Ice Cream Castles in the Air (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 24,469
1 Ratings (4.0)
[Siren Allure: Erotic May-December Romance, HFN]
Kate Hoffman is ending a year in Germany with her two adult children. She is now faced with living alone, as her children plan to return to the United States. She meets Mark Robinette during a visit to Bavaria's Neuschwanstein castle and too quickly (for Kate anyway) they become sexual partners. Kate's grown children and the re-appearance of her alcoholic ex-husband combine with Kate's objections to the "free sex" liberation of her best friend Ilse to stall her budding affair with Mark. But she learns the passion she is experiencing with her young lover is neither a drug, a weapon, nor does it have to lead to marriage and commitment. It can also be a door to a fuller realization of life's limitless possibilities.
Note: This book contains drug use.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Ice Cream Castles in the Air (MF)
1 Ratings (4.0)

Ice Cream Castles in the Air (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 24,469
1 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Christine Kirchoff
A bittersweet and gentle story set in the 1970's.
At first I found the writing a little disjointed but as the story progressed the writer seemed to gain in confidence and it flowed beautifully.
I remember the 70's and Dorothy has captured the zeitgeist and milieu very well.
It was also refreshing to have a heroine who was nearer my own age. A May/December romance is the perfect description - there was little of the cougar about the heroine.
I look forward to reading more of this new author's books.




They moved out of the way of the crowd and against the side of the building. Kate looked directly into Mark’s eyes. Mark placed his hands on Kate’s shoulders and nudged her gently toward him. She responded and placed her right hand on top of his shoulder as he drew his face closer to her. They studied each other’s lips for a lingering moment and then both caved into the kiss. The very public nature of it didn’t seem to bother either one. Mark’s arms slid around her shoulders to her back as the kiss deepened. Kate slid her hand up to and then around the back of Mark’s neck. It was the sudden jostling from an annoyed passerby that brought them both back to reality.

“Oops, I guess we’re in everybody’s way here,” Kate said as she reluctantly released her hand from the back of Mark’s neck.

“Yeah, I wish it wasn’t so crowded,” Mark said. He kept Kate in a slight embrace.

“Well, my car is just there in the lot,” Kate said, “unless, of course, you have to go. Do you have to meet your friend again?”

Kate brushed Mark’s hair away from his eyes and reached for his hand.

“You mean Libby? No, I suspect she’s back in Munich by now with Max.”

At the mention of Max’s name, Kate felt still more relief.

“Well, can I drop you somewhere, then?” she asked.

“The entrance to the Autobahn would be great. I’m hitching back to Munich. I just hope I’m not too late to get started before nightfall.”

Kate pushed her tongue to her cheek, “I think you just got lucky,” she said.

“What?” Mark asked in alarm.

“As far as a ride, Mark,” Kate said emphatically. “I’m heading back to Munich myself. You can ride with me if you wish.”

“Far out,” Mark said.

As they walked toward Kate’s car, she asked him  “And just what did you think I meant when I said you just got lucky?” But her tone was only mockingly inquisitional.

Mark opened his mouth to speak, but no words came out.

Kate nudged him playfully. “I’m only kidding, you know.”

Mark bowed his head toward his feet. “I know, Katherine. I’m just sorry you were.”

Now it was Kate’s turn again to be sorry. Why am I fighting this? I haven’t felt this way for a man since…ever? Except for the fact that it is so completely wrong. But then…

When they reached her car, she opened the doors and she and Mark slid in. Kate put the key in the ignition, but hesitated before starting the engine. Kate glanced over and met Mark’s eyes. A smile curled at her lips to match the one forming on Mark’s. He leaned toward her and then paused. She leaned toward him as her hand slipped from the ignition.

Mark’s kiss went deep and hard immediately. Kate heard herself groan with the pleasure of his firmness and authority. She felt his arm slide around her shoulder and begin massaging her back. She lifted her hand to his thick mop of hair and began mussing her hand through its thickness. They both were groaning as their embrace tightened. Mark’s mouth opened, and she opened hers to meet his. Their tongues found each other’s hungrily and their frenzied probing together ignited flames. Kate trembled as a newfound passion rumbled through her.. Kate pressed her lips tighter onto Mark’s She fisted her fingers in his hair. Mark dug his into Kate’s back. Their moans were becoming dangerously amplified in the car, but neither seemed to care. Mark slid his hand toward Kate’s chest, and she quickly adjusted her posture to accommodate. When his hand reached her left breast and Mark passed his palm gently across it, Kate shuddered with the pleasure of being touched. She wanted more immediately.

Kate pressed her hand on top of his. Breaking her kiss for a moment, she said, “Squeeze it, Mark. Hard.” And then she plunged her mouth back on top of his as he squeezed her breast hard enough to cause a sudden discomfort. But it was discomfort she didn’t want to have halted either.

Kate let the hand that had buried itself in Mark’s hair drop to her side. It found Mark’s thigh, and Kate slowly moved her hand to his crotch. When she felt the bulge of his hardness, Mark let out a cry of pleasure, and she felt everything go momentarily black.

And then she heard the voices passing her car.

“Mark, we have to stop,” Kate said and pulled away from him.

“I’m sorry, Kate,” he replied. “I got carried away.”

“No, I mean we have to stop here. There are too many people. I’m glad you were carried away. I want you to get more carried away.”




Kate sipped at her beer. Mark stared at his. Kate knew she wouldn’t have much time for preliminaries if she wanted to be back home in time to avoid any suspicions on the part of her children.

“May I ask you something, Mark?”

“Sure,” Mark said, with only the slightest hint of reservation.

“When we were climbing up the stairs, you let me go up ahead of you. Was that so you could look up my skirt?”

Mark’s face reddened instantly.

“It’s okay,” Kate reassured him. “I actually wanted you to.”

“I really tried not to,” Mark said, pleading.

Kate put her index finger to her lips. She leaned sideways and placed her beer on the floor. The move had the effect of separating her knees, which opened her skirt. When she straightened up again, she saw Mark’s gaze had fixed now and his mouth was slightly agape.

“Well,” Kate said softly, “just in case you missed anything.”

Kate smiled and then slowly separated her knees farther apart, so that Mark’s view all the way to her crotch was now unobstructed. Mark looked up at her, and she smiled back. Kate let her eyes settle on Mark for another moment, and then she lifted one knee up to her chest. She heard Mark gasp and now could see how shallow his breathing had become.

“Oh, Kate,” he said, and slid himself next to her kneeling against her on the floor. Kate bent toward him, and their lips met, slightly parted at first then wide open as their tongues licked as wantonly again as they had earlier. Kate slid her arms around Mark’s neck and pulled him closer to her. She shuddered in pleasure as his hands slid up her skirt and grabbed the elastic to her pantyhose.

They kissed long and deep. Mark occasionally slid his mouth away from Kate’s and rubbed his lips across her face and neck, licking her wherever his mouth went. Kate loved it. Mark was able to direct his roving tongue expertly, and Kate was electrified by it. It was as if she had touched a hot wire. She lifted him from his knees, glad he was able to keep his hands under her skirt. She felt him reach around and squeeze her buttocks tightly, and the electricity flowed more intensely.

“You’re driving me crazy,” Kate managed to say though her mouth had become parched with desire. They embraced tightly, Mark’s tongue lashing at Kate’s, and then again all over her face and neck. She stood and fumbled with his belt buckle. Mark pulled back just enough so Kate could reach it more comfortably. She undid his belt, unzipped his trousers, and then reached up and removed his shirt. Now it was her turn to gasp. She ran her hands along his hairless, heaving chest as if fondling a work of art.

“You are beautiful, Mark,” was all she could manage before her face fell into his chest. She began raking her nails across his torso. He cried out in delight. Kate then slid her hand inside his pants. He cried out again.

Kate swooned at the touch of his hardness. She realized now it was different than any she had felt before, hard like concrete.  She pulled it toward her own crotch now, and she imagined gleefully how it would fill her pussy. She just hoped Mark could hold on long enough now to enjoy it inside her.

“I want you, Kate,” Mark said, and let his hands slide back from under her skirt and then lifted her black sweater blouse over her head. Kate had thought ahead and not worn a bra. Her breath caught in her throat as Mark’s mouth completely enveloped one of her breasts and he began sucking hard.

“Oh, Mark, that feels so good.”

And she reveled when he released that breast and repeated the move on the other one. Kate looked over his head and saw the bed. It was neatly made, but was just a mattress on the floor. When Mark looked up at her face again, Kate said, “Now it’s my turn to suck a little.”

Kate slid slowly down Mark’s torso, peeling away his jeans as she did so. She had only performed this act once in her marriage, and she did not like it. She was surprised at how much she was looking forward to it now.

As she began to kiss his hardness still hidden behind his jockey shorts, she heard Mark say, “Take your time, Kate. I think I can hold on longer this time.”

“Good,” she said, looking up at him and winking. “I thought that might be the case.”

She could feel her eyes widen as she peeled his shorts down over his knees and saw his most virile cock standing at full attention and directly in front of her face. Whatever she had found distasteful about the act before was not part of her thinking now. She kissed the side of his cock all the way down to the root and back up the other side. She planted light kisses on the head. Then she looked up at him, smiled lovingly, and then took him completely down to his scrotum, sucking him hard and deep.

Mark moaned, and she felt him pull the back of her head deeper into him. She knew she was about to gag, but just at the last moment, Mark released his hold on her head and she could pull back.

“I want you now, Kate.”

Mark lifted her, and she wrapped her legs around his waist. He carried her to the bed and laid her as carefully as he could onto the mattress. He placed her legs over his shoulders.

“I want to get you ready,” he said and then buried his face deep into her pussy. She screamed aloud at the pleasure he had released, and when he found the hard nub of her pleasure spot, she screamed again, louder this time. The room had suddenly gone completely dark for her.

She grabbed the back of his head, pushing Mark deeper inside her, until she could feel the rumble of the volcano building at the core of her existence.

“I’m ready,” she said, gasping and gulping for air. “I’m ready, my darling.”

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