The Billionaire and the Alpha Bodyguard (MM)

The Alpha Bodyguard 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 25,575
6 Ratings (4.2)

[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Romance, Alternative, Paranormal, Werewolves/vampires, MM, HEA]

Andrew doesn't want to believe there's a problem. Someone broke into his car, it happens. He gets hate mail, but that's to be expected as a human who made huge amounts of cash on a game he made. His brother thinks there's a genuine danger, and he hires a bodyguard Andrew doesn't need.

But one look at Mattias, and a male like that, someone so far out of his league, is someone Andrew can't help but want.

Mattias feels the same, but the fact that Andrew is a client is a major problem. The mating heat won't be denied, so Mattias will have to bring in some help.

It shocks Mattias how little Andrew thinks of himself. If it weren't for his stalker, Mattias would be able to put more attention onto his mate. For now, taking care of the male who wants to hurt Andrew will come first, making love to Andrew and proving his worth will follow.

Marcy Jacks is a Siren-exclusive author.

The Billionaire and the Alpha Bodyguard (MM)
6 Ratings (4.2)

The Billionaire and the Alpha Bodyguard (MM)

The Alpha Bodyguard 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 25,575
6 Ratings (4.2)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing


As he closed in on the living room, Andrew heard the murmuring of their voices.

“He’s really defensive about this. You’re probably going to have to take it easy on him for a little while. Maybe keep a bit of a distance.”

Great. Jason was already explaining to the guy what an asshole Andrew was.

It was the answering voice, however, that had the hairs on the back of Andrew’s neck standing up, and the goosebumps forming along his arms.

“I’m sure I can handle him. I’ve had difficult clients in the past.”

Andrew shivered. He stopped right where he stood, feet planted as though weighed down with cement.

He had to slowly bring a hand up and clasp at his heart which would not stop beating erratically.

What the fuck was this?

What was this sudden pounding in his heart, or the way he couldn’t seem to catch his breath?

Jason and the other male kept talking, but Andrew couldn’t hear a word they said anymore. He can only take in the smooth, sexual sound to the other man’s voice.

And he was pretty ashamed to admit it, but it brought out a reaction from him.

The sort of reaction he didn’t want to be having right now.

He had to get himself under control. He was in control. This was his house. His rules. And it didn’t matter how sexy this guy sounded, or what Jason’s motives were, Andrew was not about to let his dick do the talking around here.

Though he did have to adjust himself a little before he walked into the foyer where his new bodyguard was standing.

Andrew didn’t announce himself right away. He felt a little sneaky about it, but there was still the part of him that worried it would be noticeable how his body had reacted.

Especially if this really was a werewolf.

Couldn’t they smell that sort of thing?

Fuck. The guy was… Hot.

The kind of hot that Andrew normally wouldn’t have gone for, but he couldn’t help but stare.

Normally the guys he was into weren’t so jacked up with muscle like that, so it wasn’t even that he could say this was his type, and yet looking at the guy was enough to make his blood start humming again.

And his cock and balls start throbbing.

It was getting uncomfortable just standing here.

He was tall. Of course he was tall. Jason wasn’t going to hire a short shifter.

But it was the broadness of his shoulders and the size of his forearms that really made the guy look like a giant.

Again, not somebody Andrew normally would have thought attractive, but here it was. He was definitely attracted.

Attracted to the point where he nearly turned around and found a place to hide so he could get himself under control.

That chance was taken away from him when his new bodyguard suddenly frowned and looked to the side.

Their eyes met.

Andrew’s breath caught as he was sucked into those dark orbs.

Never in his life had he thought of eyes as being worth sinking into. Or as being orbs, but he could think all sorts of pretty things about this man and they would all be true.

Was something happening here? Andrew couldn’t move. For several long seconds it felt as though he couldn’t breathe either. It was exhilarating and then it was scary. A fight or flight instinct he never felt before kicked in, and his legs twitched to flee since he would no doubt lose any match between himself and a man of this size.

He thought he saw those nostrils flare, before the dark-haired man smiled softly and approached.

“You must be Andrew.” The man stopped just in front of him. He didn’t get right into Andrew’s personal space, but he was close enough that he could reach out and touch.

And he did reach out. “It’s nice to meet you.”

“It’s… Nice…”Andrew’s brain was melting. He couldn’t figure out what he was supposed to say or do until Jason cleared his throat.

“Andrew? Hey. Uh, you all right?”

Jason let out a short laugh as he said it, but it was all over his face that he figured something was going on here too. Was he picking up on it?

Whatever it was?

“Andrew?” Jason actually snapped his fingers in front of Andrew’s face, getting his attention.

Andrew blinked and shook his head a little. “I’m fine,” he said quickly. “What are you doing?”

Now Jason looked at him as though he really was stupid. Andrew was getting sick and tired of that look on his face.

“What? I’m just nervous. I’ve never been in front of a werewolf before.”

“Sure…” Jason said. “But he still waiting for you to shake his hand.”

Andrew didn’t understand until he looked down and saw it.

Yep. There it was. The hand of the werewolf who was going to be watching over him.

Still hovering there. Still waiting.

Thankfully, the werewolf was apparently the only person in the room who didn’t think Andrew was a complete moron.

“Don’t worry about it. Werewolves typically throw off a lot of humans. It’s normal.”




He stepped right into Andrew’s personal space, watched as a flicker of confusion clouded his eyes, before Mattias grabbed him by the back of the neck and head and leaned in.

Andrew inhaled a deep breath through his nose as their lips made contact.

He didn’t taste of much of anything, but it made Mattias’ lips tingle, and his blood run hot through his veins nonetheless. All of Mattias’ senses worked into overload, and the plain taste of Andrew’s lips and tongue suddenly whirled in with everything else. The hum of his sudden moan, the erratic beating of his heart, everything came together and threw the wolf into overdrive as it howled inside his head.

Not just inside his head. Not really. It was trying to come out. Mattias felt the tingle of hairs pushing through the pores of his face, arms, and throat. His fingernails itched as he struggled to hold back his claws.

But then Andrew seemed to melt as he opened his mouth, allowing Mattias to push his tongue inside for a proper taste.

Then Mattias moaned. He moaned and breathed as he licked Andrew deep inside his mouth. That was where he really found the other man’s taste.

Something sweet and sugary. And then the slightly bitter taste of coffee.

Mattias didn’t particularly like coffee, but right now, he abso-fucking-lutely loved it.

Andrew finally seemed to react, to realize what was happening as he reached his hands up and held on tightly to Mattias’ shoulders.

It was as though he was holding on for dear life.

Or as if this was the best kiss he’d ever had.

Mattias was pretty sure it was the latter.

His only interest at that point was to make it better. To make sure there were absolutely no misunderstandings when it came to what his wants were.

Mattias meant to be gentle about the whole thing, but it was impossible as the stupid wolf inside of his head continue to growl and pant and howl for more.

Mattias had never felt so out of control of the animal inside him before. Not since he was a pup.

All the stories he had heard about what it was like to find that other side of himself were nothing compared to what the real thing was. They hadn’t prepared him for how much he would need to behave on instinct. How little control he would have. And how much he would need to fight to keep that control.

So when he ended up pushing Andrew against the wall of his office, one of the few spaces where there actually was a wall he could push him against, Mattias may have been a little rougher than he meant to be.

Andrew gasped for breath as his back made contact. He winced a little, but even as their mouths disconnected for a hair of a second, it didn’t seem like it was enough to stop them.

This time, it was Andrew who reached for him.

And thank God for that. Mattias let it happen. It was the proof he needed that Andrew did want this.

He might have his own reasons for holding back, but he wasn’t holding back now. The smaller man practically pushed himself against Mattias’ chest. He leaned up and his lips clashed against Mattias’ as though they were starved for each other.

Maybe they were. Mattias couldn’t touch him enough. His hands pushed beneath Andrew’s shirt, feeling the heat of his skin.

He was really thin. Not much muscle definition. Mattias had never slept with a guy who felt so…fragile before. It was another harsh reminder that he needed to take care with this. Andrew wasn’t like the men Mattias had taken before him.

Not only was he a human, but he felt as though he might break if Mattias allowed himself to be too rough with him.

Not that Andrew seemed to notice as the other man was determined to get as close to Mattias as possible. He moaned as Mattias touched him. It was as though his body were increasing to shifter levels.

And shifters could get really hot at times. Some humans found it to be so uncomfortable that it was difficult to keep those relationships afloat.

Andrew burned as though he was another wolf.

“Are you…are you really…” Andrew couldn’t seem to finish. Mattias didn’t understand why for the first few seconds until it clicked.

“Yes. I know you feel it too.” Mattias didn’t look away from Andrew’s face, but his hands worked diligently on the belt around Andrew’s waist. “Shouldn’t be doing this, but I need you.”

Andrew didn’t move as Mattias shoved down his jeans. It seemed he wasn’t wearing any underwear or boxers.

Lucky break.

“I need you,” Mattias said again, sinking to his knees to show Andrew just how much he needed him.

“Are…are you sure…I mean, don’t you think…oh!”

Any other protest that was about to escape from Andrew’s lips was cut off by the sound of his sweet, pleasured moan.

His long, skinny fingers dug into Mattias’ hair and gripped tight as his cock was swallowed.

He had such a nice-sized cock, too. Mattias moaned around his mouthful. It was actually a pleasant surprise to see how well-endowed Andrew was. He looked as though he was scrawny all over, and while Mattias had more to brag about down there, he had nothing to complain about with what was currently in his mouth.

Andrew gasped for breath. He didn’t speak another word. It was as though he could not. The instinct of the heat that gripped the both of them seemed to finally take its toll. Andrew could do nothing but react.

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