Harley's Choice (MM)

Sutton Brothers 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 31,703
11 Ratings (4.4)
[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, werewolves, HEA]
After years of being separated, the build-up of hurt, anger, and bitterness is about to break Teague Sutton and Harley Gore apart for good. Despite peace being made between their packs, too much hurt has been dealt out and Harley has reached his limit with Teague.
Teague Sutton only ever wanted two things, to be a good alpha to his pack and Harley. When Harley make his choice, Teague lets the bitterness engulf him and make him into someone he no longer recognizes. Years later, misunderstandings, angry words, and a huge secret cause Harley to make another choice Teague never planned on. One Harley believes will free them of each other, forever. 
After almost losing Harley, Teague must convince Harley that he needs him more than he needs anything else. But Harley has his reservations about being with the flip-flopping emotional alpha. There are so many hurts needing to be healed, and there is the issue of the very pregnant redhead living in Teague’s house.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Harley's Choice (MM)
11 Ratings (4.4)

Harley's Choice (MM)

Sutton Brothers 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 31,703
11 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
So so good, I've been waiting for Harley's book for a while and it didn't disappoint.




The library where Harley had been studying ancient shifter texts and making notes on his tablet was quiet so late at night. Though he needed to be studying for his business final, he was drawn more and more to the texts that he was required to read for his alpha training. He didn't let on how much he hated the pressure his father put on him in this stupid training. In fact, Harley went out of his way to appear closed off from everybody, essentially being an "asshole personified". The texts on matings were fascinating, and Harley was certain that if his father knew all the information Harley was learning, he would crush the tablet into small pieces.

A chair slid out in front of him startling him, but then Harley just about swallowed his tongue. The most gorgeous creature he had ever seen smirked at him and took a deep whiff of the air. The first thing that hit Harley was that the man had no scent. The next thing was that he was a shifter from his behavior, and the last was that Harley's wolf had sat up and howled in excitement.

"Hi there," the man said.

"Uh, hi?" Harley was confused.

Wait! Looking down at his tablet, he swiped back a few pages to the gray wolf mating section. "Gray wolves will not scent their fated mates. The shifter will hold no scent until the gray wolf reaches maturity." Son of a bitch.

"We have statistics together," the man said.

"We do?" Harley skimmed through his memory, trying to see the classroom.

"Yeah. But I sit in the back and sleep." The man chuckled. "I can do the shit in my sleep, but they wouldn't let me skip the class."

  Harley was floored. This amazing specimen before him was his mate. His mate who he couldn't smell, but his wolf was beyond excited about him.

"I'm Teague. Teague Sutton of the Suncrest Valley pack." Teague held out his hand for Harley to shake.

Holy. Shit. Of all the names that could have been spoken, why did it have to be that name?

Harley reached out to shake the hand and said, "Harley. Harley Gore. Bear Paw pack." Yeah, that lie tasted horrible on his tongue.

The look of horror that filled Teague's face for an instant was replaced with relief.

"You scared me for a minute there. My pack hasn't had the best relationship with another pack and it has some Gores in it. Anyway, I was wondering if you wanted to go get some coffee?"

Harley was torn. This beautiful man was his mate, and he had already lied to him. Yet, he didn't want to stay away from him either. Looking down, he realized Teague still held his hand firmly and was stroking his thumb along the side of Harley's hand. He swallowed and nodded.

"I'd like that."

The breeze in the clearing kissed Harley's skin as he writhed on the ground. Every so often he would grind his teeth together and slide his claw against the wound that had started to close. Each time it took longer for the healing to start, eventually it would stop completely. His wolf scratched and clawed at him to stop, but this, this was one thing he would be strong about. He had lied to Teague, broken the man's heart with his lies, but had truly thought that over the years Teague would forgive him and when their pack issues were resolved they would finally be together, just as Harley had promised.


* * * *


"Teague, please babe, I'm so sorry I lied to you. I didn't know how to tell you."

"The moment we met you should have told me!"

"Teague, I can't change what I did. I have a plan. I do! We just have to wait until I'm alpha of White Valley."

Teague looked at him like he had sprouted two heads. "Harley, you are my mate. I fucking bit you, but you lied to me."

"I can fix this. Your pack will be safe once I'm alpha."

"Do you hear what you're saying?" Teague said in a disbelieving tone. "Your father has been fostering this feud ever since he became alpha. It could be years until you're alpha, hell, decades! We can do this, Harley. You don't need to do anything about them. I can forgive the lie, Bay. Just leave the other alone, you don't have to keep us apart."

"Yes I do. If I leave my pack and join yours, I know in my gut everything will get worse. I'm learning so much, Teague. I don't want to be alpha. I really, really, don't want to be alpha, but I will do it to fix this. I want to do this for you."

"Dammit, Harley, I don't want you to do anything for me. I just want you. Anything else I can deal with. And all I want is you. Just you." Teague approached Harley, wrapped a hand around Harley's neck, and pressed their foreheads together. "Please, Bay. Please just be with me."




"Say it, Bay," Teague whispered. More kisses and a soft flick of his palm along Harley's dick drew more groans from Harley's lips. Teague smiled. "You smell so fucking good. Let me fuck you. Let me make us feel good."

"It won't change anything!" Harley cried.

Teague knew that pushing this was not the best way to get on the right path with Harley again, but his wolf wasn't listening very well. He rocked his body against Harley's and kissed his way down to Harley's chest. He nibbled the other man's collarbone and took tiny nips of his skin.

"Let me make you feel good then," Teague said. "I want to taste you, Bay. I'll take anything right now as long as you feel good. Let me do this? I'll fuck you, you can fuck me if you want. I love when you fuck me, Bay. Let me lay and suck you until you come down my throat even. I will take anything you want to give me."

Harley eyes flashed lupine a moment before he threaded his fingers through Teague's hair and pushed. Fist pump! Teague kissed his way along the luscious skin, dipping his tongue into Harley's belly button, stroking the skin with his fingers and tongue as Harley pushed him further.

"I want your mouth." Harley's voice was strained and raspy.

Teague nudged the red, leaking tip with his nose and then bypassed it completely to bury his face against Harley's soft sac. He inhaled his mate's scent that only he was attracted to, basking in the deep scent of earth and rain. The combined scents summoned Teague's lust and caused his wolf to dance happily. Denying his natural mating urges for so many years exemplified his strength as an alpha, but that strength only lasted so long. He opened his mouth and sucked one of the furry orbs into his mouth, licking and pulling it with his tongue. Harley's fingers pulled at his hair, but he held him off. Teague released the testicle and mouthed the other in kind. He reached up and massaged Harley's perineum with his thumb while he nibbled the loose skin around the firm orb.

Releasing his treat, he licked up Harley's shaft like a lollipop and sucked the tip gently. He kept his thumb in motion and ran his other hand along Harley's chest and hip. He sucked the head and tongued the slit, dipping in to drink down every bit of pre-cum that leaked out. The cushioned flesh stretched his mouth, but the soft sounds coming from Harley's throat encouraged him to grasp the shaft with his stroking hand and suck the length down.

"Oh fuuuucckkk." Harley groaned deeply. Teague's whole body shivered at the sound of pleasure he drew from his mate. They had fucked and fled for so many years, so the feeling of Harley's dick in his mouth was sheer heaven. If the curse from Harley was any indication, he felt the same way.

Teague removed his hand and pumped his mouth up and down the long shaft. Harley still held his head, but didn't push for the lead. Teague would have let him. The only person or wolf Teague's alpha wolf would yield to was Harley, so having his face fucked was something that Teague wasn't opposed to. But it had been too long. Teague's own shaft ached it was so hard, leaking and begging for a touch, just a stroke, but he refused to make this about him. Too many times he had made it about himself. This was for Harley.

"So long, T. Oh fuck, suck harder!" Harley was babbling. It was a stroke to his confidence that he could still make Harley lose his cool. Teague gathered some saliva with his finger from Harley's slick dick and reached down to circle Harley's tight little hole.

Harley released a hand from Teague's head and drew back a knee, opening himself up beautifully for Teague's attention. He circled and circled the tight skin before slowly pushing the tip of his finger in. He kept the pace of his suction and Harley pushed out, allowing Teague's finger to slip inside to the second knuckle.

Teague groaned around Harley's cock. He wiggled his finger around until he curled it to find the spot sure to make Harley lose it.

"Don't stop!" Harley yelled out. Teague glanced up trying not to smile around Harley's shaft. Instead he rubbed that spot again and pumped his finger in time with his suction. Though his jaw was beginning to ache, he was determined to taste all of Harley. The hand in his hair was tighter and rocking his head along with his sucking. Adding a bit of teeth to his up stroke, Harley's back arched off the bed before thrusting his hips slightly, forcing his dick further down Teague's throat.

Popping off his treat and dislodging Harley's hand, Teague continued pegging Harley's gland but gave the shaft a firm grasp and pumped it with his other previously wandering hand. Flicking the tip with his tongue, he sped up his hands and they pumped in tandem. Harley's grunts and groans were becoming incoherent babbles of "yes" and "more."

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