I was born in England, and became a voracious reader of fiction from an early age. I have always had an interest in the built and natural environment and I studied Town and Regional Planning and later Environmental Management. Writing fiction came later in life.

I met my husband in Scotland. We were married in the USA, in a hot air balloon, and our feet haven’t touched the ground since. We have lived in several countries and I have met many lovely people with interesting stories to tell.

I write from home, wherever in the world that may be at any given time. I feel incredibly lucky that I have found something that I love doing. Erotic romance is fun to write and I love to create characters that I can relate to, and give them romance, love, hot sex and a happy ending. Someday I would like to write a story that my children can read, but perhaps instead I’ll just have to wait until they grow up…a lot.

I hope that you enjoy reading my stories.

Q: What type of books do you like to read?

A: I have a varied taste and go through phases, but one genre I particularly enjoy is Science Fiction. The first real Sci-fi I read was ‘Hyperion’ by Dan Simmons, it had me hooked. I also love ‘Ender’s game’ by Orson Scott card, ‘Player of Games’ by Iain M Banks and all Neal Asher’s books; he is currently my favorite author. I went through a period of devouring Anne Rice’s vampire novels and Phillipa Gregory’s historical ones , and of course Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight Series. When time and life permit I like to curl up somewhere quiet and read poetry.

Q: Why do you write romance?

A: I’m a romantic at heart and I can identify with the emotions of the characters that I create. I love writing erotic fiction because it is fantasy, uninhibited sensuality and a lot of fun. The mind is, after all, the biggest erogenous zone.

Q: Where do you get your inspiration from?

A: If I don’t say ‘my husband’ I may get into trouble! The truth is that ideas and inspiration come from a lot of different sources; real life, books, films, and of course the internet is a powerful research tool. I love poetry, the words of Emerson, Gibran and Shakespeare get me into a literary frame of mind. I like Dorothy Parker’s quirky poems; Oscar Wilde came out with some great one liners, as did Mark Twain. Humor that can be found in everyday things and situations also gives good insight because it’s usually honest.

Q: What would be the best consequence of reading your books?

A: It would be great if my words made the reader feel romantic, happy and amused. If someone laughs at the funny parts or gets turned on by the erotic sections, I would take that as a high compliment. I would just love it if someone read my work and then had a hot night with the person they love...that would be really something.

Q: Do you tell people that you write erotic romance?

A: It depends on the person. It’s not the kind of thing I’d shout about at the PTA (laughs) but my friends know and they think it’s really cool. The universal response when you tell folks, even when you advise that it’s not for the faint hearted, is that they want to read it, and that’s fine with me.


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