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Dorothy Kane Liddle began writing when it became clear that there was no day job that could provide the satisfaction that writing did. Liddle has been at it for more than thirty years, publishing primarily as a newspaper and magazine writer and humorist. Raised in New Orleans, Liddle now lives in the Seattle, WA area. This is her first novel. The author would like to offer a special thanks to her elementary school nuns for teaching the fundamentals of sentence structure, good grammar, vocabulary, and punctuation, though Liddle acknowledges the irony of applying skills taught by a Catholic religious order to the erotic romance genre.

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Q: When did you first realize there was a writer lurking within you?

A: It was more sulking than lurking, actually. But I wrote some nonsensical humor once in high school, and it got a laugh. I was hooked, though it took some time to find my way through writing the occasional satirical piece for the op ed pages of newspapers. I had some minor successes over the years but nothing akin to a breakthrough.

Q: How did you come to writing erotic romance?

A: It came to me. When I realized that writing humor was not going to catch fire, I experimented with fictional genres. One time I wrote a hot sex scene that seemed to come more from a detached subconscious imagination than my conscious one. I worked at it off and on for the next several years, before completing it and sending Ice Cream Castles in the Air off to Siren. No one was more pleased —and surprised— than I when they accepted it.

Q: Do you plan to continue writing in this genre?

A: Yes. Since Ice Cream Castles in the Air I have completed two additional novella-length stories that I will be submitting to Siren shortly, and I have also completed a full-length novel set primarily in Paris.

Q: Where do you get your inspiration to write erotic romances?

A: I like that my characters believe sex is the best consciousness expanding practice available to us.

Q: You mentioned earlier about “working” at your writing. What is your writing day like?

A: I write early in the morning, six days per week. I spend the morning writing to a goal of 2000 words per session of something new. Later, I will rewrite, edit and then proofread something of which I have previously completed a first draft. Then if I am lucky, I will have editor’s notes and suggested changes to work on for a story being readied for publication. I try to make it a “9-5” day job routine, but one that I love with plenty of breaks and a long lunch.

Q: Do you have hobbies or a houseful of cats?

A: I mostly enjoy reading non-fiction (history and politics), travel and watching the wonderful British sleuths on PBS.

Q: What are you currently reading?

A: Duty by former Sec. of Defense Robert Gates. I recently finished the two-book memoir by Neil Simon, which I found inspirational and funny as hell.

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