Sweet Water Wedding: Sharing Shannon (MFM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 104,955
43 Ratings (4.3)

[Ménage Amour: Erotic Cowboy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, light consensual BDSM, spanking]

Irish environmental consultant Shannon O’Reilly can’t envisage accommodating one man in her busy life, never mind two sexy Texas cowboys who want to share her.

Shannon discovers that James and Luke are best friends, business partners, and seasoned players. They both want her, and they don’t mind sharing. Shannon can’t contemplate one man in her busy life, let alone two, and their ideologies and lifestyles are poles apart. They try to convince her that such a relationship is possible in a place like Meadow Ridge County, with men like them. But when oil spills, bullets fly, and lust burns, can love really conquer all?

Note: This is a stand-alone title. There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among the men.

A Siren Erotic Romance


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Sweet Water Wedding: Sharing Shannon (MFM)
43 Ratings (4.3)

Sweet Water Wedding: Sharing Shannon (MFM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 104,955
43 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
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Shannon paused for a moment, chewing her lip. “Rachael, tell me what you think of James because he behaved very oddly when I first met him this morning. A little later in the kitchen he kissed me—”

“He did?” Rachael interrupted, sounding shocked.

“Yeah, I know, but I have to say, it was a kiss like no other. It was divine, or more like profound. It was certainly more than the normal upper persuasion for the lower invasion, if you know what I mean, although it was all that, too.” She sat up straight and tried to find the right words. “It felt like a juncture, you know, ‘all roads lead from here.’ I’m probably not making any sense, but I really felt a connection to the guy. I must be going mad or getting desperate because while I was at the conference in Houston, I met a really great guy, and I felt a bond with him, too. Maybe I’m imagining it. I’m tired and obviously I needed this break more than I thought, or maybe I just need to get shagged more.” She gave a little laugh, but it didn’t hide her confusion and doubt.

Rachael also sat up straight, rearranging a few cushions. “James is a great guy, I really like him.”


“But he’s not been exactly chaste over the last few years. The guy is great-looking, charming, and genuinely likes women, and boy, do they like him and his partner, Luke. They’ve never been short of female company. Individually, they are both gorgeous, but together, they must be many a girl’s dream come true.”

“Luke? That’s James’s partner’s name?” Shannon immediately registered the coincidence.

 “Yeah, he’s quieter and more intense than James but just as sexy. I’m in love with Josh, but I’m not blind.” She giggled. “Until very recently they’ve been players of the highest order, sharing women in bed and unconcerned about trying to find Miss Right. Lately, though, they’ve been a bit subdued. I think the desire to settle down is growing stronger. Josh mentioned that when they were at the conference, James and Luke said they wanted a serious relationship. I don’t know what James’s intentions are, Shannon, but I don’t think that he would deliberately lead someone on or make any false promises. My understanding is that so far he hasn’t ever made any promises at all to anyone, except to have a fun time.”

Shannon frowned. Partner? Luke? James? At the conference? She picked up the threads and ran with them, recalling Luke’s words. “I‘ll be honest, I’ve been a player in the past, but it gets old. I’m not looking for a casual fuck anymore, I want more.” No fucking way!

“Rachael.” She gulped, eyes widening and breath shortening. “Is Luke about six-four, well- built, straight dark brown hair just past the ears, dark brown eyes, and very long lashes...by any chance?”

Rachael jerked back in apparent shock. “From that accurate description, I’d say chance has nothing to do with it.”

“Oh no, no, it can’t be.” Shannon’s breath caught in her throat. “What’s his second name?”

Rachael looked very puzzled. “I can’t remember exactly. Something Scottish sounding, I think.”


“Yeah, that’s right. McKay. His mother brought an injured cat in to see me last week, turned out it was also pregnant, but how did you know?”

Shannon let out a wail. “Ohhhhhh, my God!”

“What the hell’s the matter with you? Are you okay?” Rachael’s eyes were like saucers as she watched her meltdown with astonishment.

She muffled some curses as colorful as the cushions she buried her face in.

“I don’t fockin’ believe it, Jaysus.” Her Irish accent had intensified as it always did when she was upset. “Of all the fockin’ hotels in all the world, he had to walk into mine!”

“What are you talking about?” Rachael sounded worried and confused.

Shannon stared at her for a moment then started to laugh, but it wasn’t a hearty sound.

“I spent last night, at the Thorn Bush hotel”—she took a deep breath—“in the arms of a certain Luke McKay.”

Rachael gasped. “No way.”

“Yes way.” Shannon groaned. “And he mentioned his sleeping partner, James, only he made it sound like just a business arrangement. He even said that he liked to go on long rides with him. Bugger!” The expletives were coming fast and furious now. “What a jolly fockin’ wheeze that must have been for him. Oh, God, Rach, I feel such a bloody fool.” She closed her eyes tight against the sting of restrained tears.


Adult Excerpt:


They slid their fingers out of her now sopping cunt. When she released their hands, they immediately did something that looked an awful lot like “rock, paper, scissors.”

Luke gave a triumphant sounding “Ha!”

What were they up to? Shannon slowly gained her breath back and smiled. “Just give me a moment, will you? I’m coming back down to earth.” She sighed contentedly.

“No, honey, you’re not.” Luke’s deep voice took on a darker timbre.

Before she knew what was happening, she felt her legs being spread farther as Luke settled between them. She looked down and saw that he was rolling on a condom. Unprepared for the shot of lust and desire that hit her right between the thighs, she gasped. James was rolling one on, too.

“It’s all right, Shannon; we’ll go one cock at a time. All you have to do is relax, feel, and enjoy.” James was back to plucking her nipples and kissing the neck. Relax? Impossible, her body felt like one huge erogenous zone with them.


* * * *


Luke didn’t hang around. To the victor go the spoils, whether it was war or merely “rock, paper, scissors.” He was up first. He rubbed his cock along her slick, pouting pussy, gathering her natural lubricant, and then surged forward into her sweltering core. He leaned over her, resting his hands on the ground on either side of her for leverage, and flexed his powerful flanks as he fucked his way into her again and again. He knew that if he kept up this pace it would be over too soon, so he slowed down to savor the friction and squeeze of her muscles against his hard length. He adjusted his angle to slide against her clit.

Shannon moaned. “That feels sooo good.”

“So fucking good, darlin’. I love the way you grip and push around my cock. Oh, baby, hot damn, but you sure know how to please a man.”

Her heavy-lidded, half-closed eyes seemed to lose focus as her mouth opened wider to catch her breath and release a moan. The urge to possess her, to ram his cock deep and butt against her cervix, raged in his veins. With monumental effort, he tamped it down. He didn’t want to hurt her, and there was still James to come, who he doubted would show the same restraint.

She must have seen the struggle in his eyes. “Faster, Luke, don’t hold back,” she encouraged.

 It amazed him that she seemed to know what he needed. He couldn’t help but increase the speed and force of his thrusts.

“Honey, your neat, sweet, pert breasts bounce beautifully. One day I’ll have my cock between them while Luke makes ’em jiggle and sway, pounding into that pussy of yours like he is now.”

This is what James did. He liked to conjure up erotic images for everyone to enjoy.

“I won’t wear a condom. I’ll come all over your tits and watch you lick them clean.”

Fuck, James was sure feeling inspired today. Luke closed his eyes, imagining Shannon covered in cum. Christ, he wasn’t going to last much longer, but when he looked at her, he didn’t think that she was either. She was panting and making small mewling sounds, looking more wanton and aroused than ever. He heard an erotic squelching sound as he continued to ram his cock into her soaking core.

“A little help here with her clit, partner,” he said, shifting back to make room for James’s hand.

James licked his middle finger and rubbed it around Shannon’s swollen bud until she shrieked. Luke saw James clamp his mouth over hers, stealing the sound of her climax as her body jerked uncontrollably. His cock felt on fire with the effort of holding back until she came. Now he could let go, and with one final shove, he came with the pressure of a geyser.

He heard her soft moans through the pounding beat of his heart. Had he been too much for her? Too rough?

He was about to express concern when, unbelievably, he heard her feminine, soft voice say, “That was absolutely amazing, Luke. Now can James fuck me, please?”

At that moment, any doubts he may have had fled. Shannon, their woman, couldn’t get enough of them, and he didn’t think he’d ever get enough of her. Unfortunately, he wasn’t going to get the chance to bask in the snug, warm delight of her pussy. James pushed him off her with a desperation Luke had never seen before and buried his face between her legs. He tongued her hard and fast. Luke watched as Shannon writhed, clutching at the cloth she lay on. He saw James lick her from ass to clit and then suck on the sweet nubbin like a baby on its mama’s teat.

Shannon howled. “Oh, God, it’s too much!” she said as she came again, but she didn’t tell James to stop. Instead, she cried, “I need you inside me now!”

When James lifted his head, Luke thought that the man looked almost rabid. His face was wet with her juices, his expression wild with passion, and his cock the biggest Luke had ever seen. James swiftly impaled her, coming to rest balls deep with an animalistic cry thrown from his throat. He waited for a moment, clearly savoring the feel of her hot, wet cunt clasping him. Then, when she tilted her hips and pushed up, he went at her like a man possessed.

Shannon became a thing of raw need and savage passion, and it was a sight to behold. She unclasped her legs from around James’s waist, letting her legs fall further open and pushed herself up on her elbows and feet to meet his thrusts.

“Fuck me, fuck me harder,” she demanded through gritted teeth.

With a deep growl, James pulled out, flipped her over, and pulled her up onto all fours and straight back onto his glistening cock. It was all Luke could do to only watch and not grab her hair and shove his cock into that passion-slackened mouth. Christ, James was really going at her now, plowing deep and hard, and she was pushing back against him, yelling, “Yes, yes, yes.”

He’d never before seen James be so utterly beyond control as he was now, ravishing Shannon. He’d never seen a woman so unreserved in wanting it all.

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