[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, werewolves, HEA]
It just isn't right that Beta Sloan Sutton doesn't have a scent. At least that is what coffee shop owner Marcus Braun believes. Even if the beta is gorgeous and Marcus is attracted to Sloan, there are too many reasons why letting that attraction build into something more is just a bad idea.
Sloan Sutton knows that there is something special about Marcus the minute he sees him. But with weird text messages and pack property being damaged, it appears there are a lot of forces working against them. Marcus appears to know something about the damage to the pack community garden. Sloan's brother, the alpha, is raging mad, and Marcus is hiding something. Sloan and Marcus feel a draw that they find hard to deny, but secrets and family struggles may be more than they can overcome. 
Every wolf has a scent, so it should matter to the two…right?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Sloan's Scent (MM)
15 Ratings (4.1)
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Cover Art by Christine Kirchoff




Well, now! Hello short, trim, and stunning. The man that strolled around the corner toward the counter was breathtaking. Sloan had to stop himself from letting his mouth drop. How had he missed Marcus Braun before today?

“Hello, can I help you?” he said with a flashing smile that Sloan’s cock took complete notice of. But, with a hint of disappointment, Sloan’s canines didn’t drop in partnership with his instant lust for the creature. A true sign of scented mates was not only the almost uncontrollable lust and desire for the other, but the automatic dropping of the canines to bite and mate. However, that didn’t seem to stop his wolf from perking up at the sight of the shop owner.

“I’m Beta Sloan Sutton. I check in periodically with all the businesses in Suncrest, and since you’re new I wanted to make sure it wasn’t too long before we met and talked. You know, to make sure there are no issues or questions you might have.”

Marcus seemed tense as he responded. “Oh, right. I heard that happened from time to time. Business is great. I couldn’t believe when I joined the pack that nobody had snatched up the coffee shop idea for business here in Suncrest.”

“So, everything is good so far, no issues or questions?” Please say yes, please say yes!

No, everything and everyone has been great so far.” Dammit!

Sloan shifted his weight to make room for his swelling cock. Marcus smelled amazing, and it was going straight to his pants. He needed to know if this man tasted as good as he smelled. Here goes nothing.

“Well, since you are new to town I’d be more than willing to show you around. You know, make sure you know where everything is and all that,” the beta offered.

Sloan was an idiot. Who said stuff like that? He didn’t even know if Marcus was gay or not. He could be barking up the entirely wrong tree and going to run the poor, beautiful man with fantastic brown locks of hair and gorgeous brown eyes. Stop it! Sloan needed to be very careful he didn’t scare this guy out of town with the wrong kind of advances.

“Um, well, I have been in town for about two months now. I think I have seen it all.” Marcus smirked at the way Sloan groaned and rubbed the back of his neck.

“Okay, yeah, right.”

Marcus was cool on the outside but hyperventilating on the inside. Sloan had no scent. That is just wrong. Stop talking and get him out of your store and go back to your crazy fantasies in your head.

“No problem. Coffee for you is on the house. I’ll make sure to touch base with you at the next commerce meeting.” And for some strange reason, Marcus couldn’t help but reach out and place a hand on the beta’s arm. Comforting heat warmed his hand.

“That’s not necessary. I can pay for my coffee.” Sloan stumbled his words a bit.

“I insist, Beta Sutton.” Marcus gave a small stroke with his thumb to the skin as he removed his hand.

“Sloan.” Sloan almost growled. He hated that title. But he liked the feel of the smaller man’s skin on his.

“Ooookkaayy. Sloan. Hope you enjoy your coffee.” Marcus turned and made a beeline for the bookstore portion of the shop.

Sloan had to withhold his groan. First, he embarrassed himself by having the beginnings of a raging hard-on for the new guy in town. Then he fumbled his way through an invitation which sounded borderline cheesy pick-up line, and now he felt like a fucking teenage boy ready to cream his jeans from having the man’s hand on his arm and watching the cute little coffee shop owner walk away with his tight ass swishing. Swishing!


* * * *


Is he staring at my ass? Don’t turn around! Keep walking. He isn’t looking at your ass, don’t be ridiculous!

Marcus made his way through the bookstore portion of the shop. Looking at the book racks, straightening fallen stacks, and praying he appeared calm when his insides were shuddering, Marcus couldn’t afford to have Beta Sloan’s attention on him. Not for business and definitely not for pleasure. Of course, Sloan hadn’t been asking him on a date, just to review business. Right? 




Marcus grinned as he grabbed Sloan by the hand. Sloan had other plans. He plastered his front to Marcus’s back and slowly let Marcus walk them to the bedroom. But Sloan had his focus on exploring Marcus’s body as they walked. Hands rubbed along his chest, his shirt was pulled up, and his nipples pinched. Marcus reached back with a gasp and wrapped his arms up and around Sloan’s neck as his own neck was attacked by a talented mouth. A hard cock kept thrusting into his back, urging him forward, and finally, gentle but strong hands pushed him onto the bed.

Marcus was flipped to his back and suddenly had a large beta on top of him attacking his mouth. Tongues and teeth clashed as hands became urgent. Hands wove into Marcus’s hair, holding his head hostage. Strong thighs invaded between his own, and hard cocks ground together through denim. Marcus trailed his hands down Sloan’s torso, enjoying the warm skin as he went. He brought his hands down to wiggle between their bodies, trying once again to get to the huge piece of dick that was currently driving him insane.

“Whatcha going for, baby?” Sloan said into Marcus’s mouth. “You want something?”

Sloan rose up on his knees and pushed at Marcus’s shirt. “Take this off and strip down. Need to feel you.” Sloan rolled away, and Marcus sat up. They each stripped out of their remaining clothes, not taking their eyes off of the other. Marcus about swallowed his tongue when he saw Sloan’s cock. Sloan had stripped out of his pants and shorts and was currently eyeing Marcus and solidly stroking his thick and heavily-veined shaft.

“Oh fuck!” Marcus tore his eyes away from the gorgeous cock that had his ass tightening and pleading at the same time to look at Sloan. Hungry eyes were staring at Marcus’s groin. Marcus’s obviously hairless groin. “Oh shit, just looking at you makes me want to blow.”

Oh, well, this he could handle. Marcus lay back on the bed and spread his legs, giving an unobstructed view of his tight abs, hairless groin, and hard cock. Despite not getting height from his family he had gotten an impressive eight-inch cock that was on the wider side. Not as impressive as Sloan’s though. The man was hung. A good nine inches and with enough girth that Marcus was sure his hand would not be able to wrap around.

A bead of pre-cum from all the staring at Sloan’s cock had begun to pearl at Marcus’s tip, and Sloan wasn’t shy. He set a knee on the bed, reached out, and wrapped his hand around the cock in front of him and kept Marcus’s gaze as he reached with his tongue to lick the tip of the gorgeous dick. An explosion of flavor hit his taste buds, and he needed more. With a groan he swallowed down the stiff rod that was velvety soft. He was quick on the downstroke, taking as much in his throat as he could and holding and stroking the extra length with his hand.

Every upstroke was slow and drawn out. He spent special attention to the slit at the crown. It kept providing that delicious taste of Marcus for Sloan to devour, and the groans that kept coming from Marcus as he licked and sucked were his compass. The hand at his head, gripping his hair, was also a good clue to the direction things were heading.

Then a thought hit Sloan as he allowed that beautiful cock to pop out of his mouth. He stroked it solidly with his hand as he lowered his mouth to the smooth skin of Marcus’s sac. The skin wasn’t quite drawn up yet, so the feel of the hairless orbs in his mouth was perfection, to say the least. The heavy weights that he sucked and nibbled on were a feast. He brought his other hand up to grab onto the balls and massage them as he tried to suck as much of them into his mouth as he could.

Between licks and nibbles to the wrinkly yet silky skin, he whispered loud enough for Marcus to hear, “You got stuff, baby? I want to feel how sweet you feel around my cock.”

Marcus was in fucking heaven. Sloan wasn’t just giving foreplay. His entire focus was on devouring Marcus. There wasn’t a single doubt in his mind that if Sloan could, he would just lounge and suck Marcus’s cock all day long. Processing what Sloan had said, Marcus tried to get his brain to work long enough to release the sheets he had been gripping while Sloan, quite literally, ate him alive and reached for the tube of lube that was under his pillow. He dropped it next to Sloan’s forearm and then weaved his fingers into Sloan’s hair. The strands provided the right grip to follow that talented mouth.

“You gonna make me feel good, babe?” Marcus said quietly as he watched Sloan go back to swallowing down his cock.

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