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The Dom for His Alpha (MMM)

Dark Times 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: SEXTREME
Word Count: 35,378
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[Ménage Amour ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Consensual BDSM Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/M, werewolves, vampires, demons, spanking, sex toys, HEA]

Dark faces the fact he will never enjoy the feel of a whip or a flogger on his ass again. The new alpha of the light pack cannot be seen as weak. Until the following morning when Dark answers his door to the sexiest vampire doctor he has ever seen, his mate.

After a day of unbridled passion between the sheets, Kai and Dark get thrust back into reality. When they see a man strapped helpless in a BDSM club, can they rescue him in time, or will they unleash a new threat upon them?

As a lust demon, Harry always knew he would have a mate with a high sex drive, but once he had met "master," everything had turned pear-shaped. Now with two mates who love him dearly, can they overcome a threat that may be bigger than they realize, and will Dark finally get to submit?

With the supernatural high council present, will the light pack succeed in ridding themselves of the enemy?

A Siren Erotic Romance

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worth the time & money


I loved this story how an Alpha is really a submissive, The book is good

- Friendlybabe0007

Professional Reviews

"Defeating the legendary Alpha of the light pack means that Dark James now becomes Alpha whether he’s ready for the responsibility or not. At one time the old Alpha had been a worthy leader, but over time he became cruel and heartless. Dark intends to make sure that the pack happily flourishes once more. Ordered to Texas to pronounce the previous Alpha’s death, vampire and Dr. Kaiden ‘Kai’ Dracos grumbles all the way from NYC to south Texas. Tired and wishing he was back home rather than knocking on a ranch house door, Kai comes face to face with his mate when Dark answers the door. From orgasmic delight to sorrowful despair Dark and Kai push all the boundaries where honesty and miscommunication go hand in hand until they finally come to an understanding. As they begin to fully embrace their mating the pair comes across a surprising addition. Seemingly insurmountable mistakes landed Harry Dain in the hands of a diabolical Master. Finding salvation in the arms of Dark and Kai is something Harry never thought possible. While the trio cherishes what they’ve found, someone else grows more furious. Dark, Kai and Harry are forced to fight for their future, to the death. Sex, sex, and more scorching hot sex blasts the Dark Times series into being, starting with the The Dom for His Alpha. This supernatural world brings everyone together, from shifters to vampires to demons and more, anyone could be mates. Provocative situations and sizzling BDSM encounters give Dark, Kai, and Harry very, very happy times together. Interesting developments keep this tale flowing while their libidos think up more and more fun. The Dom for His Alpha leaves nothing to the imagination and offers very inventive enticement to follow this series." -- Lisa, Joyfully Reviewed

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Adult Excerpt


Kai had shoved a cock ring on him, and the feeling made him crazy with need. He needed his release. He needed everything his mate could give him and more. Then the spanking began once more. This time it wasn’t his hand that made contact with his skin. Instead, it was the unmistakable feeling of a riding crop landing smack in the center of his ass crack, right over his puckered hole, soaring his need into the heavens.

Dark needed it. He needed it so bad he thought he would pass out from the sensations when he finally got his release. His hole quivered. His body shuddered as every spank landed on a new part of his ass or thighs. By the time Dark had mentally counted twenty, every strike creating new and buried vibrations right to his aching cock and balls, his cock twitched like a madman, and his balls began to take on a very deep blue color—bringing a whole new meaning to the phrase blue balls. Kai kept driving him crazy until he felt nothing.

His eyes closed, and he found himself in a new world, a new place of forbidden desires, and he felt completely at ease. He felt better than he had in three years, in fact the very last time he and Jerry had played together. He felt oddly peaceful even though he could hear the sound of what he thought to be a bullwhip in the background, but the sound was so muted he couldn’t be sure. 

He lay in the open field, his ass upturned to the sun’s rays casting down on his body. He felt amazing, relaxed, and soothed. His body appeared to weigh nothing as he felt as if he floated, enjoying the sensations around his body. His ass felt warm and red, his hole clenched and relaxed several times, and his cock ached with a delicious sense of contentment.

He felt something cool press against his ass. It was big, but it was so slick feeling it was cool, as if somebody was shoving a lubed finger up his ass to stretch him out. Gradually, the finger in his ass rapidly burst in and out of his now-needy hole, and then a second entered alongside the first. The fingers began a scissoring motion in his ass, stretching him out, and then the fingers hit the walnut-size gland he knew well enough to know it was his prostate. He cried out into the abandoned meadow. He clawed and reached to get the fingers deeper inside his ass as he began to thrust his hips, impaling himself on the much-needed invading digits. A third entered, and he felt full, but he still wanted. “More,” he screamed over and over, trying to get somebody to notice. His eyes closed, squeezing them tight as he wanted something bigger to fill his ass up.

After what felt like forever to Dark, he got his wish. A large cock-like object entered him forcefully right to the root, causing him to cry out hysterically as he was fucked after what felt like so long. The object didn’t have the heat of a man’s cock to it. It felt harder, much harder and cooler than a cock, but it had all the ridges of a cock. He could feel the mushroom-shaped head plowing in and out of him at rapid speeds. He could feel veins causing a delicious sensation across the inner walls of his ass, and then he felt vibrations begin and realized somebody had shoved a vibrating phallus up his ass. He loved the feeling of the phallus in his ass unlike anything he had ever felt in a long time. The ridges from the veins in the dildo along with the vibrations rubbed across Dark’s prostate on every thrust, each one driving him closer to the mouthwatering orgasm he could already taste. 

He whimpered and cried, humping his hips like a crazed cat in heat. He rubbed his aching cock and balls. He suddenly couldn’t reach across the velvety feeling of the grass before impaling himself onto the very large dildo in his ass. He needed his release more than anything, but he refused to demand it. He knew it would come eventually. As he let go, all his inhibitions disappeared. Every worry, every doubt vanished from his brain, and he felt something cool release his cock and balls, and he knew he was being granted his climax. 

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