Deep Down in His Heart (MM)

The Reilly Coven 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 27,270
17 Ratings (4.2)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, vampires, sex toys, HEA]

Saxton Reilly watched the love his father found in a true, fated-by-blood mate. His stepfather, Smith, makes the man different. Happier perhaps. Saxton wants nothing more than to have a relationship like that

When he comes home from business he finds a strange man in his house. One intending on redecorating the kitchen and extending it out. Saxton doesn't know much, but what he does know is that when he gets closer to the man, he smells mate. He scents exactly what his father and Smith told him he would—the most amazing thing that equals a mate in his mind.

Full of lust, the two get to know each other, having sex all over the huge mansion of a place. But what happens when Greg Palmer starts desiring more? The man doesn't know about vampires, so what's a man to do when faced with such a situation?

And when the truth finally comes out, will Greg accept his fate or not? And will Saxton get to claim his mate after all?

A Siren Erotic Romance

Deep Down in His Heart (MM)
17 Ratings (4.2)

Deep Down in His Heart (MM)

The Reilly Coven 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 27,270
17 Ratings (4.2)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
The is the second installment of Christine Shaw, the Coven of Reilly.

This was a story of Saxton and Greg. Saxton just wanted to come home and relax for a little while. When he get home and meets Greg he know that he is his mate. How does he get close to Greg and get him to accept him as vampire and his mate. When Greg is assign to remodel the kitchen for the family and they leave Saxton to help Greg out. Saxton and Greg start to get closer together, until Greg hears that Saxton and his family is vampires and he runs away. Will Greg be able to forgive and mate with Saxton? What happens when the dreaded ones attack the home?


This is a must read book, do read the series in order. cant wait to see what happens next in the family.

What will happen will Ronan?

virginia lee




Saxton showed Greg to a room. He knew he shouldn’t have put the man in the room directly opposite from his own but he had felt compelled to have the man close. Especially after what had happened not a few weeks back with the dreaded ones he felt the need to have his mate close. If he needed to protect Greg then the man needed to be near Saxton, just in case. Unfortunately tying the man to his bed was out of the question at this moment in time.

Saxton dropped the two suitcases he had carried up and showed Greg how the complicated showers worked before going into his own room and getting into a hot shower.

The water felt fantastic against his beaten muscles. The steam that surrounded him in the glass encasement cleared his mind as well as his pores and he was able to think clearly for the first time in over twenty-four hours. The run had helped the excess energy wave off, especially when his running partner had sped up. It had distracted him in a way he desperately needed and allowed this hot shower to relax his fried nerves and muscles.

He blindly felt in the general direction of the shelves built into the shower’s wall. Now he was relaxed he just wanted to get cleaned and out. Now he was relaxed his stomach warred with him, demanding to be fed for the first time that day.

Saxton lathered up the washcloth with soap and began to scrub his body clean of mud, dust, and salt water from the rain they had encountered on the last leg of their run. Every area he scrubbed clean he felt even more refreshed and knew if he didn’t get protein in him soon then he would be aching like a son of a bitch come morning. Just because he was a vampire didn’t mean he had super strength, super speed, and everything else Hollywood conjured up.

In fact as a vampire he was practically the same as humans. Just there was some sort of supernatural anomaly in his genetics that ensured he required human blood on a regular basis in order to be healthy, otherwise he would become unable to function, to perform to the best of his ability. Because he ingested human blood that then gave him additional strength that kept him super healthy, an immune system humans would love to study to try and cure practically all diseases in the world. It allowed him to be immortal in some supernatural or magical way. He honestly didn’t care, just as long as he was able to live a very long life with his mate.

Saxton got out the shower, dried, and dressed relatively quickly. He hoped to start the barbeque and get a couple steaks on the go before it went dark. He intended to have a more restful night this evening than the one he had last night.

Five minutes later and he had the barbeque burning. All he had to do was wait for the coals to burn out before putting on the steaks. Saxton was a simple man where food was concerned. He didn’t like any of this bullshit caviar or snails or whatever to eat. He preferred meat. Give him meat and potatoes and he was happy, and a pint of blood to wash it all down of course.

Saxton went back into the kitchen and dug around all the appliances they still had for the microwave. He wanted potatoes and the only way to have them was to nuke. He didn’t think barbequing them would be very good. Eventually he found it and gave it a quick wipe down before sticking two big potatoes in it. With them on the go he turned back to the barbeque which was now ready to begin cooking on. Choosing that exact moment Greg walked through the temporary tarp wall.

Saxton swallowed his tongue immediately. Gone were the working clothes, gone were the running shorts that left very little to one’s imagination. Instead the man was wearing grey sweats that hung so low on his hips that when the man turned round Saxton could see the top of the man’s ass.

God he wanted to say fuck the steaks, fuck the potatoes, and just devour that man’s ass. He wanted to bite into it and that thought sent his fangs to drop. He immediately regained control of his wayward teeth and managed to hide them before Greg saw them. He couldn’t show his teeth to his mate until the man knew and accepted him for who and what he was.

“How do you like your steak?” he asked instead.

“Blue, please.” A man after my own heart. Seriously why was this man born to be perfect for him? The man loved his steak blue and Saxton wouldn’t eat his meat anything but, unless it was in a stew or casserole. The man kept fit and enjoyed running, something they could do together in future days. If only he knew how to tell if the man was gay or straight. Hell Saxton will settle for bi, just as long as he got to have his mate naked at some point soon.

Instead of succumbing to his inner demons as far as his mate was concerned Saxton busied himself in getting the steaks prepared. He had already put two corns on the cob on the barbeque and they were doing nicely. The steaks wouldn’t take long at all. Probably a minute at most, which was good timing because by that time came they were done to perfection and the microwave pinged to say the potatoes were done too. He plated it all up and took it over to the outdoor seating where Greg brought over butter for the potatoes, forks, and two steak knives.

The food was delicious if he did say so himself. He wasn’t a chef in the same league as Smith, his newest family member, but he did know how to barbeque and cook a steak. It made the best dish ever. It was raw, male, and filling. The only thing that worried him was the sounds his mate was making. The man sat opposite him, looking at him as if he were god.




Saxton ran through the woods near to his home. He hated the fact that he was forced to hide who and what he was, even if it was from his mate. Since the man was new to town Saxton’s father had offered to let the man stay at their home until he got himself on his feet. That then put Greg in the bedroom next to his, only separated by one thin wall at one end and a bathroom at the other, a joint bathroom.

So many times Saxton had imagined walking in on Greg while the man was showering, slipping inside next to his intended, and shoving his hard cock straight up that tight ass. It was what he need so badly yet couldn’t even jack off because of fear the man in question would hear his own name on Saxton’s lips.

Instead he was running more, training harder than ever before just to get rid of some of this left-over sexual energy that he couldn’t expel through regular channels. But the training was so much harder because sharing space with the man intended for him, the scent of that man littering the entire house, was so tantalising he wanted, no needed more. He wanted to walk up to his mate and bite him, sucking on his arteries as best he could and drinking his fill. But he couldn’t do that, not without the man trying to kill him. Instead he had tried drinking more bagged blood, but it was bland and tasteless to his senses now and so he wasn’t taking the proper dose of blood he needed to survive.

As he ran Saxton decided to stop for a quick swim. There was a small spring on their property that opened up into a sort of natural pool on the east side of the property. A hot Sunday midmorning and a cool dip would feel fantastic on his abused muscles.

He carried on but at a slower jog as he broke the treeline intending to strip and jump straight into the deep water. Instead of being the stealthy, poised vampire he knew himself to be he tripped over a fallen branch at the sight of his mate. Greg lay on his front, ass completely naked. But what he zeroed in on most was the black silicone-type material he could see attached to where the man’s asshole should have been. Fucking Christ on a stick! Did the man have to wear a butt plug? And ultimately show the man liked something up his ass?

Saxton wasn’t able to stop himself as he continued to roll down the slightly banked ground until he felt cool water splash all over his body. It did good things to his muscles, bar one in particular. That certain muscle soon jumped up into his body at the unexpected temperature of the water.

He swam to the edge and propped his arms up on the side, using all his muscles to hoist himself up into the air and back onto solid ground. As he righted himself he couldn’t help but look over at the devil who had come to torture him. The man was no longer lying there on some plaid blanket like a Greek god. He was now walking toward Saxton, a gorgeous sway in his hips that caused the biggest cock Saxton had ever seen on another man swing and bounce in time with his steps. The smile marring the handsome face was one that could crack any man’s armour. Saxton’s was certainly no match.

Just as Greg came within touching distance the man walked around him, as if sizing up his prey. Saxton couldn’t do anything but stand there shivering. He was hardly cold, the warm air already heating his skin back up, but that look of seductive madness ignited a burning need so deep inside him Saxton could hardly stand it. He felt ready to combust.

“Well…” Saxton felt more than heard the man sigh into his ear. “Are you going to stand there all day or are you going to come fuck me, my sexy vampire mate.”

The statement shocked Saxton right to his core and he only heard the word vampire to begin with. “You know about me?” He was scared now. He gulped in abject fear and began stepping away from the man who could very well kill him if he wanted to. Saxton wouldn’t fight his mate, which made it pretty damn obvious that Greg would win any war between them. Saxton tripped yet again where he completely forgot about the bank and just lay there. Greg was too close for him to make a run for it. He was frozen to that spot.

Greg climbed up onto his body, straddling Saxton’s groin, and leaned down so they were face to face. “Yes, I know about you. Your family hardly keep their fangs in check when walking around.

“Don’t tell me you don’t feel the chemistry between us. It is so thick I cannot help but take notice. Then you are such a sexy thing all I want to do is have my wicked way with you. Bounce on this hard cock”—Greg grabbed his cock, pulling it out of his sweats—“and when the time is right, right when we are both about to come I want you to bite me. I want you to bite me hard and suck down what you need from your mate. I want to be yours, Saxton, in every way possible.”

Saxton’s control slipped. He went on overdrive and took what he wanted from his mate, what the man was wanting. Saxton crashed his mouth into Greg’s enjoying that sublime taste of his mate’s for the first time ever. Greg was tangy. And sour tasting, but gods help him, Saxton loved it. It took everything out of him and he wanted so much more. He didn’t want to stop kissing his man. And Greg was now his man. There was no way Saxton was going to feel this kiss, enjoy this body as his cock pounded that hole without claiming the man as his for all eternity.

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