Tempting Jada (MF)

Devil's Sons MC

Evernight Publishing

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 24,500
0 Ratings (0.0)

Titan and his friends finally decided to put down roots and the perfect place for them was with the Devil’s Sons MC. He couldn’t believe how easy it was for him to step into this life when he was used to riding to a new location every day.

Jada and her friends end up at the Devils because of threats against them. When she meets Titan, she fights her attraction for a long time—only because of fear. He had the potential to break her, and she didn’t know if she wanted to take the chance.

When a seriously demented person threatens Jada, Titan feels his protective instincts escalate. He plans to kill the man no matter what, but he wants a chance to make him feel pain like he’d done to so many other women.

Be Warned: anal sex

Tempting Jada (MF)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Tempting Jada (MF)

Devil's Sons MC

Evernight Publishing

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 24,500
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Jay Aheer

He gripped her upper arm and pulled her to the side. “Do you want to tell me what happened in the kitchen an hour or so ago?” Titan asked.

She tried to pull away. “Not really.”

“Well, you’re going to.”

“Probably not,” she said in a snotty tone.

Titan growled. “That’s it.” He pulled her along until they entered one of the bathrooms and locked her in. “You’re not going anywhere until we come to an understanding.”

She crossed her arms over her chest and lifted her chin. “Really?”

Jada saw him grit his teeth and knew she should stop poking him.

Titan lifted her and set her on the counter by the sink, bent down, and got in her face. “Why are you fighting this thing so much? You know you belong to me.”

Her eyes widened. “Why the hell do you think I’d know that? Just because you flirted with me a few times?”

“Come on, woman. If I have to spell it out, you’re mine. No other man will ever touch you. Do you understand me?”

She didn’t know if she felt happy, hot because of his possessiveness, or pissed that he decided without talking to her.

“I’ll have to think about it.”

He growled, cupped her face with his hands, and made room for his hips between her thighs. “This will tell you who you belong to.”

“What if you don’t do it for me? You know, make me hot,” she asked.

The cocky grin on his face almost scared her.

“Well, Babe, I’ll just have to show you. How about this? If I can make you come within a few minutes, you stop fighting this.”

“And if I win?” she asked.

“I won’t be so pushy.”

Yeah, right. Jada almost gloated. She couldn’t remember the last time or if ever a man gave her an orgasm. She could do it to herself, but that even took a while.

She shrugged non-gallantly and told him. “Sure.”

He didn’t look concerned. In fact, his intensity grew, which should have told her something.

Titan cupped her face and looked down at her momentarily before bending his head. The first touch of his lips took her breath. The gentleness was unexpected. His firm full lips felt perfect against hers, and his tongue velvety and thorough. There wasn’t a part of her mouth he didn’t explore.

When he started making love to her mouth, a sizzle started to grow inside of her. She reached up and gripped both of his thick wrists.

Jada had no idea how long he kissed her because her thoughts scattered when she felt his hand slide under her t-shirt and push her bra out of the way before he cupped it. He somehow was able to torment her tits as he stroked her breasts.

“There’s my girl,” he said. “Fuck, you feel so fucking good.”


“Shhh. Just relax.”

When she started squirming, he lifted her off the counter, flipped her around to face the mirror, and yanked her pants down past her knees. He had one of his hands on her hip and held her steady while the other slid between her thighs. A scream caught in her throat when he pushed one of his huge fingers into her cunt. It immediately took her hunger to another level.

“Jesus, you’re sopping wet, Sunshine. This shows me right here that you want me.”

“But another man might…”

She gasped when his hand came down on her bare ass several times, making her scream.

“I don’t want to hear that shit, Babe. Are you trying to drive me crazy?”

Before she could answer, he shoved two fingers inside her, and she could feel her womb tighten. No matter how much she tried to fight it, he pushed through her resistance.

“You’re so fucking close. Shit, you’re fucking tight. Jesus, I can’t wait to get my cock in you. I’ll be in your mouth, cunt, and ass as much as I can.”

She knew he was talking but couldn’t understand most of the words. Her whole focus was on the amazing sensations and the things he was doing to her body. Her body spasmed when he started to press his thumb on her clit. At the same time, he forced three fingers into her.

“Come,” he growled.

Jada did. She tried to hold back the scream building in her lungs but knew she couldn’t. She was thankful when he helped by putting his hand over her mouth. Her whole body hummed in satisfaction and disbelief.

He held onto her tightly as he continued to finger-fuck her while she tried to catch her breath which wasn’t working.

“One more.”

No way! She thought there was no way until he twisted his fingers inside of her throwing her over again. She was so stunned she couldn’t make a sound and held onto his arms as ripping pleasure stormed through her.

He pulled his fingers from her cunt and stuck them in his mouth. “Fuck, you taste like cotton candy.”

There was nothing she could say because she was still trying to get her breath and heart rate to calm down.

He pulled up her pants and put her bra and shirt in place before sitting on the toilet seat and cradling her sideways on his lap.

“Do you have any questions, Babe?”

She could hear the gloating tone of his voice, but she didn’t care. Those were the hardest orgasms she’d ever had.

“No.” She sighed and rested against him. There was no fight in her right then, but she didn’t want to fight either.

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