Legend of the Feral 2: Love's Salvation (MFM)

Legend of the Feral 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 40,691
5 Ratings (3.8)
[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, werewolves, sex toys, HEA]
Tex and Brock, werewolves living under the curse of Devil’s Peak, long to find their fated mate. After offering a tribute to the Great Owl, they are led to Daisy, who is everything they’ve ever hoped for. They lure their sexy, sweet mate to their mountain home, where their love begins to grow.
Though their bond grows strong, they must still face the ghosts of Devil’s Peak, who threaten to steal the souls of the werewolves’ mates. Tex and Brock fear that Daisy could be the next victim. Through dreams of the past, Daisy must find a way to break the curse so she and her mates can live happily ever after.
Can she decipher the dreams in time to save herself and free the tormented souls, or will she doom herself and her men?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Jenny Penn is a Siren-exclusive author.
Legend of the Feral 2: Love's Salvation (MFM)
5 Ratings (3.8)

Legend of the Feral 2: Love's Salvation (MFM)

Legend of the Feral 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 40,691
5 Ratings (3.8)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
Really good book!
ok, not great but ok.




“Morning,” Brock called out from his position by the stove. He was busy making French toast. Tex could tell from all the ingredients left out on the counter.

“Morning? It’s almost afternoon,” Tex pointed out as he headed straight for the coffee pot. He’d help with the mess after he had a shot of caffeine.

“Daisy still sleeping?” As if the answer wasn’t obvious.

“I wouldn’t be down here if she wasn’t.” That was the God’s honest truth, so was the rest of what he had to say. “I think we might have worn her out.”

“Ya think?” Brock tossed back, sharing a quick smile with Tex.

Between them, it didn’t need to be said. The both understood that last night had been a gift. A gift they would cherish and hopefully repeat with regular frequency. Of course, that was up to Daisy, and Tex didn’t suspect that she’d wake up hungry for more cock.

“What I think is that we better start practicing our answers to the questions she’s bound to have,” Tex finally answered as he turned to lean against the counter and savor the cup of coffee he’d poured.

“Actually that probably would have been a good thing to start practicing before last night.” Brock frowned as he flipped his toast. “I was just…not certain we’d get to that point.”

Tex knew just what he was talking about. They’d been so focused on saving Daisy that they hadn’t really considered what they’d do with her once they claimed her. There was no doubt that she’d have questions. After they’d found her with the help of the Great Owl, they’d done some research on their little Daisy. She was an in-debt nerd with more degrees than Tex realized one person could secure.

Outside of those degrees, she owned nothing but a beat-up old junker of a car. That thing had to go. So did her debt. He didn’t want his mate worrying over anything. Tex suspected that, with that big brain of hers, Daisy could worry better than most.

“Okay.” Tex set his cup down. “Let’s start practicing. You want to do Daisy or me?”

Brock shot him a lecherous look at that question and lifted a brow, but his brother knew what Tex had meant. He wasn’t going to dignify that look with a response. Brock didn’t wait for one, either.

“You do her.”

“Okay,” Tex repeated as he straightened up and tried to sound like a woman. “Who are you men? Why am I here? What did you do to me? I’m going to call the cops!”

“We don’t have a phone,” Brock retorted and left it at that, causing Tex to snort and roll his eyes.

“Well, how about a baseball bat?” Tex shot back. “Because I could use one right about now.”

“Daisy wouldn’t say any of that!” Brock complained, sounding offended that Tex had said it, but both men were given a shock when Daisy herself spoke up.

“No, I wouldn’t,” Daisy agreed, drawing both men’s attention to where she stood draped in a sheet and looking sexily bedraggled. “The first thing I’d ask is, where are some clothes? Then, if you said you didn’t have any after you shredded mine last night, I’d ask for that bat.”

Tex smiled over her grumpy threat. She looked so cute and sounded even sweeter, despite the frown marring her brow. He’d have done anything to soothe that wrinkle from her face. In fact, he already had.

“If you’d looked in the closet, you would have found your entire wardrobe.” Tex set his coffee cup down and sauntered over toward where Daisy stood, gaping back at him as he explained a few things to her. “Look around and you’ll see that your personal effects are already unpacked in their new home.”

“New home?” Daisy repeated, sounding confused by the concept.

She didn’t need a new home. She already had one, and friends and family, who would be very worried if they didn’t hear from her soon. Those thoughts weighed heavily on her as Tex reached out a thumb to trace the edge of her jaw.

“Yes, beautiful,” he whispered solemnly as if understanding the worries bothering her. That didn’t change the words falling from his lips. “You’re home now.”




She was pinned almost instantly by a massive black wolf that flew over the rotted wood that had tripped Daisy up. The beast landed on top of Daisy, and she felt a strange sense of awareness as the wolf’s gray eyes caught and reflected the ethereal light of the stray rays that made it through the thick canopy above.

Then she was looking into the cut, chiseled features of the man from her dreams, from earlier that day, and he wasn’t alone. Daisy’s breath caught as another wolf came leaping over the fallen limb to land on two legs and then fall to his knees beside her as a man. Her logical mind told her none of this could be real, but then Daisy reasoned that if none of it was real. there was no harm in giving in to the surge of want that filled her.

Before the gray-eyed man could dip his head, hers lift to seal whatever he’d been about to say with a kiss. At the first taste of him, a hot, wanton need gave birth to a forbidden lust that had her cunt melting.

Even if there was, Daisy didn’t care. This felt too good to deny, especially when the man began kissing her back. His lips broke over hers, forcing them apart as his tongue invaded to claim her mouth in a kiss so carnal it set her blood boiling. He tasted like well-aged brandy, sweet with a burn that had her hands reaching up to grip his bare shoulders as he pressed her farther into the ground.

He felt so good above her, every naked inch. His body was hard, his skin smooth, his dick swollen and pressing deep into her stomach, making her cunt weep for more. There was no stopping the slow grinding rolls of her hips as they began to move with a need that the man above her couldn’t mistake.

Neither did he deny her as he broke free of her kiss to begin to trail hot, suckling kisses down her neck. Daisy moaned and arched up into the nibbling bite he began to place across her chest. Her breasts swelled, the tips hardening into peaks that strained upward, desperate for attention. They seemed to draw his attention like a beacon.

Daisy found herself moaning once again as his warm, velvety lips broke over her nipple. The gasp that would have followed was stolen along with the air she needed to breathe as a second man claimed her mouth in a searing kiss that was just as hot, just as potent as the first.

The thrill of having two men, naked and grinding against her, melted whatever inhibitions Daisy normally had, and she gave herself over to the moment with abandon. Daisy was rewarded with pure molten heat. It flared out of her cunt, making her muscles quiver as the man above her left a heated trail across her stomach. She knew just where he was headed, and her legs shifted beneath his, opening to allow him to settle between them.

His mouth was hot, his tongue wicked as it dipped lower to trace designs across her mound and even lower still to tease the lips of her pussy. Daisy whimpered and then gasped for breath as the second man released her lips to dip his head down over her breasts. Then her world was being lit up with a brilliant delight that knew no bounds as both men began to devour her swollen flesh.

Lightning bolts of pleasure shot out of her cunt, spidering across her chest in a tantalizing rush and stealing her breath. The sensation grew only more intense as the mouth covering her cunt unleashed that wild and wicked tongue to lap at her pussy with a hunger that had her legs shifting even wider apart.

He took instant advantage, his tongue lapping up over her molten flesh to capture her clit just as his buddy caught her nipple. Then they were both twirling, and she was crying out and writhing as the rapture exploded through her with an amazing force. Nothing had ever felt this good. This was the nightmare turned fantasy, and she gave herself up to it just as she had the other night and was rewarded with an even greater pleasure than she’d ever dreamed.

Daisy couldn’t help but to lift her hands to both men’s heads and twist her fingers through the silken strands of their hair to press them closer as she moaned and pleaded for more. They gave it to her, driving her from one pinnacle to another until Daisy was completely lost in the maddening world of lust that grew only more and more frantic. She was strung out and desperate for a release.

Then they were pulling back, leaving her a quivering, whimpering mess on the forest floor.

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