The Baker's Sweets (MFM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 28,789
55 Ratings (4.1)

[Ménage Amour: Erotic Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, shape-shifters]

Lily never dreamed she would ever meet one man who would interest her more than her work does, let alone two. Meeting twin cops is not on her agenda, nor is creating more than a few hot memories. The lightning-fast romance is a surprise---the proposal an even bigger one.

Meeting the perfect mate was so unlikely. Morgan and Ian never imagined they would get so lucky. Will they be able to keep such a woman, or will the secret they are keeping steal away their chances for happiness?

Discovering that they are shape-shifters is frightening, but anger over their deceit quickly takes its place. Asking for space, Lilly could not foresee the tragedy that would strike the trio and could take the decision out of her hands. Will their dreams of happily ever after fall flat?

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.

A Siren Erotic Romance

The Baker's Sweets (MFM)
55 Ratings (4.1)

The Baker's Sweets (MFM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 28,789
55 Ratings (4.1)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
I loved this story and I'm looking forward to reading more books from this author!
I found this book to be a great read,the characters came alive with the story telling.
Cant wait till the next book in the series.
Professional Reviews

5 CUPS: "First of all, sexy, twin, alpha-male werewolves? That fact sent me into sensory overload. After my glasses unfogged from the meeting between Lily, Ian and Morgan, I just floated along through this story. This is an incredible read from page one until you turn the last page. Ms. Wray has certainly reached for the pinnacle and achieved it with this book. This is one of those books I just want more of. I am hoping the other sets of twins get their own romance because they would all make it to my bookshelf." -- Kimberly, Coffee Time Romance

4 ANGELS: "Lily is a loner, with no family in town; she doesn't have family gatherings to attend or cousins to hang out with. She has been married to her bakery since opening the year before. She has so little time for herself, definitely no time for a man. When one of her loyal employees invites her to a birthday dinner at her home, Lily meets twin brothers that make her body warm and fuzzy. She feels the instant attraction and at the end of the evening, the brothers escort her back to her apartment for dessert. Morgan and Ian, both alpha shape shifters, recognize the pretty baker as their mate and waste no time in claiming her as their own. The couple share amazing orgasms and grow closer over the months ahead. On a weekend trip, the brothers propose to Lily, she accepts and they learn she is pregnant. When an incident happens that reveals the brothers other side, Lily freaks out and backs away from the relationship. Will a near death accident make Lily realize how close she came to losing her happy future? What's better than a gorgeous Alpha male, two gorgeous Alpha males. I enjoyed The Baker's Sweets and the dominant traits that both of the men showed throughout the story. Their personalities complimented each other, which made them good for the heroine. The sexual scenes are scorching and very erotic. I also liked that the heroine was a professional and not just a damsel in distress being saved by the hero. Although she loved her men, she stood up for herself and what she believed." -- Pam S., Fallen Angel Reviews

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Ian turned her face back toward him. “You are ours now.” He whispered softly against her lips and kissed her gently. “Come on, let’s shower and eat the takeout we picked up.”

Ian got up, stretched, and reached for her. When she got up, she put her hand in his, and he bent and put her right over his shoulder in a fireman’s hold, which made her squeal his name.

He popped her on the ass, carried her to the bathroom, started the shower, and stepped in with her. Morgan, feeling so damn sated, watched them from the door way. She was perfect. He loved how she fit them both. He startled himself with the thought of love but accepted and acknowledged that that was exactly what he felt. Morgan washed his hands and cleaned up.

Turning, Morgan slipped on his boxer briefs, grabbed the bag of takeout off the hall floor, and stepped into the eat-in kitchen. He quickly found plates in the cabinet. When he finished lighting the candles on the small table and setting the containers of Chinese food on the table, he took three waters out of the fridge. As he was turning away from the door, his breath caught in his throat. Lily stood in the doorway in a tiny white silk robe and her wet hair in a towel. Her tanned legs were a beautiful contrast against the white of the robe, and her skin, so fresh and dewy. Lily came to him and cuddled against his chest. She is so soft and sweet, he thought. Even after the shower, there was a change in her scent. This was why they never fucked without a condom. Any were she came into contact with would know that she was being claimed by one of the brotherhood. Her natural scent was tinged with that of two weres, which would identify that she was being claimed by a pair of alphas.

“We brought some of everything. We weren’t sure what you liked.”

She smiled “That sounds great,thanks.”

Lily turned and grabbed napkins, and Morgan pulled out her chair. Ian walked in, still damp from his shower, and seated himself on her right, and Morgan took the chair to the left. Ian grabbed a set of chopsticks and handed them to her, and they passed the various containers.

They entertained her with stories from the force and their childhood, and she told them about her grandfather. Lily always found it hard to talk about losing her parents, and especially now that her grandfather had passed. But it was very easy to talk to them, and the pain of not having any family left was dulled for the first time. They laughed about her grandfather coming on dates with her, and they touched her in gentle ways when she told them about her parents dying in the car accident and how a sudden heart attack had taken her grandfather. Ian asked about the bakery, and Lily quickly explained.

“My grandfather was a butcher at the grocery store, and when I turned sixteen, I went to work in the bakery and quickly realized it was where I wanted to be. I went to college and got a degree in business management and minored in accounting, but all I have ever wanted was to do the custom cakes. When Grandpa died, he left me enough to buy the building and to get started. It was really rough last year, but since your grandmother has come to the bakery, I have breathing room. She has even convinced me to hire someone for the front.”

They washed the plates and bagged the garbage. Lily broke the companionable silence. “I have some extra toothbrushes, if y’all want to stay.”




The men pulled into the garage, quickly shut the garage doors and disengaged the alarm, and when they were safely in the house, they reset it. Both men kept her between them all the way to the bedroom, only pausing to toss the dinner containers into the refrigerator. When they reached the bedroom, Morgan pushed her to her knees, and each man unbuttoned his jeans and eased his aroused cock from its tight confines. Looking up at both of them from the submissive position had her creaming her panties alone. But when Morgan gruffly ordered her to suck their cocks, she trembled with need. Each man smelled so good, the same underlying musk, but so different. She circled each cock with a hand that didn’t surround the circumference of either one and guided her hand from base of each shaft toits weeping head.

They both bucked into her hand, and she ran her tongue over the head of first one, then the other and lapped at the bead of come that welled on each. When Lily sucked on the tip of Morgan’s cock, he grasped her by the head and fucked his thick shaft into her mouth. The head bumped against her throat, and he gruffly ordered her to swallow him. She willed her throat muscles to relax and forced herself to breathe through her nose.

The rough way Morgan was taking her mouth should have turned her off, but it didn’t. If anything, it heightened her arousal knowing that she, frumpy Lily, had turned them on to this point.

 As Morgan began to fuck her throat in earnest, Ian came behind her and licked her small rosette, kissing and tonguing the small opening. He eased one finger then another into her while watching her hips back up onto his fingers. It amazed him how well she had taken to anal pleasure. Before they had left for the restaurant, he had taken this little sweet ass. Knowing she was open enough, he looked up at Morgan, letting him know it was time. He witnessed Morgan do what most men could never do, pull away from paradise. Ian moved and let Morgan take his place. Ian guided Lily’s mouth to his own cock and loved how she automatically swallowed his length.

As Morgan approached Lily’s sweet upturned ass, he couldn’t wait to shoot his load in her open ass so he could use it as lube for when he and Ian took her together. He licked his index and middle finger and eased them into her. He was thankful for the fact that Ian had fucked her ass just hours ago. The muscles were still slightly relaxed, and he was able to ease them quickly. As his strokes brought him to the point of no return, he pressed the head of his cock into her open hole and shot his load into her ass. Watching Ian buck his cum into Lily’s mouth did the trick of keeping Morgan hard. He eased the rest of his length into her ass and brought her body flush with his chest. He wrapped an arm around her chest, cupped one of her breasts, and used the other hand to pick her up. He walked over to the bed, sat on the edge, and eased them both onto their backs while his cock was still embedded deeply in her ass.

Lily watched Ian approach the bed and he grabbed her thighs and placed them over Morgan’s opening her to him. She gazed at him as he kissed her navel, burrow his lips into her cunt, and lick and suck her clit. If it weren’t for the grip each man had on her, she would have thrashed all over the bed. Ian finally took mercy on her and let go of her clit after one last hard suck. She saw Ian grip the large shaft and guide it to her pussy.

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