Advantage: Home Team (MFM)

Caveman Creek 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 28,719
0 Ratings (0.0)

[Siren Menage Amour: Erotic Romance, Contemporary, Small Town, Mild BDSM, Spanking, MFM, HEA]

New junior high teacher and girls’ basketball coach, Piper Thomas, is brimming with enthusiasm and can’t wait for school to start. She wants to connect with her students and help them achieve their goals. One student, Maddie, struggles with her mother’s death and her father’s emotional collapse. Piper desperately wants to help Maddie. The last thing she needs is a romantic entanglement.

Pinecone Creek Deputy and dominant, Jaxon Cooper aches to find his forever woman-one that he and his best friend, dominant Deputy Rick Sanders, can share. The second he sees Piper, Coop’s heart knows she’s the woman for them. Rick isn’t so sure. Rick is all about control, and Piper is a free spirit who doesn’t need anyone’s rules – well, except when it comes to sex. Piper’s last relationship fizzled because she wanted to explore, and her traditional-minded lover couldn’t handle her needs. Can Rick and Coop give Piper what she craves?

Advantage: Home Team (MFM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Advantage: Home Team (MFM)

Caveman Creek 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 28,719
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing


By noon the sun had pushed through the clouds and golden sunbeams revealed a beautiful early summer day. Piper sat beside Sherry in the front seat of Chris’s pick-up. Little Jenna Rose gurgled and cooed in her car seat between dads Matt and Eric in the back. Puffy white clouds billowed in the sky while the raggedy gray ones scuttled out of their way.

The sweet breeze, washed by the rain, gently moved the tree branches newly clad in bright green leaves. Dairy cows dotted the fields that flew by.

The peaceful scene stood in contrast to Piper’s nerves as they neared the Callahan’s. She thought she’d meet people a few at a time, not the entire town at once. Granted, it was a small town. But still.

Callahan Dairy, spelled out in large gunmetal gray letters hung, suspended between two poles, over a long gravel driveway and marked the picnic’s entrance. Piper glimpsed a sprawling log-style ranch home with a red steel roof nestled under the crest of one a pine tree-studded hill. Several long low dairy barns and utility sheds flanked the place. Piper lost count of the cars that lined the long driveway around eighty-five or so. Chris finally found an empty spot out along the road and maneuvered his truck into it.

“Busy place.” Piper’s gaze roamed over the grounds while she smoothed her hands over her jeans and tugged at the green V-neck tee with ‘grace & grit’ silk-screened across the front. While not her newest or most expensive top, the soft shirt flattered her figure and matched her eyes. It had fast become her go-to whenever she needed an extra boost of confidence.

Music and smoke spilled from underneath a large oak tree where a cluster of people stood, plates in hand, waiting for their food. Others sat, ate, and talked, while couples and family groups wandered around. The shouts and noises from several games vied for attention and drew spectators.

“Yeah, the Callahans hold this picnic every summer. Sue Callahan never creates a guest list or sends out formal invitations. Sue decides on the date, businesses put flyers in their windows and small-town word of mouth does the rest. We all try to help by bringing a salad, or dessert.” Sherry situated their daughter in her front carry-all. “C’mon, I’ll introduce you to Sue.”

Piper walked alongside Sherry while the men, following behind them, waved and shouted greetings.

“Stop it!” Sherry hissed, looking over her shoulder. “Anyone within a hundred yards knows we’re here.”

“What?” Matt shrugged innocently.


“Oh shit,” Rick Sanders exclaimed. “I think that’s her.”

“Yeah, that’s the Carter crew, so that’s probably the woman they texted us about. You don’t like red hair?” Jaxon Cooper, ‘Coop’ to his friends, asked puzzled.

“No. I mean red hair’s great. But I think that’s the woman I closed the shade on yesterday. The one staring in the windows. The brat who stuck her tongue at me.”

Coop laughed. “Well, there’s a bright side. Or a bright red side. Think of all the fun spanking the brat out of her.”

“We’ll see,” grumbled Rick.

“Do you want to go over there, or not? There’ll be plenty of other guys who won’t complain about her tongue," Coop joked. “At least not for the same reason you are.”


“So nice to meet you,” Sue Callahan greeted Piper. “What brings you to - “

“Oh look! Here comes Coop and Rick! Hey!” Eric waved his friends over. “Piper, this is Jaxon Cooper and Rick Sanders. They’re deputies and Rick owns - “

“The karate studio,” Piper finished for him.

“You’ve met?” Chris raised an eyebrow at Rick and Coop. “You didn’t say…” he trailed off and scuffed his toe in the grass.

“Chris Carter!” Sherry glared. “You did not!”

Sue snorted and shook her head. “Every year. Never fails.”

“How did you meet?” Matt interrupted in an attempt to rescue Chris.

Piper smiled sweetly and assumed her best Ms. Innocent face. “I stopped in front of their studio before I found the day care. I believe Deputy Rick pulled the blinds down. Right in my -”

“We don’t like people staring at the kids.” Rick made his explanation a statement. “It makes them nervous.”

“Well, then why hold their class on Main Street in front of floor-to-ceiling windows? Why, that’s an invitation to look.” Piper’s unblinking gaze focused on Rick’s face. “Isn’t it?” Stick up your ass much?

“Hey, let’s get something to eat.” Eric tugged on Sherry’s arm. “Come on honey, let me fix you a plate. I’ll hold Jenna while you eat.” Let the groveling begin.

“Great idea!” Matt moved toward the grills.

“Yeah, let’s do that!” Chris agreed, trying not to panic.

Coop groaned. Rick and Piper stood, staring at each other. And not in the, ‘he or she is so gorgeous I can’t take my eyes off,’ kind of way. No, to Coop they looked at each other like a cobra eyeballing a mongoose. All because of a stupid window blind. And Rick’s rudeness. And Piper’s tongue.




“Give me your hand. I’m going to tie you to the rope with these scarves. One good tug will free your arm if you get scared.”

Coop maneuvered her arm around the rope, and looped the scarf over both the rope and her wrist. Coop finished with a flourish and a big bow. After securing her other arm, he stepped back. “There,” He flicked the bow. “Comfy? It’s not too tight?”

Piper tugged at the scarves and realized she could slip her hands through the loops if necessary. “No, it’s good.” She grasped the arena’s braided cords to steady herself.

“Let your knees fall open to the sides, so I can tie them too,” Rick instructed. He held up two more scarves.

Piper gasped. If he tied her legs open, then her pussy would be on display. Everything would be on display. More than it already was. Horrified, she stared at Rick.

His right eyebrow lifted. “Babe.”

Coop lifted her hair and placed whispery kisses along her neck. He dropped to his knees behind her and cupped her breasts, bouncing them gently on his palms. He plucked her nipples with rough, calloused fingers.

She moaned in sheer bliss and let her knees fall open.

Rick drew his finger through her slit and held it up to show Coop and Piper. “I think our woman likes being tied and having her breasts played with. Don’t you honey?”

Coop pinched her nipples. “Answer Rick baby. Do you like what we’re doing?”

Piper groaned, “Yes. Oh yes.” She closed her eyes. The scarf slid under one knee and then the other. The silk whispered softly against her skin when Rick looped it over the rope and secured her leg against the course jute. The rope rasped against her knees when she tested the knots. The sensation, while scratchy, didn’t abrade her flesh.

Piper yelped in surprise when the tip of Rick’s tongue tickled her clit. He lightly flicked it, then circled the swollen bud. Piper’s core tensed and she pulled against the scarves holding her open. She moaned loudly when Rick’s tongue slid into her and he wriggled just the tip. Her juices soaked the rope she rested upon.

“I think our woman might be a screamer. What do you think Coop?”

“I bet she does scream when I play with this ass. Anyone ever take you there, sweetheart?”

Piper shook her head and barely got out a, “No.”

“Why not?” Rick asked.

Piper’s eyes filled with tears. “I felt dirty. For wanting to experiment. He never said ‘You’re a slut’ or anything. He always wore this tight-lipped, nose-scrunched, and eyes narrowed expression. Like when you step in something gross.”

Rick and Cooper exchanged a look.

Rick leaned forward and brushed her lips with his own. “It’s okay baby. No judgments here. Nothing that happens between the three of us is wrong, as long as we’re all enjoying it. It’s time our woman came.”

Cool air flowed over Piper’s back and she shivered. The ropes bounced when her weight shifted and she tried to look over her shoulder.

“No baby. Keep your eyes on me.” Rick caught Piper’s chin and held her head still. He kissed her chin, releasing it. “You’ll know soon enough what Coop’s doing back there.”

“Are you a screamer baby?” Coop asked, glancing toward the far wall. “I don’t want to wake the people in the apartment next door. Who knows, they might even call the police!”

“Jake will not appreciate that. Baby?” Rick winced when he envisioned the look on the sheriff’s face when he had to roll out on a midnight call to his deputy’s studio.

“I don’t think I’ll scream.” Piper let her gaze stray to their shared wall. “I – I don’t usually come so I don’t know.”

“Let’s be sure.” Rick stood and unbuckled his belt. He doubled it over and held it in front of Piper. “Open.” He waited for her to open her mouth, and slid the supple leather, warmed by his body, between her lips. “Bite down and don’t let go.”

“If you do, I’ll have to spank you.” Coop’s breath caressed her cheek, and he settled back down behind her.

Piper’s lips closed on the smooth leather. She inhaled, loving that Rick’s scent filled her lungs. She heard the rustle of something tearing open.

Rick’s thumbs pull her pussy lips apart and he lowered his head. She almost cried out when his lips closed around her clit, but caught herself in time. She bobbed in the ropes and struggled to arch her back in the hope of bringing her hips closer to his questing tongue.

Piper glanced down when Coop’s hand captured her breast and rolled her nipple. She thrashed and tried to stand up when Coop’s lube-coated fingers slipped between her ass cheeks and pressed against her tight puckered opening.

“Relax those muscles, baby. Breathe. Deep breath in. Deep breath out. That’s it. Let me into that ass. It’s gonna feel so good, I promise.” Coop kept up a slow, but steady, pressure against her anus. “Good girl,’ he soothed when his finger moved past the tight ring of muscle and penetrated her ass.

Nerve endings Piper didn’t know she had ignited. Her nostrils flared and she drew in a ragged breath, out of control for the first time. She flexed her legs, but the ropes only allowed her to bounce up and down, which only slid Coop’s finger deeper into her ass.

“Feels so good, doesn’t it?” his voice sounded in her ear. “Let’s try two fingers.”

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