah, but I still enjoy the odd sneaky cigarette.”

“Stealing mine you mean,” Josh retorted, laughing for a second then stopping as Blue’s gaze locked on the camera, eyes widening a fraction. Awkwardness and uncertainty filled him with nerves. He was still so uncertain as to how to act round Blue. They were reverting more and more often and easily to their previous patterns and it was more than strange.

Blue smiled softly and nodded. “Yeah.” He looked away again and stood up. “Come on, let’s get dressed.”

Josh switched off the camera this time and headed out of the dressing room to find Nicky, Aurora, and Roman before the gig. Galen winked at him as he passed and Josh looked away quickly. The tiny blond kept flirting with him and it was not a situation he wanted to go anywhere near anyway, let alone when he was trying to make things up with Blue.

Heading outside, he was nearly accosted before the fans realized he wasn’t a band member and he escaped to the van.

“Hey, guys,” he said with a smile. The back doors were wide open, Aurora sitting at the edge while Nicky and Roman bounced on the mattress. “You ready for the gig?”

“Well uh, Josh, would you… would you mind watching Roman?”

“But I’m supposed to be filming.”

“I know, but…”

“They want private time, Uncle Josh,” Roman said, jumping up and down.

“I’ll bet.” He snorted and shook his head. “Come on then, Roman, you want to help me film your daddy?”

“Can I really?”


“Yay!” Roman leapt out of the van and clung to his leg. “Let’s go!”

“I’ll need my leg back.”

“Okidoki.” The boy let go and took his hand.

“Come on then. Later, guys.”

“Thanks, Josh.” Nicky grinned at them.

“Not the first time is it?” He rolled his eyes and led Roman back to the club.




“Josh, fuck,” Blue gasped, arms wrapping round him, one hand gripped the back of his neck to hold him close.

He pressed sucking kisses down further, finding a nipple and nipping it gently. Blue arched into him, groaning loudly, fingers tightening around the back of his neck. His dick pulsed with need and he slid down onto his knees, kissing and sucking Blue’s belly and pushing at his boxers. The scent of musk and arousal was almost overwhelming and he groaned, licking up the hot length of Blue’s cock and over the tip to taste him. Blue shivered and gripped his hair tighter, pulling him back.

“Too much, Josh, I need you, please.”

Nodding jerkily, Josh slowly got to his feet. Blue caught his collar and pulled him close, kissing him once, passionately.

“Take your clothes off, Josh.”

He shivered at the quiet, husky desire in Blue’s voice and quickly stripped out of his t-shirt and jeans. He pushed down his underwear, watching Blue kick off his boxers.

“Fuck, I want you,” he groaned, tugging Blue into his arms and tumbling them onto the bed. Blue rolled them over, lying on top of him and rocking urgently into his hip. Pre-cum dripped, hot and wet onto his skin, easing the slide against his body. Lust tightened every muscle and he parted his legs, wrapping them round Blue’s hips, bucking up needily.

“Josh,” Blue whispered, thrusting against him harder.


“I’ve never really…with a guy.”

“Fuck,” Josh groaned, arching up. The thought that he was the first guy Blue had ever fucked was so hot. His dick throbbed and jerked and he rocked up harder. “Blue, please, please, fuck me please.”


“Oh fuck yes.”

“O–okay.” Blue licked his lips. “What should I…”

“Condom and lube,” he said softly, stroking his lover’s chest and sliding his hand down between them to palm his beautiful, thick cock.

Groaning, shuddering lightly, Blue rocked into his touch and reached over him, grabbing a small foil packet and tube from the bedside table. He reared back onto his knees and Josh watched breathlessly as he rolled the condom over his shaft. Licking his lips, he fisted his cock, jacking himself quickly. Blue looked so beautiful, so fucking hot stroking lube over his dick.

Licking his lips, Josh lay back and spread his legs wide, beckoning Blue, running his hands up the insides of his thighs and over his ass.

“Fuck me, Blue,” he whispered.

“Oh god, Josh,” Blue breathed, crawling over him and settling on top of him, cock sliding slickly down between his asscheeks and pushing at the entrance to his body.

“Please,” he groaned, wrapping one leg round his hips to tug him close. Blue gasped, pushing into him a little too fast. Pain shot up his spine and he grunted, trying not to clench down.

“Slow,” he whispered, panting for breath, fingers digging into Blue’s shoulders.

“Sorry,” Blue gasped. “Did I hurt you?”

“A little.”

“Sorry, fuck, I’m sorry.” He started to pull back and Josh grabbed his hips quickly.

“Don’t go, I want this, please. I just need to get used to it.”

Blue frowned. “I thought you’d done this before.”

“Yeah,” he whispered, feeling himself flush. “Just never this, uh, this way round.”

“Oh, Josh,” Blue breathed, eyes widening. He dipped his head, lips catching Josh’s softly, tongue sliding into his mouth as his dick sank deeper into his body. The pain melted into pleasure as Blue stretched him wide and pushed into his prostate.

Moaning, he clutched at Blue, kissing him harder, wrapping both legs tightly round his lover.

“You okay?” Blue murmured.

“Yes, fuck yes,” he groaned, bucking up against him. “Feels so good, Blue, please more.”

“Oh fuck,” Blue said, panting lightly, dotting his mouth with sucking kisses as he thrust into him. “Fuck, Josh, you’re so tight, I don’t know if I—”

“Just do it, please, I need you to.”

“Josh,” Blue breathed, kissing him again, plunging into his body harder and faster, hand sliding down his side to grasp his ass. He tugged him up and thrust deeper, hitting his prostate and sparking a wave of pleasure through his whole body.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, Blue, yes again, please, harder,” he grunted, sliding his hand between them to fist his cock, jacking himself as Blue groaned, head dropping to his chest. Blue bucked harder into his body, clutching at him, kissing his skin, every stroke pushing deeper inside him.

Nerves tingling, muscles clenching, Josh arched up into another stroke, exploding into his climax with a cry, pulses of pleasure racking him.

“Oh my God, oh Josh,” Blue groaned, jerking against him then shuddering as Josh felt warmth spreading inside him, muted by the condom. Blue dropped onto him, breathing heavily, pressing a gentle kiss to the center of his chest.

When they’d both recovered their breath, Blue carefully eased out of his body and got rid of the condom before lying down next to him and stroking his cheek.

“You should have told me it was your first time.”

“It, kinda didn’t occur to me,” Josh said with a shrug. “I just wanted you.”

“Yeah, me, too.” Blue grinned at him suddenly.


“I’ve never slept with a virgin before.”

Snorting, Josh poked his lover. “Yeah, well, ditto.”

Smile softening, Blue leaned in and kissed him. “I really like you,” he whispered.

“Yeah,” Josh said, heart swelling happily. He tugged the singer closer. “I really like you, too.”

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