Wyoming Leg Spreader (MFMM)

Clink: A Cowboy Sex Story 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 29,438
4 Ratings (4.3)
[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Consensual BDSM Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/F/M/M, spanking, flogging, sex toys, HEA]
Peggy Dawson is troubled when she returns to Fletcher, North Carolina and discovers Katherine Andes, Clink’s infamous cougar, circling her boyfriend like a vulture on the prowl. After Katherine produces evidence to discredit Peggy, Miss Dawson evens the score and discovers the vindictive cougar is Hank Sarsarone’s mole. Thanks to Katherine, Hank has a never-ending source of information and Nory Baldini remains in a deadly situation.  
Gage Greer, Quinlan Stevens, and Drew Davidson have one goal with the same woman, but Peggy Dawson is a feisty little gal enjoying a great career with no immediate plans for a permanent relationship. The guys are uncertain about her level of interest in a long term arrangement. More importantly, they aren’t sure she’ll entertain a foursome. Still, when she stirs up some trouble for mob boss Hank Sarsarone, they have no choice but to make their intentions known.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Natalie Acres is a Siren-exclusive author.
Wyoming Leg Spreader (MFMM)
4 Ratings (4.3)

Wyoming Leg Spreader (MFMM)

Clink: A Cowboy Sex Story 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 29,438
4 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
Interesting book. I really liked it.




“Everything okay now?” Back at the bar, Peggy tucked her phone in her purse and eyed the new man in town. “How long have you been working here?”

“Just a couple of months.” Gage wiped down a few glasses and set them on a glass shelf next to the bar.

“How do you like it so far?” After tugging a few papers from her briefcase, she quickly asked, “Got a pen, by chance?”

Gage flicked one from his pocket and placed it in front of her. “I like a lady who is on top of things.”

“Was that an insult?” She narrowed her eyes. “I’m very unorganized today, but that’s not the norm.”

He leaned across the bar. “That wasn’t an insult. I was admiring your directness.” He reached under the bar, retrieved a Clink promotional notepad, and placed it in front of her. “I assumed you asked so you could leave me your number.”

“Got a phone?”

He ran his tongue across his teeth and let out a whistle.

“What’s wrong, Mr. Greer? Are you scared?”

He laughed. “Should I be?”

“It’s risky business when a woman asks for a man’s phone.”

“Sounds serious enough,” he agreed, but he reluctantly handed over his device.

Thank goodness it was a model she’d seen before and not one of those overpriced gadgets. She keyed in her name and number. Handing it back to him, she let him grab for it before she held the phone to her chest, clasped in both hands.

“Am I supposed to grab for it now?”

She groaned. “You’re probably hoping for a yes, but it’s not happening today. How’d you know I’d give you my number? Remember now, I’m the gal who was moping about a man who ditched her for an older woman, one who apparently gets around.”

“You and I both know Quinlan isn’t interested in Katherine.” Gage winked. “But on the chance that he is or if you need a rebound, I’m your guy.”

“Hmm. Wonder why?”

He studied her with renewed interest. “Want me to tell you how hot you looked riding his cock a few minutes ago?”

“I was not.”

“Clothes were only a technicality.”

She pushed his phone across the bar. “Hadn’t thought of clothing as such.”

He slowly pulled his thumb across his bottom lip. “Now that I think about it, they’re a little more than that. An inconvenience comes to mind.”

“That’s for sure.”

“In case you’re wondering, I’ll let Quinlan know I have your number. He probably won’t be surprised. He knows I like gals who keep their options open.”

This time, she leaned across the bar. “Is that what you do, Mr. Greer? Do you keep your options open?”

He met her halfway. He clasped his hands and supported himself by his elbows. Staring at her eyeball to eyeball, he said, “I can close them as quickly as I can open them if the right woman comes along.”

“So you’re the settling down type.”

“Do I strike you as a specific type?”

She nearly salivated then as she took in the man who was clearly coming on to her. “You seem different than others I’ve met around here.”

“Maybe because I am,” he said, pushing away from the bar. “And now, as much as I hate to do it, I’ll leave you to your work. I have a few things to take care of.”

“I know my way around a bar,” she said, waggling her brows.

“Yes, but the real question is, do you know your way around an interested man?”

“Maybe you’ll find out.”

“Then you just answered a question for me.”

“Did I, now?”

He pointed at her. “You like trouble, and you’re dangerous.”

“You have no idea, Mr. Man.”

He narrowed his eyes and seemingly debated all sorts of possibilities before he said, “How about we skip out for an early dinner? I go on break between seven and eight, before the club opens at nine.”

“So you’re planning to talk to Quinlan before then, are you?”

“Hell no, but I will tell him, so if that bothers you then say no.”

“Yes,” she said. “This isn’t about Quinlan.”




Gripping the rope, he faced her then. Dragging her body to his, he stripped her thong away from her body and thrust his hand between her thighs, pinching her pussy lips as he worked to free his cock.

His lips were on hers once more. His tongue searched as eagerly as his hands.

Dipping between her pussy lips, he thrust his finger inside her with such a hard delivery that she cried out in pleasure, shocked by the mix of pain as he thrust in and out in such a rapid beat. Her head dropped back and he ravaged her then, suckling one breast and then the other, drawing one tight bead between his lips before going to the other.

“More, Quinlan. God yes. Give me more.”

He dropped to his knees and held onto the rope to steady himself before throwing one of her legs over his shoulder. His face was at her pussy. His fingers played against her clit.

She arched in his arms and he pushed up on her rear, holding her bottom then with both hands as he carefully pulled her other leg across his back. Feasting on her then, he fucked her with his tongue, driving her to the brink over and over again as she rode his mouth without any reservations.

“God, yeah,” he muttered, carefully lowering her to the floor.

Climbing up her body then, he kissed every inch of her flesh until he towered over her with a lover’s look stamped upon his face. “You belong to me.”

He dipped his hips and rammed his cock in place. She screamed out in merciful pleasure then, appreciating that he didn’t make her wait, that part of her punishment hadn’t included endless foreplay when she’d been so eager to fuck, so desperate to feel Quinlan’s cock inside her.

“There we go,” he crooned, rocking his body into hers.

She turned her head right to left, aware of eyes on them then when she caught a glimpse of the glow-in-the-dark club drinking cups. Focusing on Quinlan, she wrapped her legs around his hips and sucked at his bottom lip, dragging him closer and raking her nails down his back as she fucked him.

“I missed you,” he said, pushing her clasped hands over her head and burying his face in her breasts. “And you missed me.”

“I did,” she agreed, breaking free of his grip so she could hold his head to her chest. “Next time, I’ll call.”

He paused. Staring down at her then, he withdrew for a moment and asked a question she had prayed he wouldn’t mention again. “Did you see someone in North Carolina?”

“No,” she said. “That’s not what you want to know, Quinlan.”

Their ragged breaths fell out in spurts. He rolled to his back and pulled her over him.

“Of all the damned times.”

“I’m not the one who asked the question,” she reminded him, kissing his stomach before she climbed on top of him.

Finding her seat on his thick shaft, she took her time and slid all the way down, clenching around him as she lowered herself on his cock. She loved the way he watched her, the way he seemed to question what was happening between them without saying anything more.

“We didn’t have an agreement.” She shivered with each of his deeper impalements. She tilted her head and clasped her hands behind her neck, eating up the sight of him as his eyes filled with hardcore lust. “We didn’t discuss terms.”

“No, we didn’t,” he said, flattening his feet on the solid floor beneath them and throwing down a good loving rhythm then. “But I just assumed.”

“Shut up and fuck me, Quinlan. I didn’t screw around on you. Whatever Katherine thinks she has on me is dated information. For now, though, can we forget about it?” She rolled her hips and squeezed his cock with all her might. “If you’ll make me come, I’ll tell you everything later.”

He threw her aside and was back on top in a second. “I’ll make you come, all right.” He kissed one breast, pulled out, kissed the other, and then pushed deep inside her once more. “But that’ll only happen when I’m damned good and ready.”

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