[Siren Ménage Amour: Erotic Contemporary Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, HEA] 

When ranchers Clay and Royce Jacobson noticed a young beautiful woman and her small son sitting across the room, they are immediately drawn to her, and they feel the instant possessive attraction that they know will change their lives. When they get close to her and they see the fear and the stress that she’s under, their protective instincts are ignited and they will do whatever it takes to keep them safe.

Isabel Walsh noticed the two men staring at her in the café and although she finds them very attractive, she doesn’t have the time or energy to let herself feel. Her and her son’s life are on the line, and it’s up to her to keep them safe. They have to keep ahead of the man who has already destroyed their lives and now wants to imprison them.
Isabel finds men that not only can protect her but can make all her late night fantasies come true.
On My Own (MFM)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Isabel threw the door open when she heard two sets of heavy footsteps coming up the stairs.

Royce was the first to her, took her arm, and gently guided her back into the apartment. His eyes slid down her body in a long hot caress before returning to her face. “What are you doing opening the door when you didn’t know who was there first?”

Isabel sucked in a breath at the anger on his face, shook her head, and took an abrupt step back. “Um, what?”

Royce scowled when she moved away from him, but he knew given time that would change. “Don’t ever do that again.” He placed a quick kiss on her startled lips and moved around her and carried the bag to the kitchen.

She touched her fingers to her lips, wanting to yell at him and at the same time wanting to keep the feeling of his lips from going away. She jumped at a gruff cough behind her. She turned to find Clay closing the door and staring intently at her.

Clay didn’t like the tired, vulnerable, or confused look on her delicate face and would do whatever he had to do to wipe it off. He leaned back against the door before he crooked a finger at her. She hesitated but then moved forward. He smiled when she stood in front of him. “First, I want a kiss.”

Isabel crossed her arm over her pounding heart, which also helped to hide the way her hard nipples poked through her shirt, and frowned even as her stomach flipped madly. “We’ve only just met, and you guys are touching and kissing me like, you know me.” She threw her hand out. “And I’m not comfortable with that.”

Clay folded his arms across his chest and studied her closely for a moment, then waited until she started to squirm. “Does it really make you uncomfortable, or is it because you like it too much?”

Isabel gasped. “What, why would you ask me something like that?”

“Answer my question.” He lowered his voice, putting in the right amount of stern authority to keep her attention.

She shook her head.

“Do you find it disgusting, or does it hurt when we touch you?”

Her mouth dropped open in shock. “No, absolutely not.” The thought of their hands on her heated her blood.

“Do you like our touch?”

Isabel lifted her chin even as a wave of wet heat saturated her tender folds. “Still,” she stammered. “I’m not the type of woman that fools around with a man, much less two men she doesn’t know. Besides, I won’t be here very long, and I certainly don’t have the energy or time for any…” She waved her hand. “You know, hanky-panky.”

He bit back a chuckle at a term he hadn’t heard since childhood. “I understand that, Isabel. But this is different. This thing between us is special, something none of us have dealt with before, so we kind of have to make our own rules. And the part about leaving we’ll discuss later. Now, answer me. Do we make you feel good?”

She nodded silently and bit her lower lip as a blush crept across her face.

Damn, she was adorable. “Then give me one good reason why the three of us can’t be affectionate at the same time we get to know each other. I know from the moment we met, I craved your touch, and had a desperate need to lay my hands on you.”

Isabel was speechless, unable at that moment to think of any comeback and felt that overwhelming need for their touch also. She stood on her tiptoes, placed her hands on his chest for balance, and leaned in. She touched her lips to his quickly and went to step back when his hands grasped her elbows, keeping her against him.

He looked her over, taking in her slender frame, long dark braid, and beautiful light brown eyes. She wore another pair of baggy faded jeans and an old pink T-shirt, but she left her feet bare.




Isabel screamed, and her body froze, then arched as a wave of intense, heated agony raced through her as she came. Her fingers clutched at Clay’s grasp as he held her hands above her head. Her legs shook as Royce held them apart for his assault on her senses.

Royce continued to ride her orgasm through until she collapsed back to the mattress. He took a step back and looked down at her. The emotions going through him at that moment tightened his chest and made his eyes burn. His love for this woman was more than he ever thought possible. He glanced at his brother and saw the same look of wonder on his face as he stared down at her.

Royce lifted her and placed her in the middle of the bed before crawling up and between her legs. Clay handed him a condom that he quickly donned on his aching cock. “Isabel, open your eyes.”

Clay chuckled at the stunned disbelief that glazed her eyes. “I think she thought we were done.”

Royce snorted. “Not by a long shot. Honey, we’ve only just begun.”

Clay sat up against the headboard, moved her in front of him, enclosed her between his thighs, and held her against his chest as his brother raised her hips. His hands slid over her sweat-moistened body, one landed on a breast, and the other cupped her head and turned her, taking her lips in a drugging kiss.

“Hold her, Clay.” Royce slid the head of his cock through the sweet cream that ran from her pussy before pushing in, stopping every so often when her body tightened in distress. “Baby, you’re doing so good. Look, do you see how much your body wants my cock? Your body is trying to suck my cock in.”

Isabel moaned. Her hands clutched at Clay’s heavy arm that lay across her stomach, holding her steady for his brother’s invasion into her body.

“Keep your eyes on me, honey.” A guttural moan escaped Royce as he pushed forward until his length was buried inside her, touching her womb. “Jesus. Clay, I’ve never felt anything more perfect in my life.”

Isabel watched the muscle on the side of Royce’s jaw tick, and his eyes narrow on her, burning her with the intense, heated emotion. Then her body tightened, making her sight turn hazy and her breath catch in her throat. “Oh, god. Royce, make it stop. It’s too much.”

A bead of sweat rolled down his temple as he began to move inside of her. “No. It’s not enough. Come for me.”

Isabel’s head thrashed against Clay’s chest, and she tried pulling her hands from the grip Clay had on them.

“Clay, touch that clit and help her. She’s trying to pull away from me, and I won’t have it.”

Clay chuckled as he slid a hand down her midsection, speared a finger between her sodden lips to press and tease her swollen clit.

Isabel’s breath caught in her throat. A tidal wave of pleasure raced through her, tightening her womb into something close to but not quite pain, before exploding. A scream tore from her as her body bowed off the mattress.

Royce swore and tightened his grip on her thighs as he surged into her, dragging out both his and her orgasms.

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