Forbidden Moon (MM)

Be-Were 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 54,761
6 Ratings (4.7)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Consensual BDSM Romance, M/M, shape-shifters, spanking, flogging, whipping, cropping, sex toys, HEA]

Adam Anderson must put aside his broken heart for his Pack. Taking on a dangerous mission deep within the mountains is a step in the right direction. When Adam is severely injured, he is rescued by a lone shifter with a past as troubled as his own. What evolves from there is a romance that awakens feelings he hasn’t had since the death of his mate.

After his pack’s betrayal, Cersin Everett swore never to trust again. He resigned himself to a solitary life far away from both pack and past. However, a hunting trip turned rescue mission brings him a man who can teach him what it means to hope again.

As Sin shows Adam his world, it becomes harder for them to deny their growing feelings. But theirs is a forbidden match, an unmated pairing. They will have to either surrender their newfound love or be torn apart by the world outside the sanctuary of Sin’s home.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Forbidden Moon (MM)
6 Ratings (4.7)

Forbidden Moon (MM)

Be-Were 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 54,761
6 Ratings (4.7)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing



Adam Christian Anderson stared out over his troops. They were a strong bunch of Enforcers, and he felt a sense of pride when he watched them train. It was what he lived for.

“Push him harder, Charlie. He can take more,” Adam called over the balcony. He liked observing them from up here. He could see all their imperfections and keep an eye on every pair as they battled until submission.

“Yes, sir,” Charlie called over his shoulder. He was one of the best, and he would make a good Head Enforcer one day should the Pack ever need to find Adam’s replacement. The clicking sound of the door behind him let him know that he was no longer alone, even before he turned to greet the intruder.

“They’re improving,” the familiar voice called from behind. Adam turned and met the Beta’s penetrating stare as he entered the overlook. Leon Marcus was a man few had crossed paths with and lived to speak about it. It was because of this reputation that many avoided him, but that had only made Adam like him more. Leon knew what it meant to be an outcast. They shared that.

“There’s always room for improvements,” Adam stated. The corners of his lips turned upward into a semblance of a smile. He watched as the larger man crossed the distance between them. There was a presence about him. Adam couldn’t help but notice Leon when he walked into a room. He was breathtakingly beautiful. Adam had often wondered what it would feel like to be his lover but never dreamed of pursuing the attraction he felt.

Leon’s long black hair fell in front of his deep-blue eyes as he leaned over the edge of the balcony and stared down at the Enforcers. “Alpha has summoned us.”

Adam’s heart pounded loudly inside his chest. He was sure the other man could sense the change in him. “Do you know what he wants?”

Leon tossed the stray strands over his shoulder and turned to look at him. Adam’s breath caught as their eyes met. “I’m not sure. Shall we go find out?” His voice was like velvet, and it took every ounce of concentration inside Adam to focus on what the other man was saying.

Adam nodded, too afraid his voice would give him away. Leon turned and headed toward the door.

“Charlie, take charge of the class until I get back,” Adam called down below to the Enforcer.

“Will do, Captain.”

Adam smiled at the nickname his men had given him. They noticed him, and that was all the respect Adam needed. He followed close behind Leon until they reached the Alpha’s chambers. Leon didn’t wait for an invitation. He pushed open the double doors and walked into the large room.

“What is it you need, my Alpha?” Leon asked as he fell to his knees upon entering the Alpha’s chambers. Adam did the same. He stared down at the marble floor, waiting for their Alpha to address them.

“I have a mission for you.” Jared stood from his seated position and grabbed the papers Daniel was holding out for him. Adam had always wondered about the two men. He’d never seen another Pack where the Alpha showed the Omega such favoritism, but he didn’t dare question his Alpha’s ways.

“There has been a rumor that one of the neighboring Packs is going to challenge us at the next full moon. If this is true, then we need to be prepared to defend our territories.”

“My lord, I don’t mean to question you, but isn’t this a job for the Protector?” Leon’s question was the same one Adam had wanted to ask, but he knew better than to speak against his Alpha. Adam was not one of the favored ones that were shown mercy for such disrespect.

Jared’s eyes narrowed on Leon. “It is, but since Terri’s death, many of the neighboring Packs have not yet been informed of his replacement. You know I have ordered an oath of silence.” The Alpha’s lips twitched in irritation. Adam knew Jared had wanted to keep Night’s position a secret a little while longer, or at least until he could be sure the other Hunters wouldn’t target their Pack in order to assassinate the ex-Hunter, Night. Their Alpha was waiting for the Stragorri to declare a new heir, and in the meantime, Night was building up their armies in preparation for the day his family found out he had joined the Pack. The ideal situation would be that in naming a new heir, Night would no longer be of any interest to them.

Jared cleared his throat. “Besides, I don’t want to send the wrong message by sending out the Protector first. They might view it as a challenge and attack prematurely.”

The corner of Leon’s lips curved upward in an almost cruel fashion. “And so what if they do. We can take them, my Alpha.” His eyes looked upward and met the Alpha’s hard stare. “We’ve been preparing for this for years. Our Pack may be small, but our trained warriors outnumber most other Packs’.”

Jared’s eyes didn’t leave Leon’s challenging gaze. The man had more balls than Adam did, that was for damn sure.




“Give me your hand,” Sin said as he tapped Adam on the right arm. Adam did as he commanded.

“I’m going to tie you to the headboard now.” Sin wasn’t asking permission, merely letting Adam know what he was doing.

This was their first session together, and Sin didn’t know how Adam would react to being restrained. After he finished binding the Were by his hands, he moved to his ankles.

“Bend your knees,” Sin instructed as he helped the shaking Were lift each leg. Sin pulled out the spreader bar he’d retrieved earlier and spread Adam’s thighs apart until he could attached the leather clasps around each ankle.

When he was finished, Sin stood back to admire his work. Adam lay there with his legs separated by the metal bar, displaying his tight ass and hard cock for Sin’s viewing pleasure. He licked his lips at the treat laid out before him.

“Such a beautiful Slave,” Sin spoke as he picked up the lubrication he’d retrieved earlier. He poured a dab into his hand and walked over the bed. He rubbed the slick oil along the rim of Adam’s hole.

“Master,” Adam breathed as Sin touched him for the first time. Sin slid a finger inside the small crevasse, massaging every inch. Adam quickly acclimated to the intrusion, and Sin added a second finger.

Adam’s hips bucked against him as he thrashed from side to side. Sin knew that an overload of pleasurable sensation was racking his body. The pain from his beating had heightened his senses, making the gentlest of touches seem unbearable.

Adam’s cock had a steady stream of pre-cum dripping down the side of the hard shaft. The muscles of his ass tightened around Sin’s fingers as he pushed them in deeper. When Adam’s breathing came in sharp gasps, Sin removed his touch. He was ready.

Sin took the vibrating butt plug and lathered a good amount of lubrication onto the vessel. Turning it on full speed, he began inserting the vibrator into his Slave.

“Oh god!” Adam cried out as he pulled against the rope bindings. “I’m going to come.”

“No you’re not,” Sin ordered. “Not until I tell you to.”

Sin laid a hand on the Were’s chest. He could feel his pounding heart. “Take a deep breath,” he instructed, walking Adam through his emotions. When Adam did as he commanded, Sin shoved the rest of the vibrator until it was nestled deep inside Adam’s tight ass.

“Good pup,” Sin reassured his submissive. He leaned up and placed a rough kiss to his lips, invading Adam’s mouth with his tongue as he tasted the other Were. Adam’s scent filled his nostrils. The animal inside him growled aloud as he bit down on Adam’s bottom lip. He’d never wanted anyone as bad as he wanted Adam. Of all the other submissives Sin had ever had the pleasure of dominating, Adam was definitely the most responsive. He couldn’t believe this man had waited until now before experiencing the touch of a master.

Sin broke the kiss and reached in between Adam’s legs. He found the stiff member already erect and eager for him. Sin swirled his thumb around the mushroom-shaped head, gathering the pre-cum on his fingertip. He pressed the finger slathered in Adam’s stickiness to Adam’s lips.

“Suck it.” Sin watched as Adam lapped at the taste of his own desire, licking and sucking until every last drop was wiped clean. Sin withdrew his finger slowly from Adam’s mouth, trailing down the length of Adam’s body until he found the soft sac nestled beneath Adam’s cock. He moved his palm in a rhythmic motion.

“Sin—Master, I–I—” Adam’s head thrashed from side to side. Sin spread tender kisses on his abdomen until his mouth reached Adam’s nipple. He swirled his tongue around the erect protuberance. The wolf inside him yearned for a taste of the Were, but Sin knew it was taboo for an unmated pair to perform a blood exchange. He waivered over the idea only for a moment before his canines elongated.

What the hell. Sin mentally shrugged as he gave into his animalistic urges, reasoning that it wasn’t as though they were performing the blood rite ritual. That would require the exchange of the blood of both of them, not just one little taste. His teeth pierced Adam’s flesh, and the hot red liquid poured into Sin’s mouth. Adam cried out as Sin suckled on the wound.

Adam’s memories rushed into him all at once. It caught Sin off guard as most Weres held back during the feeding, protecting their innermost personal thoughts, but not Adam. Sin gasped as all the pain, sorrow, and love Adam had been holding inside suddenly flooded his senses. Memories of the mate he’d lost shot a pain through Sin’s own heart as he relived every moment in the blink of an eye. The memories continued until he reached the end, and all that was left was the pleasure and joy Adam was feeling now.


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