Occupational Hazards (MMF, MMMF)

The Sextet Anthology 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 51,397
16 Ratings (4.3)

[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Sextet Anthology 3]

Another day, another dollar…until love pops in to spice up the workday drudgery. You never know when that person—or persons—working alongside you will suddenly strike your fancy, or when a client will become so much more than a client and the sexual tension will skyrocket. Join the ladies of The Sextet as they explore what can happen when the hazards of the job are compounded with love affairs and sensuous pleasures. From an advertising agency where a cougar is pursued by the two sexy men on her team, to a well-drilling project that ends up pumping more than water, to what happens when a lady hires a three-man construction crew to repair her storm-damaged roof, whether you prefer one man…or two…or three, you’re sure to enjoy the sizzling erotic heat. Work has never been this much fun…

* * * * *

The Ad Men and the Cougar by Elizabeth Raines [M/M/F, with M/M, Contemporary] Advertising executive Tracey Daniels has assembled her Dream Team—two smart, sexy men who seem to anticipate her every move. Can they convince her to make the transition from workroom to bedroom?

Windfall by Cheryl Brooks [M/M/M/F, Contemporary] Angelica Jacobs gets more than she bargained for when a handsome contractor falls through the roof of her Bed & Breakfast. Can anyone say foursome?

Wet Her Whistle by Mellanie Szereto [M/M/F, with M/M elements, Contemporary, pegging, sex toys] When Jonnalyn Petit's best friends, Randy and Jason, offer to put in her new water well, will the pumping and drilling extend to her bedroom? Or will she hang them out to dry when she discovers their secret?

A Siren Erotic Romance


The Sextet is a Siren-exclusive group.

Occupational Hazards (MMF, MMMF)
16 Ratings (4.3)

Occupational Hazards (MMF, MMMF)

The Sextet Anthology 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 51,397
16 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
Professional Reviews

4 STARS: "OCCUPATIONAL HAZARDS is the third offering from the Sextet Anthology, with stories from Elizabeth Raines, Cheryl Brooks and Mellanie Szereto. The anthology contains the following 3 stories: The Ad Men and the Cougar by Elizabeth Raines (MMF) Advertising Project Manager Tracey Daniels has created a Dream Team with the inclusion of Graphic Artist Corey Franklin and Copywriter Ben Clark. It definitely doesn't hurt that the two younger men are some serious eye candy! Ben and Corey could care less about the age difference; they're certain the three of them will be just as hot in the bedroom as they are in the boardroom. And the reality is so much better than they thought it might be! But Tracey can't stand the thought of being so much older than her men. Can they convince her to take a chance on them? This was a sexy quick story, and being in the creative industry myself, I could appreciate the setting in the advertising world. The chemistry between Ben, Corey and Tracey was out of this world and I thought their relationship felt organic and real. Of course I loved the guy on guy action! I'd rate this one a 5 on its own. Windfall by Cheryl Brooks (MMMF) Angelica Jacobs hadn't even opened her bed & breakfast yet when a diabolical tree decided to make the roof mincemeat. The bright side is the very hunky contractor Tyrone Williams and his sidekicks, Derrick Delaney and Luke O'Malley. The men have all had hard-ons for Angelica since high school, and now that she's in close proximity with horizontal surfaces near? Goners...Wet Her Whistle by Mellanie Szereto (MMF) With no water and a sore toe from kicking the porcelain tub, Jonnalyn Petit decides to take her BFF's up on their offer of a shower. Randy Atlas and Jason Delian have wanted Jonnie forever and they're tired of having to covertly adjust themselves every time she's around. She wants them too, but naturally they're gay, and a couple. When a steamy shower turns into a steamy night in bed, things will never be the same! I loved this story! It was sweet yet hot, loving yet erotic. The connection felt realistic and the banter was natural. This was a threesome I could actually picture happening in real life. Jonnie surprised me with her fabulously smutty dirty talk; she seemed so reserved in the beginning! " -- Delta, The Romance Reviews

4 STARS: "OCCUPATIONAL HAZARDS is possibly the best ménage anthology I've read. The theme of finding love and fulfilling sexual partners in the work place is a nice touch. The romances are a perfect balance of emotional and sexual. "The Ad Men and the Cougar" is about advertising executive, Tracy, who assembled a Dream Team of two brilliant men. They all work perfectly together but the men want to bring this cooperation into the bedroom. In "Windfall", Angel returns to her small Tennessee hometown to reopen her grandparents' bed and breakfast. The house is in disrepair so she hires former schoolmates of hers as contractors, little realizing that she is the star in the three men's sexual fantasies. In "Wet Her Whistle", Jonn needs a new water well and her best friends, who are a gay couple, offer to do the work for her. But this couple want Jonn to join them in the bedroom and in life. This anthology managed to be both sexually steamy and emotionally intimate as well. All three stories have common elements that work well, for instance, the women all know the men well before entering the ménage. This allowed the authors to focus on the changing relationship from friends to lovers. In this way I didn't feel cheated out of the emotional developments of the characters. The sexual intimacy is X-rated in all three stories but that was part of the fun in the stories. Expect M/M action too in these stories as all the men have sexual relationships before the heroines join them. Usually in anthologies there are high and low points so I expected that here but was pleasantly surprised that wasn't the case. The stories were all great and each deserve a four star rating. The theme of finding love around work was light and pleasant; it connected the stories a bit but didn't feel forced. The stories don't try to have deep plots or take themselves too seriously but keep the focus where it should be, on the sexual relationship forming among multiple partners. All these elements add up to a very good ménage read. OCCUPATIONAL HAZARDS is a great anthology which will delight fans of ménage erotic romance." -- J9, The Romance Reviews

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The Ad Men and the Cougar by Elizabeth Raines


Corey, as always, moved first. Grabbing his bag, he jerked out a box of rubbers and ripped it open. Then he tossed a string of them onto the night table. He reached for her face, laying a warm palm against each cheek before pressing his lips to hers. After only a moment of gentle pressure, he swept his tongue inside her mouth.

Damn, but he could kiss. She loved in his taste. Man with a touch of vermouth. Delicious. Letting go of Ben’s erection, she rolled toward Corey, wanting to experience the kiss better by pressing her body against his.

Evidently feeling left out, Ben sidled over to mold against her back, fitting his cock between her upper thighs so he could rub against her pussy. She hummed as she kissed Corey, loving the feel of two hands cradling her face while two more reached around her to palm her breasts.

“You’re right, Corey. She’s got great tits.” Ben kissed the tender place where neck met shoulder while his fingers plucked at her nipples, sending zings shooting down her belly. “And that pussy. She’s so wet already.”

One of Corey’s hands left her face, sliding down her arm to her hip before working across to the juncture of her thighs. His fingers pressed between her folds as Ben pulled his cock back. “So wet. So perfect,” Corey said as he ended their kiss. “I want to be here.” He pushed a finger deep inside her.

“Right where I’d like you to be,” she replied before a moan slipped out when he added a second finger.

“I’ve thought about this forever, Tracey,” Corey said. “Both of us have.”

“Seriously? Why?” The silly words slipped through her lips before she could stop them. Alcohol had dulled her wits. And obviously her judgment. Nothing between them would ever be the same after tonight, and she hadn’t decided if that was a good or a bad thing. By fucking her guys, she might be destroying her Dream Team. At that moment, she wanted them both so desperately, she wasn’t sure she cared. There was more to life than work, and damn, but she never, ever believed she’d think that.

“You don’t have an ounce of vanity in you, do you?” Ben kissed her, then whispered in her ear. “Because you’re gorgeous.” His hands swept around to cover her ass. “Because you’re sexy. Because you drive us both insane.”

“Because I can’t wait another minute. Hand me a condom, Ben.” Ripping it open, Corey sheathed his cock before rolling her onto her back and settling between her thighs, that thick cock nestled against her mound. “Me first.”

With a chuckle, Ben turned her face until he could kiss her, his tongue mating lazily with hers just as Corey nudged the head of his cock against her entrance. Her left hand settled on Corey’s tight ass while her right stroked Ben’s shaft. Ben’s kiss smothered her moan when Corey plunged inside her body.


Windfall by Cheryl Brooks


Her whole body was responding to them to the point that Derrick’s return went almost unnoticed until he spread out the sheet and added his own cock to the mix. Now, no matter which way she turned, there was a rock-hard, velvety smooth cock anxious for her touch. Derrick’s was long and thick with low-hanging balls lightly dusted with blond curls. Ty’s hair was darker, and his cock had a slightly upward curve to it, while his scrotum held his testicles closer to his body. Angelica had heard that many Native Americans didn’t have much in the way of body hair, but though Luke’s chest was bare, his groin was not. Straight as an arrow with a shapely head, his dick was surrounded by gleaming ebony curls that also adorned his scrotum.

Wrapping her arms around Luke and Derrick, she grabbed their butt cheeks and pulled them into a tight formation with Ty firmly wedged between them. “I want to feel your balls on my face,” she said, her voice rough and breathless with lust.

Lifting their cocks to expose their soft sacs, they thrust their hips forward, caressing her cheeks and lips with their testicles.

Her desire reached cataclysmic proportions as she buried her face in their soft scrotal folds. So much cock, so many balls. The scent, the feel, and the heat all combined to make her body scream for release. Her abdomen contracted, and she doubled over, tearing her face away from the source of her craving. Gasping with need, she reached up and grasped the first hand she found. “Get down here.”

As the three of them dropped to the floor in a tangle of arms, legs, and aroused male appendages, Angelica became the target for the kind of feminine contact they’d apparently been missing rather badly. Three pairs of hands rolled her onto her side as they caressed her skin. Luke cupped her bare buttocks, his thumbs pressing into the crease between them, separating the fold, feeling for the sensitive places that made her squirm and arch back against his hands. Ty went for her mouth. Capturing her lips, his tongue teased them until they parted, allowing him full access. She’d never liked being kissed like that before, but Ty’s was an invasion she both welcomed and savored. Derrick was right. He truly was an amazing kisser.

Derrick went for her tits, suckling them with a thoroughness that demonstrated his immense enjoyment. As Ty’s kisses trailed off down her neck, Angelica glanced down to find Derrick gazing back at her, an expression of pure bliss in his big blue eyes. Ty moved further, kissing and licking down over her stomach, pausing to tease her navel before dipping lower. His breath ruffled the curls on her mound and then wafted further to tease the swollen lips that surrounded her slit. An arm slid between her knees, lifting her leg to expose her aching cunt. 


Wet Her Whistle by Mellanie Szereto


Continuous ripples of fire spread through Jonnalyn’s body, sparked by their suggestive words, daring touches, and her naughty imagination. The flames raged out of control. “Yes, damn it! I want you both!”

Randy shut off the water, grabbed the towel hanging over the curtain rod, and started patting her dry. He swiped the towel between her thighs from clit to anus, fueling the fire. “I’m claiming that perfect ass after a taste of Jonnie juice.”

Enough teasing and talking dirty. She flung back the shower curtain to step over the side of the tub. “Gotta catch me if you wanna eat me.”

Slipping out the bathroom door, she sprinted to their bed and jumped onto the mattress. Jason caught her on the bounce and covered her mouth with his. She opened to welcome his tongue inside, savoring the invasion and the aggressive sparring. Hands pushed her thighs apart as soft lips trailed up her inner leg. Then Randy’s breath warmed her labia, making her clit ache for attention.

“Mm. You smell good enough to eat, honey. Do you want me suck or lick you?”

A low moan vibrated up her throat, and Jason released her mouth, only to latch on to her nipple. Her lungs struggled for oxygen, the rush of desire zinging from breast to vagina and back again. “Both!”

Lips and teeth gently tugged on her clitoris, and a finger sank into her wet pussy. Then Randy’s tongue fluttered across the sensitive nub and the digit retreated, tracing a line down to her other opening. He smeared her wetness around the tight hole, easing his finger through the ring of muscle a little at a time. A few seconds later, he pushed deeper. Every nerve in her body short-circuited as an orgasm washed over her. She cried out, letting the immense pleasure drag her under and buoy her up again and again. Her muscles spasmed. A sense of weightlessness swept her away.

“So fucking sexy.” Jason nuzzled her neck and kissed her ear. “We’re going to take you there again, sweetheart. You ready?”

She tried to speak, but ended up nodding instead.

Randy climbed over her, reaching for the nightstand drawer. He held up a string of condoms. “You taste better than a cold beer on a hot day, honey, and I can’t wait to bury my cock inside you.” Tearing off two packets, he handed one to Jason and ripped open his own. “We’re coming with you this time, Jonnie.”

Gathering every ounce of her strength, she pushed up on her elbows. She’d imagined making love to the pair of them night after night for months and knew exactly how she wanted the ride. “Suit up, guys. We’re going to make a sex sandwich. Randy, back against the headboard. Got any lube?”

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