[Siren Ménage Amour ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/M, werewolves, HEA]
Emery Sutton dreamed of things to come and never dared tell anyone about it, until his dreams lead him to not just one mate, but two. One an arrogant playboy and another an on the run computer hacker. Having to team up with one to catch the other didn't seem the best way to start a relationship.
Craven, beta to the White Valley pack, couldn't help but tease the artist from Suncrest Valley. Something about his voice draws Craven back again and again. When they find their suspect, Craven is floored to find the man has no traceable scent. Now, Craven and Emery must protect their unscented mate Aaron from pack discipline, prove he is innocent, and throw in starting a relationship.
The trio must find a way to trust each other due to all types of circumstances, past and present. When an accident occurs, more than one heart is at risk of being broken.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Merry Men (MMM)
7 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




The phone shrilled loudly on Craven’s desk as he attempted to balance the final budgets for the month. With that completed, the club he managed, Slash, wouldn’t tank while he went away to capture the dillweed that was wreaking havoc on both Suncrest Valley’s pack and his own pack, White Valley. He entered one final number and saved with one hand while he picked up his phone with the other.

“Go,” he answered.

“Oh my god, you even answer the phone with that ego?” A voice projected through the line with such irritation Craven almost chuckled. The voice was surprisingly deeper than he would have guessed and instantly brought his wolf to attention. Craven wasn’t one to ignore his wolf, although he knew exactly who that voice belonged to.

“Well, hello there my darling. How are you?”

“You have got a lot of nerve, you arrogant asshole, you know that?”

“My dear, Emery, what are you talking about?”

If Emery Sutton was as capable of holding his own in a fight as his brother, the alpha of Suncrest Valley, Teague, said, Craven needed to see if Emery would crack in a confrontation.

“First, the community garden is vandalized by Sam Timmons and whoever is helping him, then my brother mates to the brother of the alpha of White Valley pack, a pack that has hated my pack’s guts for the last thirty years. Then, when my bratty younger brother, Beau, gets a hair up his ass and decides to make a point, it backfires, and the same asshole overrides the codes Beau created to shut down Suncrest Valley’s financial system and artistry warehouses! Oh, and let’s not forget that the same bratty brother left our pack and joined yours and is now mated to the new alpha who looks like he could eat me for dinner.”

Craven had to physically cover his mouth to hold in his guffaws. Emery had his panties in a twist for sure.

“Now, my fantastic alpha brother, in his infinite wisdom, has decided that I look weak enough to not be a threat to bigger, badder shifters and go on this mission with your annoying ass!”

Craven wiped the tears that flowed from his eyes. “I take it you got my e-mail?”

“Yes, I got your goddamned e-mail, and if you were trying to bait me it fucking worked!”

That did it. Craven let loose a long string of snorts and laughs despite the sound of cursing on the other end of the line. It was true. Sam Timmons had been making a huge mess of the relationship that former alpha Harley Gore and current alpha Jameson Tate had been trying to fix with Suncrest Valley. They had been tracking Timmons’s movements through his IP address, and they had had a line on his location. As they were about to go to bring him in and deal with him through pack justice, he disappeared. Emery was supposed to be the bait for this new mission since he was small in stature and supposedly, according to his alpha, appeared harmless. That plan had been put on hold with Timmons’s sudden disappearance again.

“But, my dear Emery, Timmons has popped back up and we need to go get him. Why would you be upset with me? I didn’t demand anything of you. But, if you like, I can start.” Craven loved to tease his prey, and he had a feeling that Emery would be a wonderful conquest. “Let’s start with having dinner tonight before we leave tomorrow morning?”

“No. I will meet you tomorrow so we can get this over with. I love my family and want this crap to end and that is it. I don’t know where you come off thinking you can treat me like some stupid little boy, but you better understand something. I am a grown-ass man. I handle my own, and will kick the shit out of anybody who tries to stop me. Don’t you fucking dare talk to me like I am some demeaned playthingever again. Clear?”

Oh, he is just too delicious! I must have him. “Crystal. Emery. I shall see you tomorrow at nine. I have your address from Beau. I will be there promptly.”

“How wonderful, jerk.” Emery ended the call as abruptly as it had begun.

Craven grinned to himself. His wolf had thoroughly enjoyed the exchange and was panting happily. Surprisingly, just talking to Emery had made Craven relax about the entire mission to capture Timmons. Something achingly familiar about Emery’s voice made Craven ache in his chest and fill his gut with the desire to fuck.




Emery whimpered slightly as his hips were gripped and ground against a growing hardness behind Craven’s slacks. He reached for Craven’s face and held his head still while examining those swirling gray pools simmering with lust. If Emery hadn’t been sure by the hardness pressing against his own growing length, the heat in Craven’s eyes and the beautiful smell of his mate’s desire would have been an even bigger hint.

The smell was too much to ignore, and he dived down to capture Craven’s lips. Urgency took over and Craven complied by opening for Emery’s assault. The explosion of flavor spurred Emery on further. He nipped at Craven’s lips, swirling his tongue in the depths and around a similarly greedy tongue, while reaching for the polo shirt Craven wore.

 Warm hands slid into the sweats he had worn to bed. His ass was gripped and massaged as they continued to kiss and discover each other in smell and touch. Emery yanked up on Craven’s shirt, wanting their skin to touch as they rubbed with increasing need against one another. They separated for a nanosecond to whip the polo away, and Emery buried his hands in the light hair sprinkled against the nicely defined chest. Craven’s massaging fingers slid along Emery’s crease, teasing the split and ghosting over his hole. The silent explorations kept ripping gasps and pants from Emery. Craven wasn’t fairing much better. His dick was ready to bust through his zipper as he explored his mate’s fine ass. He feasted on the delicious mouth and had Emery’s body plastered to his from hips to shoulders grinding his own cock frantically against Craven’s.

Emery suddenly ripped his mouth from Craven’s gasping for breath. Craven took the opportunity to press his finger completely over that tight entrance he wanted into desperately. A beautiful groan escaped Emery’s mouth.

“Oh, lovely, I want your ass so much.” Craven breathed out as he thrust up roughly. The nudge sent delicious shots of pleasure from his own cock up his spine, causing him to curve his torso to rub against Emery’s. “Where’s your stuff?”

Emery fumbled, trying to reach the fastenings on Craven’s pants while Craven reached his other hand around to enclose around the warm steel rod that he had tasted the previous night. He stroked lightly and tapped his finger firmly against Emery’s hole again.

“Oh shit!” Emery groaned. “Bedroom, it’s in the bedroom.”

Emery released a very unmanly squeak when Craven removed his hands quickly and picked him up. He wrapped his legs around Craven’s waist and buried his face in the fragrant neck in front of him, attaching his mouth there and pulling up a mark. He didn’t know if they were going to bite to mate yet, but he had a deep need to put his mark on Craven’s lovely skin.

“Soon, lovely,” Craven murmured as he entered Emery’s vacated room. He lowered them both to the bed and sat up quickly to strip Emery of his pants. “Spread, Emery, let me see you.” Emery felt Craven grip his ankles to spread his legs out wide. He had never been so open and exposed before.

Craven couldn’t contain his lust much longer. He needed to taste and soon. “Don’t move.” He slipped off the bed and relieved himself of his shoes and slacks with lightning speed. The release of his cock was a welcome sensation. He gripped his length and gave it a few strokes as he decided where to start.

“Craven, I want that.” Emery pined. His mate was spread out like a bountiful feast. His beautifully dark cock was hard and leaking against his belly tempting Craven’s taste buds to sample. The sac was waiting to be gripped, tongued, and squeezed by Craven and, sweet Fate, that taint was leading to the most ultimate pleasure Craven could possibly ever imagine!

He dived down and went straight for the prize. His hands slid behind Emery’s knees and bent the man in half while burying his face in Emery’s crease. His tongue flattened and feasted while he inhaled the earthy male scent. His wolf howled at the smell of his mate and the anticipation of burying inside his mate’s heat.

Emery shouted out and gripped onto the bed. Holy mother! The raging sensation almost sent him shooting his load before he could savor the experience. His knees were in his face and Craven was eating him like he was the last meal the man would ever have. Emery slid his hand up to grip for the tube of lube under the pillows and tossed it toward Craven, praying he didn’t clock the poor man in the head.

The quick snick and squirt of the lube were sharp in Emery’s ear. The assault of Craven’s tongue was quickly replaced by a slick, hard digit. Craven gave no mercy and immediately curved his finger and rubbed swiftly over Emery’s prostate.

“Fuck!” Emery couldn’t handle so much stimulation and his dick stiffened painfully and shot long streams of cum all over his chest. Craven didn’t stop his intrusion on Emery’s entrance, just continued stroking his finger deep inside of Emery. He added another, stretching the opening wider in preparation for his length. Craven watched his fingers working the eager hole and sucked up a mark on Emery’s thigh as he added another.

“Oh, lovely, you are amazingly responsive to me.” Emery looked down at the Craven when he heard the slurred words. Craven met his gaze and smiled gently revealing his fangs descended fully. “You can see how much I enjoy your enthusiasm.”

Craven brought his mouth back to Emery’s thigh and dragged his fang tip against Emery’s flesh at the same time he twisted his three slick fingers against Emery’s opening.

“Stop teasing me, Craven,” Emery whimpered. “Oh, fuck, shit, Craven, bite me!”

“Hmm.” Craven drew his fang along in a long stroke from the juncture of Emery’s groin all the way to the knee. “Bite you. Oh, lovely, I think that is a marvelous idea.”

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