Three Repeats of Lust (MM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 43,202
17 Ratings (4.9)

[Siren Allure ManLove: Erotic Romance, Alternative, Contemporary, MM, HEA]

Luca Merrick is a relentlessly headstrong 18-year-old student  residing at his uncle’s prestigious college with many titles to his name – “the rich brat wasting his potential”, “the player”, “the kid that stabbed his father 13 times in the chest”.

Dealing with his traumatic past transgressions and anger is something that Luca needs to overcome to grow as a person. During this time, he finds solace in his devilishly handsome, quick witted college psychiatrist, Dr Harland Stone, who has a dark history of his own.

The magnetism between the two is powerful, passionate and unyielding. Harland does his best to draw the professional line between them just as quickly as Luca tries to fuck him on it. Luca’s life truly is a rollercoaster of emotions and navigating college, heinous bullies and extreme PTSD can be challenging but all can be sorted with a script for Xanax and being a part of the most passionate love story of a lifetime.

Three Repeats of Lust (MM)
17 Ratings (4.9)

Three Repeats of Lust (MM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 43,202
17 Ratings (4.9)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Bravo! Very well written, feels like I know the characters personally! Thankyou for such a good read.
Well that was great! I really enjoyed this book. Great writing and entertaining - had me having a chuckle as well as a tear throughout the story. A real "page turner" - highly recommend.


‘How does that make you feel, Luca?’

The psychiatrist inspected me over his glasses. His powerful green eyes captivated me just like everything about him. God, he was handsome—jet black hair pulled into a neat bun, cheekbones and jaw line so chiselled he could be made out of stone, and I was certain his muscles beneath that expensive suit were the same. Not only that but the connection we had was a once-in-a-lifetime thing. I mean this in the least creepy way possible, but he was like the young (thirty-three-year-old) father figure I never had, someone I could look up to but also this incessant presence that I wished all the girls that chased me possessed. I was very sure of my sexuality; I wasn’t gay, just gay as hell for him. I felt my cock twitch.

‘Luca,’ Dr Harland Stone tried again. ‘How does that make you feel?’ He knew how much I hated that cliché question.

He broke me from my trance, and I responded candidly, running my hands through my shaggy brown hair. ‘Like most things,’ I breathed. ‘Makes me feel like kissing you.’

He didn’t flinch. He was too used to my advances to bother, not to mention it wasn’t in his nature to be fazed by a thing. How could he be? I was probably his most fucked-up client, and he had seen some shit because of me. Also, not only was I his client but the nephew of his boss, the dean of the prestigious and exclusive private college, Nightwood Academy, of which we were so lucky to be a part. Furthermore, did I mention they were best friends? Serious conflict of interest, I know, but conflict of interest was more than likely the least of our problems. Conflict of feelings was much more prevalent. Surely, I was not the only one that felt that way? I had been even more brash, testing him frequently, since I had turned eighteen.

Harland leaned back in his leather chair and looked to the grandfather clock ticking away in the corner of the room. He let my statement hang there for a moment before he moved his piece in our ongoing metaphorical chess game. He shocked me by drastically changing the topic. ‘I know it was you that set Mike’s wardrobe alight.’

My face probably gave it away. I wasn’t as collected as him. Being reserved was something that I respected, but I was the exact opposite to that. I dropped my shoulders and confessed. ‘He’s a creep. He tried too persistently with Izzy. No means no, and as he couldn’t get that through his thick head, I decided to translate for him and set his clothes on fire.’

Harland pondered me a moment, that signature pause he was so good at, so I felt like I needed to fill in the time by making sick jokes. ‘If I’m honest, I think I showed restraint. My next step was to stab him thirteen times in the chest like I did my father.’ Making light of previous trauma and bringing it into the regular was kind of my thing.

‘I thought we were past all that,’ Harland sighed.

‘It’s part of my charm though,’ I grinned. ‘So what, you going to tell Uncle Eric?’

‘No. The fact you are here is a miracle, even if you have no real direction. It would be a true shame if you gave your uncle another reason to consider kicking you out. How great would that look for everyone here? The family has had enough scandal.’

‘You don’t say?’ I made eye contact with him and he held it. I could see there was definite concern in his eyes. He was always worried for me; I couldn’t blame him. After all, he and Uncle Eric had been the first on the scene after my father had murdered my mother in cold blood. Coming in on that would scar anyone, even a psychiatrist I would reckon. I wonder who he had talked to.

There was twelve-year-old me on the kitchen floor absolutely covered in blood crying over the lifeless body of my beloved mother, my abusive father lying next to me, knife still lodged in his chest, his eyes rolled back into his head. I swear Harland blamed himself. He had a hunch that my father was a psychopath, but I always denied things, stupid scared little me. It was like since then, he protected me to try and make up for his lack of action.

I appreciated that more than anything. To me Harland had always been kind of my hero. I still remember how he had grabbed me, picked me up and held me that night and shielded my face immediately into him. I remember my uncle’s screams of hysteria over the scene, over the loss of his dear sister. They still echo around my soul to this day.

‘I won’t tell anyone about the Mike situation. Just please keep yourself in line. Don’t mess things up.’

‘Okay, okay, okay…’ I sighed. I bit my lip, thinking about how grateful I actually was to have him always on my side.

‘By the way,’ I breathed, ‘I ran out of Xanax.’




I was picked up and tumbled around in the whirlwind that was his zeal for me. By the time we got to the front door, he pushed me against it and we were literally undressing each other as he unlocked it. We burst into the cabin, the door flinging back to bounce off the wall. There was no time to look around as he turned me and pinned me against the nearest wall and our make-out grew more fervent. I was down to just my black briefs in no time and Harland to his jeans, his buff physique on display to me as we stumbled away from the wall over our discarded clothes.

We couldn’t keep our hands off each other, and he gathered me in his arms and threw me over his shoulder like my weight was nothing to him. He barged through the bedroom door and virtually threw me onto the bed and leaned over me as I groaned, my arms latching around his neck as we brazenly tongued one another. Sensual kissing was overrated. He tangled his hands in my hair, and I couldn’t help but reach down and touch my own cock. I was so horny I couldn’t even wait for him to do it. I was slicked with precum at that point and I was yearning to be touched.

I grasped myself desperately beneath my underwear, pumping my cock a few times before my other hand ventured to his fly. I then changed my mind, grabbed at his face, and kissed him roughly again before whispering, ‘I want you…’

That wasn’t enough though. I was starving for a taste I had never experienced but hungered for all the same. ‘I need you inside me,’ I rasped as he bit my neck, as though my words were torturing him. I gasped as he began to suck on my neck. Given the opportunity that we weren’t seeing anyone for weeks, I felt like he intended to mark me as his own.

I didn’t know where he was with us moving to the next level. I felt like he was holding back slightly, and I hated that. I didn’t want protection. I wanted him to ruin me. Maybe he wasn’t getting the hint enough. I reached down to touch him through his jeans, to find he was as solid and willing as ever. ‘Fuck me, Harland,’ I begged.

He made a noise as though he was getting strangled, like he was trying to resist but couldn’t. Could he even deny me at that point? Suddenly he had mercy on my neck and moved hastily like he couldn’t take it anymore. He traced his tongue down my body, licking the sweat that had beaded between my pecks on his way down. He quickly stripped me of my briefs as he made his way lower. I was delirious with lust by that point, and everything slowed for me as he took control. I watched, dazed with want, as he stuck two of his fingers into his mouth, and I felt my virgin hole quiver with expectation. He rolled me onto my side, took my cock in his mouth, and slid his moist fingers down between my buttocks. I threw my head back, and my sounds of pleasure echoed around us as he deep throated me skilfully and squeezed my butt tightly. He then licked at my cock more gently to set the pace, as his two fingers tenderly circled that part of me that was burning with desire. I’d never wanted something inside me so desperately before.

I thrust my hips involuntarily for a second, writhing with desire, and then finally I felt him dip into me, just a little at first, but my God the sensation was powerful. I knew he was trying to ease me into things, but I was losing my head and I attempted to push against him more.

‘Fuck, you are so tight,’ he swore and then teased me by going deeper and moving around further. I was panting, my body shaking from the torture. I pleaded for more, and it was then when he slipped his second finger into me. I was beside myself as he began to finger my tight arse with more rhythm, stretching me out as he sucked on my hip bone, giving me another deep red love bite.

I felt myself getting closer and closer as he pumped in and out of me, curling his fingers and finding the place which changed everything. The moment he found my G-spot I swear it was the undoing of me.

‘Harland…oh…’ My lustful demands had dissipated as I came closer, and all I could speak was the truth. ‘I love you…I love you…’ I vowed again and again as he skilfully hit that sweet spot repeatedly.

It was as though my words of affirmation spurred him on even more so than my sexually explicit demands. He moved suddenly as though all restraint was gone, withdrawing his fingers from me. I felt empty for only a second before he turned me completely over onto my stomach, my erection pushed into the bed. His hands went either side of my buttocks, squeezing hard, and I felt him push them apart suddenly. And with that I felt my first ping of self-consciousness despite me preparing for the prospect of sex before the trip. I twisted a little in defence because I could sense his intention. ‘Harland…you don’t have to…’

But he did.

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