Soul Sentinels 4: Mitry and Weni (MFM)

Soul Sentinels 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 49,567
6 Ratings (4.3)
[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Fantasy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, gods, HEA]
Mitry Mosi and Weni Oba can barely believe their eyes when they appear on the top of Shoshone Mountain to fight the shadow demons. A beautiful red-haired, green-eyed goddess of a woman is fighting the demonic by herself and she's human. But what's even more astounding is that she is their mate. 
Krysta Black has been fighting the demons for nearly two years all alone. However, she knows she's not the only one fighting evil but she's not sure what the other group of people are. She encountered them previously and watched them fight from the vantage point behind a large tree trunk, thankfully without them knowing of her presence. 
When they appear to fight beside her, Krysta is distracted and ends up grievously wounded. The only way for Mit and Wen to save their mate is to claim her without her agreement. Krysta's feisty and independent. Will she be able to accept that she's bonded to two men? Will the Soul Sentinels trust her to lead them into the bowels of hell to win the fight against evil?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Becca Van is a Siren-exclusive author.
Soul Sentinels 4: Mitry and Weni (MFM)
6 Ratings (4.3)

Soul Sentinels 4: Mitry and Weni (MFM)

Soul Sentinels 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 49,567
6 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley




“You’re not telling me something. In fact you’ve left a shitload of questions unanswered.” Krysta frowned as she met Wen’s gaze before scowling at Mitry. “Start talking. Begin by explaining to me how I haven’t got any injuries.”

Mit drew another deep breath and began to talk. “Ra decided it was high time that we were rewarded for our loyalty. The others met their mates and are now all happy in loving relationships.”

“Wait! What! I’ve only seen three women with you all.” Krysta rubbed her hands on her thighs.

The action was mesmerizing and drew Wen’s attention to her sexy legs. He cleared his throat and lifted his eyes from those shapely legs and met her gaze again. “Those women are mated to two of our friends each.”

Krysta’s mouth dropped open in shock before she snapped it closed with an audible click. “Okay, so what has that got to do with me?”

“The doctor couldn’t help you. You had already lost too much blood.” Mit turned to look at Wen, urging him to continue.

“So how the hell…”

Wen held his hand up to waylay whatever Krysta was about to ask. “We knew the moment we saw you fighting the demonic you were our mate. We couldn’t just stand by and watch you die before we had the chance to get to know you.”

Krysta’s mouth opened and closed several times before keeping it closed, her lips pulled into a tight line.

“Ra must have been watching because he turned up and told us the only way to save you was to claim you,” Mitry said the words so quickly they almost ran together.

“What?” Krysta gasped out the word, her face paling as she stared at them in astonishment.

“We claimed you by biting you at the crook of your neck and shoulder. As soon as we had done that the transformation began. Ra wasn’t sure you’d make it through that because of your injuries, so he healed you.” Wen finished explaining and waited for the explosion.


* * * *


Krysta was too shocked to react to their revelations. She had no idea what they meant by transformation and wasn’t sure she really wanted to know. Her heart was racing in her chest and she was panting. The walls of the room felt as if they were closing in on her and before she knew she was going to, she shoved to her feet and raced out the door, down the short hallway, and through the exit. Sweat beaded her forehead and upper lip when she realized she wasn’t outside but in another corridor that was so long she couldn’t see the other end.

She turned left at a fast clip, surprised by how quickly she was able to move but her emotions were all over the place and she couldn’t stop to appreciate how good and strong she was feeling or how fast she was walking. She broke into a jog and when she glanced to the side the wall seemed to blur as she ran. When she saw the turn to the right, she took that and came to an abrupt halt in the entrance of the large, empty room.

It was becoming a habit for her mouth to drop open and she didn’t stop herself from doing so again when she saw the beautiful room she’d just entered. There were colorful ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs on the walls but it was the center of the room that drew her attention.

The ceiling was made of glass in the shape of a pyramid and she could see water covering the peak and the three sides in a thin layer. As she stared in wonder at the scene before her, the turmoil inside began to dissipate and was replaced with a tranquil calm she’d never felt before.

The sun was high in the sky, and although she didn't think it should be possible, she could feel the warmth of the sun’s rays permeating the room. She didn’t remember moving forward but realized she had when she tilted her head back to look straight up when she was beneath the glass pyramid. The warmth penetrated to her bones and her eyes closed as she soaked it in.

When she heard footsteps toward the entrance, she didn’t need to turn and look to know who had entered the room. She could feel them in her heart and soul and even though it was frustratingly unexpected and strange to have such a connection, Krysta knew it had to do with them claiming her.

Normally she would have ripped them a new one for doing something without her permission, but how could she when they had done what they had to save her life? That didn’t mean she was feeling all lovey-dovey toward them. She didn’t even know them. However, no matter how hard she tried to refute it, she was physically attracted to both Mitry and Weni, and had been when she’d watched them as they fought the demons when they had been unaware of her existence, let alone her presence. She just wasn’t sure what to do about it.

She pushed those thoughts aside and opened her eyes to stare up at the water covered glass pyramid, wondering how they’d managed to build all of this and under a lake no less.

Krysta was so overwhelmed by everything she’d learnt so far and yet she wasn’t in the least scared. She’d been dealing with and fighting the evil shadows alone for a couple of years now and even they didn’t scare her anymore. Just thinking about those evil bastards and their crazy demonic leader filled her with determination to continue killing them until humanity was once more safe. The thought of innocents being hurt was just too horrible to contemplate.

“Are you all right?” Mitry asked from somewhere behind her but she didn’t turn to look at him, just nodded instead.




Her breasts felt bigger than normal, the hard tips throbbing and her pussy clenching. Juices coated her folds and leaked out onto her inner thighs. Her legs trembled, feeling too weak to hold her up.

Mit released her lips, turned her by the waist and then gave her a gentle push. She landed on the bed with a bounce and only then noticed that Wen had removed his clothes. She gasped when she saw his sexy, sculpted, muscular body and hoped she would get to touch. He was so sexy she started to salivate but when she saw his cock her mouth dropped open. His erect penis was long and thick, the shaft a darker hue than the rest of his body but the head was a purplish color.

“See what you do to me, to us, honey. We want you so damn bad,” Wen rasped as he stalked toward her.

Krysta scooted back on the bed but stopped when Wen grabbed her ankle and shook his head. She had no idea what he wanted or what he was about to do, but she wanted to find out desperately.

He leaned over her and hungrily kissed her, pulling at both her ankles until her ass was back on the edge of the mattress, and then released her again. She felt him move and figured he must have knelt down when his hands shoved beneath the bottom of the T-shirt and caressed her belly.

“Your skin is so damn soft.” Wen pushed the shirt up and kissed her stomach before lifting it up and over her head.

“Look at those perfect breasts,” Mit rasped as he climbed onto the bed beside her.

Krysta bit her lip as she took in his gloriously naked body. His shoulders were wide, his chest muscular and his abs washboard hard. The definition of each of his muscles could be clearly seen as she perused his body. His thighs were thick with a slight sprinkling of dark hair, and his cock was bobbing up and down slightly. His dick wasn’t as long as Wen’s but it looked as if it was thicker and there was a curve to his shaft. The head was broad with a drop of clear fluid glistening in the slit.

“I have to have a taste.” That was the only warning she got before he shifted closer, shoved her sports bra up over her breasts, exposing them to his gaze, dipped his head, and licked over one aching peak.

She had no idea what Wen was talking about when he said, “Me, too,” but didn’t really care.

Krysta’s eyes slid closed when Mit enveloped the hard peak in his mouth and whimpered when he began sucking on it. Shards of pleasure shot down from her breast right into her womb and pussy, causing her muscles to clench.

Wen tugged on the waistband of her shorts and nudged her thighs aside gently. Her first instinct was to clamp them closed tightly but when she lifted her head to gaze down at him and saw him staring at her pussy and licking his lips, she ended up spreading them even more.

“Yes!” Wen exclaimed just before he lowered his head. He lifted his gaze to lock with hers as he took a long lick of her cunt. “So sweet.”

“Oh god,” Krysta moaned. She tried to stay still as both men sucked and licked at her skin but it was an impossibility.

Wen laved his tongue over her clit rapidly and her muscles felt as if they had turned to liquid. Mit moved to the other breast, swirling his tongue around and around the nipple, never quite touching it. She moaned and arched her chest up, begging him to take her into his mouth. And he did. He opened his mouth on a chuckle and then sucked her hard nipple in deep, suckling on the peak firmly.

Krysta sobbed with pleasure and then cried out as Wen pushed the tip of a thick finger into her cunt. Her muscles clenched reflexively before releasing again, cream weeping from her needy hole.

As he pressed that finger in deeper and deeper and then withdrew it, she began to rock her hips, hoping to get it back inside her and relieve the desirous ache. This time when he pushed back in he used two fingers, stretching her muscles and delicate tissues before withdrawing them and pressing in again.

Each time he drove them up inside her pussy he increased the speed, caressing the sensitive flesh inside, creating an exquisitely pleasurable friction that made her burn hotter, and the tension began to build.

Mit released her breast from his mouth with a pop. Clasped her chin between finger and thumb, and then he kissed her. The kiss was hot, wild, and passionate, ramping up her desire more than ever before.

Wen continued to pump his fingers in and out of her cunt, lapping at her clit until she wasn’t sure she could take anymore. Her muscles were so taut she thought they just might snap. Copious juices leaked from her in a steady stream and her body trembled.

Mit broke the kiss, cupped both her breasts in his hands, and then squeezed her nipples firmly between his fingers and thumbs. That was all it took to send her flying.

She screamed as she was assailed with ecstasy, causing her body to shiver and shake. Waves of heated nirvana washed over her again and again until she was left panting and seeing stars. The whole time she was coming Mit and Wen stroked, kissed, and licked, heightening the first climax she’d ever had. By the time she came down from that exquisite high, her legs felt as if they had no functioning muscles left and she couldn’t even summon up the energy to lift her head.

“Are you okay, baby?” Mit asked as he leaned over her.


Wen chuckled. “I think we’ve just found a way to shut our mate up.”

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