For the Love of Anna (MFMM)

The Town of Pearl 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 56,304
243 Ratings (4.6)

[Ménage Amour: Erotic Cowboy Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/F/M/M]

“Take care of your father Anna, it’s all I ask,” was her mother’s dying wish. Anna tried her hardest, working double shifts and getting little rest, plus her dad is an abusive alcoholic. One night, Anna is accosted in her home. Her father really did it this time, and two loan sharks are intent on collecting a debt. They threaten Anna’s life, wanting to prostitute her out to make back the money her father owes.

Her father shows up drunk, and Anna realizes she has to save herself. Despite her injuries, she escapes. Her friend Stacy lives in Pearl, along with two men Max and Eric Cantrell. When Anna arrives on the ranch battered and beaten, an authoritative Sheriff, an ex-Marine and one sexy cowboy become intent on showing her what real love is.

But Anna is an innocent, and trust will not come easy. But these three dominant, stubborn men will do anything for the love of Anna.

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.

A Siren Erotic Romance

For the Love of Anna (MFMM)
243 Ratings (4.6)

For the Love of Anna (MFMM)

The Town of Pearl 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 56,304
243 Ratings (4.6)
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Anna survived not one but two really horrible beatings from two really evil sons-of-monkey-turds who got what they truly deserved in the end. No one should be allowed to ever hit anyone weaker than them and certainly no child should ever grow up with a father like the one Anna had, nothing like poetic justice.

Child abuse is a real thing and I seriously believe that some people should be licensed to become parents and I always wondered if in some cases it continued into adulthood and well even though this is a well thought piece of fiction I still think it has it’s bases in fact and there for answered that question.

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Laura's Book Binge
I LOVED this book and have read it several times over. Ms. Dwyer is a great writer and I always get sucked into her stories!!!
Professional Reviews

5 RAVENS: "For the Love of Anna is a beautiful love story written by the very talented Dixie Lynn Dwyer. In this story we meet a young woman narrowly escaping the horrors of her past to find her future in a most unusual and unforeseen situation. With her very life at stake, Anna narrowly escapes the city and flees to the home of her only friend. Stacy has been completely in the dark about the dreadful situations Anna has been dealing with and welcomes Anna into her home with open arms. Stacy lives on a huge ranch with her two husbands and their three cousins. Concerned that trouble from her past may follow her, Anna refuses to consider putting her friend at risk by staying too long and decides it will be safe to stay only until she heals from her injuries and can earn enough money to move on. Ben, Wyatt and Charlie have a hunch that Anna may be just the woman they have been waiting all their lives to find. They hope to find a way to convince her to stay put. The characters in For the Love of Anna are well developed and interesting. Stacy is very convincing as a best friend who will do anything within her power to keep her friend safe. Ben, Wyatt and Charlie each have an intriguing back story that makes them relatable and also makes it easier to understand Anna’s attraction to them, as well as theirs for her. The elderly town doctor, the restaurant owners and the other people of the town represent that small town dream of people pulling together and watching out for one another. Pearl may not be perfect, but it would be a wonderful place to live. This is an impressively enjoyable book. The writing flows easily and the story order and development make sense. While there is angst in the story, it is not over the top. This is, at its core, a love story in which the four main characters all have to overcoming some sort of adversity in their lives to be in the position to be open to the passion and devotion of the long lasting love they all desire. Having read Dixie Lynn Dwyer previously, I expected to like this book. However, I was not prepared for it to touch my heart the way it did. Anna’s courage in being determined to leave the past behind, to release attachments to negative and difficult things and refuse to use those negative things as an excuse for stagnation serve as an amazing example of a courageous and victorious way to live. For the Love of Anna will be enjoyed by all who appreciate stories of overcoming adversity and finding true love, even when love looks a bit different than one might have expected." -- Lea, Blackraven's Reviews

4.5 BLUE RIBBONS: "FOR THE LOVE OF ANNA is a fast paced dramatic read that pulls at the readers’ heartstrings. Anna’s sacrificed so much to support her unappreciative father yet it’s not until he callously leaves her at the mercy of thugs that she realizes she has to make the break from him in order to save herself. While Anna’s life seems to be all one big tragedy once she arrives in Pearl things quickly begin to turn around and for once she has hope, a sense of peace and a possible romance but her fear is still very real. I love how Anna’s friendship with Stacy has been such a lifeline for her and because of that friendship Anna finds the happiness she deserves. Even before any romance happens between Anna, Charlie, Ben and Wyatt there’s an air of anticipation that tantalizes the reader to keep reading just so you don’t miss a delicious moment of the action. Great friends, sexy dominant men, a wonderful accepting town and a couple bad asses from New York intent on making Anna’s life a living hell make FOR THE LOVE ANNA a wonderful read." -- Chrissy Dionne, Romance Junkies Reviews

4.5 CHERRIES: "Her life in danger and her body nearly broken, Anna Parker takes the first steps to healing when she steps off the bus in Pearl, Texas. She never expected the healing to include three sexy Texas men determined to protect and love her at any cost. Anna’s body isn’t the only thing that’s bruised and battered. So is her faith in family and men in general. Brothers Charlie, Ben, and Wyatt prove that the men in Texas aren’t just big in size; they also have an incredible supply of patience, understanding, love and devotion. I like that Anna doesn’t immediately fall all over the men. Charlie appropriately compares her to a frightened doe at one point. The writing is so vivid I could easily picture Anna’s trepidation in accepting that these three large men wanted to love and care for her. Charlie, Ben, and Wyatt Cantrell are more than brothers, they are obviously best friends. This is a close knit family along with their cousins Eric and Max. As a reader and a woman, I had to admire their devotion and connection. Even though Anna is initially intimidated by the brothers, their easy manner and persistence pays off! I would rather she didn’t cry as much as she does, but considering what she had been through I guess it’s understandable. The first time she meets and talks to Wyatt is one of my favorite scenes. He is a total Alpha and doesn’t let her get away with hiding from their chemistry. Anna has an amazing transformation from a “scared doe” to strong woman as the story progresses. When she realized the trouble has followed her from New York she’s determined to not let the people she’s grown to love get hurt on her account. Lucky for her they feel the same way! This is a beautiful love story for anyone who enjoys the intensity of a ménage relationship. Ms. Dwyer has a talented voice for writing ménage. I was first introduced to her writings when I read Were She Belongs. Do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of Anna’s story. You will be glad you did. " -- Honeysuckle, Whipped Cream Reviews

4.5 NYMPHS: "Anna is running for her life after mobsters beat her up and tried to take her, in lieu of her father’s debt. Once she arrives at the Triple C ranch, she meets Wyatt, Charlie and Ben. For the Love of Anna is the first book in The Town of Pearl series. There is a lot of angst on Anna’s part because she had to be the adult in the family after her mom got sick and died. The realization that you have been betrayed by a family member would be devastating, for most people. It sort of sets you adrift and keeps you questioning your worth. This comes through very clearly in the story. Anna’s friendship with her friend, Stacy, very clearly gives Anna someone to confide in and use as a sounding board, which is what she needs. The way the author showed how Anna, Wyatt, Charlie and Ben learned about each other is wonderful because it shows a transformation taking place within Anna. The scenes between Anna and the men, as a group or individually, burn up the pages so keep plenty of ice or fans on hand.  The secondary characters, which include the men’s cousins, add a lot to the story and I would like to learn more about Stacy and her relationship. I am looking forward to reading the next book and will be reading this one again." -- Amazon Nymph, Literary Nymph Reviews

4 TEA CUPS: "Anna had a hard life. When her mother sick and dying, the care and support of her family, fell on her shoulders. She cared for her mother, and worked to pay the bills and support her father. Her father took her support and drank it, and wasted it betting. He finally got himself in trouble, that he couldn't get himself out of, and finally embroiled Anna in his troubles. Anna ran to the one person she knew she could trust: Her best friend Stacy who lives in Pearl. Pearl is and is not your typical small Texas town. Pearl is an idyllic small town, the kind where everyone takes care of each other, and really everyone knows your name. Of course somehow Pearl ended up with more men in town than women, and found a unique solution to this problem. Brothers will often take the same wife – two or more hunky, alpha male brothers will decide to share one woman as their wife. This is common practice in Pearl, and no one thinks anything of it. Pearl is what happens when the standard polygamous marriage gets turned on its head. Charlie, Ben, and Wyatt grew up with two fathers married to their mother, and they were looking for a woman to complete their circle, and form a family. In stumbled Anna into their town, onto their ranch, and into their lives. Each had a separate relationship with Anna, and all strived to help Anna overcome her difficult past in their own way. Separately, they were helping her heal. When they were together, the flames exploded, as the heat and passion between them threatened to engulf them all. This book is not for people who don't like having their sexual boundaries pushed, as there are several ménage sex scenes that are very erotic. This book is also full of wonderfully well written romantic scenes. Don't let the ménage aspect of this book keep you from reading it. If you do, you will be missing out." -- Dodie, Happily Ever After Reviews

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The screams awoke him from his slumber. Charlie had insisted on staying the night in case Anna needed medical attention. He took the stairs to the second floor two at a time. When he got to the open door, he saw Eric and Max first. They looked white as ghosts. Max was running his hands through his hair, his eyes were glossy, and Eric didn’t look much better.

The closer his steps took him into the room, the clearer the image came into view.

The light by the bedside table illuminated the room but not the corner by the bed and behind the recliner. Stacy was on her knees talking, whispering, and caressing something or someone behind the chair.

“It hurts…please, stop them…Daddy!” the voice screamed. It sounded so fragile and helpless.

Charlie slowly came around the bed and leaned down next to Stacy. She knew he was there but never took her eyes or her hands off of her best friend Anna.

Charlie watched as Stacy caressed Anna’s leg.

“They’re gonna kill me. I have to escape!” Anna shook with fear. Whatever had happened to her she was obviously re-experiencing it in her dream. The pain, the upset…everything. Charlie had to do something. His heart ached at the sound.

He got down on his knees in the small space on the floor and gently took Anna’s hand into his own.

“It’s Charlie, Anna. Stacy’s friend, the doctor, honey…wake up, please. Come on, baby, you’re safe here.” His tone was gentle and caring as he caressed her skin. The sight of her curled up in a ball, clammy and crying, tore at his heart and soul. He worried about her injuries and the position her body was in.

“Stacy, let me pick her up and see if we can get her to wake,” he whispered. Stacy looked at him. He saw the pain she was in and how upset she was getting seeing her friend like this.

Charlie saw Max help Stacy up and pull her into his arms.

Charlie slowly wrapped his arms around Anna, whispering and caressing her as he gently pulled her into his arms.

Her breathing was rapid, her chest blotchy and red as she cried her heart out.

“I’ve got you, baby, you’re safe here with me. No one is going to hurt you ever again, doll,” he whispered, holding her against his chest.

She was light and fragile in his arms, like a wounded animal, he took care of her and swore he would protect her as long as she was with him. She seemed to be calming down as she held his shirt in a death grip and snuggled closer.

She continued to moan and cry more softly when, suddenly, her eyes began to flutter open. “He doesn’t love me. He never loved me.”

The words tore through the room. Charlie caught the response from her words as he scanned everyone’s eyes. Then he held Anna’s gaze. He saw the fear, felt her cringe and try to pull away, but he wouldn’t have it.

“Shhh now, baby doll. I’m here, and I’m not going to leave you.”

“Anna, I love you, honey. Please let Charlie take care of you.” Stacy caressed Anna’s arms as she cried.

“Don’t cry, Stacy. I’m sorry…I…I didn’t mean for this to happen,” Anna whispered, her voice barely audible to everyone’s ears.

Charlie pulled her closer against his chest.


* * * *


Anna was relieved that she wasn’t still a captive of the bad men back in New York. The nightmare was so real, she was embarrassed to find she obviously woke the whole house. It felt good to be in Charlie’s arms. She felt safe, yet she was scared. The fact that she only had a bra on and a skimpy pair of shorts had her trying to wiggle free and cover herself. He had taken care of her earlier. She felt the bandage against her ribs and knew Charlie must have felt that she needed them wrapped. She was very tired as her eyes felt heavy, and she began to give in to Stacy’s request that Charlie help her.

Charlie held her tighter, then sat on the bed, cradling her in his arms. Stacy placed a blanket over her body at Charlie’s request.

“I’m sorry,” she whispered one last time before closing her eyes. Her head hurt, and her body throbbed. The dizziness overtook her. She felt hot. Really hot. She couldn’t help but think Charlie holding her was the culprit. No man ever held her. She never got this close to one and forgot about her father.

The thought caused a deep sob to escape her lips. Charlie pulled her closer against his chest and lay on the bed with her. “You’re safe, Anna. Close your eyes, darling, and get some sleep.”




“Oh, God, Wyatt!” She grabbed his hand. At first, she shook with fear and anticipation, but then, the rhythm of the in and out motion, combined with the sensations running through her body, made her hips move with him.

“She’s got the best fucking ass. I can’t wait to fuck this ass. You like that idea, Anna?”

Before she could answer, Charlie was touching her chin and tilting her face up toward him. She swallowed hard at the look in his eyes. It was carnal and intense.

He took her mouth with his teeth. He gently pulled the bottom lip first before fully kissing her, plunging in deep with his tongue and tasting every inch of her. Wyatt continued to finger her, adding another digit, then bending lower, placing his mouth on her pussy lips. The sensation of his fingers and his tongue nibbling on her clit sent her into another orgasm. She spread her legs, and he lifted one over his shoulder, baring her completely to his mouth and eyes.

She grabbed Charlie’s shoulder, and Ben took that moment to rub a finger over the moisture and caress her lips then trace back over the puckered hole. She gasped at the idea of them taking her there.

“I want to fuck this tight, beautiful ass, Anna. Has anyone ever fucked your ass?” He growled against her skin, lightly biting her cheeks then licking the slit.

“Oh, God, no!” she screamed.

The sounds of Wyatt sucking her cream away filled the bedroom.

“I think she likes that idea, Ben. What do you think, Wyatt?” Charlie asked as he lowered himself next to Wyatt.

“Fucking delicious. She tastes so good.” Wyatt flicked his tongue and pumped his fingers deeper into Anna’s channel.

She heard a zipper go down, and her heart raced. He wasn’t going to take her there, was he?

“No! Stop!” she blurted out, pulling away from the three of them.

They all looked crazed with desire, and she immediately felt the loss of their touch and embrace, but she had to be honest. She couldn’t let them think she was more experienced than she let on so far.

“What is it?” Ben asked.

She stared at him. At some point, he’d removed his shirt, and his impeccable abs were a sight for the eyes. He was firm, trim, and oh, God, his crotch. A small patch of light brown hair below his navel stretched clear into his package. The mushroom top was sticking out, and by the look of the bulge, he was generous in the penis department.


Ben looked at her as if he understood her fear, and that confident, cocky stud had the nerve to whip out his cock and point it toward her.

She was fascinated by its appearance and size. It was quite a beautiful sight. Thick, lighter than the rest of his tanned complexion, and she licked her lips.

“Oh, baby, you’re killing me,” Ben whispered in a raspy voice.

Wyatt took her hand and led her to the bed.

“Talk to us,” he stated, and she got the chills from his demanding tone.

“I’ve never done this,” she whispered, still staring at Ben’s cock and his mischievous smile.

“A virgin ass? Fucking love it!” Ben exclaimed, and Anna lowered her eyes.

Charlie tilted her head up toward them.

She saw the concern in his face as well as a small dimple in his left cheek. She loved his dimples. He was so handsome, with light brown hair and big brown eyes. She felt the calluses on his fingertips and his rough demeanor. He was mysterious in a lot of ways.

“Don’t be afraid. If you’re not ready for that, we’ll take things slow. But one day real soon, we’re all going to take you at once,” Charlie stated with confidence.

Anna licked her lips and leaned back with her elbows and forearms against the bed. Wyatt lay on his side beside her now, and Ben still stood in front of her, holding his cock, smirking.

She giggled at his personality. He was such a tease.

In nervousness, she licked her lips again, and the three men moaned.

“You keep licking those lips, and I’ll give you something to suck on, Anna,” Charlie exclaimed, pulling his shirt up over his head, then, he began to unzip his pants.

Anna knew she had to tell them.

“I’ve never done that before, either.”

All three of them looked at each other, then back at Anna.

This time, Wyatt responded.

“Never what, Anna?” Wyatt asked softly.

“Suck cock?” Ben interjected, and both Wyatt and Charlie gave him a dirty look.

Anna felt herself redden.

She nodded.

“Wow…well, don’t worry. We’ll take it slow, baby,” Charlie whispered, then removed his jeans the rest of the way and lay down beside her on the other side.

“No! You don’t understand. God, this is so embarrassing.” Anna covered her face with her hands.

A few seconds passed before she felt hands caressing her from head to toe. Then Wyatt removed her hands from her face.

“Hey, now, there’s no need to be embarrassed because you’re not as experienced.”

“Yeah, I kind of like the fact that that mouth won’t suck any other cocks than ours,” Ben stated.

“Ben!” Wyatt, Charlie, and Anna exclaimed.

“What?” he asked, shrugging his shoulders, but still held his long, thick cock in his fist.

“Umm…we said we were going to be completely honest, right?” Anna asked as she looked at each of them. Her mouth watered at the sight. They were sexy as damn hell, and she still couldn’t believe that they wanted her.

“Of course, Anna.”

She smiled at Charlie.

“Well, about this whole experience thing,” she whispered, then clasped her fingers together.

“Yes,” all three men chimed in.

“I’m a virgin!” she blurted out, then covered her face again.

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