Marriage of Convenience (MM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 27,934
4 Ratings (4.5)
[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Romance, M/M, HEA]
Magnus Tuckerman must marry before his next birthday, his thirty-fifth, in order to inherit his recently deceased, beloved grandfather’s company because it is the main stipulation in the man’s final will and testament.
Amidst his desperation, he discovers that Oliver Chan, a long-time acquaintance and the owner of the bakery across the street from his company building, is having problems with his own business. Magnus then comes up with a hare-brained proposal for them to get married. He will be helping Oliver’s bakery financially while solving his own predicament at the same time. Additionally, he will get a ready-made family in the process.
Oliver eventually agrees to marry Magnus for the sake of his failing bakery and the future of his twin daughters. Everything is going along smoothly until Oliver’s ex-boyfriend returns out of the blue.
When Magnus and Oliver’s daughters are kidnapped, can the two men find the strength and courage they need in each other?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Marriage of Convenience (MM)
4 Ratings (4.5)

Marriage of Convenience (MM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 27,934
4 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




“Natalie, let the boys do what they like. Magnus and Oliver are adults.”

“I know, but my son is finally settling down. After years and years of waiting, I…”

“Mom, please don’t exaggerate!”

Oliver could only chuckle at Magnus’s exasperated tone of voice, and even though Natalie could be quite a busybody, he was envious of Magnus’s obviously loving relationship with her. Magnus’s dad was just as caring, albeit showing it in a more subtle manner.

“Now, now, Magnus, don’t worry about a thing. I’ll handle everything for Oliver and you. By the way, Oliver, the girls are so sweet and well-behaved.”

“Thanks, Natalie.”

“Not at all, dear. Maybe I’ll take them shopping sometimes. What do you think?”

“Are you sure that you don’t mind? The twins can be a handful.”

“Oh, please. I brought up Magnus and his siblings just fine, and they could be quite a handful. Speaking of Magnus, I have several photo albums that you simply have to see.”

“Mom! I don’t think Oliver will be interested in—”

“Oh, but I am most certainly dying to see all those photographs, babe,” he interrupted his husband-to-be with a wink, who only groaned in defeat.

“That’s settled then. Come with me, Oliver. Sasha, Kimmie, do you want to see your dad’s photographs?”

“Yes, Nana. Right, Kimmie?”


“Okay. Oliver?”

“All right, let’s go. Hey, babe. I’ll be back,” he informed his lover and added another wink for good measure.

He then followed the older woman into the house and spent the next two hours or so looking through the photographs of the entire family. Natalie seemed to have a very good memory for details, telling him anecdotes of various events and when certain photos had been taken. The twins had also giggled at the photos of Magnus as a baby and a toddler. They definitely found it fascinating and incomprehensible that their dad was ever so young. He was truly relieved now because the awkwardness had diminished by a huge margin. Maybe this lunch was not that terrible after all.


* * * *


“You’re in love with him.”


“You’re in love with Oliver. At the very least, you’re almost there. I can tell.”

“Dad, don’t be ridiculous,” Magnus retorted without denying anything.

“Son, I know you. You were in love once with that girl…damn! What’s her name again? Maya?”

“Yes, dad.”

“Anyway, I can see the signs. You were touching Oliver constantly throughout lunch earlier. The most obvious clue was your continuous staring, son.”

“I did not!” he almost shouted out loud before stopping himself just in time and lowering the volume of his voice. “I…I did?”

His father only laughed at him and muttered, “Idiot!”

“I guess I am, huh?”

“There is no guessing, son. You’re definitely falling for Oliver. You always fall really hard. I hope that you know what you’re doing, son.”

“I do, Dad. Oliver is an incredible man and a responsible, loving father to the twins.”

“Simple as that?”

“No, sir. I…I feel more relaxed around Oliver. I think that may be due to the fact that we have been friends for years prior to this…relationship.”

“You hesitated.”

“I guess,” he admitted easily.


“I’m not sure if Oliver feels the same way about me.”

“Oh, son. You’re definitely an idiot. A certifiable idiot at that.”

“What? What are you saying, Dad?”

“Oliver is much better at hiding his emotions than you are, but I can tell you without any doubt that Oliver feels the same way that you do. That young man is a caretaker. Even though he was distracted earlier, he was still conscious enough to take care of his twins, cutting their pasta and meatballs into smaller pieces. Then, he turned around and gave you some salad and bread before pouring you some wine. Just in case you did not realize this, it seemed to me that he had touched you a few times earlier to calm you down whenever you became annoyed at your mother for…well, interfering or embarrassing you.”

“You made him sound like a housemaid and a psychic.”

“No, I did not. I was simply giving you examples of Oliver being a caretaker. I like him. Anyone who cares for my son that much is okay in my book.”

“Thanks, Dad.”

“Hmm, you’re welcome, son. Anyway, how’s the company?”

“Fantastic. The net profit should be up this quarter.”

“That’s great.”

“Yeah,” he remarked before continuing. “By the way, why didn’t you ever get involved with the company?”

“I’ve never liked it. None of your uncles or aunts were ever interested either. We had our own careers right after college and we were all successful in our own ways. Your pops had despaired about the continuation of the family business until you came along. He was elated and relieved, let me tell you that.”

“He was?”

“Oh, hell yes!”

He guffawed out loud with his dad and leaned back against the chair. It was a beautiful day outside, but that was not the main reason for his current state of happiness. The main reason was presently sitting inside the house with his mother and the twins. Life had an unexpected way of working things out, and he was truly glad for it.




“Magnus, the twins are already asleep.”

“Yeah, and?”

He snickered at his lover’s unfocused response. They had come back to Magnus’s house after dinner with Edward and Natalie at a Thai restaurant instead of returning to the apartment above the bakery. He had protested initially, but Magnus offered to drive them back early the next morning. The twins then washed up and got ready for their bedtime stories. Then, Magnus started reading some work reports on a hand-held device after they entered the master bedroom.



“Make love to me.”


He had almost laughed at Magnus’s flabbergasted expression, but he suppressed it valiantly and gazed at the other man with a serious face.

“Make love to me,” he repeated.

“Babe, I don’t have condoms and…”

“I haven’t done anything with anyone at all since Logan.”

“What? But that’s two years…”

“And I got tested after I caught him in bed with…anyway, let’s not talk about him. Will you make love to me, please?” he repeated.

“Are you sure, babe? I promise you that I’m clean, too. My last test was six months ago and I haven’t hooked up with anyone since.”

“I’m sure. I trust you.”

“Okay, babe. I trust you, too. You know that, right?”

“Yeah, I do.”

He then leaned in closer and kissed Magnus with as much passion as he could muster while undressing his lover as fast as he was able to. He moaned into the heated kiss as Magnus was peeling off his clothes for him just as quickly. Soon, the two of them were lying on top of each other, completely naked, hard, and leaking. Their breathing had grown louder and harsher as their tongues dueled and their hard cocks rutted against each other. He was thoroughly enjoying the coarse sensation of his lover’s hirsute chest and legs rubbing against his smoother skin. It inflamed his fiery passion even higher and hotter as they clung to each other even tighter.

He groaned louder when Magnus pushed him down onto his back and lay down on top of him. His lover’s muscular build was certainly heavy as it pressed down upon his leaner body, but he felt so safe and warm that he could not stop himself from pushing his hips up to rub his aching cock against Magnus’s equally engorged erection. He gritted his teeth and tried to stop the keening sound from escaping through his throat as his lover sank those blunt teeth all into his neck, but he failed. He even screamed slightly louder when Magnus bit him rather painfully in one spot.

“Fuck, Oliver. You’re driving me insane.”

“Magnus, fuck me, please.”

“Patience, babe.”

His lover then moved down lower and sucked the tip of his cock slowly, driving him insane with lust and need. He writhed and bucked up desperately, but Magnus pushed his hips down and took his erection even deeper until it was completely buried inside his lover’s throat. He gasped out at the incredible pleasure and grabbed Magnus’s hair roughly.

“Mag…Magnus, please. Fuck me.”

“Shh, patience, babe. I’m just getting started.”

“No, I can’t. I need…”

“I know, babe. It will be worth it. I promise.”

He nodded and groaned when his lover slowly licked his way down his hard length to lap at his balls. The rough texture of Magnus’s tongue was incredible and he was barely aware of pulling his lover’s head even closer toward his groin. He thought that he had died and gone to heaven, but it was nothing compared to when Magnus slid down even lower and pulled his ass cheeks apart to sniff and taste his hungry hole. He moaned much louder then, especially when the other man was lapping at his ass with several broad swipes of that talented tongue.

“Fuck, Magnus! Don’t stop. Please!”

His lover only licked at his hole even more vigorously upon hearing his plea. Time and space meant nothing to him. He did not know how long he was pleasured so thoroughly. All he could feel was the awesome sensation of being eaten out by his lover. He was surprised when Magnus’s cock abruptly plunged into his tight hole. He clutched at his lover’s back tightly with his arms and legs, wanting to pull the other man even closer toward him. He then gripped Magnus’s head and pulled it closer to share a hungry kiss as he was being violently pounded by his lover.

Their warm breaths mingled as their lips locked onto each other. He could feel Magnus’s sweat dripping onto his face and torso as his lover’s thick, hard cock moved in and out of his hole. Even the man’s legs were sweaty from the exertion. It should have been disgusting, but he was even more aroused by it. Besides, he was perspiring, too. The musky scent of sex and sweat had begun to permeate the entire room. He was gradually driven insane from the smell. He hurriedly grabbed both of Magnus’s arms and placed them palms down against the headboard.

“Babe, what are you…fuck! Shit! Yeah! Lick my pits. Lick them!”

He had risen up slightly from the bed and moved his face closer to one of his lover’s armpits before sniffing away and licking it lustfully. It was one of his kinks and he was relieved that Magnus was not disgusted by it. In fact, judging by the brutal pounding that he received after he had licked the man’s armpits one after the other, he could be sure that Magnus was equally turned on by his kink.

“Harder, Magnus. Fuck me harder!” he commanded his lover. “Make me feel it!”

“Oh, you will feel it all right.”

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