Her Twin Wilde Cowboy Masters (MFM)

Wilde, Nevada 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 44,638
20 Ratings (4.2)

[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Cowboy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, light consensual BDSM, spanking, sex toys, HEA]

Mackenzie works undercover as a waitress, hoping against all odds to find her missing brother. She's been on the trail of one man she believes might know something but hasn't had any luck. Could it be she's been too distracted with the cowboy Masters twins instead of focusing on her task? Their never-ending advances seem impossible to deter, and Mackenzie finds herself daydreaming about what it would be like to share their bed if only for one night.

Wade and Wyatt Masters's failed attempts to win the heart of Mackenzie lead them to change their pursuit tactics. It seems to work, and after tearing down her walls, they discover the gorgeous outsider has a dangerous secret. Will the evil who is behind her brother's disappearance destroy everything they've discovered, everything they hold dear—or will the three work together, holding on to each other, and save her brother, allowing them a future?

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Chloe Lang is a Siren-exclusive author.

Her Twin Wilde Cowboy Masters (MFM)
20 Ratings (4.2)

Her Twin Wilde Cowboy Masters (MFM)

Wilde, Nevada 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 44,638
20 Ratings (4.2)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
This was a smoking hot book.
Love love loved it!!! My favorite by far wade and wyatt were hot sexy dayum!!!! Cant wait for more
donna b buccella



Mac thought the past twenty-four hours had been quite a roller coaster. She felt like she might be losing her edge, her investigative detachedness—hell, even her hope that her brother might actually be found.

Wade squeezed her hand. “You stay close to me, Mackenzie. Understand?”

She nodded, happy to remain next to him. The Masters’ Chambers was more theatrical than she’d imagined it would be. Also, she’d found it odd she had to fill out paperwork at the reception area. The rules, better known as “protocols” here, were strict, and management expected them to be followed. The giant bouncers around the place didn’t help to make her feel any better. Not a single one had a smile on his face. Fierce was the best way to describe them.

“Keep your eyes off of other men. Don’t look them in the eye, sweetheart.”

“That wasn’t one of the rules on the form, was it?” she asked her guide.

“It’s my rule. You’ll follow it and anything else I say to the letter.”

She nodded, though he didn’t seem to expect her to respond, just to obey. Best to shove aside her overactive imagination, which was being magnified by the dim lights of the club, and take notice of what might help her find her brother, or at least get some clue on how to find him.

Wade placed his arm around her shoulders and an electric heat shot through her. The back of her knees weakened, and she leaned into him instinctively, relying on his frame for balance. She wanted to blame it on nerves, but that wasn’t entirely true. Everything about this cowboy called to her body, to her mind, and to her very core. His brother, too. The two had invaded her dreams, delivering erotic pleasures that had her waking up soaked almost every night since meeting them for the first time at the café when she’d first arrived in Wilde.

Her nerves were getting the best of her. Had agreeing to come to the club been a mistake? Wade seemed at ease here. All the smiles sent his way from the women amazed her. Clearly he was a regular at The Masters’ Chambers. It pleased her to be on his arm.

“You ready to see more of what the club is about, sweetheart?”

“Yes. Please.”

Knowing Austin Wilde owned this place gave her more reason to keep her eyes wide open. Many residents of the town visited the sex club from time to time, but much of the clientele were from far-flung places around the globe. Wherever they came from, their pocketbooks and bank accounts had to be bursting at the seams. Outside in the parking lot were the priciest luxury vehicles in the world, including Rolls-Royces and Maseratis.

“I’m taking you over to that area.” Wade pointed across the large room that held both stages and a large dance floor. “They’re setting up a demonstration for newbies and tourists like you.”

“Okay.” She had a sudden thought to run out of the place.


Bolstering her courage and clinging to her curiosity, she told herself that she’d been in some much tougher spots tracking down a lead. This was going to be a piece of cake. Deep down she knew it wasn’t.

As they got closer to the stage with the “scene,” which Wade had told her these things were called, she had to stifle a nervous giggle.

Wade guided her to the front row and the center seats. “You sit there.”

She bit her lip and sat, unable to resist him. “What can I expect from this?”

“Don’t expect anything, Mackenzie. Just watch and learn. Don’t move. I’ll be right back.”

“You’re leaving me.”

He placed his thick index finger to her lips. “Quiet. I’m just going to talk to the Doms who are running this class. I won’t let you out of my sight.”

“Really?” She clasped her hands together in her lap. Her normal calm seemed absent here at the club.

“Yes, sweetheart.” He didn’t leave her. In fact, he sat down in the seat next to her and took both her hands. “Relax, Mackenzie. I’m not going to let anything happen to you. Got it?”

She liked hearing his words. They steadied her nerves a bit.

“I’m going to give you your first lesson.”

Her temperature rose, and her heart raced. “B–But you said we were only here to watch.”

“And that’s what we will do, but you’re out of your comfort zone here. I want you to feel safe, and I only know one way to make that happen. You’ve got to trust me.”

“I do trust you, Wade.”

“That’s not true, sweetheart.” He sighed. “God, how I’d like to really train you tonight, but that’s not what you need.”

Train me? He wants to train me. Since learning about Austin’s sex club, she’d done more than a little research on the various kinds of kink the place delivered up. She shivered imagining what kind of schooling Wade wanted to give her. Would he take her up to the stage for any who wanted to watch? Shivering from a mix of unease and excitement at the prospect, she looked down at her outfit. Most of the women wore miniskirts. Not her. She wore jeans and a green top that currently felt tighter than it had been when she’d put it on.

“I’m not going on that stage, cowboy. I just can’t.”

“Cut the ‘cowboy’ here, sweetheart. It’s not appropriate. Best to call me ‘Sir’ or ‘Teacher’ but not anything else. Got it?” Wade cupped her chin and kissed her cheek.




“Bench or cross?” Wyatt asked.

“Bench,” Wade answered. “Good place to start.”

“Agreed. Color, slave?” Wyatt’s icy, calculated tone sent another shock through her that settled deep in her pussy.

“I am green, Master.” Her clit throbbed madly, her need for relief rabid.

Four big Dom hands grabbed hold of her, lifting her off her feet. Together, her cowboys carried her to the bench. In no time, she was facedown, her arms and legs tied to the thing with ropes. Being on the bench in this position, with her ass jutting out, helped her understand why it was used for spanking.

“Let’s paddle her a few times with the green one before we put a plug in her ass.” Wade’s big hands cupped her ass, making her squirm on the bench. “That’ll get our slave really warmed up.”

“I like where you’re heading, bro. We’ll have our pretty sub insane with desire.”

Their depraved talk was working her into a frenzy of arousal. They’d promised to get in her head, and boy, were they delivering. But it wasn’t just her mind they had taken control of, it was also her body—head to toe. Skin. Arms. Legs. Stomach. Mouth. Tongue. Nipples. Clit. Pussy. Every inch of her was under her two Masters’ power.

She yelped when the first sharp slap of the green paddle landed on her ass with a loud thud.

She saw Wyatt out of the corner of her eyes. He was bent down, so she was certain Wade was the one who had thwacked her ass.

Wyatt touched her cheek gently, though his words were clipped. “Color, slave?”

She inhaled a gallon of air into her lungs, then answered, “Green, Master.”

“Go, bro. She’s quite the sub, isn’t she?”

“You’ve got to stop, Wyatt, with all the compliments. You’ll ruin her for us.”

He sent her a sweet wink that made her tingly all over. “I think she’s the one who is ruining us, bro, if the truth be known.”

“Maybe so, but let’s keep our heads, okay? We promised to teach her. That’s what we must do.”

“Agreed.” Another wink, and she was completely undone. “Give her ten more, then we’ll get her pretty bottom plugged.”

A rain of whacks landed on her ass, one after another, each taking her to a dizzy state.

“One left,” Wade said from behind her. “What color, pet?”

She could feel wetness rolling down her inner thighs. “Green, Master.”

She took a deep breath before Wade slapped her ass with the paddle. The last sting was a tinge harder and definitely hotter than the earlier ones had been.

The heat he ignited in her channel inflamed her. Her nipples were crushing against the rubber of the bench, making them throb like mad. Need, crushing need, unfurled like giant hungry sails inside her.

“Please, Masters. I’m dying for more. Please.”

“Now that’s begging.” Wade rubbed her back gently. “Love the sound of that on our slave’s sweet lips, don’t you?”

“You know I do, bro.” Without her realizing it, Wyatt had moved behind her. He spread her thighs, and though she tried to not fight back, her worry about the plug they meant to put inside her ass caused her to try to pull her legs back together.

“It’s okay, pet. Trust us.” Wade’s words helped to vanquish her resistance.

“Bro, keep her distracted for me.”

“Will do. You’re going to see how skilled we are in the life, sub. We are quite the Dom team.” Wade stroked her hair, and her tension backed down even as her trembles stepped up. “Don’t hold back anything from us, love. You trust us, don’t you?”

In her gut, she trusted them with everything. They loved her, most definitely. And she loved them. “Yes, Sir.”

She could feel Wyatt spread her bottom cheeks and apply lubricant to her tight opening. She got even wetter as he pushed his fingers into her constricting anus.

Wade nuzzled her neck, scraping the skin there with his teeth. “Almost there, sub. He’s getting your lovely ass ready for the plug.”

Her backside clenched tight on Wyatt’s fingers. The sting was gone, and taking its place was an urgent need.

She whimpered when she felt Wyatt’s other hand on her pussy’s swollen folds.

“Wow, she’s soaked.” Wyatt’s throaty words pushed her, though she hadn’t thought it possible, even higher and hotter.

Mac whimpered when the plug nudged against her anus, slipping past the tight ring. “Oh, God!”

“Damn, she’s killing me. I would love to roll her over and fuck her senseless right now.” Wade’s barely controlled lust for her made Mac want him even more.

Wyatt chuckled wickedly. “I know what you mean. You should feel her pussy.”

“Oh, I will. Trust me.” Wade’s hot breath on her neck was so intoxicating and dangerous. “We made a plan for tonight. This is her lesson, not ours. We have to stick to the plan.”

“Right. Paddle. Plug. Paddle, again. Whip. Clamps. Then we can fuck our slave.”

“Too much, Masters,” she pleaded. “I can’t. I just can’t.”

“There is a little spoiled submissive inside her.” Wade sighed. “I hate to admit it, but I can’t hold out for the entire plan, bro.”

“Damn, what kind of Dom are you?” Wyatt laughed. “Me either. I swear she’s going to ruin us both. Okay, modified plan. Let me get this plug inside her ass, another paddling, and then we fuck her.”



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