Christine Shaw

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As a woman, Christine is the typical romantic. Long walks on the beach, and a man or men to keep her warm in the cold winter months of England is her idea of perfection.

Falling in love with Erotic Romance from the first page was a calling beyond no other and suddenly twenty years of what she calls an “overactive imagination” finally paid off. Her mind races ahead two or three books. She always has new and exciting ideas waiting to be written. She loves the idea of pushing the boundary on the typical male and female relationship as something new and exciting, something she will never grow old of.

Still waiting for that Mr. Perfect of her own, she will just have to sit back and write about others finding theirs. Those select few may even get lucky and find two.

Christine wishes you will find your Mr. Perfect(s).

Q. How did you get involved in writing?

A. You wouldn’t believe it, but I actually grew up not a big fan of reading. It was as if every book I tried to read just didn’t hold any interest for me. Then comes along that one day when I find, and sorry to avoid the cliché but it was like coming home. Suddenly I couldn’t be seen without my e-reader in my hand. It actually got to the point I broke one e-reader and now have to use my iPad. Luckily though my “overactive imagination” was my saviour and I began writing my own stories.


Q. Which kind of people do you aim your stories at?

A. I would like to think I aim my stories to anyone open-minded enough. But considering you’re reading this that is out of the question. There are many, many books on mainstream romance that more often than not don’t reflect reality in any way (even if it is fiction). I write my stories so people who have those hidden quirks or fantasies can enjoy something written, something that tells them they aren’t alone in what they crave most of all.


Q. Why do you write M/M fiction over the more traditional M/F romances?

A. It honestly didn’t begin that way, I assure you of that.

Writing about those who live an alternative lifestyle is something that is near and dear to my heart. Not everyone is cut out to be straight and in a straight-laced relationship. Some of us like our relationships—especially the sexual aspect—to be fun and exciting. Sometimes this involves being gay, bisexual or even falling in love with more than one person. There should be nothing to be ashamed about.

This is the reason for my writing. I believe writing about the possibility of having your cake and eating it too is recipe for the perfect relationship.


Q. Why do you think erotic romances are so popular?

A. Not to sound arrogant or as though I am forcing my opinion on everybody, but let’s face it—erotica has so many different genres you could possibly think of, it has a little of something for every type of person. With that knowledge also come fun, eroticism and quite frankly, orgasms. Everybody has that little side to them that nobody realizes exists, but erotic fiction provides us all with the reassurance that it is ok. In some cases it even provides enlightenment, unlocking a piece of your own soul. I myself have been affected by this. I have been shown things about myself in a sexual manner that I never would have figured out without them.


Q. Who would be your ideal hero?

A. If I had been asked this twelve years previous I would have had to say the typical tall, dark and handsome thing. But now things are different. When I often daydream of my next hunks to fall in love, I think of my own. But it is no longer a tall dark and handsome man with rippling muscles from head to toe, but rather it feels as if I have two men waiting somewhere in this wide world for me. Not everyone is cut out for the typical one-on-one relationship and the fact that alternative lifestyles are hidden is wrong.


Q. What is your ideal fantasy?

A. Everybody has different fantasies about their lives. Different wants and needs. My ideal fantasy would be myself in a loving, committed relationship with not one but two amazing men who just so happen to be lovers with each other.


Q. What is your writing schedule like?

A. Honestly? There really isn’t one in all fairness. I believe writing is something to be enjoyed, a pleasurable experience for the author to create something new and untamed. To throw a schedule into this and it will feel much like a job, a boring mundane job where the flame of excitement will eventually die out.

Instead I allow myself to write when I am overcome by inspiration, when the mood takes over. When this happens I can write all day and night and not realize it. If the author has fun writing the story and quite frankly gets a little hot under the collar, so will the reader and that is what writing is about. Sharing your story with the world is something to be cherished.


Q. How do you structure your writing?

A. Basically it starts out as a fantasy. We all have them and I just happen to expand on them as if happening in reality. My iPhone is full of notes, ideas for future books. I may be in the street, the shop or on the bus and I see a couple or friends together and it’s like the proverbial light bulb over my head. I write a notation down and when I come to writing another I pick one and expand on that.


Q. What is the worst part of writing for you, if any?

A. Names. I can come up with the entire story within minutes, the plot, the setting, everything (although it never remains that way). That is the easy part. When I come to giving my characters names that is where I falter. I hate to use the same name time and again and quite honestly dislike the majority of the names out there, and so it always takes me a while to come up with the names. The name has to feel right to myself and in the setting of the story. I couldn’t just pick a random name hoping it would stick.


Q. What would be your favourite genre and does this influence your writing?

A. I couldn’t say a specific genre but I am an avid fan of M/M, BDSM, Cowboys and Paranormal books. I believe for a writer to influence the reader the author must have an idea or even experience in those genres. For example I wouldn’t have been able to write A Dom For His Alpha if I hadn’t been intrigued by the world of BDSM at the time. The scenes would have come out wrong and definitely not sexy had this not been the case.

I always base my stories on fantasy. Something I have a passion for or even hope for myself.


Q. What do you hate most about the world?

A. The blatant hate that’s around every corner we turn in society.

As I have mentioned not everybody is cut out for a straight, vanilla and heterosexual relationship. There are people who wish to be with more than one person and are but cannot have it legal. Others fall for somebody of the same sex or of a different race. These relationships are unheard of in the “real world” with few places where one can feel like themself.

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