Quinny, Focus! (MM)


Heat Rating: Steamy
Word Count: 11,433
1 Ratings (5.0)

Quincy Dean is one lucky guy. After months of virtual flirting, he’s convinced the man of his dreams is living next door. True, they’ve never spoken face-to-face, and William Johnson has never posted a picture of himself, but how many William Johnson’s could there be?

Quincy is positive the two of them would be great together. But if he's ever going to get the chance to convince Will of that fact, he’s going to need to do it before his perfect man figures out he’s too good for Quincy's little corner of Whiteport and disappears from his real life forever.

But how do you woo someone when you have to stay six feet apart? Direct messages are great, but they aren't very romantic. And when Quincy begins to notice that Will’s messages don’t always match up with what he's seeing through his blinds, he worries that even online he and his dream guy are drifting apart. Six feet or not, it might be time to ask Will out on a date.

Quinny, Focus! (MM)
1 Ratings (5.0)

Quinny, Focus! (MM)


Heat Rating: Steamy
Word Count: 11,433
1 Ratings (5.0)
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Cover Art by Written Ink Designs

“Oh, Quinny.”

“Don’t call me that!”

“Want me to take you on a nice date? I can do nice dates, I have done nice dates, but I’m not gonna waste my fireworks on idiots I don’t want a serious relationship with.”

For a second, Quincy was lost for words. “You want a relationship?”

“Of course not! Have you seen the offering out there?”

“You hang around the wrong places.”

“I haven’t left my apartment in months.”

Quincy bit his lip. “True, but when all this is over. Do me a favor and don’t go to The Blue Horse to hook up.”

The Blue Horse was a small pub with rainbow wallpaper and sculptures of two huge, blue horses by the entrance and a few blue horses, though smaller, inside. Subtle it was not and the clientele matched the decor.

“Why? If I want to score, I know I will if I go there.”

“Yes, but it’s a risk going there without wearing hazard clothing.” Quincy shot to his feet as there was movement in the window across the yard.

“Sweetheart, right now you need hazard clothing wherever you go. Do you have a face mask matching your outfit?”

Quincy squinted, the sun was reflecting on the glass, but was there someone else in Will’s apartment?


Quincy raised a hand to shield the sun, but it didn’t help the reflection.


He jumped. “Yes, sorry, I’m here.”

“Are you?”

“Ty, I need to go. I think there’s someone in Will’s apartment.” He was about to disconnect when Ty shouted at him.

He held the phone away while trying to see what Will was up to. When Ty had quieted he brought it back to his ear. “What?”

“Don’t do anything stupid! I swear to God, you have the brain capacity of a four-year-old.”

“I do not.” Though he pouted like one. “And what if I do? I like my men a little older than me.”

Ty snorted. “Older? Will is twenty-nine.”


The sigh traveling the line made Quincy frown.

“If you Google his address, it lists his birth date. He’s twenty-nine. You’re twenty-six, love.”

“Yes, but I look twenty-two.”

A breath-long silence followed, then Ty spoke again. “I give up.”

“What, no, you can’t give up on me.”

Ty chuckled. “Don’t do anything stupid, Quinny.”

“Stop calling me that.”

Ty made a noise, could be affirmative, but Quincy didn’t dare hope. “Does he know you live across from him?”

“I assume ...” Did he, though?

“You haven’t told him?” Ty’s voice grew in volume.

“Well, I assume ... I know who he is, he must know who I am. There aren’t many people named Quincy Dean in the world, he has to know it’s me.” He frowned for a second then shook his head. Of course, Will knew it was him he was talking to. “Who flirts with strangers online?”

Ty laughed. It started like a surprised chuckle, but it grew and grew until Quincy wanted to tell him to shut up.


“Oh, dear. You are priceless.”

Quincy snorted.

“Okay.” Ty blew out a breath. “Do me a favor and don’t do anything that will give him cause to call the police about a stalker in the neighboring house, okay?”

“I’m not stalking him, I just want to know if he has company over there. Why would he allow anyone inside his apartment?” He pressed his nose against the window glass and squinted at the light. “I think it’s a woman. Sure looks like long hair.”

“Quinny! Stop it.”

“But it’s soon time for our three o’clock coffee.” Was Will having coffee with someone else today? He hadn’t mentioned it when they’ve talked over breakfast.

“Sweetie, maybe it’s his sister, maybe something happened, maybe it was a surprise visit and --”

“They’re not six feet apart! He’s giving her a hug.”

Ty sighed. “As I said, maybe something happened. Maybe, there was an accident, someone in the family might have gotten ... sick.”

Quincy swallowed. Shit. “Yeah, you’re right.”

“I know, I am.”

Maybe something had happened, and Will was comforting his sister. Quincy would have to be there for him now.

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