Dual Desire (MFM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 36,524
1 Ratings (4.0)

[Ménage Amour: Erotic Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, HEA]

Sexually repressed and unable to find a man who’s patient, giving her time to emerge from her shell, Ivy Tanner finds more than she bargained for when she takes a job at The Hidden Hills Resort. Twins Reed and Joel Dyer are enamored from the start when their aunt, June, hires Ivy to manage the front desk. Due to the demands of the tourist industry, Reed and Joel have only been able to connect briefly with various female guests. With the possibility of a permanent relationship, Reed and Joel’s attitude regarding their future changes drastically.

The night of the resort’s annual Halloween party, Ivy is swept off her feet by a masked man. Her partner uses his anonymity to lead her out, enabling her to abandon her sexual inhibitions. While struggling with the euphoric aftermath of her encounter, the twins begin their pursuit. Realizing the twins come as a packaged pair has Ivy reluctantly confessing to her evening of passion. When her masked lover comes forward, will new relationships be strained or strengthened?

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Dual Desire (MFM)
1 Ratings (4.0)

Dual Desire (MFM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 36,524
1 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Christine Kirchoff



When Joel opened the door, he could smell her. He contained his rabid behavior as he strolled into the kitchen. The track lighting glared off the sleek strands of her hair, giving it a bluish tint. When her eyes reluctantly met his, he felt instantly sucked in. I am so fucked.

“Well, well, well.” Joel chuckled, tossing his wallet and keys on the granite island.

“Thought I’d give Ivy the tour,” Reed said, his admission hurried. Joel could tell that Reed’s smile was forced, his face pained from the intrusion. Reed shoved his hands deep into his pockets. Joel also knew that this was his brother’s apprehensive behavior talking. Joel went to the refrigerator and grabbed a beer. He held one out for Ivy and Reed. They waved the beverage away. Joel settled on the stool closest to Ivy. Her shapely legs filled his line of vision. Her pink-and-white sneakers were a cute addition to her otherwise professional attire.

“How’d your first day go?” Joel tipped his beer back, trying to hold her darting gaze over the neck of the bottle.

“Fine.” She folded her hands, resting them in front of her. “Things went very well.”

“Good.” Joel set his beer down. “So, any costume ideas for the party?” The options that fit her ran through his head like a slide show. She’d make a great Roaring Twenties girl or maybe Cleopatra. A belly dancer! His dick danced inside his trousers.

“I’m still working on that.” She smiled, her cheeks flushing a delicious pink. Her skin was a rich, syrupy brown he wanted to lick. “What about you guys?” She faced Reed, her hair grazing her cheek as she moved. She was so sexy, her face a series of smooth, sharp lines. Joel’s eyes dipped down to her breasts. The shirt she wore hid it all. His motto was if it was kept hidden, then it was worth seeing. He shook off his thoughts.

“We never tell,” Reed said, smiling. A knowing look passed between them.

“Well, are you ready, Ivy? I should take you home.” Reed reached into his pocket and fingered the keys to the ATV.

“Sure.” Ivy rose from her stool. “See you tomorrow, Joel.”

“You can count on it.” Joel lifted the bottle to his lips. He sucked the frothy foam from the neck of the bottle as his eyes absorbed one last glimpse of Ivy Tanner’s cute ass as it exited the kitchen.


* * * *


After her shower Ivy sat down in front of her laptop and sent her father a quick e-mail. He was in Greece visiting some old friends. Her father always missed his homeland while she was growing up. Now that he was retired, he was free to roam. After clicking on send, she shut down. Ivy went into the small, cozy kitchen and fixed a cup of tea. As the kettle warmed on the stove, she reclaimed her seat at the tiny, round table.

She was settled in and getting used to her new surroundings. June had let her make some minor changes after moving in, such as removing the cabinet facing and painting the interior of the cabinets a light blue. It opened up the tiny space. Unlike the twins’ villa that was done in dark, masculine shades, Ivy’s bungalow was bright and open, the walls a whitewash accented with furniture and throw pillows in all the primary colors. Marion’s daughter had a sharp eye.

The bathroom was her favorite, a deep porcelain tub and vanity done in soft whites and yellows. Her thoughts moved on to the Halloween party and her costume, but then quickly changed tracks when Joel’s questioning eyes burned through her memory. Before one thought was complete, another pushed through. The way Reed had reached for her hand after helping her off the ATV, escorting her to the front door of the bungalow. Reed was sweet, polite, and somewhat chivalrous. Joel was mysterious and darker, his personality brash. There seemed to be a secret agenda behind his pressing stares. Ivy shrugged off her concerns.

She was here to do a job. It would probably be best if she keep her distance from the twins. Ivy could only wander so far onto middle ground. Ivy didn’t want to be rude to them, but she needed to be professional as well. She had a good thing going here at Hidden Hills. There was one thing she couldn’t deny, and meeting the twins just magnified what she tried to bury. A part of her ached. Ivy was a normal woman, a woman who craved a man’s touch. The only problem was she couldn’t seem to find a man whom she felt safe with, safe enough to let go.




“I know you’re kind of shy.” Reed rubbed her back, his hands talented. Reed’s touch was soothing, opening every door that’d been shut tight. Ivy liked the idea of him being behind her, but how long would that last? Maybe he’d blow out the candle so it could be dark. Was she ready for the light? “It’s all right.” His voice was silky. “If something isn’t comfortable, then just tell me.” His raspy directives filled her ears like a gusty wind. She felt her body sag back into his.

“Okay.” She exhaled, willing every muscle to unravel. His lips moved through the short strands of her hair. He lightly kissed her neck, licking her skin. Every pore expanded, drinking him in. His hands rested on her shoulders, edging toward the front of her shirt. She’d worn an old button-down of her father’s, planning to work in the yard all day. With every stroke of his hands, she molded into him. Ivy tilted her head, giving Reed access to her neck, hungering for more. He lightly bit and tasted. As his fingertips grazed over her breasts, a groan she tried to suppress escaped from her throat.

“So beautiful, you are,” Reed whispered, his voice husky with need. His fingers were working on the buttons of her shirt. She wanted it again. Ivy couldn’t run away from the urge. All she’d thought about was the night of the party, and how she’d felt, how her body had soaked up the physical pleasure she never knew she was capable of having. Had it been Reed? A worm of apprehension tried to burrow through. No. She wouldn’t think about that now. There was another man here, eager to please her again. She welcomed the connection, the experience. Reed’s slow and methodical movements told her that she was being blessed a second time with a man of patience.

The air changed, rushing at her skin as he gently parted the material and opened her shirt. Reed eased it down her shoulders, letting it drape over her elbows. Ivy leaned her head back, resting it on Reed’s shoulder. Through lowered lashes, she watched his hands cup her breasts, still encased in her lacy, pink bra.

The same sensations charged through her body—the want, the need. The desire to connect and feel one with another. This time there were no rules. She’d be able to react and give Reed the gratification he so eagerly wanted to provide to her. Could she? Reed had her floating. Would her womanly instincts just kick in and guide her?

His fingers worked the front clasp of her bra, slowly peeling the lace away from her body. Reed lifted her arms, freeing her body from her clothing. Impulse took over, and Ivy leaned forward and blew out the candle. Reed chuckled behind her.

“You like the dark, I take it?” His hands skimmed over her skin, leaving a smoldering path on her flesh.

“I do,” Ivy answered, pushing away every tormented thought that tried to resurface. This was her chance to return her affections, to practice the art of giving as well as receiving. She didn’t think she’d have the chance again, and so soon.

“We can manage in the dark. I was hoping to see your beautiful body naked. I’ll just have to see you through my hands.” Reed sucked on her earlobe. His hands slid over her breasts, gently pumping them in his hands. She felt her nipples bead in his palms. Her belly rose and fell, the same sensation she’d felt before.

“Jesus,” Reed hissed. He held her waist, wanting her to stand. They rose to their feet. He turned her to face him, their darkened faces meeting. She followed the sheen of his eyes. Reed fumbled with the button and zipper of her jeans. Ivy reached for him. She rested her hands on his dense chest, tracking the formation with her fingertips. Reed’s hands left her. He yanked his shirt over his head, unable to wait. Her fingers combed down his chest. She leaned into him, licking his warm flesh. Her tongue lashed out at his nipple. Reed’s body quivered against hers.

His hands were back on her, gently pushing her jeans and panties down. He freed her from her clothing, their shoes removed earlier. Reed’s fingers traveled over her thighs, finding her core. He gently parted the folds of her pussy. Ivy panted as he slowly searched for her clit. His touch had her yearning for him. His hoarsened request had her pleading for it all.



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