Alphas' Prize (MFM)

WeresRus 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 69,794
46 Ratings (4.3)

[Ménage Amour: Erotic Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, werewolves, spanking]

Joanna and her mother, Katherine, are rare female werewolves who can procreate without the mating bond specific to true-mates. They are highly prized by unmated males who want heirs, especially the powerful Alphas and Primes.

When Jo meets Yuri and Vlad Volkov, twin Alphas of the Siberian Pack and her true-mates, she knows that she will not have to endure a lonely, stressful life on the run like her mother.

The full moon is rapidly approaching, filling Jo with equal amounts of elation and fear. It is the only time werewolves are fertile and when they can form a true mating bond. Jo and her mates will become united forever, but Jo also knows that her mother is in great danger at this time. Who can she trust to help? Katherine waits in a secret, isolated location, but is it safe enough from a sadistic Prime who is desperate to find and enslave her? Will Jo be able to help her mother in time to begin her life with the men she loves?

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Alphas' Prize (MFM)
46 Ratings (4.3)

Alphas' Prize (MFM)

WeresRus 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 69,794
46 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
She got my attention; i liked it a lot. Will be waiting for Kil's story..
really enjoyed
Fi O
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4 CUPS: "Katherine has been running from the unmated wolves since she was pregnant with her daughter, Joanna. Having one unmated female wolf was a rarity; having two was completely unbelievable. When their safe haven is found, Katherine and Joanna run in separate directions. Joanna soon finds herself in the home of the powerful American Alpha and the sexy arms of the Siberian twins, Yuri and Vlad Volkov. Yuri and Vlad had no idea that they would find their true-mate in America. But with one hint of her tantalizing scent, the twins know that she is theirs. Will Joanna be forced to mate, even if she does not want to? What happened to Katherine when she is separated from her daughter? Will the female wolves get the happy ever after they both deserve? Alphas’ Prize is an intriguing tale that will fill your senses with the details throughout the book. Ms. Forrest has written a book that has tons of spicy sex and even more adventure and suspense. I love how Yuri and Vlad are these tough Alpha males and yet they come across as completely clueless when it comes to handling a woman. Katherine is another powerful element in the novel as her strong character shines through the pages as she fights for her and her daughter’s rights. This is a very enjoyable book that can be savored time and again." -- Danielle, Coffee Time Romance

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The solid road surface gave way to gravel, which was not a great surface for a speeding bike with two riders in hot pursuit. After about two miles she saw a large house up ahead and decided that she definitely wasn’t going to get taken now that she was so close.

She was dimly aware of men on the grounds, running in her direction. Instead of slowing to a stop she jerked the bike sideways and executed a nifty but dangerous one-eighty-degree slide toward the stone steps that led to a large, open front doorway. As her bike skidded, gravel and soil were spewed into the air. Before the machine stopped on its side, she kicked away and rolled, coming out of the impressive stunt maneuver at a sprint. Without looking back she cleared the steps with a single leap and charged through the open door and a large foyer into a spacious hall full of…male werewolves. Oh crap.

Jo stopped abruptly in the deathly quiet space. The men were sat behind several tables, positioned so that they curved around the room. The layout instantly brought to mind the legend of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, and she was standing in the middle. For a moment, all she could smell was the confusing yet pleasant mix of Were scents, and all she could hear through her helmet was her own sharp breathing.

Long seconds later the quiet was ruptured by shouts and the sound of heavy boots behind her. She whirled around to see two very tall men clad in black leather closing in on her. They ripped their helmets off, and she just had time to register their identical very pale-white masculine faces, storm-gray, piercing eyes, and white, long, straight hair before chaos broke out. Four huge men pounced on the pursuing bikers, quickly followed by two more when it became apparent that they couldn’t hold them.

Inexplicably she was almost overcome by the urge to dive into the fray and…what? It was the most peculiar sensation, but her whole being just knew that somewhere within that rabble was something she wanted, needed, must have.

“Stop! Vladimir, Yuri.” A deep, commanding voice cut through the melee.

A very handsome Native American man who looked to be in his early thirties had stood up and was walking toward her. She recognized him, although the image she saw yesterday on the computer screen didn’t do him justice because it didn’t capture the authoritative essence of the man. His voice was the epitome of a sure, capable, dominant Alpha. He radiated power, intelligence, and strength, but beyond that there was a present dangerous yet restrained wildness, a potent combination she had never come across before. Normally she would have been in awe of such a man, but there was something intriguing and infinitely more desirable nearby, something nagging more insistently as every second passed.

As quickly as it started, the two men stopped struggling, and the commotion began to lessen.

“You are upsetting my guest. Please calm yourselves,” he requested politely.

Just like that, the top dog closed it down and pulled the shutters on all that primitive, animalistic power. It still stalked near the surface but was on a much tighter leash. She must remember to never underestimate this man. He was the proverbial wolf in sheep’s clothing, and she should not forget that.

“Joanna, I’m very glad you made it. I am Will Hawke, and I will help you.” He was breathing through his mouth and deliberately trying not to inhale her scent.

He held out his hand, and she automatically shook it while battling with the need to now ignore him completely and find…whatever it was. Harsh growls of aggression and distress sounded behind her again when she touched Hawke.

“Do not touch her,” a heavily accented voice commanded. It sent shivers down her spine and to her groin.

What in God’s name is going on? She still had her helmet on with the visor shut, so she pulled off her gloves, unclipped the chinstrap, and took it off. A single thick, ropelike braid fell down her back. Two things happened at once. The Prime’s face froze as his nostrils twitched, and he hastily took one step back away from her, and her pursuers both made a noise somewhere between a growl and a moan and began to struggle in earnest again.

She stood transfixed, unable to run or even look away from them. She should have been terrified because they seemed totally focused on getting to her, but instead she felt excited and aroused. What the hell? Hawke regarded her with a lustful expression for a moment that quickly morphed to panic and regret. The muscle in his jaw twitched as he gritted his teeth and turned his attention on the two men struggling behind her.

“This lady is a werewolf. Your reaction as unmated males is natural although somewhat exaggerated. We were not expecting you, or you would have been warned. Please try to control yourselves.”

Again she heard deep, frustrated growls and one word spat harshly. “Niet.”

Oh crap. Faced with the reality of her situation, she now understood her mother’s reticence to return to a Pack a lot more. She quickly looked around to check window and door positions. The initial adrenaline surge was fading, and she now fully engaged her heightened sense of smell. She inhaled the air deeply through her nose and staggered a step back into Hawke. He took a sharp intake of breath and immediately pushed her forward like a pinball as he stepped farther away from her.

She stumbled and was almost overcome by an intoxicating fragrance unlike anything she’d experienced before. Quickly she recovered her balance and jerked to rigid attention as she snapped all her focus back on the twins. They were growling and staring at her with what could only be described as raw desire, lust, and yearning. She felt like the only dessert on the buffet table, and they appeared ravenous.

Jo watched as the twins fought against their captors. They were breathing deeply with nostrils flared, and their leather-clad, leonine, muscular bodies looked tense as they strained and bucked against the six men trying to hold them. They seemed to be undergoing a partial shift as muscles bulged and strained against their clothes, long talons grew from their fingers, and sharp-looking fangs snapped and snarled. My God, they are going to break away!




She growled and raised her hips, urging him on. In response she swore that his tongue grew, and the thick, wet, flexible flesh pushed deep into her tight cunt, sliding repeatedly over a sensitive spot, causing her to moan loudly. Christ, was she glad he was a werewolf. His nose rubbed against her clit as if giving her a traditional Maori greeting on an untraditional part of her anatomy. She cried out as she came and clenched around his warm tongue. Her sheath rapidly relaxed and tightened, over and over again. Her hips bucked uncontrollably, and she attempted to pull away from the exquisite torture of his tongue. Yuri held down her now-thrashing arms, preventing her from pulling at Vlad’s hair. Oh God, they had to stop. It was too much. Vlad growled and held her legs and hips as he eased his slippery, serpent long tongue out of her channel and took a languorous lick along the seam to her throbbing clit. She would have jerked off the bed if she hadn’t been pinned down.

“That’s my cream, and I want it all.” He groaned as he swiped his tongue over her again, and again.

“Stop, stop. Fuck me, please.” Her voice took on a desperate, pleading quality.

Da, but not here,” Vlad said, giving her cunt one last French kiss, his eyes burning with lust.

They relaxed their hold and flipped her over onto her belly with ease. Vlad’s strong arms pulled her hips back and positioned her ass up high at the edge of the bed where he now stood. She couldn’t help but rotate her hips and spread her legs more. His big hands massaged her taut buttocks, squeezing and pushing them apart.

“So fucking sexy,” he murmured, his voice thick with desire.

She felt his cock rubbing up and down her wet slit before he plunged deep into her pussy. As he moved she could hear how wet she was. She looked back over her shoulder to watch them. Silently, Yuri passed a bottle of lubricant to Vlad and took over holding her buttocks apart while Vlad squirted some of the cold gel in the crack of her ass. Lord above, she felt exposed and vulnerable but knew that she was in capable hands. He carefully stroked a thick finger over her puckered skin a few times before pushing it inside. Ooo, that feels different. They were murmuring in Russian to each other as Yuri avidly watched his brother pump his finger in and out of her tight rosette, matching the rhythm of the cock in her channel.

Vlad’s free hand began to stoke her back, and he softly cooed unintelligible words to her. His finger left her, and his cock slid from her slickness and stroked up to her anus. He tapped the head against her tightly closed back door as if knocking to seek permission to enter.

“Are you ready for me, Lapushka?”

She moaned her assent and arched her back. He slowly pushed his way into her.

She panted. “Ahh.”

It wasn’t exactly painful as he carefully pressed past the tight ring of muscle, but it was intense. It burned a little but in a decadently delicious way, and his cock warmed her inside. Yuri pulled on her firm buttocks to expose her more to their viewing.

“Fuck, your cock is opening her bottom. By look on your face I do not think you will be long to release,” he murmured as he massaged her butt.

She felt stretched and full as Vlad slowly pumped in small increments, deeper into her ass. She heard his groan of pleasure and felt him tremble as he came to rest, with his soft balls squashed against her pussy. He was bottomed out, balls-deep in her, and she loved it. The appeal of anal sex was no longer a mystery. Imagine doing this while someone pumped your cock or touched your clit? In-fucking-credible.

As if he’d read her thoughts, Vlad reached under her and began to rub and tease her swollen bud. In seconds she came hard and couldn’t stop clamping down on his big dick. He growled loudly.

“My God, so tight, like cock ring.”

He began to move, and she continued to come. He hadn’t let up pulling on her supersensitive bud, and now her thighs began to tremble and shake. She was almost vibrating around Vlad. She felt her fingernails itch as they grew longer, her gums throbbed, and her mouth ached and seemed to get bigger.

“Fuck me. This is best ever.” Vlad spoke in a strained voice, as if through gritted teeth.

“I cannot wait to feel her hot, wet mouth.” Yuri almost snarled the words. He let go of her buttocks and scrambled to kneel in front of her. She looked up at his face and saw utter lust and need. In seconds his cock slapped on her cheek, brushed against her lips, then was pushed into her mouth. Totally abandoning herself to the instinct to please her mate, she swallowed all of his considerable length and girth, right up to his big balls. The small physical changes that her aroused state had triggered enabled her to deep throat him easily. She groaned and hummed around his cock as her thicker, longer tongue laved and caressed his balls.

“Oh, God. Never before like this,” Yuri ground out with obvious difficulty. “How is she doing this?”

“Werewolf, partial change,” answered Vlad, panting as he bucked into her backside, picking up the pace.

“God, radost moya, Joanna.” With his cock deep in her mouth, Yuri held her face between his big hands and looked at her as if she was the best gift he’d ever received. Then he lost his expression to raw lust. “Keep looking at me,” he ordered in a steel tone that somehow managed to arouse her further.

She riveted her gaze to his as he proceeded to fuck himself down her throat with abandon, his big balls swinging under her chin. The room was filled with the sounds of grunts, humming, slurping, and slapping flesh. The scent of sex was thick in the air. 

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