[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Interracial Paranormal Consensual BDSM Romance, M/M, shape-shifters, spanking, whipping, HEA]
Jordan knows Jamar is his mate, but he must proceed with caution as long as Jamar is interested in another man. The black panther will kill anyone who attempts to get between him and his mate, especially when that mate is one of the elusive white panthers. Jamar is attracted to Jordan, but he’s holding back because he knows once he gives himself to Jordan there will be no going back. Then fate effectively ends Jamar’s chances of dating the man who fascinates him and lands Jamar in Jordan’s care. In such close quarters, the pent-up desire between Jordan and Jamar explodes in a moment of passion that forever binds them. While Jordan and Jamar’s relationship intensifies, the panther’s enemies, the lions, plan a coup that is going to change the panther’s pride, but Jordan will fight to the death to ensure the lions never take Jamar from him.
A Siren Erotic Romance
A Panther's Kiss (MM)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
E.A. Reynolds brings the story to life of the conflict and almost destruction of a whole group of panthers. This is awesome story and unable to wait to see what happens in the next book.

Jamar is working towards becoming a partner with his company. One of his boss Jordan is demanding, but when Jamar gets close to him. He wants to submit to him. Jordan knows that Jamar is his mate, but he see that Jamar has a crush on Mendes, so he waits. The battle between the black panther and King is getting closer to the truth. The den is being split with some of the panthers side with King and they are betraying the other panthers. Jamar is finally ready to show his feeling for his mate Jordan. What will the black panthers do now? What will happen with the loss of a mated couple?


E.A. Reynolds brings the story to life of the conflict and almost destruction of a whole group of panthers. This is awesome story and unable to wait to see what happens in the next book.

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Jamar had to admit the man had the kind of voice that made women wet and men hard. He was no exception, but the man was his boss. He didn’t think getting in bed with boss was a brilliant career move at this stage of the game. “Good evening, sir.”

“How are things going with Anders?”

He shrugged. “As well as can be expected, but for a man with strong political aspirations, he’s still just riding on charisma and his campaign manager makes things difficult at times. It’s as if he’s deliberately trying to sabotage his career.”

Jordan frowned. “Egan seems like a smart man. He has to know that charisma won’t win this election. Anders doesn’t challenge him?”

“Not when I’m around.”

“Is he taking your advice?” Jordan asked as he came to stand right in front of Jamar’s desk as he pushed his hands into his pockets.

“Mostly, but I think he has a problem with me because I’m gay.” He shifted in his chair as his gaze slid unconsciously down his boss’s body. He lingered on his long powerful legs before moving to the bulge between them and back up to the flat stomach.

“Has he been insulting or otherwise behaved in a bigoted manner toward you?” Jordan asked and Jamar jerked his gaze up to meet Jordan’s chocolate brown eyes.

“It’s more a feeling I get because he seems belligerent and at times reluctant to take my advice,” he answered. A thread of guilt ran through him. Jordan was a sexy without a doubt, and he wanted him in a way that was almost unnatural. It scared him so much he hated being alone in a closed room with them man.

“I see,” Jordan said and rocked on his heels. “I’ve considered having Keenan consult with you on this case.”

Keenan, that bastard was going to beat him out for partner. He clenched his fist on his desk. He’d worked so damn hard to be better. Maybe if he played racquetball with the boss and blew him, he’d have been the frontrunner for promotion instead.

“I don’t need Keenan’s help,” he said tightly. “I know how to do this job.”

“But let’s face it, Jamar you aren’t the best at PR,” Jordan said evenly as he moved to look out the window. “Keenan has firmly integrated all of the skills of PR and advertising. You’re better as an ad man.”

Like the other partner, Regent. They were probably divided, that’s why he and his friend and co-worker Keenan were still vying for the position as partner. This account would more than likely be the deciding factor.

“I can do PR,” Jamar said, fighting to keep the disappointment from his tone.

“How’s the shoulder?” Jordan faced him again.

“It’s fine.” He and Jordan had been attacked in the lobby here almost six weeks ago by wildcat and panther shifters. He still had no idea why they had been attacked and was sure he didn’t want to. However, the muscles in his shoulder weren’t back up to par, and he had a nasty scar from the damage the wildcat had done when he’d bitten him. He’d been lucky not to have suffered extensive nerve damage, according to the doctor.

“And the leg?”

A wildcat had bitten into his leg too. It had seemed as if they were fighting over a piece of meat at one point, with the wildcat biting on his shoulder pulling the most diligently.

“The leg is fine.” No damage there, though he’d been unable to put much pressure on it for a week after the attack. He had a permanent scar in his thigh and down his calf as well.

“Are you still taking meds for the shoulder?” Jordan moved back to his desk and looked down at him.

“A few times a day, but they don’t affect my ability to work,” he said defensively.

Jordan studied him. “I don’t want you staying past six until it’s fully healed.”

Keenan pushed out a rough sigh. “Mr. Jordan, I can do my job. You were attacked too—”

“But I’m a dominant with black panther blood. We heal far faster than most feline shifters, Jamar,” he broke in smoothly. “Besides, our healer is better than your human one. My injuries have been completely healed, and I can defend myself against the cats.”

“But having to defend us both—”

“I killed for you,” he cut in, his tone deadly calmly. “I didn’t hesitate and wouldn’t hesitate to do it again. In your partially weakened condition, you’re easier prey than before, sweetheart, and I don’t want to see anything happen to you.”

He shook his head. That was true. His grandmother, a brown panther shifter kept telling him that.


“Your grandmother’s heart would break if anything happened to you, Jamar.” He cut in again as he moved around behind him. “She was heartbroken when she saw you lying unconscious in that bed. Think about her, even if you don’t want to think about yourself.” He rested his hands on Jamar’s shoulders.

Jamar’s muscles contracted from the light weight. Heat swelled in his belly as Jordan began lightly massaging his shoulders. He closed his eyes and his muscle expanded, relaxing. Some of the tension faded away.

“I know she was worried, but I can take care of myself.”

“You’ll do as I ask you to on this.” His fingers stroked along Jamar’s neck. “This is a hard limit. You’ll leave at six, or you’ll get your ass flogged in my office every evening before I escort you out of this building myself.”




Jamar drew in a ragged breath and then felt a softly textured hand on his ass.

“Makes me so damn hard the way you respond to me,” Jordan murmured above him. “It’s getting too hard to fight my need to fuck you, Jamar.” He smoothed his hand down the seam of Jamar’s ass. “My cock is swollen, it hurts with needing you.”

Jamar panted. He wanted Jordan too. The cat just waiting to come into being was shaking in fear and excitement. He had to maintain control or he’d mate Jordan and tie them both to each other before he was certain this was a good idea.

“I’m going to finger your ass when what I really want to do is fuck it,” he said softly, his voice rough with lust.

A cool dollop of lube landed on his warm crease and quickly ran down to his anus. Jordan’s gloved finger captured it before it dampened his pants and drew it around the puckered rosette before pushing the digit into the tight space.

“I want you so bad that I’m going to take you.” He pulled his finger out, added more lube, and then pushed it back in deeper.

Jamar shivered and arched his ass up. He flexed his fingers on the desk as pleasure arced through him from the slow fingering Jordan gave him. Breathing hard, Jamar gasped when Jordan pushed a second finger into the tight channel. It had been too long since he’d had a man touch him this way, and he was going up in flames. The very thought of what it would feel like to have Jordan inside heated his skin even more.

“Mmm.” He moaned around the ball gag and gyrated his hips, feeling sensual and wanton enough to beg to be taken if the gag wasn’t in his mouth. How he needed to be fucked.

“You’re turning me on even more,” Jordan said against his ear. He drew his fingers free and rubbed his engorged cock against Jamar’s ass. “I want into to you, baby, in the worst way. Yes or no, Jamar?”

He nodded. His own hunger was tearing through him at the speed of light. The only way to stop it, and the clawing aching inside him, was to let Jordan take him.

Jordan kissed the side of his ear, nibbled at it. “Think before you agree, Jamar,” he urged. “If you let me fuck your sweet little ass, I’m never going to go away. I’m going to keep sniffing around you like a cat in heat.”

Yeah, well, Jamar was a cat in heat right now. He didn’t care what the consequences were. He wanted that dick inside him.

So he nodded again.

Jordan put just enough space between them to remove his prick from his pants. He heard the rending of paper and then the head of Jordan’s cock glided down his ass before being drawn around the tight pucker of his anus. Then, Jordan pushed inside him.


* * * *


Jordan growled softly as the tight muscles clenched on him. He pushed in slowly, but the animal in him shoved at him to take him hard and take him now. He fought the pull of the mating call, which demanded he make Jamar his in this very moment.  He wouldn’t just knot in him. He’d infect him with a virus that would tie them together for the rest of their lives.

Jamar would be his, forever bound to him. Jordan didn’t want that yet. He wanted to give Jamar time to accept him first.

Jordan growled as bliss wrapped around him. Jamar was as tight as he’d known he would be. The flex of muscle on his cock made him groan in pleasure. “Little one, you feel so good. It’s like I’ve died and gone to heaven.”

Jamar nodded.

“I should have taken that out, but I don’t want to share this with anyone.”  Jordan began to move and growled louder as the delectation grew. He leaned towards Jamar, both man and animal seeking to be closer as he took him with even strokes.

“Jamar,” he murmured. He rubbed against his mate sinuously and Jamar made a soft encouraging noise that spurred Jordan on. He gripped Jamar’s hips and began to pump harder into him. He fought to hold onto his control but felt it slipping as Jamar moved with him, working his little body in a sensuous dance against him.

Oh, fuck me. I want you so bad.

Jordan heard Jamar’s thoughts, but all panthers could communicate with each other telepathically. It was the mate bond that made the sound of the voice clearest and strongest.

Jordan pumped harder. He was losing it and the man had to know it. He nuzzled Jamar’s ear and scraped the flesh with his sharp teeth. His canines slowly elongated. He fought the desire to bite. It was just the foreplay to the mating itself. He would leave trace amounts of the virus in Jamar that would eventually bind them together as mates.

Jordan growled. The mating call was strong, tugged at him hard, and he hammered into Jamar. His balls slapped his ass as he fucked him with near abandon.

Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Fuck me hard, Jordan.

Jamar’s words were a litany in his head, a song he couldn’t resist. Jordan tugged the glove from his hand. “Get rid of the tie, Jamar,” he ordered tightly. “And unbutton the shirt.”

Jamar’s obedience told him just how much of a haze his lover was in. He was a panther. He knew what was coming. With the moves he was making on him, Jamar knew better than to allow a bite.

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