Caress of Fur (MFM)

ita 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 51,444
105 Ratings (4.3)

[#350 Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, werewolves]

Mai isn’t impressed when she discovers her friend has set her up on a surprise blind date, but a bad date is the least of her worries. She is about to discover that humans aren’t the only predators walking the streets of Toronto. Now, Mai faces two choices—returning to her safe world alone or standing up to not one but two of the most dominant men she has ever met.

Twin werewolves, Vencel and Gaspar, escaped their war-torn homeland and discovered a new home in the wilds of Algonquin Park. They never expected to find their mate in a fragile, human woman. Convincing her of their true natures proves harder than they anticipated, especially now that an old enemy has found them and is threatening to destroy their new home and family.

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Caress of Fur (MFM)
105 Ratings (4.3)

Caress of Fur (MFM)

ita 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 51,444
105 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
Hot Diggity Dog - LOVE LOVE LOVE this book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This was a great read by Ms. Davies. Her characters were woven richly together and the world she created appealing. Nice job!
Melody Snow Monroe
Professional Reviews

5 TEA CUPS: "Corinne wrote an enjoyable story! Mai Bennett might not have been the happiest person living alone with her panic attacks but with her web site and her apartment she could keep the attacks at a minimum. So when her happily married friend Stephanie interferes in her love life she never realized how much she was missing. When Stephanie thought she was hiring one man for a date to build Mai’s confidence she couldn’t believe there were two, identical twins. Gaspar Sofalvi knew the moment that he met Mai she was his mate and knew she was into him as much as he was her. When something came up, he asked his twin Vencel to go on the second date to meet Mai. Mai is high strung and thought she was going insane when two men showed interest in her but what she didn’t realize was the inner strength she had to handle these magnificent werewolves. She knew that their mating was going to actually save their lives when danger come calling. Corinne did a wonderful job bringing together these three and making Mai the strong woman who discovers that love, let alone the great sex, keeps the heart aflutter." -- Wendy, Happily Ever After Reviews

4 CHERRIES: "The journey is very sexy and the author did a nice job of fanning the flames of passion between the characters. It was a bit rocky at times which made for some entertaining reading and it wouldn’t have been as much fun if Mai hadn’t made them work for it. She may have her issues but she’s a smart woman and I liked that. The secondary characters were a nice touch because they introduced some key plot shifts and revelations. I liked Mai’s best friend and I thought the woman’s husband was terrific too. Caress of Fur is a delightful and very steamy story sure to entertain paranormal romance readers looking for a quick alpha fix. The story has its humorous moments and I thought it funny that even an alpha can have allergies. What a cute touch. It also has a satisfying happily ever after that appealed to me. Ms. Davies kept me entertained and interested throughout the story and I’m glad I got to review it." -- Xeranthemum, Whipped Cream Reviews

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Gaspar leaned down and kissed her. Slipping his tongue between her lips to play with hers, allowing her to taste herself on him. She tugged at her trapped hands, but neither man would allow her to go. Something about being helpless to do anything but what they wanted created a feeling of peace inside her. No matter what they did, she knew she could trust them. Gaspar rubbed her clit with the pad of his fingers, grazing the sensitive skin so softly she could hardly feel it. Vencel angled his hips, and she could feel the broad tip of him press against her opening.

“Are you too sore?” She could feel herself stretching to accommodate his girth, a slight ache, but the sensation of him moving in short little slides overpowered any pain. “I’m fine.” She felt a tremor run along her limbs.

Vencel must have felt it to because he nipped her on the shoulder. “You’re squeezing me like a vice Nyuszikam.

“You should see her from this angle, brother. Next time we switch places. Her skin is flushed, and her pretty pussy is swollen and so wet. Her nipples are like pencil erasers.” He bent down and flicked his tongue over her nipples. Mai jerked in Vencel’s arms. Gaspar’s tongue felt rough against her sensitive skin.

“Mai, we want you to stay here.” Vencel splayed his hand across her lower stomach, a hot brand against her skin. She felt him roll his hips before plunging deeper within her. “Stay here with us.”

Gaspar kissed a path between her breasts while he spoke. “We want to take care of you and have you in our lives.” The idea sounded like heaven to her. Maybe too good?

“For a while?” Concentrating on what they were saying seemed almost impossible. The way they made her feel stole all her concentration. She pushed at Gaspar’s waist until he got the hint and moved up higher until his cock was in line with her lips.

Gaspar shuddered when she brushed a finger over the tip of his cock. Vencel slipped in and out her in a steady rhythm. She licked the plum head and caught a few drops that gathered in the small slit. “Oh yeah, slip my cock between your lips.”

She smiled up at him and sucked the head of his cock past her lips. She shuttled up and down the length of him, playing with the heavy sac hanging between his legs.

“You are doing incredible, Mai.” Vencel’s deep voice encouraged her on. Taking him deeper into her throat, Vencel adjusted his strokes to match the rhythm she moved. She started to feel the tightening of Gaspar’s balls under her fingers when he suddenly pulled away from her lips with an audible pop.  

The men rolled with her until Vencel lay on his back, and she straddled his hips. His hands gripped her waist, and he pulled her down against him, grinding up against her. Gaspar cupped her face in his hands and kissed her soundly, pressing his thick cock against her lower belly.

Vencel slipped from her body, and she felt a cooling sensation on the rosette of her bottom. “A little lube…” Feeling him circle the sensitive area lit every one of Mai’s nerves on fire. He played with her back hole, pressing the lube inside her, the sensations driving her insane. The tight ring of muscles protested, but she concentrated on relaxing.

“That’s perfect, Nyuszikam, let me into that tight ass of yours.” He gripped her tightly around the waist, slowing her descent on his length. Mai gripped Vencel’s forearms to steady herself. She felt too stretched but at the same time wanted more.

“You’ll get more, Angyalom, we promise.” Gaspar kissed her until she sat completely on Vencel’s cock. “Now it’s my turn.” Vencel sat up and encouraged Mai to lean slightly back against him. Gaspar moved between her legs and pierced her core with his length. With her legs trapped on either side of Vencel’s, she had no choice but to take them.

It frightened her and aroused her at the same time. They controlled her movements, allowing her bursts of heat and then held onto her hips and made her remain still.

“I can’t…” Mai panted, lost in a sea of sensations. “Please, move”

It almost felt as if she could feel each of them deep inside her soul. She mentally reached for something she didn’t understand.

“Forever, Angyalom, we want forever. Never leave us.”

Nyuszikam, be our mate. Stay with us.”

They bit her on either side of her neck sending a white-hot wave of heat blasting through her. No pain but exquisite acceptance, her body felt as if a swath of fur rushed over it. Each layer from the firm bristles to the soft undercoat caressed her skin. Her body strained for more but couldn’t quite reach…

“Yes, forever.”


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