Pirates of the Mist (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: No rating
Word Count: 62,000
5 Ratings (4.2)

[BookStrand Historical Romance, Time-Travel]

Old legends told a tale of a pirate curse placed on the town of Mystic Harbor, death to anyone on the beach the night of the anniversary of the pirate Tristan Hamilton's death. The fog, thick and white, rolls in from the sea at midnight. Michaela tries to outrun it, but it was too quick for her. When she awakens, she finds more than she bargained for aboard Tristan Hamilton's ship.

Tristan Hamilton, a legendary pirate, doesn't know what to make of the strange lass aboard his ship. Where did she come from?

Through dangerous waters and pirates, Tristan and Michaela form a deep and passionate love that would stand the test of time. Looming over them, besides the dangers that threaten their love, is Michaela's knowledge of his history and future. Will she let history take its course or alter it and risk a possible paradox in her own time?

"This is one of my favorite stories and was a lot of fun to write. First, I asked myself this question: What would I do if I could go back in time? Would I stay or return to my own time? If I were in Michaela's place, I would definitely stay with Tristan. Who doesn't love a sexy pirate?" ~Tracy~

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Pirates of the Mist (MF)
5 Ratings (4.2)

Pirates of the Mist (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: No rating
Word Count: 62,000
5 Ratings (4.2)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
Professional Reviews

5 Stars: "Time Travel Romance. Michaela felt like she belonged somewhere else. In the midst of a fog, she was transported back through time to 1720.
I have always loved time travel books, especially a good romance. Tracy L. Ranson has created an excellent read. Michaela and Tristan work well together. They have an instant connection. Ranson successfully adds twists to the plot. I was enthralled from page one and finished Pirates of the Mist in one sitting. Fans of romantica will enjoy Pirates of the Mist." -- Debra Gaynor, Review Your Book

5 Stars: "If you are looking for a time travel romantic adventure, look no further than Pirates of the Mist by Tracy L. Ranson. Pirates of the Mist is a rollicking joy ride of a story, filled with action, deception, sea battles, love, lust, a hot hero, feisty heroine, and did I mention sex?
The adventures keep coming as Michaela adjusts to life in the past, and tries to understand her feelings for the captain, Tristan Hamilton, a man that she had been devoted to studying before the time transference. I adore this story. It is richly filled with the historical atmosphere of life aboard a pirate ship, and I cannot wait to read more by this author. Did I mention sex?" -- Susiq2, Ecataromance

Reviewer Top Pick: 4.75 Hearts: "This is the first Tracy L. Ranson book I've read. Ms. Ranson writes Michaela as a feisty young woman who practices self-defense. This and her remaining in her 20/21st century character create some interesting dramas. Tristan, as ship captain, claims Michaela as his and they have a budding romance. The author crosses the t's and dots the i's awarding us with an intelligent and intriguing time-travel novel." -- Dee, Night Owl Romance

4 Angels: "The reader gets a very good idea of who Michaela and Tristan are. Their characters are developed and they feel like very real people. The storyline is fast paced as it takes place mainly on the ship. The fighting, romance, and erotic action are fully incorporated within the storyline. The author fully utilizes Michaela's knowledge of the future to enhance and further the story. It had this reader wanting to smack Tristan when he doubted what Michael was telling him. All of it added up to one highly entertaining book. Pirates of the Mist is a terrific time travel story that romance readers will enjoy!" -Susan T, Fallen Angel Reviews

4 Hearts: "Pirates of the Mist by Tracy L. Ranson is a passionate adventure through time. It is an exciting tale of a headstrong modern woman and dominating pirate and how they fall in love. A stimulating battle of wills where it is hard to tell if they are going to fight or make love and where many times these encounters end in a combination of the two. The sex is hot and sweaty, described in explicit terms for the reader's enjoyment. The smoke and fire of the canon during a sea battle and the clang of the swords as pirates fight for control of the ship come to life for the readers through the words of Tracy L. Ranson. The past and the present come together in a unique way and the ending will definitely leave the reader smiling. For adventure and romance, Pirates of the Mist is a story sure to thrill its readers." -Anita, The Romance Studio

"Excellent story! The writing flowed beautifully and the battle scenes were well-researched. Doesn't every girl long for her very own pirate? Hopefully, Ms. Ranson will write more historically-based novels. She has a winner in this one!" -Nancy Eriksen, Paranormal Romance

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The cockney voice pierced her dreams, bringing her back to reality. Michaela opened her eyes, blinking hard. The first thing she saw was a length of scarred wooden planking underneath her cheek. Where was she?

Michaela turned her head to see the bright sun shining against the pale azure of the cloudless sky. Distantly, she heard the sound of water splashing against wood as the vessel rocked beneath her. What sort of dream was this?

She looked to her left and felt real terror surge through her. She was on some sort of old-fashioned ship outfitted with sails and rigging. Men, in various stages of dress, stood staring at her from the mid deck with lecherous eyes. What in the hell was going on? She scrambled to the safest corner of the quarterdeck. If there was ever a time to wake up, it was now!

"'Ere, now love, there's a no bein shy," said an older man, his frizzygray hair flying out all around his head. "We ain gonna hurt ye."

"This is all a dream," she whispered quietly to herself, willing the dream to go away. "I've got to wake up."

"Ye are awake, my lady." Her captor entered her haven of the quarterdeck with his wicked looking cutlass drawn and pointed at her chest. "Now, tell us how you got on our ship."

"This is a dream.” Splinters of the wooden side dug into the flesh of her back as she pushed herself harder against the side. "I'm going to wake up any time now."

"The only thing you gonna do is see the captain, missy," the old man snapped. "If'n he's in a good mood, he may not make ye walk the plank."

"Who is your captain?" she asked, trying to go along with the dream. Maybe, just maybe, it might help her to wake up.

"That would be me," issued a male voice from behind the old man. She heard his bootheels hit the quarterdeck and walk around her captor. Fear nipped at her very bones. What sort of man was their captain?

A throng of bodies parted and allowed him to come into full view. She held her breath as her heart thumped hard in her chest. "You're Captain Tristan Hamilton." She swallowed the lump growing in her throat and looked away. "Now I know this is a dream."

"Who are you and how did you get on my ship?" he boomed, his hands going to his linen breech clad hips.

She couldn't think for a minute because he was too utterly handsome for his own good. Auburn hair, streaked golden by the sun, was long and held back by a brown leather thong. Loose fitting linen wrapped around his muscular upper torso, vaguely reminding her of the pirates on some of the romance novels she'd read.

Her gaze dropped lower. His breeches, snug enough to outline his powerful thighs, tapered down into his black boots rising over his knees.


Tristan reveled in the marvels of her flesh, unmarked by time or experience. The more he touched her, the more she came alive under his hands. Her body was smooth and sweet smelling and tasting. She was strong and young with her supple body. Yards of chestnut hair floated around her head like a halo, begging for him to bury his hands in the strands. He couldn’t help himself. Each time he touched her, he delighted in the emotions he evoked within her. After that first time he kissed those delicate dewy slivers, he was not only intrigued with her but hungered to possess her body and soul. Finally, his dream was on the verge of coming true.

Spreading the shirt wide, Tristan moved down lower as he tasted the sweetness of her. He stopped only to toy with her navel before moving down. Her belly, perfectly flat, was indented like an hourglass, unlike most of the women he had ever taken to bed. They had mostly been older and used up with the rigors of being a courtesan and childbearing. Michaela was neither.

He could not help but wonder about her completely. How did she come to be on his ship? Was she heaven sent to save his soul from the pits of hell? Whatever the reason for her presence, he was glad of it.

Taking her moans of ecstasy as an invitation, he loosened the tie on her breeches and pulled them down, exposing her privates to him. When she had first arrived, she had no hair but during her stay, small curls of dark hair started to appear. He grinned. He liked the smoothness but a bit of hair was just as good.

Gingerly, he parted her lips and reveled in the scent climbing up from between the delicate folds. Unable to resist the sweet perfume, he removed her breeches with quick strokes and returned, parting the slivers of delight.

With practiced movements, he ran his finger along the moist slit and dipped inside slightly, noticing the tightness. She was definitely a virgin.

Bending his head, he licked at the tiny bud between those lips and felt the flesh blossom as she cried out. Hungrily, he took the ripening nub in his mouth. His tongue danced over her core. She shivered at the feel and buried her hand in his hair. Out of instinct, she pulled him closer as her hips rose and met his every stroke. "Pl....please....Tristan," she begged in ragged breaths, "don't tease me anymore. Make love to me."

Tristan needed no further invitation. He ripped the clothes from his body as well as his weapons, tossing them aside. Passionately, he licked up the slim legs, the hair returning there as well, feeling as soft as the dew on rose petals.

"Wait, Tristan," she said breathlessly, sitting up slightly. "You've seen me so now I want to see you."

He complied with her wishes, her body crying out for him. In the golden glow of the fire, Michaela's breath caught in her chest. She didn't expect him to be so exquisite. Hard pectorals tempted her to touch the ripe flesh and appeared as though a sculptor carved him out of granite. Thick arms and shoulders comprised his upper body, tapering down to a narrow waist. Dark hair covered the apex where his hips met his thighs, his hard penis standing out from the forest of fiery red curly hair. She touched him on the already moist tip. Tristan drew a hard breath. "You do not know what you do to me, Michaela," he murmured as her hand covered him, holding him gently.

Michaela said nothing as she held him and let her thumb caress the tip. Despite the fact this would be her first sexual experience, she wasn’t frightened. It was almost as if Tristan was the man she waited for. Lowering her head, she took him into her mouth for a moment and tasted the saltiness of the tip. She reveled in the emotions she gave him in return. Her senses reached new levels the moment she felt his large hands bury in her hair and held her steady.

Just as she started to lick the shaft, Tristan withdrew from her. His retreat puzzled her. "What's wrong?"

Tristan eased her down onto the blanket. "Nothing, my dear but I will go mad if I do not make love to you this moment." He eased himself between her legs.

She welcomed him in her arms as the musky scent of their desire filled the air. "I've wanted to have sex with you as well, Tristan," she confessed. "I don't know what's going to happen tomorrow or what will become of us, but I want this night to be magical. Something I can keep with me always and a memory I can visit when the nights are cold and lonely."

"As do I." Tristan captured her lips with his and sent her body spinning to dizzying heights.

His hands traveled up and down her body before settling between her legs. Tristan teased her with his finger, diving in and out of her, making her completely wet.

Suddenly, she felt the tip of his penis nudging at her vagina, frightening her. Instinctively, she tried to close her legs, but Tristan was too quick. He stroked her legs until they fell open naturally. Wrapping them around his strong waist, Tristan nudged her again.

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