Twist (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 96,252
2 Ratings (5.0)

[Siren Allure: Erotic Consensual BDSM May-December Romance, spanking, whipping, wax play, sex toys, HEA]

Fredek Manard is young, rich, self-assured, and impulsive. After a single date, Lana is consumed by his love and drawn into his erotic sexual desires. Fredek informs her that she is moving in with him, and three weeks later, he asks her to marry him. Their life together is a fantasy, nights and days spent making love in his "dungeon" or outside in his private garden, surrounded by miles of forest. It’s an illusion that ends as Fredek grows weaker.

Rolf Manard is Fredek’s twin brother who lives in California. As Fredek grows more ill, Rolf spends ever more time with his brother and Lana. Rolf is bolder, charismatic, and shares his brother’s love of creative, torturous sexual delights.

With Fredek’s last breath, he gives Rolf his greatest gift, his greatest love, Lana.

Lana is caught between love and grief as she and Rolf deal with the barrage of stressful events in the aftermath of Fredek’s death.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Twist (MF)
2 Ratings (5.0)

Twist (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 96,252
2 Ratings (5.0)
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Cover Art by Christine Kirchoff
An outstanding read very emotional
EXCELLENT. This story will tug at your heart strings. Its full of fun and playful but its also very sad and then a happy ending for all. A truly touching story.



Enar walked in the front door, glancing around. “Smells good. Lee isn’t back yet?”

“No. Are you okay?”

“I’m fine,” he replied with a half smile.

She frowned at the oddly weary expression on his face, his eyes looking distant and distracted. “Did something happen at the job?”

“No. Do you need help with anything? The table looks magnificent by the way. Where did you get the flowers?”

“Rolf sent them.”

“I can’t wait for you to meet him. I know that you will like him.”

“You don’t talk much about him.”

He slid into a chair. “As small children, we weren’t really close. As you know, our mother was very protective of me. I spent most of my time indoors, reading or playing. He was always running around, playing games that my mother wouldn’t let me play. The doctor finally told my mother that she had to back off. Over time, Rolf and I got closer. He became the protective one, and once we reached high school we were really close. We went on dates together. We would switch girlfriends to see if they noticed. We always seemed to have the same taste in women and wanted the same girl. It could have started problems between us, but it never did. Then he moved to California to pursue his desires to be a fine-art trader. He travels all over the world, buying rare art and collectors’ items, bringing them home to sell them. He does well at it. He came home for Sue’s funeral. That was the last time I saw him. We talk on the phone two or three times a month. I really miss him.”

The door opened and Lee walked in, lugging a huge suitcase. A bouncy-haired blonde woman was behind him. “Don’t drop it!” she barked.

“I’m not going to drop anything. I should throw it at you,” he responded with a growl.

Lana sucked back a chuckle, raising her eyebrows to Enar. He pulled her to his side, whispering in her ear, “That is Jessica.”

“She looks like a skinny supermodel. Not big on personality, huh?”

“No. I have no idea why he stays with her.”

Rolf strolled in the door, flipping back his long blond bangs. His face was a duplicate of Enar’s, but his hair was longer and parted to the side. He was slightly taller than Lee, making him about six inches taller than Enar, and his body was thicker, more muscled. His eyes connected with Lana’s and he stared openly at her. His gaze caused her to swallow hard, the itch in her groin increasing slightly. Enar chuckled in her ear. “Sexy, huh?”

She turned to him, giving him a side glance. “Oh, please.”

“Yeah,” he said, extending the word to accent his sarcasm. “If I stick my hand in your jeans, what will I find?”

“Exactly what you think, because I was stirring the sauce thinking about us.”

He put his hand to her cheek, urging her into a gentle kiss. “I don’t mind if you think he is sexy. I want you to like him.”

“Liking him and having sex with him are two different things,” she whispered. She had to wonder about the undertones of his comment.

“I suppose.”

Rolf walked past Jessica, taking Lana’s hand and kissing it. His gaze was intense, his eyes focused on hers. “My brother was right. You are enticing,” he whispered softly.

She frowned, remembering Enar’s comment about him and Rolf always liking the same women. “Hi, it is nice to finally meet you.”

Rolf considered her for a moment longer, smiling and then shaking his head with a sigh. He turned to Enar. “We need to talk, brother. Let’s go for a walk.”

Enar nodded. “Yes, we do. How long until dinner, Lana?”

“I was gonna take it out of the oven in about half an hour. So three quarters of an hour.”

He kissed her lightly and the two men headed out the back door. Lana watched them go and then turned back to Jessica. “Hi, I’m Lana.”

“Yes, I know. Where is our bedroom? I am tired and I need to freshen up. I believe you will call when dinner is ready?”

Lana glared at her and Lee chuckled, as he hoisted the bag up. “You are staying in the spare room. I’ll show you where it is.”

He ushered her into the back bedroom and then returned to the kitchen. “I have a headache.”

“I can’t imagine why. Is she always that rude and demanding?”

“Always! I guarantee she will come out bitching about the accommodations and demand that Rolf take her to a hotel.”

“Will he?”

“No. He will tell her to shut up and go back to the bedroom. Or he will tell her to get back on a plane and go home. I don’t think he wanted her to come in the first place.”

“Then why didn’t he tell her to stay home?”

“Rolf is in control, but she is a sneaky bitch. I don’t think he trusts her to stay home. She has been known to sell things without his knowledge.”

“Why does he stay with her?”

“Why did you stay with your husband?”




He stuck his tongue playfully through his teeth and grinned wickedly before snatching one of the vials from the bed and twisting the tab to open it. He dripped a drop on the tip of his finger and smeared it over her lips, leaning to kiss her. His tongue drove into her mouth, and at the same moment, he pushed the tip of the vial between the folds concealing her clit and squeezed it, the oil oozing against her skin. Lana arched off the bed, his finger sliding silkily against her already-inflamed clit. The oil heated quickly under his caress, her skin slippery and hot. Lana balled her hands in his hair, holding him into the embrace, her tongue demanding.

Rolf pulled back, gazing at her, his eyes slightly darker and seeming to glimmer with lust. It was such an enthralling expression that Lana thought that she could stare at him for the rest of the night. He slid downward, kissing and licking a line down the front of her body until he shifted over her legs, pushing them apart. Lana’s eyes slid closed with anticipation, her mouth open as she panted for air.

The feel of him against her thighs was elegant, but when he did nothing, she leaned up, looking down at him. Rolf was poised, his finger hovering just below her mound, his extended tongue rolled in a half circle. With a teasing wiggle of his brows, he slipped his fingertip between her folds, drawing circular designs on her oversensitized clit as he spread her with his other hand and pushed his tongue into her throbbing pussy. Lana whimpered, her flesh feeling inflamed and ready to burst. Blasts of pulsing spasms flicked through her pussy, the sensations direct and focused, even as she shuddered against them. Her breathing was shattered, his tongue wiggling within her, oddly hard because the muscles were pulled taut by him rolling them. He withdrew, pushing back within her and then rolling his head to stretch and lick her at the same time.

The oil was warming even more, the stroke of his finger heating her skin, making her clit throb with sensation. Her hips lifted off the bed, her body on the verge of completion. Rolf froze, his finger and tongue withdrawing. He leaned his chin on her mound, licking his lips languidly. “Peaches and cream, mixed with the taste of Lana’s very wet cunt. Sweet and salty. Interesting.”

Lana was panting, her pussy denied, her mind foggy and overwhelmed. “Why did you stop?”

“Did you honestly think I would let you climax that way?”

“Actually, I prefer that your dick is inside me, but that felt so good.”

“I know.” Rolf slid back, kissing her inner thighs as he moved downward. He grabbed the washcloth and washed her toes, sucking them into his mouth. No one had ever done that to her, and she whimpered, a surprising current rippling up her legs and making her ache all the more. He kissed the tip of each toe and then slithered back up her body. “You looked honestly stunned. You have very sexy toes.”

“That was a first. I liked it.”

He replied with a knowing smile and began to caress her with the now-cold cloth. She was feverish with desire, and the wetness made her shiver as he washed the paint from her skin. He paused at her breasts, being careful to only remove the paint before he flattened against her, grasping her nipple with his teeth. He tugged upon it, his tongue pushing against the hardened skin, creating a pulse against the sensitive pinkness before he released her. He did the same to the other and then shifted to her mouth. His tongue flooded between her lips, and at the same time, the solid form of his erect cock slowly filled her.

Lana gasped, her muscles inflamed, his girth stretching her in a way she had never believed possible. The memory of giving him a blow job on the way to the police department seemed ages past, and as he filled her with his abundant dick, Lana was overwhelmed. She released a small cry.

Rolf pulled back. He leaned backward, and in a fluid motion drew her upright as he knelt between her thighs. He shifted her upward and crossed his legs beneath her so they were face-to-face. His shoulders rippled with muscle, taut as he held her air bound, denying her the feel of his dick that she wanted most.

Her hands were drawn to his body, caressing him, tracing the lines of his arms as she stared at him. Begging only with her eyes, she remained perfectly still, waiting, anticipating, until he slowly lowered her quivering pussy onto his dick.


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