[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Western Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, HEA]

Lieutenant Kate Wesley couldn’t believe the audacity of the two pursuit pilots! Bad enough Gerald Benedict grabbed her into a steamy, delicious kiss, but his brother Patrick did the same thing! They let her go, promising to see her soon. Kate knows that will never happen. There is no room for romance between a lieutenant and a major, or two, in 1942.

Yet before she knows it, Kate is promoted and sent to a small town in Texas to be the nurse-administrator for a convalescent home. She soon learns a formidable family matriarch by the name of Sarah Carmichael Benedict is behind this move—and those two pilots she thought never to see again are determined to woo her.

With the future tenuous at best, will Kate risk everything for love? And will her men find the root of the malfunctions that have been plaguing the airfield, before becoming victims of foul play themselves?

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Cara Covington is a Siren-exclusive author.

A Very Lusty Christmas (MFM)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
A very nice prequel. I liked that Grandma Kate is shown to be very committed to helping the war effort despite what her mother wants. I also liked the bit of kink.
Delvie Larken
Being a a bit of a military buff I anxiously awaited the release of this book. As usual Mrs. Ashbury didn't disappoint. This book is a classic love story combined with a dash of WWII intrigue and did an outstanding job with the historical perspective. Kate was everything I pictured a woman from that era to be and it was nice that there were a few surprises that made her a strong yet feminine personalty. As always, the boys from Lusty, Texas were gentlemen and very hot lovers once the bedroom doors were closed. This book can be read ANY time of the year. Mrs. Ashbury did a wonderful job of rounding out the book so Christmas played a part but wasn't the focus of the story. This should be on your MUST READ list not to be read list. Great job once again from a very classy Siren Lady!
Bella Juarez

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“Are you always quite so crass when speaking with ladies…sir?”

“I figured that being a nurse, there likely wasn’t much you hadn’t seen or heard already, Lieutenant. And before you let that red-haired temper overrule your better angels, no, I don’t think that makes you any less a lady, ma’am.”

The other major just shook his head. “I’m afraid there really is no hope for Gerald. Our mother and grandmothers have tried very hard to make a gentleman of him, but to no avail.”

“I’m not at all certain that it’s a gentle man the lady needs,” Gerald said.

Oh, my. Here was proof of her mother’s charge that she was a bit of a hoyden at heart. Any other well-bred Virginia lady might take offense at such off-color innuendos. Kate just felt her entire body become tingly and excited.

It didn’t matter that she felt drawn to these men, nor did it matter one whit that she understood, by their flirting, that they were attracted to her.

What mattered were the circumstances. They were majors, she was a lieutenant, and there were lines that were not supposed to be crossed.

“If you gentlemen will excuse me…”

Gerald reached out and touched her, just a light stroke of his hand against hers. “Please don’t go. I apologize if I’ve offended you. My name, by the way, is Gerald Benedict. This is my brother, Patrick. We’re from Texas.”

Kate failed at keeping a smile off her face. “I’m not offended, Major Benedict. I’m simply not looking for romance at this time.”

Gerald Benedict shrugged, and then had the audacity to take her left hand in his. “I’m not certain that romance is the right name for what you bring to…mind, sweetheart.”

“I thought all well-bred young ladies were intent on finding romance and making good marriages.” Patrick Benedict reached out and captured her right hand.

Good Lord, what is happening here? Kate had rarely allowed herself the intimacy of permitting a man to hold her hand. Right now two men were each holding one of her hands, and she was just standing there and letting it happen.

Her heart beat so fast and so hard she could barely string together a coherent thought. It took every bit of will to bear down and extinguish all the…well, all the lusty thoughts and feelings that were coursing through her.

“So my mother keeps telling me. To hear her talk, I’m practically on the shelf. And while I may someday get married, at the moment there is so much more important work for me to do.”

“Fair enough,” Patrick said. “But would you be so kind as to tell us your name, angel?”

“Lieutenant Wesley.” When both men continued to just stare at her, waiting, she relented. “Katherine.”

“Kate. It suits you.” Patrick raised her hand to his lips and kissed it. Then he rubbed his thumb over where his lips had touched. “It’s been an absolute pleasure meeting you, Kate.” He released her hand and grinned.

She tried to tug her hand away from Gerald but met resistance. When she glared at him, he had the nerve to chuckle. “By God, I’ll bet you’re a hot one. Juicy and spicy and hot as hell.”

“A shame you’ll never know.” Kate continued to try to pull herself away from his grasp but he proved to be very strong. Strong and yet gentle, because despite his hold on her hand, he wasn’t hurting her.

“Did that sound like a dare to you, brother?” Gerald clearly addressed Patrick, but his gaze never left Kate’s.

Patrick chuckled. “Now you’ve done it, Katie. Gerald simply can’t resist a dare.”

“Allow me to correct the major’s misconception, then. That, sir, was not a dare. It was a statement of fact.”

“I never knew being called ‘sir’ by my woman would arouse me so.”

Kate gasped, not so much out of outrage but because the words he said and the way he’d said them aroused her, too.

“I am not your woman.”

“Say that again, after.”

“After what?”

“After this.”

Kate could barely breathe as he pulled her into his arms. She kept her gaze locked on his even as he lowered his head. In some corner of her mind she realized he’d let go of her, allowing her to escape, if that indeed was what she truly wanted to do.

Rather than escaping as she should have done, Kate gave in to her own impulsive side and did what she’d wanted to do since the first time she’d laid eyes on these men. She stepped just a half inch closer, so that her body touched his. And then she fisted the lapels of his uniform jacket and tugged him closer.

“If you’re going to kiss me, Major, make it a damn good one.”




Patrick eased her blouse from her body.

“Pretty.” Patrick used a finger to trace the top of her thin cotton vest.

She’d donned the extra undergarment that morning without thinking. She’d gotten in the habit of wearing the vest over top of her brassiere simply because it smoothed the look of her uniform.

Kate had perused the Sears catalogue when it would come in and often wondered about some of the fancy lingerie she’d seen there—wondering how it would feel against her skin. But she’d never actually pined for something that would be more alluring than her usual simple cotton sets, until just now.

“Pretty plain,” she said, her nerves getting the better of her.

“You’ll have to take our word on it, Kate, since we’re the ones doing the looking. That little vest is a glorious tease, and very alluring.” Gerald’s no-nonsense tone steadied her. “However, it most definitely has to go—at least for the moment.”

When Patrick gathered the vest in his hands and began to raise it, she lifted her arms for him herself.

Cool air kissed her heated flesh. She didn’t look down, choosing instead to keep her gaze fixed on the man who seemed to be enjoying the task of undressing her. He certainly seemed to be enthralled with her, if that heated look that had just come into his eyes was anything to go by.

Gerald’s hands stroked her back and then she felt the hooks in the back of her bra release. Patrick gently pulled the small cotton covering off her.

“Your breasts are beautiful, baby.” Gerald’s gruff voice didn’t prepare her for the gentleness of his caress as he reached around from behind her and cupped her right breast in his hand. His finger and thumb stroked and then tugged at her nipple. Both nipples reacted by hardening into tiny little nubs. A wave of shivery thrills swept her, and Kate’s knees weakened.

“Your nipples look like tight, ripe little berries, just waiting to be devoured.” Patrick’s tone had thickened, and his words tickled her pussy.

Kate shivered because although she’d known the slang that men used for a woman’s vagina, she’d never even thought that word in relation to herself before.

She swallowed the urge to laugh. That first time was nothing compared to the one she was about to experience.

Gerald lifted her arms once more, and she cooperated in sliding her hands around his neck and locking her fingers together.

“I wonder if they taste as sweet as berries?” Gerald directed that question to his brother.

Usually Kate’s temper would flare if a man spoke about her as if she wasn’t even there. Gerald’s domineering attitude didn’t ruffle her feathers. It stroked her pussy with wisps of pleasure.

“Mmm, good question.” Patrick bent forward and sucked her left nipple into his mouth.

Oh, God!” Heat exploded out from her breast radiating through her entire body. She’d never understood the degree to which a woman’s breasts could be manipulated to arouse and excite her. She moaned, and couldn’t stop her hips from thrusting out toward Patrick, a tiny little roll that had been completely instinctive.

“You’re so damned responsive, Katie.” Patrick released her nipple that now felt wet and even more swollen. He nuzzled her breast and then turned his attention to the other one.

He suckled her right nipple, treating it to a tiny nip that made her cry out. She felt moisture flood her underpants, and knew an urge to strive and reach for…something.

Gerald chose that moment to reach around from behind and smooth his hands over her stomach. He used broad, sweeping strokes that caressed just above her mons. Oh, yes, that’s what I need. The man had magic hands and she needed him to touch her slit.

“Mmm, you are so very damned responsive to us.” Gerald reached up with one hand and cupped her chin, raising her face, turning her face toward him so that he could kiss her. Excitement skittered through her and Kate reveled in it. Feeling daring, she boldly met his tongue stroke for stroke. She copied him, drinking from him in the same compelling way he’d been drinking from her.

Her pants came loose, and then dropped from her body to lie in a pool by her feet.

“You’re so hot. Your heat, and the scent of your arousal is coming off you in waves.” Patrick had raised his head from her breasts to meet her eyes.

“We need you naked, baby.”

Maybe she wasn’t the only one shaking. Patrick’s hands conveyed urgency and need in the way he slid them down her waist to the edge of her underpants. One sweep of his hands and her panties joined her pants around her ankles.

“Dear Lord, woman, you are magnificent.” Patrick’s whispered words thrilled her. He dropped to his knees in front of her, and eased her feet free of not only her fallen clothing, but her footwear as well. Then he looked up and met her gaze.

“Here’s where I begin to shock you.”

Kate had no time to ask him what he meant, for in the next breath he leaned forward and put his mouth on her pussy.


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