Bane: Prequel (MMF Menage Romance)


GoBeBi Publishing

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 7,000
0 Ratings (0.0)

When Bane Vanderbilt met Faiden Cantor, the passion between the two was electric. Faiden was the grandson of a billionaire, and he introduced Bane to a world unlike anything Bane could ever image. But was Faiden stealing more than just Bane’s heart? And how much would Bane be willing to sacrifice to be with Faiden?

Taylor Clark had never imagined himself being with a man, but when Taylor met Adam in his university’s library, everything changed. Adam was built and gorgeous and had a smell that drove Taylor wild. Was it possible that Adam liked him too? And could Taylor fight past his hesitation about being with a guy to be with the person who could be the love of his life?

‘Bane: Prequel’ is a quick, ultra-high heat, MMF Bisexual Romance from bestselling author A. Anders. ‘Bane: Prequel’ contains explicit MM and MMF scenes that are too hot to be missed.

Bane: Prequel (MMF Menage Romance)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Bane: Prequel (MMF Menage Romance)


GoBeBi Publishing

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 7,000
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Bane clutched his champagne flute as he crossed his condo. Pushing past his friends making out in the hallway he continued on to the bathroom. It was a night of celebration and after two group tequila shots and three glasses of bubbly, he had to pee like a racehorse.


Turning the unlocked knob he entered the bathroom.


“Oh sorry,” he said finding Faiden at the sink.


“Nah, come in,” Faiden replied adjusting his hair in the mirror.


Bane paused momentarily taken aback. Bane hadn’t invited Faiden to his party. He certainly wanted him there, but Bane had only seen Faiden around campus.


It had taken Bane half of a semester to find out Faiden’s name and another year before they had interacted at all. Now Faiden was a senior while Bane was a junior and here Faiden was in Bane’s condo.


“Did you have to use the bathroom,” Faiden asked not budging from the mirror.


“Yeah, I do.”


“Then don’t let me stop you.”


Bane’s heart raced as he entered and closed the door. It was a small thing, but there was something erotic about the idea of taking out his dick in the same room as Faiden. Bane immediately became self-conscious and prayed that everything would come out in an impressive way. Bane hadn’t had to worry though, he really had to go.


“Congratulations,” Faiden said as Bane joined him at the sink.


“Thanks,” Bane acknowledged wondering who had told him.


“How much was your trust fund?”


Bane debated whether or not he should say. He barely knew him. But Bane wanted Faiden to like him and it was an impressive number.


“Five million,” Bane stated watching for the response on Faiden’s face.


“Nice. I can’t wait for my trust fund to open up.”


“When do you get it?”




“Wow,” Bane sympathized.


“Yeah. It’s thirty million so I guess grandpa thought that twenty-one would be too soon. Your parents set up yours, right?”




“Lucky you. I have to deal with the coot and his old world thinking. But you’re free now, right?”


“Well, I have the rest of this semester and then another year. But after that I’m free.”


“Why? You got your money. You’re free to do whatever you want.”


“You kidding? If I left university before I graduated, my parents would disown me.”


“But what does it matter? You have five million dollars. Do you know the type of life you could have with five million dollars?”


“I think you’re overestimating how much five million dollars is,” Bane replied.


“And I think you’re underestimating the amount of fun two guys could have without spending a penny.”


Bane felt his cock tingle.

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