Rules for Spanking: MMF Menage Romance

GoBeBi Publishing

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 51,000
0 Ratings (0.0)

An alpha male who wrestles bulls can’t fight his feelings when he loses his memory and falls for the sworn male enemy of his female fiancée. A sassy heroine and a cocky co-worker go from enemies to lovers in this spankingly good dominance and submission romance that has more than a few laughs

Lucy Hollingsworth knew one thing, that she loved Cristiano. As the spoilt daughter of a billionaire, she was used to everyone falling over themselves trying to give her what she wanted. Cristiano wasn't like that. He had rules and knew how to discipline bad girls like her. Cristiano was the type of man who made Lucy's curvy body tingle.

But what would become of their love when after Cristiano asks Lucy to marry him, a car accident takes away his memory? Will Lucy be able to jog his memory and return things to the way they were? Or will Lucy's life suddenly take an unimaginable turn?

Cristiano Rivero has always been a man who takes who he wants, and who he wanted was the beautiful Lucy Hollingsworth. Sure, she was a bit spoilt, but he knew how to handle a pampered princess like her, by dominating her with a strong hand and a firm leather paddle. Lucy couldn’t get enough of it.

But after a car accident leaves Cristiano without his memory, something unexpected happens. He meets a guy named Pete and has unexplainable feelings for him. Why would Cristiano want so badly to get him naked? Was Pete someone from Cristiano’s forgotten past?

Peter Baron has a secret. After meeting the gorgeous Cristano in a coffee shop, he realizes he knows who Cristiano’s fiancée is. She’s the spoilt heiress to the billion-dollar company he’s trying to take over. She has been spurning Pete’s advances and humiliating him at every turn. Is Cristiano Pete’s opportunity to get his revenge on Lucy, or is Cristiano actually the man of Pete’s dreams?

But, what if Pete’s feelings towards Lucy isn’t venomous at all. What if he’s acting out of unrequited love? Could the three of them instead create a life together? Or, in their escalating battle, will Pete do something that finally goes too far?  

Domination, submission, paddling and, exhibitionism are just a few of the things that lead to the unexpected twists and turns of the ‘Rules For Spanking.’

‘Rules For Spanking’ is a very steamy, ultra high heat standalone bisexual menage romance with explicit MF, MM, MFM and MMF scenes. Contains a not-to-be-missed HEA ending!

Rules for Spanking: MMF Menage Romance
0 Ratings (0.0)

Rules for Spanking: MMF Menage Romance

GoBeBi Publishing

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 51,000
0 Ratings (0.0)
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For the first few moments, Lucy barely thought of anything at all. Hearing the music turn on she forced herself to focus. Cristiano would be back in moments and demand an answer. Lucy needed to know what she was going to say.


Imagining the leather paddle struck across her tender rare, Lucy closed her eyes. She imagined having to brace herself. She imagined the sting reverberating through her body. It was erotic.


She then pictured the crop in Cristiano’s strong hands. She thought about the wallop that would follow. It was a long stick attached to a folded leather tab. She imagined the pain as it hit her ass. She thought it would feel magical.


Finally, she imagined the flog. There had to be thirty individual leather straps dangling from its short handle. She tried to think of how each would feel connecting with her bare buttock. It was almost beyond comprehension.


Again staring at the three toys, Lucy felt no closer to making a decision. She badly wanted Cristiano to step in and make the decisions for. She knew he wasn’t going to do that, though.


“Have you decided?” Cristiano said standing so close to her that she could feel his body heat envelop her.


“I don’t know, Sir,” Lucy admitted.


“You will have to decide,” he said firmly.


Disappointed that she couldn’t have all three, Lucy took a deep breath and allowed her mind to settle on what would be tonight’s toy.


“Please, Sir, may I have…

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