For What It's Worth (MFMM)

Evernight Publishing

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 87,500
0 Ratings (0.0)

Koda Tucker is lying. Or at least she’s not telling the whole truth. Despite what the tests say, she’s not a beta, she’s an omega—one that doesn’t even perfume properly. For years she’s managed to hide her scent, but it becomes increasingly difficult after she catches the attention of an alpha pack.

Jenson is her professor. He makes her feel like the most important person in the world. Aidan is the gorgeous male who isn’t as self-assured as he appears. And Lorenzo is the quiet alpha who makes her feel safest when she’s in his arms. All three are pursuing her, but what happens when they find out she isn’t a beta?

What happens when the academy finds out?

Be Warned: reverse harem romance (MFMM), anal sex, triple penetration, public exhibition

For What It's Worth (MFMM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

For What It's Worth (MFMM)

Evernight Publishing

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 87,500
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Jay Aheer

I crossed my legs under the textbook and pretended to skim the pages like I was looking for something. Yes, I got the irony of not actually doing work but honestly, who could study when someone was staring at them?

A feeling of closeness had me looking up to Aidan suddenly much closer. Apparently, the chairs weren’t studded down because Aidan scooted his so the fabric of our chairs’ arms were touching. I glared at the offending fabric, refusing to lose my temper and snap at him. Not even for doing anything wrong but for making me want him so much. The urge to throw off everything on my lap and jump into his was stronger than I expected, and my inner omega was beating against my beta instincts.

I took a deep breath to calm myself and immediately regretted it. His beautiful alpha scent, like a perfect rainstorm, was tainted with the female beta scent of Laura. My inner omega growled at the territorial gesture from the other female even as my logical side argued he wasn’t mine.

Aidan’s eyes widened, and I cut the sound off. It was a little like choking to hold back my instincts, but it was all about protecting my future.

“What do you want?” I snapped at him, yanking both earbuds out. I hoped the growl came off as annoyance and not aggressive jealousy.

“You’re pretty riled up for a Friday night.”

“What is everyone’s obsession with the date? I get it, it’s Friday and I’m lame because I’m studying. There’s really no need to point it out, and on top of that, you’re in the same place as me, so it’s pretty hypocritical.”

I didn’t make a joke, so I was pretty shocked when Aidan started laughing. “Jenson was right. You are feisty.”

I couldn’t say I didn’t get excited about the idea of Jenson talking about me with his pack. At least, my heart thought it was sweet and my pussy definitely thought it got a compliment, but my brain reminded me any attention was bad attention. And while flirting with an insanely hot male would be rewarding in its own way—something to remember when I took a vibrator into my makeshift nest—I couldn’t risk my future on something so meaningless.

“Look, I’m not trying to be rude, but I really need to work on this project, and I don’t know you.”

I moved to put my headphones back on when he said, “Well, good thing I have time tonight. We can do two positions before I let you come.”

I stared at Aidan. Truly trying to figure out what the hell he just said. In fact, I stared for so long he started laughing and clutching his stomach. I thought he might have just had a mini stroke, but his laugh sure did make my voice catch in my throat, stopping any questions or concerns from coming out.

“I’ll let you off the hook this once, but if we’re going to be spending time getting to know each other, then you better learn to figure these out yourself. Two positions before coming. It’s like killing two birds with one stone but with less murder and more sex.” Aidan wiggled his eyebrows in a way that was too sexy for such a funny gesture.

“And what two things do you supposedly think you’re going to be doing?”

“Introducing myself and helping you with your project, of course. I’m sure my brothers will help too once they’re done outside.”

I glanced over to where Aidan gestured to his packmates. Both Jenson and Lorenzo were still dealing with the females, and it seemed like they were disputing the breakup. If my inner omega wasn’t on the verge of walking over there and claiming two males she didn’t know, I would have continued watching the whole thing like a comically bad show.

“I’m Aidan, by the way. And you are?”

“Oh, so Jenson can tell you I’m feisty but not my name?” I ignored the thrill that went down my spine at using my professor’s name so casually.

“You’re Koda Tucker. Probably twenty-one years old, depending on when your birthday is. Maybe twenty-two.” Aidan paused, looking around like he was about to deliver a secret before he leaned in and whispered, “And I would bet after a couple orgasms, you’d easily take my knot.”

Could hearts beat triple time? Because mine was pounding so fast, I could not only hear it, but it was making me light-headed. I’d literally been struck speechless, without a drop of moisture in my mouth to make any sort of rebuttal. Maybe because my body had sent all my blood and moisture to my pussy as it leaked and cried for attention. For the promise of this alpha’s knot.

I imagined getting on my knees for Aidan while completely naked. He’d be fully dressed and barely lower his pants and underwear before pulling his cock out. He’d tell me to open my mouth and stick my tongue out. Slowly sliding his cock on my tongue, gripping my hair on the back of my head to hold me still so I couldn’t move. Finally, he’d shove his cock all the way into my mouth, hitting the back of my throat while I fought the urge not to gag. And then he’d say the words I’d been looking for as he forced me to stay on his cock until I stopped gagging—good girl.

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