[Siren Publishing: The Lynn Hagen ManLove Collection: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, shape-shifters, werewolves, M/M, HEA]
On his day off, Nigel decides to visit Desire. He had no idea he would be arrested for the recent rash of car thefts. Worse, the sheriff arresting Nigel is his mate. But Nigel’s troubles have only begun. His little brother visits and all hell breaks loose. Gavin is kidnapped from the gas station, and Nigel and Sheriff Nash Avery are frantic to find him, especially when Nigel’s parents show up and demand to know where Gavin is.
Nash is still mourning the loss of his wife and son after a decade. When he discovers that Nigel is his mate, his fear of losing someone else he cares about makes him want to take things slowly. But their relationship moves full steam ahead as Nash and the Ultionem track down Nigel’s missing brother to a compound used by Hunters.
Nash must not only keep Nigel safe, but also pray that Gavin is still alive.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Lynn Hagen is a Siren-exclusive author.
Nothing but Trouble (MM)
44 Ratings (4.7)
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Cover Art by Emma Nicole




The truck idled as Nigel waited for the cop to approach and prayed like hell that Taz had insurance on the vehicle. Nigel hadn’t thought to ask. He’d just been excited when his boss had allowed him to use it.

He winced when he heard a car door slam. The cop must be pissed. Nigel sat up straight, trying his best to look innocent. When the cop approached, Nigel kept his gaze on the windshield.

“Tell me you didn’t see that posted sign back there?”

Nigel wasn’t going to admit that’d he’d been on the phone and hadn’t been paying attention. That would be another ticket. He blew out a breath and turned his attention to the cop at his door.

His jaw dropped. Holy hell. The cop was smoking hot. Too bad he wasn’t a stripper instead of a real cop. He had the prettiest blue eyes Nigel had ever seen, broad shoulders that looked as if they could hold the weight of the world on them, and kissable lips, plump, soft-looking, and Nigel was dying to find out how good the cop could kiss.

“No.” Nigel shook his head. “I didn’t see it.”

The cop gave him a look that said he didn’t believe Nigel. “Are you sure you weren’t on the phone? I get a lot of those around here. Either talking or texting, not paying attention. Do you know how many accidents are caused by being on your phone?”

Nigel wanted to lie and say he hadn’t been on his phone, but kept his lips sealed.

“Let me have your driver’s license.”

Nigel reached for his wallet. He patted his empty pocket, then groaned. He knew exactly where his wallet was. On his damn dresser. Cameron had come upstairs to Nigel’s apartment, telling Nigel he could borrow the truck. The distraction had made him forget to grab his wallet.

The cop huffed. “Seriously?”

“It’s on my dresser. I swear!” He was going to jail.

“Name?” The cop pulled out a small notepad and poised his pen over it.

“Nigel Pennyworth.”

“Turn your motor off and step out of the vehicle, Mr. Pennyworth.” The cop took a step back, tucked away his notepad and pen, then rested his hand on the butt of his gun.

Nigel turned the truck off and slid out. His eyes came to the man’s chest. He glanced at the nametag over the cop’s left pocket.

Sheriff Avery.

Crap. “It’s not my truck,” Nigel said.

“You stole it?”

“No! I borrowed it.” Why would the sheriff jump to that conclusion?

“We’ve had a rash of stolen cars in the area lately. You were speeding, have no ID on you, and admit that the truck doesn’t belong to you. Can you see why I’m a bit suspicious?”

“But I can prove who the truck belongs to,” Nigel argued. “All you have to do is call the owner and verify that he let me borrow it.”

“Until then, I need you to place your hands on the hood and spread ‘em.”

This was a nightmare! Nigel thought about running. It was a split second thought that he quickly dismissed. Still, what if the sheriff tried to pin the rash of stolen cars on him? Swallowing roughly, Nigel did as the sheriff asked.

Sheriff Avery patted him down, then placed Nigel in cuffs. The pat down left Nigel with an erection, until he was put in the back of the cop car. The sheriff closed the door and went to Taz’s truck. He started searching it.

Nigel had known his boss only a month. He couldn’t be one hundred percent positive that the truck was clean. He prayed it was. This cop didn’t seem to play around, and if Taz’s truck was dirty, Nigel was fucked.


* * * *


Nash sat in the passenger’s seat as he checked the glove box. He spotted the perp’s phone on the seat and checked the call log. The last call had lasted fifteen minutes, which meant the guy had been on the phone before Nash pulled him over.

He shook his head and set the phone down. The registration was buried in the middle of a stack of papers, a pack of gum, and two packs of travel-seized tissue. Nash read the name on the registration. He knew Taz. The wolf shifter owned the tavern in Pride Pack Valley.

Nash called the tavern and asked for Taz. Although Nigel didn’t seem the type to steal cars, Nash had to be sure. Looks could be deceiving. Besides, the guy didn’t have an ID on him. For all Nash knew, Nigel could’ve stolen Nash’s truck.

“Hey, Nash,” Taz said when he answered.

“Hey, Taz. I got a guy here who says you let him borrow your Explorer. He doesn’t have any ID on him.”

Taz cursed. “I’m gonna kill that little fucker when he gets back here.”

Nash grinned. “What’s his name?”

“Shit for brains,” Taz growled. “But everyone else calls him Nigel.”

“Can you bring his wallet? He says he left it on his dresser.” Nash stuffed the paper back into the glove box. “I’ll have to have your truck towed. I can’t leave it on the side of the road.”

Taz growled.

“Sorry, bud, but I have an appointment with Sebastian and I don’t have time to wait.”

“I’m on my way.”

Nash hung up, then called Gizmo’s Garage. He told the owner where the truck was and that he needed it off the road.

Getting out of the Explorer, Nash slid into his cruiser and drove to town.

“But I’m innocent!” Nigel argued from the backseat. “I didn’t steal the truck and I don’t know anything about those other cars.”

Nash pulled into the lot on the side of the station. He cut the motor and started to get out when the scent of wildflowers sucker-punched him. His gaze shot to the rearview mirror. Nigel looked as if he was ready to fall apart. Tears rolled down his cheeks, his hazel eyes wide and filled with fear.

The scared little wolf was Nash’s mate. 




When he was finally naked, Nigel turned to Nash. “Aren’t you gonna undress?”

Hell, Nash had completely forgotten about his clothes. He simply stared at Nigel’s mouth-watering body.

“Or do you want to watch me have sex with myself?”

Nash nearly swallowed his tongue. “And how would you accomplish that?”

Nigel’s blush deepened. “Got any toys?”

Holy shit. Nash had to buy some toys. Watching Nigel use them would be a dream come true. “I will as soon as I buy them.”

“Then get undressed.” Nigel slapped his hands on his waist, looking impatiently at Nash. His cock jutted out, the crown wet with precum. Nash slid his tongue over his bottom lip as he pushed from the bed and lowered to his knees.

Nigel’s eyes widened as the two stared at each other, Nash taking Nigel into his mouth. The musky taste exploded on his tongue as he licked his way down Nigel’s cock.

Within seconds Nigel was crying out, seed spurting down Nash’s throat. He licked every last drop before pulling back. “Damn, I’ve never seen anyone with such a short trigger.”

Nigel just stood there panting, brushing aside his blondish-brown hair. “It’ll be even shorter if you stop talking and get your dick inside of me.”

Nash got to his feet, chuckling. “We’re gonna have to work on your patience, hon. I’m not used to drive-by fucking.”

Nigel furrowed his brows. “I don’t get it.”

“Fast fucking.” Although that wasn’t entirely true. Nash had had his share of quick fucks and one-night stands. He’d gone to the city often enough looking for a quickie.

He undressed and tossed his uniform onto the chair at the end of his bed. He hoped like hell that Loretta didn’t call him anytime soon. Then again, Nash had capable deputies who could handle any trouble that arose while he was with Nigel.

He thought of the deputy he’d hired who had turned out to be a Hunter. Nash was still pissed off that the Hunter had gone under his radar.

“You look like you zoned out,” Nigel said. “Am I that uninteresting?”

Vulnerability shown in Nigel’s eyes. Nash grabbed his mate and pulled him close. “Babe, there’s nothing about you that’s uninteresting. I’m attracted to everything about you.”

Nigel didn’t appear convinced. He gnawed on his bottom lip as his gaze lowered. Damn it. Nash hadn’t meant to put doubt in Nigel’s mind. He lifted Nigel off his feet, his mate squeaking as Nash tossed him onto the bed.

Nigel laughed as Nash crawled toward him, growling softly.

“Now that’s more like it.”

“By the time I’m done with you, you’ll have no doubt how much I want you.” Nash stopped long enough to grab the lube. He laid it aside, then finished crawling toward Nigel. “Now spread ‘em, babe. I want in that sweet ass of yours.”

Nigel flipped to his hands and knees, presenting his ass. “Like this?”

Again, Nash nearly swallowed his tongue. He nipped one cheek, then the other. “Just like that.”

After lubing his fingers, Nash sank two deep. Nigel lowered his upper body, moaning as he wiggled his backside. Nash smoothed his hand up Nigel’s back, gripping his nape to hold him still. A purely dominant move.

“We’re gonna talk later about why you don’t know who you are.” He stretched his fingers, crooked them, and grazed them over Nigel’s kill zone. His mate whimpered as he tried to fuck Nash’s fingers, but Nash tightened his hold on Nigel’s neck.

His mate stilled.

“I don’t want to talk later. In fact, I don’t want to talk now.” His fingers curled into the bedding as he began to pant. “All I want is to get fucked.”

Nash pulled his fingers free. He grabbed the lube, and slicked his cock. “That’s exactly what you’re gonna get, babe.”

Nigel arched his back, writhing as he waited for Nash to fuck him. He saw now that his mate was a sensual creature, and Nash loved it. Nigel lay there moaning, his cock already hard again. With one hand pressed against Nigel’s lower back, Nash used the other to guide the head to Nigel’s slicked hole.

He gritted his teeth as he slowly pushed inside the tight, wet heat. Nigel’s body fit him like a tight fist. Nash had accused his mate of having a short trigger, but Nash wasn’t sure he would last long himself. Not when Nigel’s body was this gripping.

“Damn,” Nash muttered. He curled his fingers around Nigel’s waist and buried his cock balls-deep. “Just…damn.”

Nigel made some sort of noise, something between a grunt and a whimper. Nash felt the pressure already working its way up his spine. He remained still, trying to keep control, but his control was quickly slipping.

“This is gonna be fast and hard, babe.”

“God yes,” Nigel whined. “Do it.”

When Nash started fucking Nigel, he realized that his mate was a screamer. Fuck. Talk about the perfect bed partner. Nash fisted Nigel’s hair, tugging on the strands as he sank his cock deeper and deeper and Nigel screamed louder and louder.

It sounded as if his mate was being murdered.

And then Nigel added words to his shouts of pleasure. “Fuck me harder, Nash!”

Shit, the whole house would hear Nigel. Hell, maybe even some folk in town. Nash slowed long enough to blanket Nigel’s back. “Do you accept me as your mate?”


With a grin and a shake of his head, Nash sank his canines into Nigel’s shoulder. His mate screamed even louder, if that was possible.

Two colorful ribbons rose up from their bodies, intertwined, then Nigel’s life essence rammed into Nash as his dove into Nigel. He felt Nigel inside of him, their heartbeats synchronizing.

Nash snarled as he felt Nigel’s hole clamp around his cock. His mate was coming. With a deeper growl, Nash licked the wound closed, threw back his head, and howled as he came inside Nigel’s ass.

His body jerked with tiny aftershocks as the two collapsed on the bed. Nash kissed Nigel’s bare shoulder, skimming his hand down his mate’s side. He murmured, “Mine” as he kissed Nigel’s nape. 

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