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Libby Calvincourt loves a good romance novel. She loves to read them and she loves to write them. Libby’s a midwestern girl and a world traveler. Libby found her happily ever after with her husband of 28 years and she believes everyone deserves a “happy ever after.” Libby Calvincourt started her writing career in the winter of 2015 and she hopes to continue to write for Siren-Bookstrand for years to come.

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Q: What inspired you to write your first novel?

A: I’ve wanted to write a novel for years. I joined a romance writers association and at our January meeting we wrote down our writing goals for 2015. My goal was to write an erotic romance novel and get it published. In February of 2015 I sat down at my computer and started my first erotic romance novel. I was proud I completed my novel and very excited Siren-BookStrand liked my novel enough to publish it.

Q: Describe your writing process?

A: What is my writing process? Well, basically I get a story in my head and then I start writing. I probably should do a better job of organizing, but I basically start on the first page and write to the end. Every night when I'm writing I re-read everything I’ve written and edit my writing at that time. I don’t set a deadline or word count for myself; I write until I come to a place where I feel comfortable stopping. The night I finished writing Warming Laurel A to Z I knew how I wanted the story to end and I was determined to get there; I finished around 3:00 AM. Research is an important part of my writing process; when I need to research something I stop writing and research. I love doing research for books.

Q: Speaking of research...what is the most interesting research you’ve done for your writing projects?

A: I love doing researching. The first research I did for the Men of Nowhere, North Dakota series was determining the weather and the terrain. I think it’s important for the setting to authentic. I would like to think someone from North Dakota could pick up the book and be like, “Yes, that could happen here.” What was really interesting was finding the vows for the commitment ceremony, I love to learn new things and I love to share that with my readers in an engaging way.

Q: What do you want your readers to “take away” after reading one of your novels?

A: The “take away” I want for my readers is a happy ever after. I believe a love story should end with a happy ever after and the reader to say, “I loved the ending.” It’s even better if they loved it so much they don’t want it to end.

Q: Why do you write?

A: Great question. I write because I think it so fun to take an idea I have in my head, put it on paper and then have other people read my thoughts and love it. I hope people will read what I write and enjoy the story...maybe even think about it after they finish it. Or, even better, they want to read it again. So, I guess I write for my personal enjoyment and hope others will enjoy what I’ve written.

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