Sweet Dreams (MFM)

The Cowboys' Curse 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 34,000
219 Ratings (3.9)

[Ménage Amour: Erotic Cowboy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M]

Shawn and Trent Baxter have a problem. They need a woman. Not just any woman--their soul mate. They'll do just about anything to get her.

Anna May might be just the woman the Baxter twins are looking for, but she isn't about to let two arrogant cowboys just walk into her life and take over, soul mates or not.

Passions flare and tempers ignite when these three collide. When the dust settles will Shawn and Trent be able to convince Anna May to take a chance on love or will they lose it all?

"Rough and rugged around the edges, cowboys are an addiction of mine. Sometimes though I just need a laugh. What could be more amusing than forcing a bunch of cowboys to jump through hoops to get what they want, especially when the hopes are made of fairy." ~ Jenny~ Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings. A Siren Erotic Romance

Sweet Dreams (MFM)
219 Ratings (3.9)

Sweet Dreams (MFM)

The Cowboys' Curse 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 34,000
219 Ratings (3.9)
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Cover Art by Jenny Penn
Another good book by Jenny Penn!
Sweet Dreams is a bit different than some of Jenny's other stories, but without fail she manages to inject overwhelming sexual tension and erotic scenes within stories that captivate the mind and entertain fully. She is one of my favorite authors and I still await more in this series as well as continuations of some of her other series. This book is a skillful blend of the colorful cowboy and a beautiful and erotic fairy story--creative and innovative and a marvelous example of Ms Penn's ability to craft a story that will keep you glued to the chair. Such a good read and one true romance lovers shouldn't miss.
Dr. J
Professional Reviews

4.5 CHERRIES: "I really liked this quirky tale of tiny twins; leather clad, motorcycle riding fairies and a Dreamland where nothing is a dream. This story is definitely worth picking up especially if you like mnages as Ms. Penn has a fantastic way with them and had me wanting the twins even if they were only two inches tall. I can't wait to see what the curse is for the rest of the Baxter boys." -- Hibiscus, Whipped Cream Reviews

4.5 BLUE RIBBONS: "The Cowboys' Curse series is off to quite a fascinating start with this fast paced quirky storyline. Jenny Penn combines the wicked sexiness of cowboys with the fantasy of fairies, and she puts a unique spin on both that really keep this story hopping. What I especially appreciate about this story is the dynamics of Anna May's relationship with Shawn and Trent. She's a strong woman with definite ideas and no sweet talking or demanding cowboy is going to get her to change her opinions or dreams. I have to admit, I'm now anxious for the next addition to this series and revisiting the Baxter brothers." -- Chrissy Dionne, Romance Junkies

: "What a hilarious story! This is a great read for all those women who have longed to see a man pay for past transgressions. This was a very lighthearted story...if you are looking for something to brighten your mood, Sweet Dreams is the perfect book to grab. I look forward to reading the next story as one more brother succumbs to his cursed fate." -- Stefani Clayton, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

4 ANGELS: "Sweet Dreams is an erotic fairytale that takes you into the dreamland of two sexy cowboys and a strong-willed heroine. Jenny Penn's erotic fantasy takes you on a journey of sexual discovery and the search for true love. This is the first time I've read one of Ms. Penn's novels, and I quite enjoyed her writing style. I'm interested in seeing what she has planned for the rest of the Baxter brothers. This is an enjoyable read." -- Sandie, Fallen Angel Reviews

"Let this reviewer start off by saying, "Ride'um cowboy cause this book is a scorcher!" Not only is this book erotic as heck, it is very well written to boot (no pun intended). Ms. Penn's descriptive writing flows effortless page after page. Everything blended to perfection from the characters' lives to the dialogue between them. Ms. Penn's snappy wit even had this reviewer laughing out loud at times. Sweet Dreams: The Cowboys' Curse 1 is more than just a story of sex and cowboys, it is also touched with humor, true love, and a little magic with the help of Ms. Penn's crafty pen. This reviewer has just found another favorite author in Ms. Penn. Cowboy lovers saddle up and get your copy today of Sweet Dreams: The Cowboys' Curse 1." -- Janalee Ruschhaupt, ParaNormalRomance Reviews

"Sweet Dreams is a laugh out loud funny start to a new series by Ms. Penn. What would you do if you were cursed and suddenly needed to find your soul mate but you have a bit of a logistical issue in finding her? Well if you want to learn, then you have to read Sweet Dreams. I enjoy the writings of Ms. Penn and this one is no different." -- Tanya, Joyfully Reviewed

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Anna wasn't even capable of recognizing the second hand that joined the first buried between her legs. She heeded its demand as it pressed outward, spreading her wide and leaving her vulnerable to her mysterious lovers' desires.

First one and then two thick fingers pushed deep into her body, stretching her tight cunt around their width before beginning to pump in and out. The rhythm of the mouth and hands were in disharmony, sending sharp spikes of rapture streaking through her in erratic intervals that left her clawing on the threshold of ecstasy.


Her cry punctured the air, solidifying the reality the world around her, if not clarifying it, to her lust fogged mind. Her hips lifted, rolled and thrust in an attempt to set a more satisfying tempo as she fucked herself onto the maddening fingers tormenting her pussy.

In a move that felt like punishment the hand disappeared, the mouth on her breast lifted and Anna cried out her denial, writhing with her distress. Her eyes opened again, intent on locating the source of her anguish.

The image of the man that greeted her was mirrored on either side. The same feral look of hunger darkened identical blue eyes, the same drawing tension tightened identical rugged facial features. The only difference was that one smiled and one didn't.

They spilt, one dipping lower and the other going higher, revealing a long, muscle ripped body as he levered himself over her. Anna didn't know which way to look, where to turn and a second later it didn't matter as the silky brush of hair tickled her inner thigh and the heated breeze of a man's breath caressed the pulsing lips of her cunt.

The searing sensation of a velvety tongue licking straight up through her folds to settle over her clit and suck it past the hard scrape of teeth had her shouting out her joy. Blindly her hands found a hold in the soft tresses of the man's hair. She used her grip to force him even further into the wet well her pussy had become.

The motion mimicked the strong set of hands taking control of her own head when they buried themselves in her hair. Her head lifted, turned and her eyes widened on the sight of a cock made to appear even larger than humanly possible by the out of proportion angle of her face.

It dipped and lowered, the weeping head thumping into her lips as a deep sexy voice growled out, "Suck it."

The hard command thrilled her, and she felt her muscles quiver with anticipation as her lips parted to do as ordered. Cock sucking had always been more of an obligation than a true desire. Lack of interest led to lack of experience and often left her too concerned about her performance to even give the man much enjoyment.

The vicious cycle of nerves never had a chance to start rolling this time. With the mouth eating into her pussy with greedy abandonment, licking and twirling over her clit, fucking in and out of her creaming cunt, Anna was completely at the mercy of the hard hold in her hair forcing the motions of her head up and down the thick, heated length of dick filling her mouth.

Cast into the sea of ecstasy, the tidal wave of rapture's edge crested through her body. The sudden, hard penetration of a full-sized cock forcing her tender sheath wide shattered the barrier and sent her screaming into utopia's abyss.

Fast, hard and deep he pounded into her with savage aggression that matched the wild bucking of her own body as it responded on a primitive level to the needs and desires whirling her climax to a higher, never before achieved level of pure pleasure.

The searing sensations budding, reaching another pinnacle, threatened total devastation and beckoned her into the chaos, when all motion stopped.

Anna moaned out her denial, her hips pumping in an attempt to force the man above her to resume. She'd been so close, so close that stopping now would surely kill her. The experience totally consumed her. She didn't know if it were merely an illusion or a fact that the world shifted, turning around her.

When the engorged length of dick filling her so completely managed to settle a micro-inch deeper and she felt the hard muscled body of her lover beneath, Anna knew he had rolled her on top. The position allowed her to take even more of him into her body, but when she would have resumed the ravishing motions that would have guaranteed an ecstatic end, his strong hands held her still, flattened to his chest.

Before she could issue a protest or attempt to fight his hold, another set of roughened hands smoothed over her ass, dividing the cheeks and causing her head to pop up, her eyes to flare open. There could be no denying the intent of this second man as he pressed his swollen cock head to her tight rear entrance.

Any fear or anxiety over the sudden turn in events was silenced by the hard kiss of the man beneath her. He tasted sweet and manly all at once. His soft lips pressed tightly against her own, forcing them open to let his tongue stroke into her mouth just as the man behind her pressed slowly inward, feeding her one heated inch of his strength at a time.

It was too much, being force to slowly accept another cock when the first had already filled her to point of full capacity. The twin dicks warred for space, neither relenting their position, and forcing her body to accommodate both.

She felt overstuffed and the sensation was amazing.

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