Trio in Love (MMM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 28,652
1 Ratings (5.0)

[Siren Menage Amour ManLove: Erotic Romance, Contemporary, Alternative, Light BDSM, MMM, HEA]

Jim and David reconnect ten years later and reignite the love they thought they lost. They marry and move from San Jose to the small town of Bandon, Oregon.

And then there is Joel. Joel gets under their skin in a marvelous manner and a three-way love begins.

But with Joel being ten years younger, can love last, or will the problems that arise due to the age difference ruin their happy home?

NOTE: This is the sequel to Reunion.

Trio in Love (MMM)
1 Ratings (5.0)

Trio in Love (MMM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 28,652
1 Ratings (5.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing


Jim, David, and Joel drove in Jim’s minivan and took turns driving up Highway 101 to Oregon. Jim loved the open road. And he loved David, his husband, who stood six-feet tall at one hundred seventy pounds, a sexy beast. The minivan was packed with personal things. A moving van would meet them at their new home.

Joel said, “I love being with you guys. You’re great friends, especially when you helped me come out. I was so frigging afraid and it turned out great. Gee, it seems like so long ago. I’ve never looked back.”

Jim said, “I’m glad you came out. Not like me. I took far too long, but thanks to David’s love and patience—” He sighed. “But I still regret hiding and being a coward.” He looked to David. “I never forgot you for the ten years we were apart. We were each with others and then you married, but I never forgot you. I compared everyone else to you.”

David bit his lip. “Jim, I was always in love with you, but I understand that you couldn’t be out then. I married Carl as a consolation prize because I couldn’t have you. I thought of you every time I made love to another man. You were always number one.”

They took the coast route up to Bandon, Oregon, which was ninety miles north of the California border.

David asked Jim, “How are you after you shot that idiot? And after being in the fire and your motorcycle crash? Nightmares? Regrets? I know all that can be hard for police officers especially when you’re forced to retire.”

Jim said, “I’m really okay, mostly. The guy was loaded on illegal drugs and clearly was intent on a mass shooting at the care facility. I’m glad I had a gun, and I had to protect everyone including my parents. And you, David. If more citizens had guns in this country, there would be fewer mass shootings.” He smiled. “Thank you for asking but other than the frequent nightmares and flashbacks, hell I’m doing okay.” Jim sighed and shook his head.

David said, “I wish I could make it all good for you.”

Stopping frequently, the normal ten-hour trip took fourteen. They stopped for lunch and often to look out at various scenic waysides to admire the forests and ocean. They stayed in the hotel at Gold Beach, just one hour shy of Bandon. Every room had an ocean view, and the trio sat for a long time, nursing beers and watching the ocean.

“I love the smell of the sea,” Jim said as the sea breeze wafted past. And he thought of Joel, wishing for him to be more than a friend. David and Jim knew Joel for about three years now. They found Joel to be a good friend and Jim and David fantasized about bringing Joel into their bed and marriage. They loved Joel.

They got two queen beds in the room they shared.

Joel moved in between the guys on their bed for a three-way hug. “I love both you guys. You’ve wormed your way into my heart.”

David kissed his cheek. “Don’t worry, you’ll find the right guy for you.”

Jim added, “You’re young, sexy, intelligent. David is right.”

“Thank you, guys. I’m glad that you two reunited after ten years.”

The next morning, they ate at the hotels’ breakfast buffet, and then they took off for Bandon. David gave directions, and they pulled down the long driveway off Windhurst Lane for David’s home on the nine acres in the forest, that all three would live in. They stopped in front of the newer home with a large greenhouse on the right and an old garage on the left that was used as a barn. The sun shined and dots of clouds filled the sky with a gentle breeze. They got out. Sans words, David and Jim hugged. Joel joined in.

After a bit, David used the key and they rushed inside. They all stood and turned in circles in the open main area. It had kitchen, dining room, and living room with a wood-burning stove and small library. Then they checked out each of the two master bedrooms. David and Jim hugged again when Joel wandered off. Jim said, “David, I love you. I’ve loved you forever.”

David moaned, “Jim, my Jim, I love you so. And I must admit, I’m in love with Joel, too.”

Jim said, “So am I. We need to tell him. I want him in our bed, in our lives, permanently.”




They finished eating and dropped the plates in the sink and rushed to bed. Joel went to the closet and opened a box. “Guys, this just came yesterday.” He pulled out a leather flogger with at least twenty tails. The handle was tightly wrapped and had purple jewels in it. “I want to be flogged with this, please.” He took out a red leather hood and put it on. “And I want to wear this. No eye holes but holes to breathe through my nose and a hole for the mouth so a dick can be shoved in.” He bit his lip and stared.

David hugged him. They were all in briefs. “Joel, don’t be embarrassed. Lots of people are into this type of play. We’ll flog you. Do you what a safe word is?” Joel nodded. “Do you know what your safe word is?”

“Halt. I know some people say, and beg, for the punishment to stop. They say stop and no and don’t but they really want it to go on, so halt should work, okay?”

Jim said, “What’s a safe word?”

David and Joel moaned. David said, “It’s a special word to stop whatever is going on. Like Joel said, it’s common for people to say no and stop and so on, but they don’t mean it. A safe word brings everything to a stop. Sometimes because the pain is too severe and other times because the person needs to come.” He wagged his brows and took the flogger from Joel’s hand.

Joel laid across the bed and said, “Later, I want to be tied down. Ropes attached to the legs of the bed and leather straps on my ankles and wrists. I’ve ordered the leather restraints, but they’re still on the way.” He spread his arms and legs. “Punish me, please.”

David had a chill run through him as he punished Joel with the leather flogger. He never thought he’d be involved in anything like this, but here he was flogging one of his two lovers. And he enjoyed it, or so his hard cock told him. David was just in his briefs. Jim watched from the side. Joel’s head was covered with his red leather hood.

David swung the flogger time and again. Joel moaned as the strikes grew harder. David swallowed and wailed into Joel, who began to twitch with each strike. David hit his back, ass, and thighs and returned up again. David told Jim, “Yank his briefs down to his knees.”

Jim obeyed.

Joel yelled, “No, please don’t punish me anymore. Stop. I’ve had enough. Please.”

David smirked at Jim, who smiled back. David kept the punishment up. Joel never used the safe word. David smiled. “Is it punishment if the guy enjoys it?” He hit harder. Joel jumped with each strike. He moaned.

Jim went to Joel and slipped his cock into Joel’s mouth.

Joel shook his head and pulled back. “What are you doing? I’m not gay. I don’t suck dick.”

Jim grabbed the hood. “You are gay today and you sure as hell suck cock.” He shoved it back in, smiling.

David said, “The boy likes his punishment. I think it’s funny he claimed he wasn’t gay. Well played.”

Joel sucked Jim’s dick, and Jim shot his jizz into Joel’s mouth. He swallowed and yelled, “Halt.” David stopped. Joel almost cried. “I need to be fucked. Please, fuck me.”

David lowered his briefs, lubed his cock, and rammed it in. Joel jumped and moaned. David pounded Joel, slipping him up the bed with each stroke. Jim kissed Joel and patted his head, whispering sweet nothings.

Close to climax, David moaned and shot his load. He stayed hard and kept up the fucking but at a slower and more erratic pace.

Joel barked, “I need to come.”

Jim asked, “How?”

“Need to fuck someone.”

Jim said, “I’m in the mood, okay, David?”

David rolled off and nodded.

Joel lubed his dick and put Jim on his back with knees up. He rubbed his cock up and down Jim’s asshole and then rammed it in. He rested on Jim’s chest and kissed him long, hard, and deep, including with tongue. He fucked him, going all the way in and almost all the way out. Jim wrapped arms around Joel, who smiled. David grabbed the flogger and struck Joel more, who lifted his head and showed his teeth.

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