Taming Samantha (MFM)

Sea Island Wolves 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 81,500
455 Ratings (4.4)

[Ménage Amour: Erotic Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, werewolves] Samantha Hark is running from one werewolf when she ends up in the arms of two. Can she overcome her fears and insecurities to trust in the love they offer her or will her time run out as her past closes in with deadly intent? JD and Caleb McBane aren't about to let anything or anyone stop them from claiming their mate, even if that person is Samantha herself. The mating musk may render their feisty mate pliant to their commands, but when it wears off, Samantha is back in fighting mode. Can JD and Caleb tame Samantha before her enemies strike the killing blow? Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings. A Siren Erotic Romance Jenny Penn is a Siren-exclusive author.

Taming Samantha (MFM)
455 Ratings (4.4)

Taming Samantha (MFM)

Sea Island Wolves 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 81,500
455 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Jenny Penn
A very good book
A great shape-shifter novel with interesting special abilities. The sex may be great the storyline is even better.
Professional Reviews

5 ANGELS, Recommended Read: "Taming Samantha is a must read! Readers, if you haven't discovered Jenny Penn then you are missing out on an excellent author. I highly recommended this book and any of Ms. Penn's writings." -- Contessa, Fallen Angel Reviews

5 STARS: "Jenny Penn's characters are strong and multifaceted. The plot is fabulous, sensual, and feral. I will be watching for more of her books." -- ReviewYourBook

4 HEARTS: "If you like your heroes arrogant, alpha, and domineering, this is the book for you. JD and Caleb don't know what to think about their mate having a mind of her own. I loved how Sam stood her ground with them, and laughed at their bafflement when Sam didn't respond to them like they thought she should. Their arguments were loud and the reader just knew their emotions were taking over by the way the arguments panned out. Sam had some security issues but that didn't deter her personality from shining through. I just had to laugh out loud at some of their antics. While the book had humor, it certainly didn't lack in the sex department. Caleb and JD knew their way around the bedroom, or any other place they happened to be. Their ability to satisfy Sam went a long way towards developing their relationship. This book is full of erotic sex, laugh out loud moments, and two good men brought to their knees by their mate. While a good story by itself and certainly a complete novel, there are hints that this is a smaller portion of a broader story. I'll look for more works by this author." -- Lisa Freeman, The Romance Studio

4.5 STARS: "After reading Taming Samantha, I was ready to go out and read plenty of Jenny Penn's stories. The sex between the three main characters happens very soon into the book, and normally I would have objected to how quickly it occurred, but it went along with the plotline so I was okay with it. Occasionally, JD's character went past "alpha" into jerky, but I liked how Samantha wouldn't let him get away with it and kept rebelling when he crossed the line. In the second half of the book the writing gets smoother and the characters become more likeable. I ended up really enjoying the book and wanting to go back and read the first in the series. Also, Taming Samantha had some well written and interesting secondary characters who I believe will eventually get their own story. I can't wait to read them all." -- Elizabeth Charles, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

4.5 CHERRIES: "I really enjoyed this story and its characters. The epilogue of the story hints at the possibility of more stories to come and I can't wait to read more from this author and series. If you like your paranormal romances extremely hot with strong characters, then you might want to read this one." -- Lilac, Whipped Cream Reviews

4 BLUE RIBBONS: "Samantha is a very strong heroine. Beautiful and intriguing, it is no wonder her men can't keep their hands off of her.  Full of surprises, she doesn't give an inch where her men are concerned and while they ply her with their mating musk, deep down inside her heart of hearts she wants them without it. She just has to allow herself to trust them and that is the hard part. Taming Samantha is very erotic. Gripping and gritty, it holds nothing back from the reading and the love scenes are explosive. I have a new author to read and am looking forward to Jenny Penn's next release!" -- Natasha Smith, Romance Junkies

Recommended Read: "Taming Samantha is an addictive pleasure! Captivating characters in a lusty story with so many carnal moments' readers will be sore before Taming Samantha is finished. Taming Samantha is raw, raunchy and intense at times giving readers exactly what they want, a good, hot story. I Joyfully Recommend Taming Samantha, it's not for everyone but if you dare it will leave you needing a cold shower or a lucky partner!" -- Lisa, Joyfully Reviewed

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Sam bit back a whimper as he began to thrust into her. His cock was much bigger, thicker than anything she had ever taken. It stretched her tender muscles wide, adding a pinch of burn to the pleasure as he glided in and out of her.

Quickly he picked up speed and power. Within minutes, he was banging savagely into her. In the distance, she heard the slam of a door, but the noise meant nothing to her. The hard cock that violently pounded into her defined Sam’s world. It felt so good, so thick and filling. Nothing else mattered.

Of their own volition her hips began to flex, pressing back and meeting him stroke for stroke. He growled his pleasure and reached around with one hand to cup her mound. He trapped her clit between two roughened fingers.

The intense friction on her sensitive nub as she bucked against him sent her over the edge. Sam screamed as her body exploded with ecstasy. Her world ripped apart around her, and she collapsed beneath him.

He followed her after three more powerful strokes. His roar echoed in her ear as she felt his hot seed flood into her body. He fell forward, molding his front to her back as his ragged breath caressed her ears. She was sweaty, sticky, and tired. All she wanted now was a soft bed to take a nap in. Apparently, she was not going to get that.

Sam groaned in protest when he forced her up. The movement made her legs, weakened with pleasure, hold her weight as she leaned back on his hard thighs. He was still buried deep inside her, his cock hadn't softened in the slightest. She felt skewered on his thick length.

Drowsily she opened her eyes as she felt the deputy lift her shirt. He tugged it from her body and made short work of her bra, leaving her naked and on display for the stranger standing in the archway between the kitchen and living room.

They were nearly a perfect reflection of each other, and it took her brain several moments to focus on the fact that this man was not the deputy. Dressed in black slacks and T-shirt, he wore the same air of authority, of danger, of heated desire as his green eyes raked over her bared body.

Instinct tried to kick in, whispering through her mind to cover herself, to feel embarrassed that one man watched as another man’s cock already filled her body. Her muscles refused to respond, to strengthen and aid in saving her own decency.

Even her mind gave over the battle when the deputy’s hands came around to torment her. One hand cupped her breast, immediately pulling and rolling her nipple as the other slid down between her spread legs.

The deputy forced her thighs even farther apart simply by spreading his own. The new position not only gave the stranger a perfect view of her pussy, but gave the deputy better access to her sensitive folds.


* * * *


Caleb watched as the lush beauty trapped in his brother’s arms moaned, her head tilting back and her eyes closing in pleasure. The dark-haired woman was gorgeous with her full breasts and softly rounded stomach. She looked soft and inviting.

This was their mate. JD did not have to say a word for Caleb to recognize that fact. The bite mark on her shoulder said it all. He wished he could smell her so he could know the truth for himself. The combined scents of sex and JD’s mating musk were too thick for him to distinguish her scent.

Soon enough, Caleb promised himself. Once JD was done pleasuring their woman, Caleb would take her up for a shower. Then he would know the sweet smell of her as well. As he watched his brother’s thick, tanned fingers part the soft pink folds of her sex, he knew what else he would do once he got her into the shower.

He was going to shave that pussy bare and then devour her. His cock, already hard from the erotic sight before him, nearly doubled in size with that thought. It was all he could do not to go and rip their mate out of his brother’s arms and take her just as JD had, on all fours on the floor.

The brothers had shared many women in their time. Caleb had always enjoyed watching his brother pleasure them. This time was different. Despite the erotic thrill of watching the lovers before him, he felt a sharp pang of jealousy that it was JD and not him pleasuring their mate.

He couldn’t take any more. Caleb strode forward and lifted her off JD’s lap. Like a pirate making off with stolen bounty, he slung her over his shoulder and rushed up the stairs. He carried her straight into the master suite that JD had built and stocked for this day.

It had never been used. This was her room, and they wouldn’t have disrespected her by carrying on with irrelevant liaisons here. Caleb took her directly into the large bathroom and set her down in the oversized shower stall.

Blinking her glassy green eyes rapidly, she tried to focus on him.  He smiled down at her, wondering if she knew he was not his brother. Identical in appearance, the only way to tell JD and him apart was the fact that JD had blue eyes and he had green.

“What’s your name?”


The breathy, hesitant sound of her voice was like a stroke to his cock. Nothing turned him on like a shy and submissive woman. The Fates had blessed him with a mate who was both.

“Relax, Samantha.” Caleb leaned down to feather kisses over her cheeks. “I’m going to make you feel very good.”


* * * *


Sam jolted when the cold water suddenly hit her skin. Her brain was jump-started by the refreshing water and the sudden absence of any man.

What the hell was she doing?

She was in a strange shower, having just fucked a strange man and apparently about to be fucked by his brother. That was so not her. This was not the way she behaved. She needed to get out of here.

She turned and slammed straight into a hard wall of naked man. The brother had returned and with him that intoxicating odor. This time the scent was even stronger, more potent as it congealed in the now-steaming shower stall.

The water was hot now, but not nearly as searing as the hands that began running up and down her body. He shifted, and for a moment his hands left her. Sam heard herself whimper, protesting the loss of his touch.

A moment later his callused hands were back, slippery with soap. She felt cherished, almost treasured as he gently washed away the evidence of her early passionate encounters with his brother.

As much as she enjoyed his gentle cleansing, her body began to heat with the desire for a more intimate touch. She could not stop from squirming in his arms, enjoying the friction of his hard, hairy body against her softer, smoother one.

“Be still.”

Despite his tender touch and earlier assurances, there was no denying the hard demand in that statement. Sam ignored him as she continued to rub back into him. Already hard, his cock was growing even bigger against her bottom. She wiggled her hips enticingly against his length.

“I said be still.” This time the order was followed by a sharp slap to her pussy. Her clit took most of the impact, and shock waves sent shivers racing through her.


“Be still, or I’ll take you to the edge of orgasm and leave you there,” he growled in her ear.

Sam whimpered in protest, but fell still, believing he would do just as he said. It was difficult, though, as he finished bathing her and leisurely washed her hair. All she wanted to do was turn around and pin him to the wall.

Then she would take her pleasure despite his threat. The problem with that plan was he was bigger, stronger, and her muscles were already limp from pleasure overload.

“Yes.” She sighed her encouragement when finally his hands slid around to cup her breasts.

“Do you like that?” he asked as he began to roll and pinch her nipples.

“Mm-hmm.” Sam moaned. “More.”

“You’re a demanding little thing.”

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