[Siren Publishing: The Lynn Hagen ManLove Collection: Erotic Romance, Contemporary, Alternative, Paranormal, Shape-shifters, Romantic Suspense, MM, HEA]

His entire life Gavin McKay had been groomed to take over the family business. When his father had a sudden heart attack, Gavin was thrust into that world on his own. He never knew loyalty could become betrayal until he found himself on the run, simply fighting to stay alive. There was only one place he could think of to flee, and that was Diamond Ranch. The same place he’d secretly bailed out of their financial hardship. But now it was their turn to save Gavin.

From the moment Owen set eyes on Gavin, he knew he wanted the man. But there were demons in his eyes, and Owen’s gut told him that Gavin was in some kind of trouble. When he discovered that Gavin was his mate, the gloves came off. When he knew Gavin was pregnant with his child, Owen was out for blood. He wasn’t going to let anyone hurt Gavin, even when a dark secret surfaced, threatening to destroy their future together.

Lynn Hagen is a Siren-exclusive author.

Owen (MM)
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Cover Art by Jess Buffett


Gavin McKay pulled his car into the driveway of Diamond Guest Ranch and stared at the quaint Victorian-style home with green shutters and a porch swing.

How in the fuck had his life come to this? How had he gone from who he was to the sad, humiliated coward who now sat staring through the windshield as his life completely fell apart?

If only Dad were still alive. He would know what to do. But he wasn’t, and Gavin was on his own. He would hide out here for as long as he could and hopefully he could come up with some sort of game plan.

He’d withdrawn three thousand dollars from his personal account before he’d fled Boston. Now that he was actually on the run, he could no longer use his credit cards. He would have to lay low and keep to himself as to not draw any attention and pray he didn’t die.

Gavin curled his hands around the steering wheel, the color leeching from his fingers as he forced himself not to have a panic attack, not to hyperventilate and pass out. Not to break down and cry at the injustice.

But he’d brought this on himself. He’d put his trust in the hands of the wrong person and now he was fleeing for his life. This was the first place he’d thought of when he’d fled the city. It was the only place where no one would think to look for him.

He’d ditched his expensive suit and had bought a few items of clothing from some shop in Boston. He’d even left his BMW behind and purchased a used car that had given him more trouble than he’d known what to do with.

Gavin had done all that before he’d withdrawn the cash in his pocket. He would have to make that last for as long as he could. Okay, so there was one person who knew where he’d run to.

Chase Matthews. His accountant. He’d booked a two-week stay at the guest ranch for Gavin without questioning Gavin’s sanity. But Chase was a good friend and would keep quiet about where Gavin had chosen to vacation.

Vacation. If only that were the case. If only he were here for relaxation and a fun time. If only he wasn’t so terrified that he wanted to run to the other end of the world.

After taking a few deep breaths, Gavin stepped out of his sedan and looked around. He inhaled deeply, not only to center himself but to appreciate the country air, which was a far cry from the city smells.

His newly purchased Garber Chelsea boots crunched over the gravel as he slowly walked to the front door. Was he supposed to simply walk right in or ring the doorbell? He’d never been to a guest ranch and wasn’t sure what the proper etiquette was for a small town.

If this had been located in Boston, Gavin would have simply walked in. He wouldn’t have given it a second thought.

The choice was taken out of his hands when the front door swung open and out walked the hottest guy Gavin had ever seen. He was tall, lean with muscles, and had a head full of dark hair and rustic-brown eyes.

The guy’s smile spread across his face as he looked Gavin over. “Are you an arriving guest or a salesman?” He leaned his tall frame against the door, his arms braced on either side of him. “Because whatever you’re selling, I’ll take all of it.”

Gavin’s face caught fire. He’d never had anyone this ruggedly handsome flirt with him. Classically gorgeous? Yes. Movie-star looks? Yes. Rich and spoiled and filled with entitlement? Yes.

But not someone who looked as if he could be the perfect specimen for some western magazine.

Gavin’s gaze dropped from his handsome face to his chest. Wow. Had he ever seen anyone wear a tighter T-shirt? The material displayed his well-toned body to perfection.

Then his gaze dropped even farther to the nice-fitting jeans that sculpted his… “I’m a guest.”

The smile hadn’t left but had faded slightly. “My apologies for acting like a pervert. Please don’t tell my brothers, or they’ll string me up by my… I think you get the point.”

Gavin hid his smirk. “Let me guess. There’s a rule against flirting with guests?”

The guy rolled his eyes. “The biggest rule of them all. If they find out what I said, I’ll be picking up cow patties for the next month.”

Gavin had no idea what that meant, but this guy was charming. “I’m going out on a limb and assuming you are a Diamond.”

The guy stuck out his hand. “Owen Diamond at your service.”

He shook Owen’s hand and was surprised by how gentle it was. Most men liked to shake Gavin’s hand with a hard jerk, proving they were more alpha than him because Gavin was short and slim. It was the most off-putting thing a guy could do, in his opinion.

“Gavin McKay.” He hadn’t thought to use a false name since he’d had Chase book this for him. His accountant would have had too many questions.

Questions Gavin didn’t want to answer.

“I’m not the guy who normally greets guests.” Owen stepped aside to allow Gavin to enter, but Gavin stayed on the porch. “That would be Henry. He’s right there.”

Gavin looked past Owen and saw a guy of about the same size as him. His blue eyes widened when he turned and saw Gavin on the porch.

“Oh my god! Don’t make him stand outside.” Henry walked to him and shook Gavin’s hand. “I’m Henry. Welcome to Diamond Guest Ranch.”

Henry’s handshake was what Gavin would expect. Short and gentle. “Thank you.”

“Owen, go get his bags from his car.” Henry turned to Gavin. “What’s your name so I can check you in?”

Gavin gave it.

Henry walked inside and grabbed a register book, looking through the pages. Didn’t the guy believe in technology? It would have been much simpler if he’d had an electronic tablet.

But admittedly, the guest book lent more authenticity to the place. Rustic. Just like Owen’s eyes.

Gavin turned and hurried to the car to open the trunk. Owen already stood there, looking contrite. “I won’t tell a soul,” Gavin whispered to the guy.

Owen’s smile returned. That was much better. “Thanks,” he whispered right back.




He walked backward inside, smiling, watching Owen come toward him like a predator. He used his booted foot to close the door then yanked his T-shirt over his head, tossing it aside.

Gavin inhaled sharply. Those ripped abs just begged to be touched, to be licked, to be worshipped. Owen pulled Gavin to him, and finally, at last, their lips touched. Gavin had completely forgotten about brushing his teeth, and Owen didn’t pull back.

It was like a roaring fire exploded inside Gavin. He moaned, clutching at Owen’s swollen biceps, clinging to him as they moved backward, Owen’s arm around Gavin’s waist, the other hand cupping the back of Gavin’s head.

It was the most erotic, most powerful moment of Gavin’s life. He let his anxieties melt away, let his inhibitions go, and just felt. Felt so wanted. So needed. So fucking desired that he knew he was catching feelings for Owen.

“You taste so sweet,” Owen said against his lips. The way he looked at Gavin, like he would worship the ground Gavin walked on if he let him made Gavin’s breath stutter. Goose bumps broke out all over his body. It was like having a live wire against him, heated, strong, and so damn sexy that he wanted to touch every inch of Owen’s body.

They rolled on the bed, groaning, kissing, teasing as Owen slowed. He brushed his knuckles over Gavin’s cheek, smiling softly at him. The smile was provocative and turned Gavin inside out.

“I’ve wanted you from the moment I laid eyes on you, Gavin.” Owen was lying on top, careful of his weight, his arms on either side of Gavin’s head. “You’ve been the only person on my mind for an entire week.”

“I’ve thought about you non-stop, too,” Gavin confessed. “That cheesy line you gave me actually worked.”

Owen gave a low chuckle. “That was cheesy. Sorry about that.”

Gavin yanked him back down, fusing their lips together, grinding himself against Owen, driving himself crazy. He ran his hands up Owen’s chest, feeling the hard ripples under his palms, using the pads of his thumbs to run over the man’s hard nipples.

Owen hissed, nibbling along Gavin’s jaw. He’d never drowned in such pleasure in his entire life. Gavin was raw need, craving whatever Owen was willing to give him.

Then Owen shoved his leg between Gavin’s, and Gavin turned into a wanton slut. He rode the hard thigh, gasping, biting at Owen’s nipples, licking away the sting.

“Fuck,” Owen groaned. “I want you so badly, baby.”

All of Gavin’s problems were gone, replaced by this god. No bad guys. No money problems. No death. No anxiety. No panic. Just pure emotions and need. Gavin kicked his shoes off then wrapped his legs around Owen’s waist, gasping, mapping out Owen’s muscles with his hands as Owen kissed down Gavin’s throat.

“Unwrap your legs,” Owen said.

Gavin had no idea why, but he did as the man asked. Owen pulled Gavin’s shirt off and tossed it aside. Now he was the one sucking a nipple between his lips, sending jolts of fire through Gavin.

But Owen didn’t stop there. No, he did not. He worked his way down Gavin’s soft, flat stomach, licking at his navel. Gavin’s breath sawed in and out as Owen unsnapped his pants. Oh god. Gavin wasn’t going to survive this. He bucked, throwing his arms out as he tilted his head back and his lips parted.

Owen yanked Gavin’s pants and underwear down his legs and engulfed his cock all the way down his throat.

Gavin cried out, tossing his head from side to side. Oh god! He was keening as he spread his legs apart, thrusting his hips upward, fucking drowning in the pleasure. Drowning in it, sucking in air, so close to coming that he shoved his hands into Owen’s hair and pulled.

Owen had to place his hands on Gavin’s hips to calm him. It took all of Gavin’s control not to ram his cock down the man’s throat. That was how wild and unhinged Owen made him feel.

He felt.

Gavin was no longer numb.

So many emotions barraged him, and waves and waves of passion crashed over him.

Then Owen inched a wet finger into Gavin’s ass. Gavin lost it. He fucking lost it.

“Owen!” Gavin writhed he came, his body jerking before he finally settled back.

Owen leaned up and kissed Gavin, slowly crawling back up his body. Somewhere along the way, he’d lost his pants and underwear. His cock trailed over Gavin’s stomach, leaving behind a clear line of pre-cum.

It was the most erotic thing Gavin had ever experienced.

“Hey, handsome.” Owen smiled at him.

“Hey,” Gavin said breathlessly.

It was then that Gavin noticed the change in Owen’s eyes. They looked more predatory, wild, exotic.

“Don’t be afraid, Gavin. I promise you’re safe.”

“You were that bear.” Gavin sucked in a breath. “That was really you.”

Owen’s soft open-mouthed kisses, trailing along Gavin’s throat to his shoulder, almost made him forget what he was talking about.


He felt Owen’s cock grind into his stomach, and fuck, Gavin let his thoughts float away.

“Please be mine,” Owen murmured. “Please turn out to be my mate, because what I feel inside for you is like a drunk feeling I’ve never experienced before.”

“Make love to me,” Gavin whispered.

Owen pulled back, and his smile was pure sin. “Lube?”

“In my dresser drawer.”

Owen slid back down his body, kissing Gavin’s navel and giving his hip a little nip before he got up and crossed the room. Gavin stared up at the ceiling, confused as hell, horny, too. His body ached to have Owen inside of him.

Owen turned, waving the bottle in his hand, his eyes heavy-lidded as he walked back, looking every bit the predator that he was.

Gavin flipped to his hands and knees, crawling to the edge of the bed. When Owen was close enough, he grabbed the base of the man’s erection, sampling him, eliciting a moan from Owen. He moved his hips slowly as Gavin took him fully into his mouth.

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