A Taste of Chocolate (MM)

A Taste of Chocolate 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 46,180
5 Ratings (4.6)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Interracial Romance, M/M, public exhibition, light consensual BDSM, spanking, whipping, sex toys, HEA]

Nine years ago, his parents' deaths turned Tanner Clemens into a single parent, bringing his social life to a halt and leaving him pining for a man he couldn’t have. During that time, he’s become a lonely yet successful man who‘s more than able to provide for his three siblings.

Now he’s almost thirty and ready to live again, but not looking until his sexy new neighbor Sinclair comes over to use the phone. Sinclair Thomas has been hurt and isn’t looking for just another fling. He’s reluctant to get involved with a younger man who’s been out of the dating scene for so long. However, he’s drawn to Tanner and finds himself falling hard and fast.

But as Tanner falls for Sinclair, he fears that it’s Sinclair who’s not ready to commit to a real relationship with him.

A Siren Erotic Romance

A Taste of Chocolate (MM)
5 Ratings (4.6)

A Taste of Chocolate (MM)

A Taste of Chocolate 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 46,180
5 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Christine Kirchoff
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4 RAVENS: "A Taste of Chocolate is E. A. Reynolds’ fun, new, romance novel about Tanner Clemens and his new African-American next door neighbor, Sinclair Thomas. This is a book about learning to trust yourself and respecting what you want in a relationship. The story builds from the opening introduction on Tanner’s front porch to dates in public (Tanner’s not quite out of the closet) to an HEA ending that doesn’t short change. Tanner and Sinclair are both interesting young men with their own successful careers, but they are also lonely. In A Taste of Chocolate, Tanner and Sinclair are immediately attracted to each other. The sexual chemistry between these two virile young men is vibrant to say the least. There are mild elements of BDSM with some very spicy bedroom scenes. Aside from the sexual encounters, Tanner and Sinclair have some serious work establishing a strong relationship. This is not a tale of insta-love; both men are cautious with each other. Tanner comes to the relationship with, perhaps, more baggage than Sinclair, but Sinclair’s history is not so apparent. Their interactions with secondary characters are interesting and on occasion entertaining. Tanner invested much of the last nine years in taking care of his younger siblings, twin sisters and a brother, Nelson. He doesn’t have a personal life, but he’s looking to change that. Sinclair, on the other hand, has had a string of lovers, some good, others not so good, now he’s looking for something long-term. I liked E. A. Reynolds writing style. All of the primary characters are well-drawn with distinct personalities. A Taste of Chocolate is a great read; it’s easily worth 4 Ravens." -- Barb Manning, BlackRavens Reviews

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Tanner grinned, putting a hand Sinclair’s arm. “Love a man with muscle,” he teased as he squeezed Sinclair’s bicep.

“Sounds promising,” he responded with an answering grin.

“I should thank you.” He went on tiptoe and brushed Sinclair’s soft lips with his own.

“You call that thank-you?” Sinclair teased.

Tanner grinned. “How about this?” He leaned into Sinclair and captured his mouth for a slow kiss of dueling tongues. He stroked his hand up Sinclair’s side and back down his hip as they savored each other.

“Mmm, now that’s a thank-you,” Sinclair murmured. He looked down at Tanner, who was still standing close, his body pressed lightly against Sinclair’s. “You look good enough to eat up.”

He grinned and his cheeks heated. He felt so warm inside Tanner thought he might melt from the man’s simple attentions. “If we keep this up I’m going to say let’s skip lunch and go upstairs.”

Sinclair gave him a wicked grin. “I was thinking we could do that tonight.”

Tanner laughed. “I don’t know. I kind of hated leaving last night, so maybe we should eat here.”

“Sounds like a plan.” He smiled.

Sinclair drove them to a restaurant close to Tanner’s work. The bistro had a full house for lunch and they were seated next to a window.

“Nice place,” Sinclair commented after they were seated and had ordered drinks.

Tanner nodded. “Yeah, I come in here sometimes,” he said. “I hear it’s romantic at night. Candles, tablecloths.”

“Romantic,” Sinclair mocked with humor in his eyes. “We’ll have to check that out sometimes.”

“Sounds like a good idea.” Tanner said with a smile. He cast a glance around the room.

“Tanner, relax,” Sinclair urged gently. “If you’re uncomfortable being out with me we can leave.”

Tanner met his gaze guiltily. “I’m sorry. I just haven’t—I’ve never been on a date with a guy where we didn’t just pretend to be two friends grabbing something to eat.”

“We can do that if—”

“No, I’m not asking you to hide,” Tanner jumped in quickly. “It’s just a little scary. At Sonic it wasn’t like—it was different.”

“It can be scary especially when you meet some closed-minded homophobe who thinks you shouldn’t exist,” Sinclair said quietly. “So, I understand if you need to leave. I respect that, and I won’t think any less of you.”

Tanner drew in a slow breath. “I don’t want to leave. I’m a little scared, that’s all.”

“Afraid someone you know might see us?” Sinclair asked carefully.

“People know I’m gay,” he began, averting his gaze and feeling like shit. He didn’t want to wreck this, but he was so nervous. He’d lived anonymously for so long it was hard stepping out into the world like this. He felt more exposed in the light than he had in the dark at Sonic. “Get any work done?” He brought his gaze back to Sinclair as he wrestled that tiny shard of fear making him panic back down.

He wanted to be here with Sinclair. He was crazy enough about him to want people to show him off, but he didn’t want to be the object of ridicule for it.

“Some, but you can’t read it yet,” he said blandly. “How about you?”

Sinclair was hurt, and he could feel it. However, he was hiding it well enough that Tanner felt even shittier for being so fearful of public opinion. “I got some things finished,” he admitted with a nod then took up the menu.

Sinclair studied Tanner as he buried his head in the menu. He’d been out with men like him. They were afraid of public opinion and gay bashers but more afraid of themselves. No, they were ashamed of being with another man and being crazy about him. He’d been that boy before he fully accepted what he was.

Now, he was a man who didn’t give a damn what the world thought of him. He was gay. He loved men and didn’t hide it. He didn’t allow the public to dictate how he lived or whether he showed affection to his man in public or not. He’d earned the right in his book. He’d taken his share of ass-whippings when he was younger and vowed to never take another after waking up with a broken jaw at nineteen. After that, he’d learned to protect himself.

He would give Tanner time to fully come to terms with being “out,” but if it took him too long, he’d have to leave him. A relationship could never grow in the dark.

Their waiter brought their drinks a few moments later. “You two ready to order?” he asked, a chill to his tone.

Sinclair looked across the table to Tanner. “You know what you want?”

“Yeah.” He gave the waiter his order.

Sinclair gave the waiter a bland look as he ordered. He left them and Tanner lifted a brow at him. “What?”

“Nothing,” he said with a shrug.

“He was being an ass,” Sinclair murmured. He took a sip of his tea. “This is good.”

Tanner tried out his. “Yeah,” he agreed. “It’s okay.”

Sinclair smirked at him. “You can do it better,” he agreed.




Tanner closed his eyes the third time the whip landed on his ass. The sting seemed to lick over hidden nerve endings in his ass and go straight to his cock. He shivered as the next sting caused a ripple of pleasure to course through him. The next blow was softer but still an erotic pleasure that made him hot enough to whimper from the delectation.

“Damn, Sin, what the hell are you doing to me?” he demanded, his voice breathy. He was on fire and swore he was going to combust any second.

Sinclair didn’t answer. He stroked his hand over Tanner’s ass then smacked him and Tanner cried out. The next tap from the whip made him tremor.

“Sin,” he whimpered.

Sinclair smoothed the sting with his hand then tapped out a tattoo with that same hand, and Tanner made mewling noises from the ricochet of pain that was utter pleasure as it flamed over his nerve endings.

“Damn,” he said on a moan. “Sin, I can’t take anymore.”

Sinclair struck him with the whip. “You can handle a little more,” he contradicted then smoothed his hand down the seam of Tanner’s ass. His warm, slick fingers stroked over the rosette hidden by his globes.

Tanner’s breathing increased, and he pushed his ass up in anticipation of Sinclair’s fingertip sliding into him. He made a soft sound. “Yes.”

Sinclair pushed his finger deeper, and Tanner pushed back against it. Sinclair gave his ass a slap. “Wait for it, Tanner,” he warned.

“Son of a bitch, don’t tease me.” He growled and grunted when his butt was slapped again.

Sinclair withdrew his finger, added more lube, and pushed it back. He fucked gently into Tanner’s ass then withdrew his finger and pushed it back with a partner. Tanner hissed. Sinclair squeezed one cheek and kissed the side of Tanner’s neck.

“Yeah.” Tanner moaned. “Sin, please fuck me. I want you.”

“Not yet, Tanner,” he said, his voice a little rough. “I want you open for me.”

“It’s not my first—” He broke off as Sinclair brought his hand down in a warning tap.

“What’s that you were saying?” he murmured then nipped his earlobe. Sinclair tucked the whip handle into his pocket and reached around to grasp Tanner’s cock. He gave it a tug then pushed his fingers into Tanner’s ass a little deeper.

“Yes.” Tanner breathed roughly. He pushed against Sinclair’s fingers only to have him withdraw them and smack his ass. “Bastard. I need to come so bad,” he whined, and his cock was slapped. “Fuck,” he said on a gasp.

Sinclair stroked his ass then slapped it again. “Quit whining or I’m going to have to put a gag in your mouth.”

“Son of—” His complaint was cut short by a jerk of his cock. “Oh, please, Master.”

“Please what?” Sinclair murmured. “Hmm, what do you want, Tanner?”

Sinclair’s voice was like silk as his breath brushed his ear. However, the hand jerking him off was a fist of undeniable pleasure that made Tanner shiver. He thrust into Sinclair’s big hand, and for his insolence, his rear end was tapped.

“I just need to come,” Tanner said. He clenched his fists on the couch and groaned. The fire of arousal was so intense it was a conflagration whipping through him, tearing him apart inside out. He wanted this to stop, but he thought he’d die if it did.

Sinclair’s grip tightened on his cock, and he worked him harder, pushing him to the edge. Tanner closed his eyes as pleasure snaked through him. He was coming. The next jerk and he’d explode, but it didn’t come. Sinclair removed his hand, and Tanner growled in frustration.

“Not just yet,” Sinclair told him with a hint of amusement. He kissed the base of Tanner’s neck and then struck him softly across the backs of his thighs with the whip.

He was going to scream. His cock was throbbing, pulsing in horrible need of release. He reached down to finish the job himself, and Sinclair grasped his hand and jerked it up behind his back. He pushed him forward on the couch, and the next thing Tanner knew, both his hands were behind his back. He tugged to get free and couldn’t.

Tanner’s heart pounded harder. His skin got hotter. Fear. He didn’t want to be tied. Sweat dampened his palms even as Sinclair snapped the cuffs on his wrists. Being tied required so much trust.

On the other hand, Tanner didn’t know how many times he’d jacked off to videos of guys being helpless, at the mercy of their partners. He’d come so hard watching porn of guys being flogged and spanked and paddled. The thought of such loss of control turned him on to the point that he could orgasm without touching himself.

And here he was, Sinclair spanking him with his hands now secured behind his back.  



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