Creole Moon (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 28,799
5 Ratings (4.4)

[Siren Classic: Erotic Interracial Paranormal Romance, witches, werewolves, HEA]

Lucas Blackmane has no illusions about himself. He's Wulfren and on the cusp of turning feral. He may be the most powerful werewolf on two continents, but without a mate, his days are numbered. Hey, but that's okay. He's accepted that finding his mate just isn't in the cards. Which is why he's totally blindsided when a witchy woman with blood in her eyes and a heavenly scent walks into his casino and turns his world upside down. Alisha Leveau is Sosye, which is just another way of saying she's a badass witch with attitude. She doesn't like the Wulfren, even if her adopted brother is one, and the hairy-ass predators had better hand him over or she'll give them plenty of reason to howl at the moon. So how the hell did she end up in Blackmane's bed?

A Siren Erotic Romance

Creole Moon (MF)
5 Ratings (4.4)

Creole Moon (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 28,799
5 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Professional Reviews

4 CUPS: "Alisha is Sosye, a power witch, who crosses into Wulfren territory to find the only one she ever claimed as family. She comes against the strongest Wulfren she has ever met, but he is also something more. Lucas is one of the strongest Wulfrens, but on this day he may have just met his match. She challenges him from the start but unbeknownst to her, she is his mate. A Sosye and a Wulfren make a deal, but what neither knows is that nothing is as it appears. Can two natural enemies come together to save more than one life? Witches and shifters make the best adventures. Alisha and Lucas challenge the reader to pick a side from the start. The characters were wonderfully created to strum the heart strings of the reader. I enjoyed reading Creole Moon and I would recommend it to shifter and wiccan fans alike." Delane, Coffee Time Romance

4 STARS: "The cover and the blurb attracted me to read this one, and I feel like my expectations were met. “Creole Moon” is a steamy, fast paced paranormal read that held me in its grip. Reading the dialogue between Alisha and Lucas’ was really funny, loved the love/hate relationship that was going on between the two. And how their characters personality clashes as they both wanted to be in control. The search for evidence to prove Alisha’s brother’s innocence added a little adventure to the story, which I appreciated. I really liked the playful way this book was written; my only ‘complaint’ is that I expected more steamy scenes between Alisha and Lucas. Other than that was I one happy bunny. I’m secretly hoping Vic will get his own story too loved the guy, but only time will tell. Nevertheless am I curious to read more from this author." -- Rachell, You Gotta Read Reviews

4 WHIPS: "This authors characters are interesting, intriguing, have many layers and play off one another very well. It is definitely a book worth reading. Their interaction was amazing and the fact we had a big bad out trying to take down everyone he could just adds an extra bit of zing to this story. Well done." -- Raven, Reviewing Vixens

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Oh yeah, he really was all that…and then some. Lucas Blackmane was the biggest, meanest looking S.O.B. she’d ever seen. She judged him to be around seven feet, give or take an inch, and the light-gray business suit he wore somehow managed to conceal and emphasize his muscular build. She wasn’t close enough to tell what color his eyes were, but his hair was jet black, and he wore it pulled back and secured at the nape of his neck. He was brutishly handsome, powerfully built, and oozing enough Wulfren pheromones to make every woman in the casino, and several of the men, take a second look as he walked past. Oh yeah, Blackmane was everything she’d been told to expect…and then some, but she was still going to jam her foot up his ass if he didn’t tell her what he’d done with her brother. She’d had enough of being put on hold, enough of being told Mr. Blackmane was unavailable, and enough of the “oh, not her again” eye rolls from his bug-eyed receptionist. He might be Wulfren and Supreme Alpha of the North American Packs, but she was Sosye, and nobody got away with messing with her family.

She slid off her stool and stepped directly into his path. He pulled up short, and then shifted to move around her. Alisha mimicked his movement again, blocking his path. He froze in place, his black-as-night eyes sending a chill racing up her spine as he glared down at her. He was clearly not amused, but the big blond accompanying him wore a smile as bright as his island shirt.

“You’re new to the island,” he said, eyeing her in a way that said he liked what he saw. “My friend isn’t interested, but I’d love to show you around. Or maybe we could meet here at the bar for a drink?”

Alisha cocked her head to the side, looking first at Blackmane and then at the man who’d spoken. Blackmane looked bored and more than a little irritated. The blond looked as if he thought she was a hottie looking for a one-night stand and he was quite happy to volunteer his services.

Alisha tossed her head back, sending her long red braids cascading over one shoulder, and returned his smile. “You’ve got the wrong idea, mes ami. But judging by the company you keep…” She flicked a disdainful look at Blackmane. “I guess I ought to be happy you didn’t cock your leg and piss on me.”

The blond’s smile widened into a grin, his eyes gleaming with suppressed laughter, but Blackmane stared at her as if she’d crawled from beneath a rock. Good. For a moment, she thought he’d just push past her. No chance of that happening now. She’d just called him a dog, and nothing pissed a Wulfren off more than being reminded of their familial link to man’s best friend. Add to that the Wiccan symbols embroidered on the border of her long white shirt and peasant blouse, and most Wulfren wouldn’t have a problem using her for a chew toy. Of course, since the Pact of ’06, Wulfren and Wiccan were no longer sworn enemies, but they weren’t exactly friends either. That was okay by her because she didn’t care much for the hairy-ass canines, even if she was related to one.

She took a step toward him, moving close enough that she had to tilt her head back to meet his gaze. “You’re Lucas Blackmane.” She was pleased that she sounded so calm when inside she seethed with rage. “I’m Alisha Leveau. Alan Leveau is my brother.”

The moment she’d said her brother’s name, the big blond’s hand snapped forward. He gripped her forearm hard enough to send pain spiraling up her arm, and she acted on pure instinct. Her head whipped around, and the moment his eyes locked with hers, she thrust the vision into his mind of a steel rod ramming through the center of his forehead. He stiffened, his eyes wide with horror, and then fell facedown onto the floor.

Her gaze swung back to Blackmane, fully expecting to find him rushing toward her, but the man hadn’t moved an inch. In fact, nothing about him gave any indication that he thought he was in danger, but if looks could kill, she’d be long gone from this world. She took another step in his direction, but pulled up short when she saw a huge man barreling through the small crowd that had gathered around them. Ordinarily, she wouldn’t have given the rent-a-cop a second glance, but the three-inch claws protruding from his fingers marked him as a shape shifter, and most likely a Wulfren. She kept her eyes on Blackmane, but she rammed the vision of a huge snake sinking its fangs into the security guard’s neck and he, too, fell to the floor, battling an attacker only he could see.

She looked across at Blackmane and shook her head. “If this is the best you’ve got, your organization has been grossly overrated.”




“I was beginning to wonder if you’d changed your mind and headed for the mainland.”

Alisha shrugged. “Running away never solved anything. And in any case, I doubt I would have gotten very far.”

Lucas stepped out of the doorway onto the porch, moving close enough that she had to tilt her head back to look up at him. He smelled of the outdoors and a musky odor that had her digging her nails into the palm of her hands to keep from reaching out to touch him. He was a wickedly handsome bastard, and the cool look in his eyes said this time he wasn’t going to be put off.

“The last rays of the setting sun are fading.”

“And the devil wants what’s owed him?”

“I don’t know about the devil, but I sure as hell do.” He moved a braid away from her face, and leaned in to bring his lips close to her ear. “Making me wait wasn’t a good idea, baby. Now my little problem has become a big problem. Hope you’re prepared to deal with the consequences.”

He nuzzled the nape of her neck, while his big hands slid around her waist and brought her flush against his aroused body. She forced herself to remain passive in his arms, but she knew he wasn’t fooled for a minute. The man had done little more than blow in her ear and her arousal was so strong even she could smell it. Embarrassing, but she figured after a night in his bed that would be the least of her problems.

He pulled back to look down at her, a wicked smile tilting the corners of his mouth. “Time to pay up, sweetheart. Why don’t you drop down on your knees and see how much of your bill you can work off.”

Alisha lowered her gaze, not wanting him to see her expression. His words excited her, and filled her with a delighted wickedness. She’d never taken a man into her mouth before, nor had she ever felt any desire to do so. But this was Lucas, and she wanted him in ways she had never wanted any man before.

He placed his hands on her shoulders, his touch light, and she raised her gaze to his.

He smiled at her, but there was a look in his eyes that said he wouldn’t be denied.

“On your knees, baby.”

“But we’re outside and there’s still enough light for someone to see us.”

“There’s no one out there. Even your four-footed escorts have departed. There’s just you and me and...what’s between us.”

She dropped slowly to her knees, telling herself she had no choice but to adhere to their bargain, but she was woman enough to admit that kneeling at his feet made her feel decadent and exposed a need to be dominated that shocked her. What was it about this man that made her want to do things she had never even considered doing with another?

“That’s a good girl. I didn’t think you’d take orders so well, but it seems there’s a bit of the submissive in you.” He sank a big hand into her braids and pulled her head slightly forward, bringing her face eye level with the prominent bulge in his pants. “Why don’t we find out just how much?”

He worked the zipper of his jeans downward, moving slowly toward the heavy budge in the front of his pants. When he halted halfway, she’d had enough of his teasing, and stretched out a hand to help him finish the job.

His deep chuckle caused her cheeks to burn, but Alisha was past caring. She finished the job for him, and since he wasn’t wearing any underwear, his massive erection sprang free, curving upward from a nest of curly black hair to rest against his taut stomach. The man was truly blessed, and when a tiny drop of fluid emerged from the head of his shaft, she couldn’t resist leaning forward to lap it up with her tongue.

His hips snapped forward, but he sank his hands into her hair and pulled her head back, forcing her to meet his heated gaze. “Damn, baby, you could bring a man to his knees with a move like that, but I’m not going to let you rush this. We’re taking this slow and easy, and before the night is out, there won’t be any you or me. There’ll only be us.”

He shoved his jeans down to his knees, exposing himself fully, and she didn’t know whether to run her hands over his rock-hard thighs or to be a shameless hussy and just gobble him up. He took the decision away from her by grasping her chin and tugging gently on her jaw.

“Open wide, baby.”



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