Secrets (MFM)

Lone Wolf Lodge 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 48,175
11 Ratings (4.3)

[Menage Amour: Consensual BDSM Contemporary Menage a Trois Romance, MFM, bondage, public exhibition, spanking, sex toys, HEA] 

Sophia found the courage to end her abusive marriage the only way she could, by having her husband arrested. She flees the city to escape the memories and rebuild her life somewhere peaceful. She finds herself working and living in a lodge on top of a mountain. Right away she’s faced with conflict both with other people and herself because of her attraction to the two lodge owners.

Jaxon and Aiden are the lodge owners and the two men willing to do about anything for the young woman that practically fell in their laps. They want Sophia with a hunger that surprises them and makes them more determined to fight to keep the little woman.

The men know she’s a natural submissive, but she’s unfamiliar with the BDSB lifestyle.  Can they overcome her fears so she will put her trust in them, or will she flee off their mountain and out of their lives?

Secrets (MFM)
11 Ratings (4.3)

Secrets (MFM)

Lone Wolf Lodge 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 48,175
11 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Lara never disappoints. I have enjoyed all of her books and am excited for more.
Lara Jones




Sophia smiled and turned.

Clara screamed as a loud crash sounded behind her. She whirled around to see Sophia frantically trying to clean up the cupcakes off the floor and Aiden and Jaxon trying to help.

“Easy, sweetheart,” Aiden said to the young woman in clear distress that was crouched in front of him and Jaxon. “This isn’t a big deal.”

Sophia sniffed back tears that were burning a path down her throat.

“I’m so, so sorry. It was my fault.” She tried to move their hands away from the mess. “Please, I can clean this up. You’re getting frosting on your clothes.”

Aiden and Jaxon looked at the beautiful woman and then up to Clara with their eyebrows up. The woman was small and definitely from South America descent with her dark skin, long very dark hair, and big brown expressive eyes. Her little nose was straight and rounded at the end, but it was her lips that caught their attention. They were full and looked like Angelina Jolie’s. The type of lips that men dreamed about. Her hair was in a thick braid that was draped over her shoulder. She wore a pink T-shirt and slender jeans. She looked so young, too young for the thoughts racing through their minds.

Clara clutched a towel to her chest, frowned, and shook her head at them and indicated she’d talk to them later.

Both men nodded and continued to clean up the mess.

“Please, let me do this.” The quiver in her voice became more pronounced, and her hands moved as fast as they could.

“Settle down. This is not a big deal.” Aiden softened his voice, hoping to calm the woman down.

Sophia looked over her shoulder at Clara.

“I’m so sorry, ma’am. I’ll have this cleaned up quickly.”

“Sophia, hun, it’s all right. Remember we have that cake if the guests need more dessert. This isn’t a big deal,” Clara said as she started toward the group. She crouched down next to Sophia. “Sophia, these nice men are Jaxon and Aiden, the owners of the lodge.”

Sophia’s eyes darted to them as she sucked in a desperate breath.

“Oh, God,” she whispered under her breath and then looked back down and tried to move even faster. “I’m sorry, Mr. Aiden and Mr. Jaxon. I will have this cleaned up and be out of your way.” The last few words were broken, and she tried to hold back her tears.

“What? Sophia? Where do you think you’re going, hun?”

Sophia looked at Clara.

“I know I’ll be fired for sure,” she whispered. “I just want to get this cleaned up, so I can leave.”

“You’re not going anywhere, child. Everyone has accidents.” Clara rubbed Sophia’s back.

Sophia shook her head frantically back and forth.

“Only stupid, lazy people have accidents. If I’d been paying better attention, this wouldn’t have happened.”

The other three looked at each other with different degrees of shock, anger, and a dawning understanding that this woman had been abused.

Jaxon reached for her arm to slow her movements but pulled back when she cringed. He sat back on his heels. He racked his brain for some way to keep her from running.

“So, you’d leave us all even if we needed you?”

Sophia paused with her hands full of broken and crushed cupcakes.

“What?” Her eyes widened further. “No…no, I would never…I just thought…”

“You thought we’d fire you for an accident?” Aiden asked and then stood with the tray of broken cupcakes, setting it on the counter. “Do we look that mean?”

Sophia gasped, wide-eyed, at Aiden and shook her head vigorously back and forth.

“What? Oh, no. It’s me. I’m the bad one.”

Clara came to her feet and wiped the frosting off her hands with a towel as she watched the men take care of keeping Sophia with them. These men always surprised her with their sensitivity where women’s feelings were concerned. Within a few minutes of meeting this sweet woman, they knew Sophia had been mistreated, and she was so soft-hearted, she would do anything to prevent herself from hurting another. This little woman was desperate for love and her desire to be needed.

“So, your name is Sophia?”

Sophia had her eyes down, and her messy hands pressed against her stomach and nodded.

“Yes, sir.”

Aiden glanced at Clara and didn’t like the distress on her face either.

“Do you want to leave us?”

Sophia’s gaze darted up, then between the two men and back down. “No, I…I like it here very much, but you can’t want someone like me here.”

Jaxon’s eyebrows rose.

“Why can’t we?”

“Because I mess everything up.”

“Sophia, look at me,” Aiden demanded and was pleased when she moved quickly to obey him. “We are the ones at fault, sweetheart.”

“No…” she gasped.

“Yes. We’re the ones that came busting through the door.”

Sophia’s eyebrows drew together in confusion. Was this man really taking the blame for her mishap? That wasn’t something that happened in her life, ever.

“No, I was rushing, and I wasn’t paying attention…”

Aiden took a step toward Sophia, happy when she stood still and didn’t retreat from him.

“Clara, how many times have you told us to not barge through this door?” Aiden asked without taking his eyes off Sophia.

Clara chuckled and tapped her chin with her finger.

“Well, let me see. I’ve been here the fifteen years you both have owned this lodge, and I probably tell you at least once a week, so do the math. I think it’s pretty close to a gazillion.”




Sophia screamed as sparks floated under her eyelids and a wave of something indescribably overtook her, which made it nearly impossible to grasp a thought or take a deep breath into her lungs. After a long moment where she just lay, panting, sweat coating her body, she finally opened her eyes to see both men smiling gently down at her.

Both men stood on either side of the bed and started slowly shedding their clothes. Sophia’s head whipped back and forth, not wanting to miss either. She could feel her anxiety mount as more and more of their bodies were revealed. Panic took hold when she caught sight of their thick cocks that rose from both groins.

She’d had trouble with her husband, and he was no way near their size. She scrambled up and was ready to escape when Aiden chuckled and pulled her down against him.

“No, wait…” she pleaded as she pushed against his chest.

“Shhhh. Stop, baby. There is nothing to be afraid of.”

She twisted to look up at him.

“You don’t understand. I won’t be able.” She paused and gasped when another hard body pressed against her other side. Her gaze flew to Jaxon’s. “Please, I need you both to understand…”

Jaxon cupped her cheek.

“Settle down. We do understand. We know you’re very small, but we will fit.”

She shook her head.

“You don’t know that.”

He tightened his hold and smiled.

“Yes. I give my word. Your body is capable of stretching. That’s how you can have babies.”

She tried to push him away.

“I know, but it hurts to have a baby. Like really, really bad.”

Aiden moved her hair off her shoulder and kissed and licked the skin he bared.

“It will not be painful.”

“You don’t…”

Aiden gripped her hair to hold her facing him over her shoulder.

“Do you trust us? Do you think we’d ever do anything to hurt you?”

Sophia froze as a blush overtook her face in shame before she shook her head.

“No, I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be sorry,” Jaxon said. “Just remember who’s here with you if you start to get overwhelmed. If you start getting scared, just tell us and we’ll stop and talk about it.”

Sophia nodded.

Jaxon bent and took her lips. He nibbled on her bottom lip before thrusting his tongue into the depths of her mouth. As he kept up that assault, he plucked and pinched her nipples, getting them ready for him to enjoy.

Aiden’s hand slid down until it reached the dewy soft hair that covered her pussy. He separated her lips with a finger and pressed down on her clit. He almost lost his hold when she instantly jerked violently against him.

“Easy,” he murmured against her shoulder.

Sophia mentally prepared herself and tried to relax and give herself over to them. She knew in her heart they wouldn’t hurt her. Thoughts of the painful sex she’d had with her ex-husband kept trying to bombard her, but she pushed them away. Jose had no place in this bed or her life any longer.

Jaxon felt an overwhelming feeling of euphoria when she submitted to them. He’d known she was a sub but hadn’t guessed how much her submission would affect him.

“You are so beautiful. I can’t get over the fact we have you, and you’re ours.”

Sophia swallowed back the emotion that tightened her chest and cupped his cheek.

“And you’re mine.”

Aiden grunted his agreement before turning his attention back to her pussy. He pressed first one and then two fingers into her and scissored them to stretch her tight channel, and he groaned when her pussy clamped down which made it nearly impossible to move.

He felt a large drop of pre-cum slide out of his slit and roll down his cock. He was desperate to sink inside of her, but he didn’t know if he’d last long enough to get into her.

The throbbing inside of her grew until her hips undulated against the mattress, she was mewing softly in the back of her throat, and her hold on her sanity was slipping.

“Baby, are you on birth control?”

“What?” she asked confused.

“Are you on birth control?”

Sophia shook her head at Aiden.

“No, it only lasts three months, and I’ve been here over four months.”

“All right, we can use condoms, but at the first opportunity, we’ll get you on something if it’s not dangerous for you. We’ll talk about babies after we’re married.”

Sophia’s eye snapped open.

“Babies and marriage? We’ve never talked about that.”

“I think it’s the natural progression of relationships,” Jaxon said with a smirk.

Sophia bit her lower lip.

“Hey.” Aiden turned her head towards him. “We’ll take it slow, but you need to come to grips that this is forever.”

Sophia ran her fingers softly down his face and then raised her head to press her lips against his while keeping eye contact with him.

“Forever,” she whispered in agreement against his lips.

Jaxon knelt up between her wide-spread legs and reached across her leg for the nightstand. He pulled several condoms from the drawer and placed them up by her head. He ripped into one with his teeth and rolled it on quickly before positioning himself between her thighs.

“Baby, open your eyes and look at me. I want to see your every expression as I take you.”

Jaxon gripped his cock before placing it at her drenched, swollen opening and started to push into her.

She made an incoherent sound of panic as a riot of sensation raced through her. She clutched at the arm Aiden had across her stomach to hold her in place.

“Easy, Jaxon’s taking it slow. Relax and let him in,” Aiden murmured against her ear as he watched Jaxon’s slow glide into the woman they were keeping forever. This first time had to be perfect. He wanted her to eagerly come back for more and often. He never wanted her to be afraid of them.

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