[Siren Publishing: The Lynn Hagen ManLove Collection: Erotic Romance, Contemporary, Alternative, Paranormal, Werewolves, Suspense, MM, HEA]

Needing a vacation from life, Elliot decides to visit his cousin. When Marcus joins a friend at a café, Elliot is blown away by the stud who sits with them. Cyrus is hot, and everything Elliot could want in a guy. There was just one thing. Cyrus’s world becomes too scary, and Elliot isn’t sure he can handle being with a wolf shifter and the insanity that follows.

Cyrus can’t believe his eyes when he meets Elliot. Even though he normally isn’t interested in humans, there’s something special about Elliot that draws him in. After spending the night together, Cyrus finds out that Elliot is his mate. Unfortunately, when Cyrus’s world barges in, it scares off Elliot and leaves him uncertain whether or not he wants to be part of Cyrus’ life. When Cyrus’s past comes back with a vengeance, Elliot will need a warrior to fight for him. Luckily, Cyrus is that warrior.

Lynn Hagen is a Siren-exclusive author.

Cyrus (MM)
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Cover Art by Emma Nicole


Elliot glanced up when a shadow fell over him. He had to stop his jaw from dropping as he stared at a guy hotter than Kieran. The stranger had a thick beard, dark hair, and the most beautiful light brown eyes he’d ever seen.

“Sounds like you guys are partying without me.”

“Marcus, Elliot, this is Cyrus,” Brooklyn said. “He’s five cans short of a six pack, but he’s a nice guy.”

Elliot couldn’t speak. How the hell could a guy that looked like that not be taken? Was he taken? His mind was spinning with questions. Where was Cyrus’s boyfriend? Was he straight? Or was Cyrus really gay and he just hadn’t found the right guy yet? Cyrus had to be six-foot-five and was built like a linebacker.

Cyrus’s eyes twinkled with mirth. “Did I just hear Brooklyn insult me?”

“I did.” Brooklyn smiled. “But I’ve also been known to throw out compliments.”

“You’ve yet to throw one at me,” Cyrus said with a laugh.

Cyrus snatched a chair from another table, straddling it as he smiled at Elliot. “Enjoying Brooklyn’s company?”

Elliot lost all ability to think. He knew he probably looked like a boob, but Cyrus was the hottest guy who’d ever spoken to him, and Elliot couldn’t get any words past his lips.

“I’m starting to doubt he’s breathing,” Marcus stage-whispered to Brooklyn.

“Cyrus,” Elliot said, pleased that he could finally talk. “It’s nice to meet you.” God, he was such a goober. Belatedly he’d said what he should have when first introduced. “Um, yeah. I just met Brooklyn, but he seems like a really nice guy.”

“Aw, thanks,” Brooklyn said.

Elliot’s cheeks heated as he tried not to look at Cyrus, but he felt the guy staring right at him.

“Is that blush for me?” Cyrus asked. “Sorry, I tend to do that to people.”

“Cyrus is a flirt,” Brooklyn teased, making Elliot blush even harder.

If only a hole would open up and swallow him. He didn’t like a lot of attention centered on him and from a hot guy no less. But he had to admit he liked it.

“He doesn’t mean it,” Cyrus said to Elliot. “I’m sure I’m the only guy who drives him crazy.”

“On a daily basis,” Brooklyn said.

Cyrus nudged Elliot with his elbow. “Care to come with me to get a coffee?”

Elliot stared at the one Kieran had just brought him. The next thing he knew Kieran had snatched it away. “Elliot could use a drink, too.”

“I wouldn’t mind sitting with you.” Elliot groaned, feeling stupid. His face heated like a toaster oven, because how could he have said that? “I mean I’d like that.”

Cyrus’s laughter made Elliot’s heart race as they walked to the counter. There was a line, so they went to the back of it. Elliot really liked Cyrus behind him. “I like that you blush. I think it’s adorable.”

Exactly what Elliot didn’t want to be, adorable. He also didn’t know why he was thinking about kissing Cyrus, but every time he looked at Cyrus, he imagined the guy’s lips pressed to his.

Some stranger tried to pass, and Cyrus touched Elliot’s waist, moving him aside so the person could get by. Elliot’s body ignited with that innocent touch, and he prayed he didn’t get hard and embarrass himself.

“What’s your poison?” Cyrus said against the shell of Elliot’s ear.

It was a sexy voice, and it made Elliot shiver. He wanted to take Cyrus home and shove him up against the wall and kiss him. Elliot felt dazed, like he’d been hit over the head with a baseball bat. “Huh?”

He couldn’t remember what Cyrus had just said.

“You know. Coffee, tea, or a cold smoothie?”

“What are you having?” Elliot asked.

“I’ll have a latte.” Cyrus still hadn’t moved his hand from Elliot’s waist and Elliot wasn’t complaining. He liked how Cyrus towered over him, which made him feel small and safe. Elliot had always had a thing for big guys, and Cyrus fit that bill perfectly.

“I’ll have a latte too,” Elliot said. Despite the line, they grabbed their drinks quickly, which was too bad, because Elliot liked standing there with Cyrus.

“What are you doing later?”

Elliot’s heart raced. “Um, nothing?”

He and Marcus hadn’t made any plans past meeting up with Brooklyn. Elliot hadn’t asked, either. He wanted to have fun while on vacation and hoped he would. Now that he’d met Cyrus, Elliot hoped they would spend more time together.

“Good. I want to take you out.”

Elliot’s mouth hung open. Was Cyrus asking him out? No. He had to be reading into it, even though he’d just hoped for exactly this.

“You want to take me out?”

Cyrus smile was downright sinful. “Yes, Elliot. I’d love to take you out and show you the sights.”

Elliot couldn’t ask for a better guide. “Okay.”

When Elliot returned with his coffee, Marcus winked at him. “Blushes for boys.”

“Shut up,” Elliot muttered. He wasn’t even sure what that meant.

“Marcus has a problem with being ignored,” Brooklyn said.

“That’s not true,” Marcus said. “I just happen to like seeing two guys together.”

“Seeing?” Brooklyn asked.

“You know what I mean,” Marcus groaned. “Stop twisting my words into perversion.”

“So how long are you in town?” Cyrus asked Elliot. “A few days, maybe a week?”

“I’m not sure.” Elliot had no idea how long he was staying. He’d taken two weeks off of work and hadn’t thought to spend them all with Marcus, but if he got the chance to hang with Cyrus, maybe he would stay the full two weeks.




They took a break and headed toward the bar, where Elliot ordered a Coke and Cyrus did the same. He normally downed shots of whiskey, but he wanted to keep a clear head since he had Elliot with him.

As they sipped their drinks, Cyrus couldn’t help but notice the way Elliot’s eyes sparkled under the club lights. He wanted nothing more than to kiss him again, to feel those soft lips against his own. And he knew Elliot wanted it too.

“You know,” Elliot said, his voice low and husky, “I’ve never done anything like this before. Going to a nightclub and dancing with a handsome guy like you.”

Cyrus smirked. “Is that so?”

Elliot nodded, his eyes never leaving Cyrus’s. “I usually just stay at home with a book or watch a movie. But being with you, it’s like I’m living a different life. One that’s full of excitement and adventure.”

Cyrus leaned in close, his lips almost touching Elliot’s ear. “You have no idea how much I want you right now. How much I want to take you home and make love to you for the rest of the night.”

Elliot’s breath hitched, and Cyrus could see the desire in his eyes. He took Elliot’s hand, guiding him back to the dance floor. They danced close, their bodies pressed together, moving to the music as if they were fucking.

Cyrus could feel the heat building between them, and he knew he had to have Elliot. He’d known it since the moment he’d laid eyes on the guy outside the café. After half an hour, Cyrus took Elliot’s hand and led him out of the club, his heart pounding with anticipation. He couldn’t believe how much he wanted this human.

When they got to Cyrus’s car, Cyrus pulled Elliot into a deep, passionate kiss. Their tongues battled for dominance as Cyrus pressed Elliot against the car, his body on full display. Elliot moaned against Cyrus’s mouth, his hands running up and down Cyrus’s back, pulling him closer.

“My place?” Cyrus asked after he broke the kiss.

Elliot nodded, his breath coming in short gasps. “God, yes.”

When they arrived at the pack house, Cyrus kicked his bedroom door shut behind them, his eyes locked on Elliot’s. He pressed the human against the wall, his hands sliding down to grab Elliot’s ass. He lifted him up, and Elliot wrapped his legs around Cyrus’s waist, their lips crashing together in a heated kiss.

Cyrus clutched Elliot’s ass, and he moaned, the sound going straight to Cyrus’s cock. He walked the short distance over to the bed, laying him down on the comforter. Even dressed, Elliot looked so fucking good laid out for Cyrus to feast on.

Elliot draped his arms around Cyrus’s neck, and he writhed underneath him, the mewling sounds he made turning Cyrus on even more. It had been a long time since he’d had an actual human lover, and Cyrus couldn’t believe how incredible it felt to have Elliot beneath him. He slid his hand up Elliot’s chest, feeling the human's heart beating under his palm.

“You’re beautiful,” Cyrus groaned. He crawled on top of Elliot, his lips moving down Elliot’s neck, sucking and biting at his throat. Elliot moaned, squirming beneath Cyrus’s weight, his hands finding their way to the back of Cyrus’s head and pulling him closer.

Elliot’s clothes disappeared in a blur, and Cyrus couldn’t help but marvel at what he saw. The guy was gorgeous, with a lean, compact body and a dick that was already hard and leaking. Cyrus couldn’t wait to fill Elliot up, to make him moan and scream as he came.

Cyrus stripped his own clothes before leaning in and licking a path down Elliot’s slim chest and abdomen, swirling his tongue around the man’s navel before he started sucking on his balls.

Then he sucked Elliot’s dick into his mouth. Elliot gasped in surprise, and his legs kicked out, spreading wide, giving Cyrus a better angle to work with. Cyrus sucked him into his mouth, his lips working up and down Elliot’s cock as his tongue licked and teased the leaking slit.

Elliot’s head fell back, his hands gripping the sheets as Cyrus sucked his cock. “God, that feels amazing. I don’t think I can take much more of this.”

Cyrus pulled off and smirked. “I’m not done with you yet. I’m going to make you come again and again.”

Elliot lifted his head and glanced at Cyrus, his eyes half closed with pleasure. “Are you sure you can keep up with me?”

Holy fuck! Cyrus was in love.

He winked then continued sucking Elliot’s dick, relishing the cute little noises of delight the guy made. Elliot’s fingers threaded through Cyrus’s hair, his hips bucking up into Cyrus’s mouth as he suckled him. Cyrus’s own dick was painfully hard, and he wanted nothing more than to slide it deep into Elliot’s ass and fuck him hard.

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