[Siren Publishing: The Lynn Hagen ManLove Collection: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifters, HEA]
When Evan was approached by a sexy biker, he knew he was in trouble. Jax is a bad boy and Evan feels as if he's gotten in over his head—especially when his sister warns him to stay away from the biker. Evan tries, but is drawn to Jax in ways he doesn’t fully understand.
Jaxxon Remus is the eldest of six. He owns his own business and shoots from the hip. When he discovers who his mate is, Jax lays it on thick, scaring the human away. But Jax is determined and doesn’t give up, even if he has to stalk his mate in order to claim him.
When Evan is attacked, Jax goes on the warpath. Worse, a murder has taken place and someone has pinned the crime on Jax. A price is put on Jax’s head, and it’s up to him and his brothers to figure things out before somebody collects.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Lynn Hagen is a Siren-exclusive author.
Jaxxon (MM)
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Cover Art by Melody Simmons
Great story! Hot bears, a nasty hyena that get whats coming to him, confusion ,lust, love and a HEA...what's not to love? Lookng forward to the next brothers story!
As always - Lynn Hagen hit the nail on the head - she is one of my very favorite writers and I have read everything she has written - starting with Maverick - love to spend a cold winter weekend re-reading the books in order.




He turned back around at the sound of loud motorcycles. God, that sound. Evan loved it. He’d ridden on the back of bikes a handful of times growing up, but it had always been an uncle or cousin who had given him a ride. For once, he’d love the driver to be a bad boy who wasn’t related.

In your dreams.

The motorcycles came roaring down the street, and Evan was in instant lust. The men wore bandanas around the lower part of their faces—some were solid colors, but the leader’s bandana had a skeletal jaw on his. It looked so bad ass.

There were six men in all, and each one of them looked as if they lived in a gym. Their bodies were ripped from what he could see under their jackets. They also had thick thighs, and beefy hands gripping the handlebars—if that was what it was called. Evan knew nothing about motorcycles, only that he was dying to ride on the back of one.

They passed him by, their motorcycles in various colors and designs, but each one looked as though the paint job was custom.

He sighed heavily as he watched, forgetting about the loud cars across the street, the bright sun making him sweat, and the weirdoes in the Laundromat behind him. Evan had eyes only for the six bikers who rolled down the street as if they owned the neighborhood.

Evan’s heart began to beat faster when the guy in front made a U-turn in the street. Why was he turning around? Probably to stop at the store. Too bad he wasn’t turning around for Evan.

“You better get into the bunker!” the lady in the feathery hat yelled. “Those bears’ll eat you alive, pick your bones from their teeth!” She cackled as she stared at the sidewalk. “I fucked your father. He was a pimp!”

Dear god. Evan shook his head.

“Run, boy. Run! They’re coming for you. You can’t escape the flying monkeys!”

The woman wandered away. Evan watched her for a few seconds, truly feeling sorry for the lady in the feathery hat. His thoughts scrambled when a motorcycle pulled to the curb in front of him. Evan’s eyes widened. It was the leader with the skull mask over the lower half of his face. He had amazing blue eyes that reminded Evan of the tropical ocean, stark against the dark lashes and hair.

Up ahead, the other motorcycles had pulled over. The men sat there talking to each other as their leader sat there quietly looking at Evan.

What was he supposed to say? “Why are you staring at me?” But he didn’t say that. Evan’s voice was gone. When he opened his mouth, all that came out was a strangled squeak. Sure, men had approached him before, but none as good looking as the stranger sitting astride his bike.

The guy lowered the skull bandana to reveal the sexiest grin Evan had ever seen. He raked his eyes over Evan from head to toe, pure liquid heat radiating in them. “What’s your name, sunshine?”

“Pimp.” Evan. Was. Mortified. The warning of the lady in the feathery hat had zipped through his mind, and he’d…oh crap. Whatever chance in hell Evan had had with the guy had just gone down into the bunker with the feathery hat.

The man grinned. “Really?”

“No.” Evan shook his head.

“Then what is it?” The guy leaned back while biting on his lower lip. His gaze was zeroed in on Evan’s butt. Damn, the man was bold. He had no qualms about letting Evan know exactly what was on his mind.

He was also even larger up close. And tall. Evan couldn’t really guess the guy’s height since the man was seated, but he looked huge. Muscular as well. He was the total package, and all Evan could do was stare at the man like a complete boob.


“E-Evan.” Evan shoved his hands into his back pockets and forced himself not to glance at the stranger’s groin. “Yours?”

“He’s my love child,” the lady in the feathery hat said when she wandered over to them.

“Hi, Mrs. Florence,” the stranger said with an arresting smile. He looked at her with sympathy in those blue depths.

“You know her?” Evan asked.

“Since she was a beautiful young woman.”

That was impossible. The lady in the feathery hat looked to be around seventy. The guy didn’t look over thirty.

The woman wandered away again.

“Jaxxon,” the guy said, “but you can call me Jax.” The man crooked his finger. Evan went as if being pulled by an invisible string. Jax leaned close, running a finger down Evan’s bare arm. Evan shivered at the contact. “I promise to give you a ride if you give me your number.”

Was the guy talking about his bike or sex?

Evan had never been more desperate for a pen in his life. He’d settle for a marker, an ink quill, a crayon, or even a chisel and a slab of stone to write on. “I don’t have anything to write with.”

“Got a phone?”

Duh. Evan pulled it from his back pocket. Jax eased it from Evan’s hand and began to type. The man didn’t lack confidence. That was for sure. Evan felt his entire body heat with a blush as he bit into his lower lip, watching as Jax typed.

“I put my number in your phone,” Jax said and then winked. Evan’s heart nearly beat out of his chest at the flirtation as Jax handed his phone back. “Call me later, sunshine.”

Jax pulled away and joined the other men. Evan sighed. What a hunk.




“Put your arms around my neck,” Jax commanded. With his back to Jax’s chest, Evan did as he was told. He stretched his arms upward and glanced down, watching Jax’s thick fingers stroke his aching cock, the head weeping with pre-cum.

“Trust that I’ll never do anything to hurt you, sunshine.”

With his other free hand, Jax worked Evan’s pants down to his thighs. The exposure made Evan feel naughty. They were in Jax’s office, but Evan could still hear the guys out in the shop, could hear the air tools zipping and the music playing.

Jax’s free hand ghosted over Evan’s stomach, making the muscles contract as he inhaled sharply. Jax’s hand was tanned, callused, and appeared large against Evan’s pale, flat belly. The contrast was such a turn-on. 

Evan nearly whimpered when Jax let go of him, but his heart began to beat harder when the man pressed his hands between them and undid his jeans, releasing his own hardened cock. Evan scooted back some so he could feel Jax’s erection against his bared ass.

“You drive me crazy, sunshine.” Jax hissed as Evan teased him.

Evan wanted to get fucked so badly that he was ready to beg for it.  Releasing Jax’s neck, Evan slid to his knees—which wasn’t easy considering his pants were around his thighs.

Evan glanced up at Jax, into those pretty, blue eyes, and saw just how much the man wanted him. Jax’s lips were parted, his eyes focused on Evan as Evan took the man’s cock into his mouth.

“Shit, sunshine.” Jax’s head fell back as his hands clamped onto Evan’s head. His fingers strangled Evan’s hair, tugging at the strands, as Evan licked and sucked, drawing out the pre-cum at the slit.

Jax’s thighs tensed as Evan took Jax's dick all the way down his throat. He gagged, pulled back, and then coughed. Evan had never been any good at giving blowjobs, but he was determined to get Jax off.

The musky and masculine scent invaded Evan’s lungs. The broad head filled his mouth as he used his tongue to lick at the silky skin. Jax hissed again, his fingers tightening in Evan’s hair.

Evan had never handled a cock this big before. He wrapped his hands around the base to detract inches and then attempted to take Jax back down his throat.

“Close,” Jax said between clenched teeth.

That single word spurred Evan on. He pumped his fist as he sucked at the head, excited to taste the man. Jax arched his back and gave a loud grunt before his cum splashed the back of Evan’s throat. He tried to drink it all down, but Evan pulled back, coughing and swallowing as Jax collapsed against the couch.

“Damn, sunshine.” Jax panted, wiped his arm over his brows, and then lifted Evan from his knees. “I’m supposed to be helping you calm down, not the other way around.”

“Complaining?” Evan asked as he wiggled his pants farther down his legs.

“Fuck no.” Jax wedged himself between Evan’s legs and returned the favor. Evan’s eyes rolled to the back of his head when the man swallowed him whole.

“Oh god!” Evan scratched at the back of the couch, bucked, and writhed beneath Jax. The man’s tongue was magic as Evan shot close to the edge and nearly tumbled over into the abyss.

Jax didn’t let up. He sucked, licked, and stroked Evan. Evan was close. God, he was close, and he wanted that release, needed it. Nothing else mattered to him at that moment as Jax pulled at Evan’s balls and used his throat muscles to massage Evan’s cock.

When Jax slid a finger into Evan’s ass, Evan shattered. He contorted on the couch as Jax drank down every last drop. Evan’s heart pounded heavily in his chest as he sagged like a wet noodle.

“No nap.” Jax grinned at him when Evan’s eyelids started to close.

“Just five more minutes,” Evan said as he turned over on the couch and closed his eyes again. His ass hung out there, exposed, but Evan didn’t care. All he wanted to do was sleep.

"Five more minutes," Jax mumbled before Evan felt a hand ghost over his bare backside. His eyes opened and then he turned over, staring up at Jax.

"What are you doing?"

"Having five more minutes with you, babe."

Evan was stunned to see that Jax's cock was hard again. They both had gotten one off, and the man wanted more.

Jax stripped and climbed onto the couch. He hovered over Evan, a look of pure lust in his blue eyes. "Thought I was finished with you?"

"Well, yeah." Evan didn’t move, didn’t breathe as Jax pulled his shoes, socks, and then shorts off. He lay there with nothing but his shirt on. "What if someone walks in?"

"Then they'll get an eyeful," Jax said. He got up, walking naked to the desk, and then pulled something out of the drawer.


"Get over here, babe." Jax nodded toward the desk. "Bend over for me."

The command had Evan's flaccid cock jerking as he got up and did as Jax ordered. He placed his hands on the desk, and stuck his ass out. "Is this what you want?"

When Jax smacked his ass, Evan jumped. Jax smiled. "Don’t deny you liked that."

In fact, Evan did. His mate had him stretched and was balls deep inside Evan in less than three minutes.

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