Elsie Moore is an educator by trade. She spends her time in her suburban home in Southern California cooking, reading, and enjoying life. Any cooking reality show is programmed to record at any given time, and she faithfully checks Siren-Bookstrand to see which new titles are up for release. She is a mom to two children and two dogs and a wife to her husband of twelve years, although they have been together for almost two decades. Elsie began writing stories in junior high school. The notebook paper was used more for writing than for school work. Thank you so much for helping Elsie to fulfill a dream of publishing her work!

Visit her website at: www.elsiemooreauthor.wordpress.com

Follow Elsie on Twitter: @elsiemauthor

Q: What is your writing day like?

A: Unfortunately I don’t get to write everyday just yet. During the summer I write late at night since I am home with my kids. During the other months of the year I try to write when I need to get all the characters voices out of my head.

Q: What qualities do you think are important for the hero in a romance? Are there types of men you prefer to write about?

A: I don’t like the absolute macho, domineering types. When a character is hard and unmovable and the love interest just fawns over that character, it is not a good draw for me. I prefer to write about the guys who have strong leadership qualities, but have compassionate hearts.

Q: What do you like to read?

A: I love paranormal alternative romance. I also read some science fiction alternative romance as well. In the non-romance world I enjoy historical fiction, science fiction, and fantasy.

Q: Do you have any favorite Siren authors?

A: YES! Stormy Glenn, Lynn Hagen, Joyee Flynn, Tatum Throne, Gabrielle Evans and SO many more! They have created so many enjoyable moments for me over the years.

Q: Are there plans for more books in your future?

A: Most definitely. I have the Sutton Brothers to finish first, but then I would like to try a modern day type book or two. The stories for those keep popping into my brain and I keep pushing them back because I want to finish my Sutton boys first.

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