Fated by Blood (MM)

The Reilly Coven 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 28,186
22 Ratings (4.0)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, vampires, sex toys, HEA]

Choosing one's mate is a special occasion. The knowledge that you both have chosen each other to live with and love forever is spectacular. But what happens when that person dies? Robb Reilly experiences this all too well. Being left in a world where he has to care for nine sons without a partner is a hard job, but one he revels in, one he loves. But he cannot cook to save his life.

Seeing an advertisement for a chef wanted in a vampire coven, Smith Reed instantly wants it. It is as though his gut is telling him to get the job. Of course, when he arrives he is in for more than he imagined.

A sexy-as-sin vampire whom he thought to be straight is now his mate. Not a chosen mate. Instead, Robb is his fated mate, the person he was created for. It's a phenomenon that hasn't occurred in over a thousand years. And Smith is lucky enough to have one.

But when trouble comes, can being fated by blood save the two mates or not?

A Siren Erotic Romance

Fated by Blood (MM)
22 Ratings (4.0)

Fated by Blood (MM)

The Reilly Coven 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 28,186
22 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Good story, but disappointing at the same time.




Robb knew how gay sex worked, even tried anal once with his, no he couldn’t think of her like that now. Now is the time for his mate, his true fated mate.

When he thought about it the idea didn’t repulse him as much as it should have done. He had always assumed himself to be straight. Now he had a very male mate and by the look of the large bulge in those too-tight, ripped jeans he knew he was dealing with a very turned-on male mate.

“You’re hired!” he stated out of nowhere. He couldn’t allow the sexiest thing ever to walk away from this house and him.

The gorgeous little man looked incredulous as he stared at Robb. “You don’t even know if I am right for the position yet.”

“Are you vegan or vegetarian? Do you like meat? Can you cook? Can you start now?” he asked in rapid-fire mode.

“Ewwww, yes, yes, and yes,” the man answered in rapid fire back.

“Then I repeat. You’re hired.”

Robb knew he had to get the man inside the house and figure out some way to tell him they belonged together, always.

Then the man shocked him completely. He picked up a large suitcase that had been obstructed from his view and walked inside the house, effectively closing the door behind him.

Colin seemed confused by what was going on as he gave his adorable puppy-dog look at Robb. Robb said, “Go round up your brothers, son, tell them we have a new house chef to meet and greet.”

Colin ran off as the man always did. He seemed to have bundles of energy stored somewhere. If Robb knew where, he would infiltrate his stash. Instead of thinking of ways to do that Robb turned back to his mate and newest family member. “I’m Robb Reilly. The man you just saw was Colin, the youngest of all my adoptive sons. It’s a pleasure to meet you…” He left the sentence open because he really wanted to know his mates name.

“Smith Reed, sir. And it is me who is honored. I took a large leap of faith you would like me by bringing my things. I hope this doesn’t put you off me any,” Smith stated. Smith. How fucking perfect of a name was that? Robb felt like a love-struck teenager again as he thought of them together. The passion and love that would connect them, sizzling with life and energy, would be fantastic to his tired soul.

As he took in the features of his mate he realized the man had ventured his worry with Robb. “Of course not. I admire your anticipation and assertiveness. But I must admit we need to talk some before you begin any duties in this household. And I am not just talking about what foods we do and do not like and other things. There is a conversation you and I must have in private once my sons are done grilling you.” He didn’t want to just blurt out Smith Reed you are my mate and I will claim you as such so soon. He had to do this tactfully and with the respect his fated mate deserved.

Instead he directed Smith to leave his luggage where it was and follow him into the kitchen. By the time he and Smith made it into the kitchen all nine fully grown vampires sat huddled around the table patting two chairs, each side by side for them to join them. Robb rolled his eyes as he saw the looks of nine happy men sat around the table. He bet they couldn’t wait to have a good meal that didn’t include charcoal in the recipe.

As he and Smith sat down questions were flying from all over. He didn’t catch a single word of anything they said and he was about to whistle and shut them all up, demand they ask their questions one by one. That was until Smith put up one delicate hand and all nine men shut the traps.

Robb was impressed by the single move. He decided might even have to ask his mate how he could do that. It would definitely come in handy when training the squires. Then Smith started talking.

“Yes I can cook. No I am not homophobic, in fact I am gay myself. My specialities revolve more around Asian and Indian cuisine, although I can cook pretty much anything. If there is anything any of you want specifically just let me know and I can always research how it is done. From what I can see you are all warriors of the protected so I understand you train a lot. I will enforce a feeding schedule and meal plan all ten of you will follow to allow maximum strength and energy levels. I only use good ingredients and hope I will be supported in perhaps growing a fruit and vegetable patch near this beautiful home you all have here. If any of you have allergies or just hate certain types of food I will happily keep them from any recipes I make. I can and will cook dessert if that pleases you all. It’s no skin off my nose and I am happy to do so if you want it done. Coffee is always a good thing and yes I can incorporate blood into your food if that is what you desire. I am here to cater to your needs after all.”




“This is Smith Reed. He is my true blood-fated mate. I knew it the moment I saw him and you must treat him accordingly. He is mine!” The last part was growled and then Smith found himself up high on Robb’s shoulder being carried up the stairs.

Robb was using his vampire speed and before he knew it Smith was bouncing on the comfortable bed of his mate.

Robb locked the door and began stalking toward him, taking off his clothes as he went along. Robb said, “If you like those clothes then strip now else I will rip them off of you.” The barely contained husky voice spoke to him in such a way that made him begin ripping at his own clothes. He kept his eyes locked on his mate’s face as Robb’s nostrils flared and then the man pounced, tearing Smith’s clothes from his body in under a second.

The pure savage caveman move was both exhilarating and exciting as he lay there shivering with desire for his mate.

When he was finally naked Smith couldn’t contain the moan of complete wanton desire as his hard prick touched heads with Robb’s. He needed something. He craved it as much as air was a requirement to his survival. He wanted this god of a man to claim him in every sense of the word. And he wasn’t afraid to beg for what he wanted.

Smith submissively tilted his neck back, giving Robb his throat as the man kissed along it. He began to whisper, “Fuck me, my mate. Bite me, my sexy god of a man. I need you to mark me inside and out as yours. Please, I need my mate. Now!” He finished off with a scream as Robb turned him over and pushed his body to lie fully on the mattress. His cheeks were forced apart by two huge hands and a wet, hot tongue began licking at his hole.

Smith’s entire body went aflame. Never had anyone licked him there and he fucking loved it. Nothing could compare to the feeling of his mate’s tongue rimming his puckered opening, almost readying him for the fucking of a lifetime.

Then it came. Robb’s tongue left his ass only to be replaced by the blunt head of his cock. He had seen that member earlier in the shower and he knew it was big, probably nine inches long and two inches wide. And it was pushing into his tight ass right now. Damn was it big. He had never felt so full before in his life. It filled every single crevice of his channel and then threatened to stretch him further.

He tried to relax, to focus on his breathing, and eventually he felt the final shove and then Robb was panting heavily against his back. Smith could only groan, or mewl. He hadn’t a clue what sounds he was making. He could only feel. Feel the head of Robb’s cock nudge his prostate, and every time Robb moved a little to get more comfortable it would graze along that gland. Smith wanted to rock on that cock. It felt so good deep inside of him that he wanted it to go on forever and ever. Maybe he could stay plastered to Robb like this forever? Smith was sure it was possible, even if it would make certain things more difficult, like dressing for example.

Then Robb began moving. He didn’t start off slowly and work his way up. Oh no. Instead he began a forceful, demanding pace, pounding away at Smith and his hole. And Smith loved every single second of it. When Robb would ease out of his hole Smith could feel every contour rub along his tight channel. That only made him moan in pleasure until Robb would force his way back inside and nail his prostate which made Smith yell or scream in turn. In between he seemed to be crying. It was so painful to experience something so delicious and satisfyingly good yet not have the ability to reach between his body and the mattress to jerk his cock. He needed release so badly and his cock demanded attention but it seemed as if every time he tried to grab it Robb would growl low in his ear. It was enough for him to stop.

Then it happened. Robb’s pace picked up even more so than it had before and the man wrapped an arm around his throat as if holding him to his body, and then he struck.

No pain came, only sheer pleasure he had never experienced before as Robb bit his neck. Sharp fangs embedded in his delicate skin and he felt his blood pouring from his jugular. It was so erotic and something that only happened between true fated mates that he couldn’t have prevented it if he had tried.

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