Butterfly's Effects/Jewels of Desire

Binary Stars 1

Phaze Books

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 11,000
1 Ratings (4.0)

All work and no play? Not in their offices.

Elaine's relationship with her office assistance went from a normal friendship to lovers, and they are both struggling to find the balance between their professional and personal lives together. Steve wants to take things public, but Elaine is worried about possible complications. So he decides to show her who's boss, with a little help from her submissive nature and a sexy new toy in Michelle Houston's "Butterfly's Effect."

In D Musgrave's "Jewels of Desire," Sabrina receives a special set of intimate jewelry. Intrigued by the possibilities, she decides to wear it to work. Can she maintain her composure while fighting the urge to give in to the desires the jewelry inspires?

Butterfly's Effects/Jewels of Desire
1 Ratings (4.0)

Butterfly's Effects/Jewels of Desire

Binary Stars 1

Phaze Books

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 11,000
1 Ratings (4.0)
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Elaine stepped lightly through the open elevator doors and worked hard on keeping her steps steady. During the long ride up to the fourteenth floor, she pressed against the side wall, pinned in place by a group of lawyers from the offices just a few floors up, and her own co-workers. With her still-stinging ass brushing against the wall, and with each lurch and sway of the elevator car as they stopped on every damned floor, she was ready to scream by the time the doors slid open.

Ass tingling, she no sooner managed to settle in her chair than a brief knock preceded her assistant. “Today you’ve got a pretty light schedule. Baker at nine-thirty, Martin and Addams at eleven. You have a staff meeting at eleven forty-five, and then after lunch you’ve got a board meeting. Then Mills wants to see you about that whole marketing fiasco from last week.”

As Steve paced about the room, briefing her on the messages she needed to personally attend and the various details that needed her oversight, she watched him. She savored the flex of his muscles under his dress shirt and slacks, the way his ass cheeks clenched tighter when he turned on his heel to come back toward her. This was the moment she loved: the frontal view of his cock outlined in subtle display by his tailored pants.

When she noticed he had stopped moving and talking, she jerked her gaze up to his face. A slight smile curled his lips, which was her only warning. Moments later, a faint tingling started in her pussy as the butterfly strapped against her clit buzzed to life. Clenching her teeth, she held back a moan as her pussy throbbed and clamored for release.

Almost as suddenly as it flipped on, it turned off, and Steve went back to listing her itinerary.

Elaine wanted to bite his head off for torturing her, but she secretly thrilled in it. Not that she would ever admit it out loud—at least, not in the office. When her affair with Steve began almost a year before, they had gone from being co-workers and best friends of almost ten years to lovers, then Dom/sub. He knew the unspoken rules, that at the office she was in charge. In fact, he seemed to revel in it, letting her boss him around and deal with the day to day crap.

Alone together in the evenings, he stripped the trappings of the corporate world from her piece by piece, and showed her who was truly in charge. And she loved it.

“Also, your doctor called. She said to tell you whatever you have been doing, keep it up. Your blood pressure is down to very nice levels, and your cholesterol has truly done a turn-around.”

Elaine managed to clench her hands around the arms of her chair in time, before the faint buzzing started in her groin again. Riding the waves, she tipped back in her chair, very aware that Steve wasn’t going to let her get anywhere near an orgasm.

As the butterfly clicked off again, she couldn’t stop herself from gasping out, “Good.”

“She did express curiosity as to what had changed, but I didn’t have the heart to tell her. The poor woman would probably have had a heart attack.”

“Ha!” Elaine managed to restrain the unladylike snort that wanted to follow. “You don’t know the old battle-axe. She’d probably kidnap you and keep you chained up in her bedroom if she knew.”

Steve’s eyes narrowed and Elaine took a deep breath, expecting the buzzing to start up again. Instead, he turned on his heel and exited the office, the door closing behind him with a firm snap.

Glancing at the clock, she decided to turn her attention to the current business at hand. She had several pages of background information to wade through before Baker showed up.

It took some arguing and biting her tongue, but Elaine had almost gotten Baker to understand that some things just take time when her intercom buzzed. Picking up the phone, she asked, “Yes?”

“You’re almost fifteen minutes behind schedule and Martin’s getting impatient.”

“Thank you for letting me know.” Without any further fanfare, she hung up the phone knowing Steve wouldn’t take it as a slight. He had worked with her long enough to expect a certain curtness when she was dealing with a pompous jackass like Baker.

Another five minutes passed, and she was just about to slam her hand on her desk when a faint buzzing started between her legs. Gasping, she rocked forward and tried to get Baker out of her office. She could feel her clit tingling with each pulse, and her nerves were already on edge from trying to get a man used to his own way to see that she couldn’t work miracles.

As the butterfly picked up its pace, she gave up and went direct. “Mr. Baker, I truly am sorry that you feel that way. I wish I could make things happen at a faster pace, but unfortunately I can’t. Now, I hate to be rude, but I have another meeting waiting and we’ve been at this for two hours now. Nothing has changed from when you walked in. The art department takes time to put things together.”

He grumbled, but when she walked as smoothly as she could to her office door, he followed. As soon as she swung her door open, the butterfly stopped. Pausing to glare as Steve, she motioned her other clients into her office.

After that, one meeting flowed into the other, and she found herself sitting at her desk, starving, when the last meeting concluded.

A quick look at her watch showed that lunch time had actually come and gone, and the meeting with the entire staff was only thirty minutes away when she finally managed to get off the phone with a client who insisted she speak to her. As she hung up, the door to her office swung open again.

Steve came in carrying a take-out bag. She didn’t know which she wanted more--him, or the food. When he set it down on her desk and opened it to reveal a sandwich from her favorite deli, she had her answer. Stomach growling, she greedily reached for the food, mumbling a thank you as she opened the wrapper and started devouring it.

A look of amusement painted Steve’s face, rather than displeasure at her rudeness. Smiling, he sat down in the chair opposite her and watched her eat, his gaze trailing over her. First, they lingered on her lips as she wrapped them around the straw and took a quick drink of her soda. His stare moved down to her breasts, causing her nipples to harden. Aware of his heated gaze, she tried to focus her attention on the file in front of her, needing to concentrate before she begged him to fuck her senseless.

All throughout the day, he had been playing with the wireless remote, randomly turning on the butterfly just long enough to arouse her, then switching it off. She had almost lost her composure when it had flipped on during her meeting with Martin and Addams, but thankfully both men were so wrapped up in their complaints that hadn’t noticed the uncontrollable flush of her skin and the faint changes to her voice, or any other hints of anything untoward going on.

Now that she had a few moments to eat, she was going to take advantage of the reprieve to her pussy. No way was he going to risk her choking by playing with his little remote. Instead, he waged a silent and almost more deadly war--he was playing with her head.

His eyes, so vibrant and blue, watched each inhalation. His complete attention focused on her.

“Ellie,” he whispered, the sound breaking the silence in the room.

She took the last bite of her sandwich, needing the moment to calm her racing pulse before answering him. “Yes?”

“I really think that you need to step into the bathroom.” As he stood, she could see the tent his erection made in his slacks. Mesmerized, she watched as he stroked a hand down the front of the material, stroking along the edge of his cock.

Looking up, her gaze caught on his, and she found herself helpless to resist. It was a dangerous game they were playing, him pushing her past her comfort level, blending their personal life with their professional one, until she really couldn’t see the divide anymore. The line was blurring, and she was helpless to stop it.

Steve seemed determined that she was going to accept his proposal, and she was growing weaker each day. She wanted to be able to shout from the rooftops of her love for him, but she worried about the implications at work. So, Steve had decided to show her that it wouldn’t adversely affect either of their careers.

Legs trembling, she pushed back her chair and stood, moving into the bathroom on autopilot. Steve followed close behind, and shut the door with a soft click. As soon as he threw the lock, Elaine felt the change in herself. Breathless, she waited, no longer in control. If she ever had been in the first place. Maybe it had all been an illusion.

“Lift up your skirt.”

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